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									                                WTO MEMBERS
                            ACCESSION CANDIDATES

WTO Membership: 153
Note: last update on 23 July 2008

Membership awaiting national ratification: 0

Candidates to WTO Membership/Applicants in negotiations: 29
(By date of application)

                           Country                            Date
Algeria                                                              1987
Russian Federation                                                   1993
Belarus                                                              1993
Sudan                                                                1994
Uzbekistan                                                           1994
Seychelles                                                           1995
Vanuatu                                                              1995
Note: Vanuatu concluded negotiations in 2001 but no further
action has been taken by the Government and the package
has not been submitted to the General Council
Kazakhstan                                                           1996
Azerbaijan                                                           1997
Lao People's Democratic Republic                                     1997
Samoa                                                                1998
Andorra                                                              1999
Lebanese Republic                                                    1999
Bosnia Herzegovina                                                   1999
Bhutan                                                               1999
Yemen                                                                2000
Bahamas                                                              2001
Tajikistan                                                           2001
Ethiopia                                                             2003
Libya                                                                2004
Iraq                                                                 2004
Afghanistan                                                          2004
Republic of Serbia                                                   2004
Republic of Montenegro                                               2004
Iran                                                                 2005
Sao Tomé and Principe                                                2005
Union of the Comoros                                                 2007
Equatorial Guinea                                                    2007
Liberia                                                              2007
New or recent requests, waiting for a General Council decision to
accept their application: 1
   Syria (2001)

Observers: 30
Includes all those in negotiations and those pending ratification or pending
accession, plus the Holy See (Vatican) which is a special case and does not intend
to negotiate.

Who are the WTO Members
Albania                        Cuba                            Indonesia
Angola                         Cyprus                          Ireland
Antigua and Barbuda            Czech Republic                  Israel
Argentina                      Democratic Republic of the      Italy
Armenia                        Congo                           Jamaica
Australia                      Denmark                         Japan
Austria                        Djibouti                        Jordan
Bahrain, Kingdom of            Dominica                        Kenya
Bangladesh                     Dominican Republic              Korea, Republic of
Barbados                       Ecuador                         Kuwait
Belgium                        Egypt                           Kyrgyz Republic
Belize                         El Salvador                     Latvia
Benin                          Estonia                         Lesotho
Bolivarian Republic of         European Communities*           Liechtenstein
Venezuela                      Fiji                            Lithuania
Bolivia                        Finland                         Luxembourg
Botswana                       Former Yugoslav Republic        Macao, China
Brazil                         of Macedonia                    Madagascar
Brunei Darussalam              France                          Malawi
Bulgaria                       Gabon                           Malaysia
Burkina Faso                   The Gambia                      Maldives
Burundi                        Georgia                         Mali
Cambodia                       Germany                         Malta
Cameroon                       Ghana                           Mauritania
Canada                         Greece                          Mauritius
Cape Verde                     Grenada                         Mexico
Central African Republic       Guatemala                       Moldova
Chad                           Guinea                          Mongolia
Chile                          Guinea Bissau                   Morocco
China                          Guyana                          Mozambique
Chinese Taipei under T"        Haiti                           Myanmar
Colombia                       Honduras                        Namibia
Congo                          Hong Kong, China                Nepal
Costa Rica                     Hungary                         Netherlands - For the
Côte d'Ivoire                  Iceland                         Kingdom in Europe and for
Croatia                        India                           the Netherlands Antilles
New Zealand                         Saint Vincent and the                Togo
Nicaragua                           Grenadines                           Tonga
Niger                               Saudi Arabia                         Trinidad and Tobago
Nigeria                             Senegal                              Tunisia
Norway                              Sierra Leone                         Turkey
Oman                                Singapore                            Uganda
Pakistan                            Slovak Republic                      Ukraine
Panama                              Slovenia                             United Arab Emirates
Papua New Guinea                    Solomon Islands                      United Kingdom (*)
Paraguay                            South Africa                         United States of America
Peru                                Spain                                Uruguay
Philippines                         Sri Lanka                            Venezuela under "B"
Poland                              Suriname                             (Bolivarian Republic of
Portugal                            Swaziland                            Venezuela)
Qatar                               Sweden                               Vietnam
Romania                             Switzerland                          Zambia
Rwanda                              Chinese Taipei                       Zimbabwe
Saint Kitts and Nevis               Tanzania
Saint Lucia                         Thailand
     Although the EC (European Communities) is counted as a WTO Member and also are
        counted all the European Union's current 27 Member states, the number of votes of the EC
        (in case of a vote) cannot exceed the number of its Member states (now 27).

      The WTO Agreement does not apply to any of these UK’s OTS (Overseas Territories):
       Anguilla, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South
       Sandwich Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, British Virgin Islands, Montserrat, Pitcairn, St
       Helena and Dependencies, British Indian Ocean Territory and British Antarctic Territory.

LDC members
There are 32 members officially classified as Least-developed countries (LDCs).

Angola                            Gambia                              Myanmar
Bangladesh                        Guinea                              Nepal
Benin                             Guinea Bissau                       Niger
Burkina Faso                      Haiti                               Rwanda
Burundi                           Lesotho                             Senegal
Cambodia                          Madagascar                          Sierra Leone
Central African                   Malawi                              Solomon Islands
Republic                          Maldives                            Tanzania
Chad                              Mali                                Togo
Congo, Democratic                 Mauritania                          Uganda
Republic of the                   Mozambique                          Zambia
    Ten additional least-developed countries are in the process of accession to the WTO. They
       are: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Laos, Samoa, Sao Tome & Principe, Sudan,
       Vanuatu and Yemen.
    Furthermore, Equatorial Guinea is WTO Observer and has requested accession.
      There is no WTO definition of “developed” or “developing” countries. Developing countries in
       the WTO are designated on the basis of self-selection although this is not necessarily
       automatically accepted in all WTO bodies

Dates of the 25 accessions since the WTO was established in 1995
(The other accessions since 1995 were already GATT contracting parties)

Ecuador                                                                  21 January 1996
Bulgaria                                                                1 December 1996
Mongolia                                                                 29 January 1997
Panama                                                                 6 September 1997
Kyrgyz Republic                                                        20 December 1998
Latvia                                                                  10 February 1999
Estonia                                                                13 November 1999
Jordan                                                                      11 April 2000
Georgia                                                                     14 June 2000
Albania                                                                8 September 2000
Oman                                                                    9 November 2000
Croatia                                                                30 November 2000
Lithuania                                                                    31 May 2001
Moldova                                                                      26 July 2001
China                                                                  11 December 2001
Chinese Taipei                                                            1 January 2002
Armenia                                                                  5 February 2003
F. Y. R. of Macedonia                                                         4 April 2003
Nepal                                                                       23 April 2004
Cambodia                                                                 13 October 2004
Saudi Arabia                                                           11 December 2005
Vietnam                                                                  11 January 2007
Tonga                                                                        27 July 2007
Ukraine                                                                      16 May 2008
Cape Verde                                                                   23 July 2008

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