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1999 march 23rd CINC for minor child Pediatrician Medical Records indicate sexual abuse from father Hal Richardson


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In the Interest of 	                      )
RIKKI DOMBROWSKI                          )               Case No.
a juvenile under the age of               )
18 years, to-wit: 12-12-94                )

Pursuant (0 K.SA. Chapter 38

                               PETITION TO DECLARE THE MINOR CHILD 

                                      A CHILD IN NEED OF CARE 

           COMES NOW Claudine Dombrowski, the natural mother ofRikki Dombrowski, to

petition the court to declare Rikki Dombrowski a Child in Need of Care. In SUppOlt of her

Petition, she states:

           I. 	   Ms. Claudine Dombrowski and Me Halleck Richardson are the parents of the
                  above mentioned minor child, Rikki Dombrowski, age four (4), d/o/b December
       -   .
                        .-;-    <

                  12, 1994.'

           2. 	   The minor child and the natural mother of the child currently reside on Santa Fe'

                  Street in Pawnee Rock, Barton County, Kansas and have a mailing address of

                  P.O. Box 304, Larned, Kansas, 67550. The natural mother and child moved to

                  Western Kansas pursuant to an Order issued by the Hon. Jan Leuenberger on or

                  about May 20, 1996; the natural father rcn:ained in Sha;vnee County, Kansas.

           3. 	   The natural father, Halleck Richardson currently resides at 1727 Shawnee Heights

                  Road, Tecumseh, Kansas 66542.

           4. 	   Pursuant to KS.A 38-1303(a)(3) this Court has jurisdiction to make a child

                  custody determination as defined in the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act,

                  because the child is physically present in this state and it is necessary in an
       emergency to protect the child because the child has been subjected to or

       threatened with mistreatment or abuse or is otherwise a child in need of care.

5. 	   Pursuant to KS.A. 38-1503 this Court has jurisdiction of the parties and the

       subject matter of this proceeding.

6. 	   Pursuant to KS.A. 38-1504 venue is properly had in Barton County, Kansas.

7. 	   Said child is in need of care because she has been physically, mentally or

       emotionally abused or neglected or sexually abused by her father, Halleck

       l-ticijili"dson. Further, I'V1r. TZid1ardson has pI o~,iicied only two month's vvorth of

       support for his four year old daughter since she has moved to Western Kansas.

8. 	   Mr. Richardson has had no contact with the minor child since March 5, 1998. At

       that time, he shol1ened a court ordered visit because he couldn't keep the minor

       child from being hysterical. Having no contact with the minor child in almost one

       (1) year is a "physical, mental or emotional neglect" of a child as well showing a

       "lack of effort on the part of the parent to adjust to the parent's circumstances,

       conduct or conditions to meet the needs of the child." (see, KS.A. 38-1583(b) (4)

       and (8)).

9. 	   When Rikki was returned to Ms. Dombrowski after a five (5) day stay with Mr.

       Richardson on or about March 5, 1998, the minor child showed signs of neglect

       andpossible abuse for which Ms. Dombrowski sought medical treatment. (see

       KS.A 38-1583 (b)(2).) This doctor confirmed that there was neglect (see Exhibit

       "A") and confirmed possible abuse due to the fact that the child was unwashed,

       undernourished, was not wearing any underwear. Further, the doctor found some

       black hairs in the child's genital region that appeared to be adult pubic hairs.
        10.    Mr. Richardson has only paid child support for two months ofthe child life, even

               though she has lived apart from him for over two years. He is clearly neglecting 

               his common law duty to aid in the monetary support of his child. (see KS.A. 38­

                1583 (b)(4).)

        11.    Mr. Richardson has a histOlY of physical violence against the mother, Claudine

               Dombrowski as well as a history of substance abuse and trouble with the law due

               to his anger and substance abuse. (see KS.A 38-1583(b)(3).)

               WHEREFORE, THE PETITIONER, Claudine Dombrowski, Requests that the

minor child, Rikki Dombrowski, be declared a Child in Need of Care.

                                                              Claudine Dombrowski, Pewioner


STATE OF KANSAS                 )
                                )      ss:
COUNTY OF PAWNEE                )

       Claudine Dombrowski, of lawful age, being first duly sworn on oath, states as follows:

         That she is the Petitioner in the above-entitled action; that she has read the foregoing
Petition and knows the contents thereof; and that all statements contained therein are true and

                                                     Q~c(~ . ~.
                                                      Claudine Dombrowski, Petitioner

Subscribed and sworn to before me this _ _ day         _ _ _ _ _,1999.

                                                      Notary Public
  & NITCHER, Chartered
808 Massachusetts Street
P. O. BoxB
Lawrence, Kansas 66044
(785) 841-4700
Attorneys or Petitioner


                                CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE
                                   ;::r~,rd               ­
       I hereby certifY that on this ~day of March, I served a t11le and correct copy of the
foregoing Petition by depositing a copy of the same in the United States mail, postage prepaid
and properly addressed to the following:

       Mr. Donald R Hoffman 

       Hoffinan & Hoffinan 

       ]12 SE 71h Street 

       Topeka, KS 66603-39] 5 

       Mr. Hany Moore 

       200 SE 71h , Suite 104 

       Topeka, KS 66603-3961 

OJ/lOi98              Q~:J;;.    F.U UU 7 I1JU6{
                                                     --. 	. . ~. F!Ulilr. Cr iUB
                 Dombrowski, Rikki            OJ-a~-t'
                 S:           Rikki lD bora today wI ~~n.rID concerns about an inoi~~
                 which QCou:n-ed thrcu¢1 lAst wk i C&lILA to a haad 1 a 1ll1: noa.       liU.kkl'"
                 111 crt he r  , to thor arc no lcnqo:r "t.0fJat.lua' , ba.... o Shared <:::U!!tody •
                 Y.5~er~at p.~.              (~t     9:00 p.m.). aikki'. rathor            c~118~    her   ~othar
                 &. IIt-.t.d t.hat. had beet! cryinq (Rikki l • ~ther notAd that ehe
                 ccltld tlear IUJOc..i 1IC];'.~nllinc:J in "=b.e· background) , va.. itloonsolable.
                 She lU:k8oot:1 him hcv lcnc;J sohe .hl!d ~1Xe ~t r. be e..il1 "baSi-cally
                 !J.1nco yOIJ. ~ptd tle.r otf laet Yri.· He asKed it sbe would CQl'I:.
                 " pick. up the c!Uld; u.Y onded u.p meat1.nq il"I Sll~na.                  Mother
                 stat.ed t:..~at aha brQu.qht ehs poli~ vi her @ tho raAiilQt.lnq place whiCh
                 weI!! a t.r.,;ock stop otf the ni~ in Salina. App<, ~Q tether
        not -:lr i Yinll ~ car bUt when he saw tbe po, &pparent1y thlo1Y
                 l3toPIi~ tha van, Qropp~ R1l::.);l otf ut a tli~rtCe tnm t.he poliOii!.
                 iCX:.r~ lef-c bafar9 t.he police oould ~ .. pa:e..k \f/ thQ father.            KOIll
                 ~tatea tha~ ~e child's clothing was ~irty i ane11ed of alcohol ~
                 ~aI'i1uana " eho also stats. t:hst IiOhc valliS wearing no           MOl!!
                 has brought wi'th ner today the elothinv that chA \111..5 wearing
                 vrapp64 in a pla~~~c bag; th~re 1':1 an odor fro. the olctbin.c:1 ",hich
                 s~ll. as if it cou16 ~. alcot.ol, but the eloth~g 1& v.ry unclean
                 s1l\811i,nq .lllo.
                 0'       Today, t~a ebild is glQYfU~ • ~ppears to be h5PPY 1n mom I 6
                 arm~.   ffE~: ~~d, NC/AT; .e~&Q , eonjunc~~vaG, Xl/NI, P~.
                 EOMI i ll4rC~ Y/ thin/claar rhirwtthea.i turbinate:!! nOl"J .. aryt.hmaatous.
                 non-edematous; MKKi oropharynx cl&ArI ~ clQ~ 'II/ good mob11itYi
                 ~e~K $UPp~., no !VO, no ~ags.s; lung. &O~ clear wI gOOd ~.rAt1on
                 ::hrou:;1ho\,1.ti     c:v   rrr   'fI/o m1I on today'!!'   e.x.o..mj   a.h4 Gott,    .caphoid,
   ~	~T/ND, B~nA, nC HSK, no m~Kse$; reperf~ion brisk. no o~~bing.
                 CYbnQ;5i1"         edwnaj pulses ".l/4 thrauqhout: 5kin \fIU"ll,              'IIQl.1-perfused
                 ~I     no lasiona wI               of a «mall pinpc1nt brujs* approx lc~
                 11) d hll'1§teI:. over 1 u: Aral pertLon. R cal'i bllr       a -,,1..0 VJIr1i:i
   \             IJllcLlfn.    The   enitQ                       v
               I  allOw                        a' 'the ;kin a~ound the h01al !olds U

                  rr tated, .~Q'IlIAtous vi no .!Iicput of abrasions; tho 1ly:ta.Q.n 11;
                 poorly viKu~lIzod aua t9 the poor hyaline , the vny wI Whicn the
                 ,etin folds stick taqether,J thero ATe 2 n~U black ha~ on the
                 ~kin rold$ of tn& .rga bet/ tne perianal 6rGa & the ~-qn~ -- ~ey
                 are ahort, black bairs                wI aoms curl (prob .oagur1n9 betl 1-2oz).
                 The>5e         hairs \olQre          in II. pitce ot plastic 1i 60If.~ed in a,n
                 ~nvelopt.       Dr. ~~onds also perfo~4 a visual inspection of the
                 Qenieul arQa to lOOK for thQ hy-raan II rcpQrl~ the MllIe. findings.
                 The. v~qinal swab (ex) 8ho~~ a qram ~in w/ a taw ~ {-}rods, a
                 felJ grans ( ... J rodS, fe.., C]raJ:! (+) pos ooc:e1, & a fe:w epit.halial
                 cells; ex its~lf is p~ndlnq @ tni~ t~. I have t.lked ~I Lad.S6~
       ,         Del~cruz, who i8 Ms. Dombrowski'. atty; mou Qid siqn a ROI saying
       \         t:;hat we could c.isC\l.sS WI 111&- Ol!~acruz; any in£ormatioll uout thB
                 e:xu. 1. r"j;)ort~<1 my tindimil,f'<J/ we Qxcept.iQn of th~ vagin~l gro.:n
                 stain /I Cl( a.s these wllre NA. @ 'that time. She ... tat:e.d tha.t she WO\llc1
       \         lika me t:o speok ~I Harry Xoor. who 19 toe court $ervices offi~
                 Ii !i>tated t:h1!It .1'\4 VCluld be cOlltaoting 1I\e. by letter or t.slsp1:lone call
                 vitbin the ne~ eavQr~l daY3. We will nsad a ~OI to ep6ak ~/ him
           \     or 5enQ him ~ny lnfo~ation , will do ~o p~l~r to 4ny discussion
                 Ql:'    ROI. 	                                                    ~ ~I fu "1 II ~
                 },DW; 55 	                                                        J::Il.UV ~ • "'/
                                              F.   1111   CrIHs

=1~1:     I          !
--~                  I

      i              1
     __++i • ____~__------~------------__~______________- -______________________~___


              _ _........L'_ _ __

   - - I-~-,--'---""~

                                        ~ .. ---~--------~-.-~---
                                              Faall~   Cr1/Us

Ooa6rOV.~1,        .1k~              83-eQ-ga
s , t l ) r . Wa__ eb lNtqUa4'Led 1;,.bj,Q Ih a. ~Qt l haaiJW!o the lUtrJ.~."1II
O.r R.ikJd.. 1fhg ):)ean J"cto.."U, U    t.ftO CI.\I'O e~ .hot' .f.~1 D~ 1f1Ut
p.ia~ \l~ J,orrt. ,nj.gat..           &n.:bad ro~rt..ctdJ." !lot. ha't.l'lod ~tiy.
oI      On .Y rrxaa,            ~1;"'Q..Q qw.t.a ceOJU!I'QU"., 1Ih. " •• ".U1:ng .lQQi
ponta b-.t. ba.d 1\0 Wld.~o.r.                      '!'h& ~tlOUD "'IUS ab".101U11y una..t.lltlj
t..ho lLb~1l ILia.aNl "Itrr'1P i~~81I" J:t1lt. aat. ~. . , gtPJatiCl traauon wu
pJ,aalfd 0/\ ~ ~ailj.4)l JUljora,. .betA ill..1!..hO #'IIp.irnr- .:fragle.g .. aM lEA....
o.h C'e1: ,111'. ... ;£ U on IIDd .t n nita Uln pOG1:..t.o:A colll.d lUll 1 1.2\ ~ loU:"Y ur 'to...
to t.ll.. b" 1M'nal. "'ng      .ct      ~ crtoet.liHi •   .t. 'DC <\at. lNQa'1U17 d lac.hg ., aD not.trd
f t.ho hy.enoJ.. epoa;i.n'jl ... h£Qb· GQw.yblrt obaaut"1td "14 OTU'CHI', t.AIiI'
Yr~hrAl       opening YDS        ~hV~O~y          p~t.           c~   vag    ~             1r08 the       The anua ... ea· 11.10 .,..1.1:1.1)0. g~ tra"DD • .lao.
A.,/Pi      lRptt?go:tcm,,1UI ypl:IIOfolyiru+1p dUO to Vb1' poor hyg.i.eptt. ~
~.                             A 1:.h1"k a bat.h· .~.ll. . . ~crt. b.olp1u.1. J. UA
obte:i.1l1Hl t.oClaJ' 1..5 «-) I CIUiJ or. pctnd1ng- , t~ 'tx ,.111 1- basac
01'1 t'. . . ul.t...

"JE'De                                                                            VK..~~

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