23 American-style humor by fdjerue7eeu


									23: American Humor
?Content included in this set are some of the more humorous in the United States to
say, Ye Xu in their daily lives in the not so common, but if used at the right time, Bi
can Shou finishing touch effect.
1. Is she big-boned?
She is not very burly ah?
Big-bone to see the literal interpretation of the skeleton that is very thick. This is
beautiful (the United States a woman) is not surprising. In the film Something about
Mary in there this one, Is she big-boned?
Petite woman how to say it? Petite is petite. Many girls from Asia to the United States
have complained to buy suitable clothes, a lot of shops have one area petite. Go there
Zhao Zhao, guarantee you will have unexpected gains. If true The find, try the
teenager there are also many suitable clothes.
2. We have a female shortage here.
Shortage of us busy women.
Since my school is polytechnics, so the natural sex ratio is uneven, there is an even
Americans can not help but lament, We have a female shortage here. This argument is
not sound very special? In fact, I see not only the fundamental female shortage but the
female drought. or a little more exaggerated argument, We have a female extinction
3. You are a freaking Yankee.
You are strange Yankees.
Americans love to each other that permits to take each other's place of birth.
Because the difference between north and south, so more or less northerners look
down on southerners, northerners, southerners looked down upon. Yankee Civil War
soldiers when the army called the North Yankee, now generally refers to the Yankees.
and freaking weird is that this person is, or can be interpreted as a freak.
The word first came to the United States when the Yankee pronunciation of the old
hair in the wrong way, people do not understand what I'm talking about.
Mainly       because     by     the     domestic       to    Yankee       translated  as
"Yankees" of the relationship now! In fact, the word should be
read as "salt chicken" rather close. (accidentally to think of
Taiwan's most famous "fried" chicken, made me
terribly hungry!)
4. I am laying low.
I ㄠ up.
I once asked an old America, How are you doing? A result, he returned to me I am
laying low. Results in the presence of Americans are laughing, but only I do not
understand. Actually, that is to hide the down low laying low for fear of to be seen, is
to find ways to mix on the right. explained to me after the Americans say this is not so
funny, mainly because I do not understand, they feel better before you laugh.
5. I cut the cheese.
I fart a.
Most people say the word fart fart will use the word, but also cut the cheese fart
meaning in it. Why? Because we think of what will be issued when all cheese sound?
Is not, and fart like it? But this usage seems not commonly used, I only unit crappier
film: Mysterious Man inside heard one.
6. Do you go out with your gun loaded?
You have to go out with a loaded gun you do?
This gun nor that gun. You should know I mean what kind of
"gun," and this is what I see when the film Something about
Mary learned. Use of time that some men out of date with a woman, obsessed with is
how to go to bed with her, you have to embarrassing embarrassing him, we can say
Do you go out with your gun loaded? She probably will get hurt.
7. She is a big gossip.
She is the wife of gossip.
Gossip refers to gossip, but it can also be used to describe a person who gossip. So
She is a big gossip gossip wife to say she is. Or you can say, She is gossipy. In
Chinese speaking radio stations in the the United States rather than searching common,
but there is another way to talk about She is an information bureau (she is intelligence)
is also quite interesting.
8. If the boys stare at you, they have guts to suck your teeth!
If the boys staring at you, they have the guts to kiss you.
This is what I learned watching TV Full House, is the dialogue of two sisters, these
words have three places I feel the great, the first is stare at you, that means looking at
people look at the meaning, have guts to say have courage means (this is a
coincidence, the Chinese are said in English that have the courage means daring!) and
the last to suck your teeth is the meaning of that kiss, it is interesting, but as a child
that this sentence , and it was difficult to something presentable and acceptable.
There is another kiss oral usage: smooch for example, I didn't smooch that
girl last night. I am not pro the girl last night.
9. She is vertically challenged.
Her challenge to her height.
This statement means that people are mean, but it is more euphemistically (political
correctness) to say. What is challenged to say what a certain barriers, such as the
mentally challenged that is mentally challenged, that is, the meaning of low-energy
Americans on the political correctness is also commonly used, but the Chinese did not
properly correspond to the translation method. The so-called political correctness that
is not to offend certain groups of people, and in using speech on the subject to
modifications, it does not sound discrimination a particular ethnic group. such as
chairman of this word may offend some feminists, so they invented the word
chairperson. this way change can be regarded as political correctness.
10. Where can I dump these white elephants?
These useless junk I threw Where?
For example, the 286 home computer with a token gesture, where the Yi Bai is on for
several years, this waste is called white elephant. But that argument is really rare,
even the Americans know that white elephant is not necessarily What does that mean.
but some people would be so used, I heard an old United States, he said, The fountain
is a white elephant. means that the fountain is really waste.
Some Americans will do in their gardens, before the so-called garage sale, is home to
a number of rarely used things Nachulaimai. Some people will write a notice on the
White elephant sale. If you do not know whte elephant that is not with things, you
may feel very strange why it was selling white elephant? ^___^

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