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123 Elm Street, Miami, FL 33183, 305-555-5555,

OBJECTIVE: Highly trained armed security officer seeking opportunities to increase safety and security.

Armed Access Control Officer
ABC International Security Services, Inc. Miami, FL, 20xx to Present
Protect government sites within the intelligence community. Maintain a point of control for access to the property and properly
verify all persons coming through the check post to include staff, contractors, and visitors. Respond to all site incidents,
including breaches, evacuations, and suspicious behavior on and around the site. Assist site employees with access to individual
vaults and SCIFs. Coordinate all site activities and relay important information to the contracting program office. Attend
company-held ranges and assist as Line Instructor and Safety Officer.

        Designed post orders and established all procedures for job functions upon start-up of the new site.
        Coordinated with a government-side security officer to standardize security staffs’ job duties and responses.
        Independently wrote site breach response procedures.
        Collaborated with government security officers to resolve specific site security issues to include persons not following
        procedures, suspicious activity, and unauthorized surveillance of the site.
        Assisted in the development of the new position within the company from the ground up.
        Developed and implemented site observation reports.

Armed Security Officer
BCD Security Services, Inc. Miami, FL, 20xx to 20xx
Upheld proper security procedures to ensure safety and security of all personnel, property, and information. Performed
mechanized patrols; stopped, rerouted, and directed traffic as necessary. Conducted commercial and personal vehicle
inspections and seizures to prevent contraband from being brought on site. Responded to emergency situations, including
pursuit, vehicular accidents, and breach of site. Followed proper chain of command to report all incidents.

        Preserved security and integrity of the site by maintaining strict access control regulations.
        Provided courteous service to clients and visitors.
        Received a first OmniPlex Spark Achievement Award for performing above and beyond the call of duty in an
        emergency situation.

Armed ATM Security Officer
CDE Company. Miami, FL, 20xx to 20xx
Ensured a fully secure work environment and expert oversight of high-value monetary exchanges. Provided safe and reliable
service to retail customers, delivering bank deposits and bringing change orders. Serviced ATM machines; removed customer
deposits, transported deposits to banks’ vaults, and balanced cash within machines. Removed all night drop cash deposits from
local banks’ vaults. Trained new hires on ATM-servicing procedures.

        Won the branch’s Bringing Solutions to Customers Award.
        Successfully set up routes to ensure the most effective use of time and resources.
        Earned certification as an Armored Services Technician.

XYZ University, Miami, FL: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, 20xx
XYZ & Associates: Interview & Interrogation Program, 20xx

P.O.S.T. Examiner’s Certification for Truth Verification Using Specified Equipment; Qualified Rifle Sharpshooter and Pistol
Marksman; Verbal Juno • Defensive Tactics; CPR • First Aid

Microsoft Office Suite, Word Perfect Office Suite

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