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									                               Drug Enforcement Administration, Justice                                                      Pt. 1305, Nt.

                                  Subpart A—General Requirements                            (b) A registrant may revoke any power of
                                                                                          attorney at any time by executing a notice
                               § 1305.01 Scope of part 1305.                              of revocation.
                                  Procedures governing the issuance, use,                   (c) The power of attorney and notice of
                               and preservation of orders for Schedule I and              revocation must be similar to the following
                               II controlled substances are set forth gen-                format:
                               erally by section 308 of the Act (21 U.S.C. 828)
                               and specifically by the sections of this part.              Power of Attorney for DEA Forms 222 and
                                                                                                      Electronic Orders
                               § 1305.02 Definitions.                                     llllllllllllllllllllllll
                                  Any term contained in this part shall have              (Name of registrant)
                               the definition set forth in the Act or part
                               1300 of this chapter.
                                                                                          (Address of registrant)
                               § 1305.03 Distributions requiring a Form 222               llllllllllllllllllllllll
                                    or a digitally signed electronic order.               (DEA registration number)
                                  Either a DEA Form 222 or its electronic                   I, llll (name of person granting power),
                               equivalent as set forth in subpart C of this               the undersigned, who am authorized to sign
                               part and Part 1311 of this chapter is required             the current application for registration of
                               for each distribution of a Schedule I or II                the above-named registrant under the Con-
                               controlled substance except for the fol-                   trolled Substances Act or Controlled Sub-
                               lowing:                                                    stances Import and Export Act, have made,
                                  (a) Distributions to persons exempted from              constituted, and appointed, and by these pre-
                               registration under Part 1301 of this chapter.              sents, do make, constitute, and appoint
                                  (b) Exports from the United States that                 llll (name of attorney-in-fact), my true
                               conform with the requirements of the Act.                  and lawful attorney for me in my name,
                                  (c) Deliveries to a registered analytical               place, and stead, to execute applications for
                               laboratory or its agent approved by DEA.                   Forms 222 and to sign orders for Schedule I
                                  (d) Delivery from a central fill pharmacy,              and II controlled substances, whether these
                               as defined in § 1300.01(b)(44) of this chapter, to
                                                                                          orders be on Form 222 or electronic, in ac-
                               a retail pharmacy.
                                                                                          cordance with 21 U.S.C. 828 and Part 1305 of
                               § 1305.04 Persons entitled to order Schedule               Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
                                    I and II controlled substances.                       I hereby ratify and confirm all that said at-
                                  (a) Only persons who are registered with                torney must lawfully do or cause to be done
                               DEA under section 303 of the Act (21 U.S.C.                by virtue hereof.
                               823) to handle Schedule I or II controlled sub-            llllllllllllllllllllllll
                               stances, and persons who are registered with               (Signature of person granting power)
                               DEA under section 1008 of the Act (21 U.S.C.               I, llll (name of attorney-in-fact), hereby
                               958) to export these substances may obtain                 affirm that I am the person named herein as
                               and use DEA Form 222 (order forms) or issue                attorney-in-fact and that the signature af-
                               electronic orders for these substances. Per-               fixed hereto is my signature.
                               sons not registered to handle Schedule I or II             (signature of attorney-in-fact)
                               controlled substances and persons registered
                               only to import controlled substances are not               Witnesses:
                               entitled to obtain Form 222 or issue elec-                  1. llllll
                               tronic orders for these substances.                         2. llllll
                                  (b) An order for Schedule I or II controlled
                               substances may be executed only on behalf of               Signed and dated on the llll day of
                               the registrant named on the order and only                 llll, (year), at llll .
                               if his or her registration for the substances
                               being purchased has not expired or been re-                              Notice of Revocation
                               voked or suspended.                                          The foregoing power of attorney is hereby
                                                                                          revoked by the undersigned, who is author-
                               § 1305.05 Power of attorney.
                                                                                          ized to sign the current application for reg-
                                  (a) A registrant may authorize one or more              istration of the above-named registrant
                               individuals, whether or not located at his or              under the Controlled Substances Act or the
                               her registered location, to issue orders for               Controlled Substances Import and Export
                               Schedule I and II controlled substances on                 Act. Written notice of this revocation has
                               the registrant’s behalf by executing a power               been given to the attorney-in-fact lllll
                               of attorney for each such individual, if the               this same day.
                               power of attorney is retained in the files,                llllllllllllllllllllllll
                               with executed Forms 222 where applicable,                  (Signature of person revoking power)
                               for the same period as any order bearing the
                               signature of the attorney. The power of at-
                               torney must be available for inspection to-                  1. llllll
                               gether with other order records.                             2. llllll


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