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new for 2009… by absences


									1. NEW PROduCtS

GO-GO RacE NUmBER BELt                       mp3 aRmBaND                                8oz BOttLEs                              25oz aLUmiNUm BOttLEs
Lace locks to hold your race number,         We love our training and our music,        In 2009 we’re introducing our famous     Hydrate responsibly with these
plus a super spacious pocket for             but we love training with our music        clear bottles with color caps to match   eco-friendly bottles. twist-off cap
your small essentials. Why go-go?            even more. Completely redesigned for       the new Helium colors. BPA-free          for easy drinking, plus a carabiner
FuelBelt Founder Vinu Malik’s                2009, the armband is easily adjusted       material, dishwasher safe, and very      that clips anywhere for convenient
2-year-old daughter cheers him on            with one hand so you can tighten or        comfortable ergonomic design.            water on the go. Colors: Kiwi Green
at races screaming “go-go daddy!”            loosen it up without interrupting your     Cap colors: Hibiscus Pink, Kiwi Green,   (spiral circle design), Surf Blue
Colors: Hibiscus Pink, Kiwi Green,           workout. Colors: Hibiscus Pink,            Surf Blue.                               (surfboard design).
Surf Blue, Black.                            Kiwi Green, Surf Blue, Black.

Keep your eyes open for new tag designs and
improved poly bags on all 2009 products!
                                                                                                    new for 2009…
        hibiscus pink                 surf blue               kiwi green              lava black                 classic red

We’ve updated your favorite FuelBelt products for 2009 with new Kona-inspired
colors: Hibiscus Pink, Surf Blue, Kiwi Green and Lava Black. And for those that
like to keep it old school, we’re offering some products in FuelBelt’s Classic Red.

paLm HOLDERs                                RacE NUmBER BELts                          waistpacks
spRiNt paLm HOLDER                          GEL-REaDY                                  spEED RUNNER’s
Known to pad the fall of trail run          ten loops to hold onto your gel            Just don’t call it a fanny pack!
crashes… but you didn’t hear that           packets. Bonking will no longer            One size. Colors: Hibiscus Pink,
from us! Colors: Hibiscus Pink,             be an excuse! One size. Colors:            Kiwi Green, Surf Blue, Black.
                                                                                                                                 Our award-winning design has gotten
Kiwi Green, Surf Blue, Black.               Hibiscus Pink, Kiwi Green,
                                                                                       DistaNcE RUNNER’s                         even better: improved closure, leak-
                                            Surf Blue, Black.
saHaRa paLm HOLDER                                                                     Same low-profile design as the            proof bottles and lighter weight make
the bigger, badder version of the           REfLEctiVE                                 Speed, but 40% greater capacity.          Helium the number one hydration belt
Sprint, but a lawn wrangler in it’s         the industry standard and a top            Colors: Hibiscus Pink, Kiwi Green,        in the world.
own right. Colors: Hibiscus Pink,           seller. One size. Colors: Hibiscus         Surf Blue, Black.
                                                                                                                                 HELiUm 2-BOttLE BELt
Kiwi Green, Surf Blue, Black.               Pink, Kiwi Green, Surf Blue, Black.
                                                                                                                                 Hibiscus Pink, sizes XS – XL
                                                                                       cRUsH BOttLE caRRiER
                                            sLim pOckEt                                                                          Kiwi Green, sizes S – XL
fUELBOxEs                                                                              Switch out empty bottles for full
                                            Need to carry pills, gels or keys                                                    Lava Black, sizes XS – XL
                                                                                       ones on long runs. One size. Colors:
aERO fUELBOx                                but still want to keep a low profile?
                                                                                       Hibiscus Pink, Kiwi Green, Surf Blue,     HELiUm 4-BOttLE BELt
In a race every second counts, and          this is the belt for you. One size.
                                                                                       Black, Camo, Pink.                        Hibiscus Pink, sizes S – XL
the pros trust the Aero FuelBox.            Colors: Hibiscus Pink, Kiwi Green,
                                                                                                                                 Surf Blue, sizes S – XL
Colors: Hibiscus Pink, Kiwi Green,          Surf Blue, Black.
                                                                                       spaRE caps                                Lava Black, sizes S – XL
Surf Blue, Black, Camo.
                                                                                       dog eat your bottle cap? Not to worry!
                                            RipstOp pOckEts
mEDiUm fUELBOx                                                                         Classic Red caps are now available in
                                            Slide on to any FuelBelt for custom
A staple for so many cyclists and                                                      a 5-pack. Classic Red only.
                                            storage. Small and Medium sizes
triathletes! Colors: Hibiscus
                                            available in new colors: Hibiscus Pink,
Pink, Kiwi Green, Surf Blue, Black,
                                            Kiwi Green, Surf Blue, Black.
Classic Red.

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