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					"Thanksgiving" in on Thanksgiving
Each year the fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is the
original American people, an ancient festival, the festival is also the American Family
together, so bring the Americans always feel at Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Day has been traced back to the originator of American history. In 1620,
the famous "Mayflower" was fed up with the British ship
loaded with religious persecution of the Puritans who arrived in America 102. 1620
and 1621 at the turn of winter, they encountered unimaginable hardship, in cold and
hunger among the past winter, when only 50 surviving immigrants come. At this time,
good-hearted Indian immigrants brought to the necessities of life, but also specially
sent to teach them how to hunt, fish and plant corn, pumpkins. The help of the Indians,
immigrants have finally got a bumper harvest, the harvest celebration the day,
according to religious tradition, the immigration rules to thank the Lord's
day, and decided to thank the Indians for the sincere help, invite them to celebrate the
holiday. Since then, in this particular festival, they have customs, food, games and
other forms to celebrate the holiday. Over the years, enduring, celebrated
Thanksgiving customs from generation to generation, both in the West Coast or
Hawaii, it is almost in the same way to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving
Day is no matter what faith, what Americans are celebrating the nation traditional
In the November 21 (that is, the day before Thanksgiving), CCTV "news
network" reported the Inner Mongolia Agricultural University of
Economics and Management student Ying story. 22-year-old in 2006 she was
diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Good to add her not to give students the financial
burden of illness during the two refuse donations of school organization, and decided,
left cornea donation, reward enthusiasts. September 9, 2007, Ying died of illness, and
her successful cornea transplant to Shenzhen two eye patients.
Although Li Ying has left this world, but she is considerate of others, as Shehui do our
best to Bei Jing Shen are all alive Rener Womenmeige sigh, Ta 用 特殊 way to give
expression a kind of community of care for gratitude from Rang love Zai continuous
transmission and extension of the most moving, in dying, she did not forget he was a
Communist, sickness and death before the highlights of the firm belief and lofty
sentiments, practical action to extend the life of passion, interpretation of the value of
Ying's behavior is not accidental and impulsive, "to the world as
their responsibility" is the ancient Chinese scholar's lofty ideals,
but also the Chinese nation has long standing among the nations in the world one of
the reasons. College students who have such lofty aspirations are numerous, they
always put themselves firmly with the motherland and the people closely linked to the
future and destiny. "Hands do not smell out the window, as one read only
the books of sages" is long gone.
In Thanksgiving, please their parents, Tao "I love you"; on their
colleagues, friends said, "Thank you"; to pay off all the love
and good works of humanity had a blessing. In Thanksgiving, please you, me, his
difficulties are helping hand out aid, do good and not as, notes together into a tower of
sand, so many people love the small streams brought together, will form a huge
torrent, warm the hearts of the recipients. Carry forward the spirit of love and build a
harmonious society, let us act now, you and me from the start.
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