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									Motoring accidents and illness
Many motoring accident compensation claims are made by victims who have suffered a personal injury as the result of another person's negligence -
whether they are a pedestrian or fellow motorist. As a driver, there are many ways to minimise the chances of becoming involved in an accident. Some
of these are a matter of law - adhering to speed limits, not drinking alcohol or taking drugs and such like - however there are also a number of common
sense rules of thumb to adhere to as well.

For instance, many motorists take to Britain's roads whilst they are very tired, or push on over long distances without taking a break. Equally, some
drivers may choose to undertake a journey when they are feeling under the weather. Whilst illness might not seem like a reason to avoid driving, there
are a number of ailments that could cause you to have an accident. One of these is cramp, as the muscle spasms could lead to you accidentally
leaning on the accelerator pedal.

Other sicknesses can affect your ability to concentrate such as headaches or congestions through colds or sinusitis. Links have also been made to
concentration and depression, as the mental condition has been proven to slow down our reaction times. Some medications can have an effect on
your ability to concentrate as well, as they can cause drowsiness or distracting nausea and pains.

If you have been involved in an incident in which you believe illness was a factor, you are entitled to make an accident compensation claim against the
other party responsible. At Claims Solicitors, we have an expert team of accident solicitors who can offer legal advice on the role that illness could
have had on the responsible party's ability to drive, and we can help you claim financial compensation for any injuries that you have suffered.

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