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									              GAS DETECTOR
                                  RX 500

2 years of service life

Test terminal

No maintenance,
no calibration

Reliable and sturdy


                          Your environment, your safety,
       ATEX                  let’s master them together
                                Protecting you is our concern !

                                                                            Whatever your business, your trade or the
                                                                            duration of your responses might be, if you
                                                                            are exposed to gas, you should protect
                                                                            yourself against such hazards.

                                                                            In a spirit of maximum simplicity of operation,
                                                                            optimum safety and suitable investment,
                                                                            OLDHAM recommends to you the RX 500, a
                                                                            recyclable gas detector available in three
                                                                            versions : O2, CO and H2S.

Example of application : personal safety on petrochemical site.

                         High performances, very simple use

    Its operation is streamlined
Simply release the optical switch and the RX 500 is ready to operate, after it has carried out a full self-test.
From its commissioning date, it provides 2 years of continuous operation with :
- 13 hours alarm condition                                                                                           Autonomy
- a daily test                                                                                                      count down
- a monthly connection to the printer

    Detection is made more reliable
• Self checking: visual alarm, audible alarm and vibrator can be checked at any time just pressing
  the “test button” (audible alarm in option every 4 minutes)
                                                                                                                   Visual alarm
• Instantaneous alarm or average (STEL)
• Working order signal for secure operation : a green LED switches on every 2 minutes (optional
  audible beep)
• Effective audible and visible warnings :
  - visible red LED on 3 sides positioned on top of the detector : gas and measurement faults warning
  - LED on front side : TEST(green), end-of-life and default (red).
  - buzzer on front side                                                                                           Audible alarm
• Vibrator actuated in case of gas warning
• Recording of minimum values (for O2) and maximum values (for CO and H2S).

    Operation made easier
• Carrying the RX 500 :
  - with a metal anti-skid clasp
  - with an armband providing for positioning suited to a dusty and humid environment
  - no handling to perform, once the RX 500 is in operation

    A limited cost
• An outstanding quality/price ratio
• No maintenance
• No servicing
• No calibration
                                              Major advantages

    Can be used in complete safety
The test terminal : a test that can save your life

• Although the RX 500 is guaranteed as maintenance-free for 2 years continuous operational life, it is a safety
  device and a test remains called for. OLDHAM has therefore developed a terminal which shall be positioned
  in a safe area. Such test involves injecting a standard gas to make sure the device is in good working order.
  - Warning set off : fit for operation
  - no warning set off : device out of order, should be recycled
• The test terminal can be supplied in standard version or with a printer input

    A controlled environment
• The RX 500 is a safety device in the same way as a more conventional portable gas detector ; therefore, it should
  not be considered as an ordinary disposable product. Because OLDHAM is concerned with the environment,
  it suggests you return your devices to it at the end of their service life for safe disposal.

                                     The accessory equipment

1 Test terminal in 2 versions :
  - standard
  - with printer : printing of configuration certificate*, indication of « min. and max. » since commissioning or last
    initialization, faults at time of connection.

2 Storage base : when the RX 500 is not in use, it can be stored into a specific support. The supports fit into
  each other, can be placed on a piece or furniture or fastened to the wall.

3 The « carrier belt » kit.

4 belt (a : 135 cm) and armband (b : 35 cm).

                       1                                        2

                                                                3                                 4



*Nature of gas, range, alarm thresholds, serial number, calibration date and remaining autonomy
                              TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS
Manufacturer :        • OLDHAM SA
Type :                • RX 500
Function :            • Gas detector
Detected gases :      • CO, H2S and O2
Ranges :              • CO : 0-1000 ppm - O2 : 0-30% vol - H2S : 0-100 ppm
Measurement :         • Continuous
Start :               • By releasing the cover of the optical switch
and service life :    • 2 years
Cells :               • Electrochemical
Casing :              • Antistatic polycarbonate
Warnings :            • Audible type : 80 dB buzzer from 30 cm
                      • Visual type : warning indicators and LED

                                                                                                                            This is not a contractually binding document. OLDHAM SA reserves the right to make any changes, without notice, to the technical characteristics of its equipement. Designed and created by Audace 33 3 21 135 600. Edition ref.: RX500GB01
                      • Vibrator type
                      • Warnings
                        - Gas O2 : increasing, decreasing : audible, visual and vibrator
                               CO, H2S : instantaneous and STEL : audible, visual and vibrator
                        - End - of- life
                        - Measurement fault, outside electronic range : visual and audible
                        - Battery fault : audible and visual
                        - Cell fault : audible and visual
Good working
order test :           • Audible and visual
Tightness :            • IP 66 (protected cell)
Miscellaneous :        • Control of the RX 500 by test terminal
                       • Connection to outside printer through the test bench
Operating conditions : • -15°C to +40°C (continuous operation) or -25°C to +60°C (intermittent operation)
                       • Atmospheric +/-10%
                       • 20 to 90% relative humidity, non condensing
Storage :              • Storage temperature : 0°C to +30°C
                       • Duration : 1 month (ex works)
Size :                 • 80.1 x 61.8 x 35.4 mm
Weight :               • 100 g
Approvals :            •     Ex I M1 mining - II 1 G Industrial
                       • EEx ia I, EEx ia IIC T4
                       • Marking, certificates and permits as per ATEX directive 94/9/CE, INERIS 03ATEX0062X
                       • CEM reinforced from EN 50270

                                                                                            80,1                   v
Subject to operation conditions

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