2010 Dragon Boat Festival Theme

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					2010 Dragon Boat Festival Theme
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2010 Dragon Boat Festival Theme
2010-06-15 20:54
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2010 Dragon Boat Festival Theme. Dragon Boat Festival, the most basic part of the
tradition is the family reunion, eating dumplings, and in the traditional festival of
holiday travel with his family, not only followed the national customs, but also
improve the quality of travel. The grounds of the traditional customs and head for the
bond of family relations, family travel should be a little holiday next tap the tourism
potential of traditional festival of the new direction, which is to increase tourism,
whether domestic or on the development of local tourism resources, are highly
   In recent years, carried out around the peri-urban driving, rural tourism,
"Farm Fun" and the short-distance travel is still the main market.
Meanwhile, with the EMU high-speed railway and the continued enhancement of
capacity and highway networks are maturing, it will further expand the radius of
travel, inter-city travel, inter-provincial travel will be more people the choice of a
small holiday travel.
   This year is a small holiday the third year of implementation of the system, but the
traditional features of the Dragon Boat Festival with folk tourism products remains
small. A lot of media calls, the Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat tour should focus
on the theme, to highlight the return of traditional cultural and family ties. But tour
operators said, similar to the "Dragon Boat Festival pick"
product development topics such as folk travel difficult, not only the design of new
lines, but also with the travel agencies and scenic spots together.
Folklore flash light
   Dragon cultural heritage in order to tap the core content to the main line Dragon
culture, launched dragon boat race around, including dumplings competition, lectures
by experts in folklore, folk art exhibition, the Dragon Boat Festival and cultural
exhibitions, display of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Dragon Boat Folk Poetry,
Dragon Boat Festival Folklore Collection Competition, the Dragon Boat Festival food
competition and many other cultural activities.
   On the national level, the Dragon Boat Festival commemorating the protagonist
also vary to some areas represented in Jiaxing, the Dragon Boat Festival is to
commemorate the of Wu, the public has the "May 5, when Ying Wu
Jun" argument. Jiaxing Custom Dragon Boat Festival has a
"culture of Wu and Yue", "rice culture"
and "flooding rivers and lakes," such as deep background. In
most areas, Sanlv doctor Qu Yuan Dragon Boat Festival is still the most intimate
image. The most exciting Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat and commemorates Qu
Yuan, the people around also gradually given their different implication.
   Folk tradition, the cultural integration of extremely powerful force, not only has a
rich historical content of accumulation, inheritance vast extension of space, there is a
long history and inheritance of a large number of practice groups, showing a folk
tradition and custom modular system of customary force. At the same time, these folk
phenomenon and because access times and from a new look. Dragon Boat Festival
has taken place in contemporary folk major evolution, traditional folk can continue to
spread, need to be implemented modern cultural environment, good ideas, bring new
resources to the new arena.
   National identity and cultural integration
   "Come a long heave a deep sigh to cover tear, sadness livelihood of
many difficulties." Obsession with loving, though to be defamatory exile,
still think fondly not bear to leave his homeland. And today to promote
people-centered, love the people, indeed the same strain. "The road is long
Come, happiness of the up and down the quest." Pursuit of truth,
absolutely determined, tireless quest, casting a Chinese national character. Era of
development and growth of us must keep this truth-seeking spirit. Interpretation of the
above, just enter the campus from a student. The younger generation, in the traditional
culture into the cognitive sense of national identity reassuring.