Project Vote 2007 Development Plan

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					                               Development Plan
                                 Project Vote


Raise $20 million for the 2007-2008 cycle.

In 2004-2006, $20.2 million was raised. Of that, $18.5 million came from
philanthropic organizations, and $1.7 million came from major and lower-dollar


Implement a development structure so that we can systematically go back to our
donor base year after year as well as cultivate and expand new donors.


1)      Reconcile all data back to 2000, with emphasis on 2004-2006.
        Deposit records are being cross-checked with data in Donor Perfect to
        ensure that all contributions are in the system and have accurate donor
        Points: Nathan and Anita

2)      Direct mail piece to all contributors from 2004-2006 cycle.
        Thank-you letter for their contribution to PV during the last cycle and
        asking for their continued support in 2007-2008. Attach marketing
        package. Need for this is threefold: Many contributors may have never
        been thanked in 2006; serves as a reminder that we will re-soliciting for
        the next cycle; and, allows us to update our database for returns and
        change of address.
        Point: Anita

3)      Develop a marketing package that will serve as a solicitation tool for all
        new and existing donors.
        This should consist of 4-5 succinct one-pagers detailing the goals of PV,
        our budget, staff, board and information on the $4.4 challenge grant.
        Points: Jeff

4)   Re-solicit philanthropic organizations who gave in 2004-2006.
         Compile all foundation grant award deadlines and date of 2004-
            2006 grant award so that we can estimate the same level and
            giving timeframe for the upcoming cycle (see attached foundation
            spreadsheet.) * in progress
            Points: Karyn and Anita
         Send out foundation grant proposals with 2007-2008 PV Plan and
            estimated budget and other materials as appropriate.
            Points: Nathan and Ben

5)   Re-solicit major donors and other individuals who gave in 2004-2006.
         Compile major donor contribution and dates for 2004-2006, and
            target ask amount and contribution date for the upcoming cycle
            based on donors’ giving patterns as well as time built in for
            individual ask process (see attached major donor spreadsheet.)
            Points: Karyn and Anita
         Individual asks via phone and/or one-on-one with donor or donor
            advisor. Target donors for $4.4 million challenge grant.
            Points: Sandy, Zach, Jeff, and Karyn

6)   Identify the gap in new contributions needed to meet the 2007-2008 goal
     and cultivate new and lapsed donors to fill that gap.
         Research major progressive donors, philanthropic organizations,
             issue-based groups, political donors who have an interest in the
             presidential cycle or in a particular state, maxed out presidential
             donors, and national labor organizations for potential interest in
             funding PV components for the upcoming cycle.
             Points: Karyn, Anita, Nathan, Ben, Slater, and Nikki
         Direct mail to individual large donors who have an interest in
             funding PV. Database will come from donor research piece.
             Points: Karyn, Anita, and Nikki
         Individual asks via phone and/or one-on-one with donor or donor
             Points: Sandy, Zach, Jeff, and Karyn
         Establish a “Finance Committee” who will serve as the financial
             voice of PV. Put together a small group of PV core funders and/or
             supporters who can solicit new donors and/or connect PV staff to
             donors or the appropriate contacts.
             Points: Sandy, Zach, Jeff, Slater, and Karyn
         Develop a small donor program. Build a database targeting donors
             under $5k who have given to PV before (see attached lower-
             dollar donor spreadsheet) and new prospects. Could come from
             statewide finance filings in our target states of donors who gave to
             gubernatorial races in 2006 cycle. Expand our online fundraising.

            Build an email solicitation database that will solicit contributions and
            provide information on PV.
            Point: Karyn, Anita, and Josh (tech support.)
           Use PV 25th Anniversary this year to bring in new donors and
            resolicit existing ones.
            Points: All

7)   Chart out month-to-month targets beginning July 1, 2007 through
     December 31, 2008 (see attached timeline.) * in progress
     Will track cash flow and budget.


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