Casco Bay District Spring Camporee

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					             Casco Bay District Spring Camporee
                 “The Blue and the Gray”
                       Troop Guide
Welcome! You are about to embark on a great adventure of fun
and history! This guide will help your troop get the most out of
the camporee.
Unit Names: For the Camporee, your unit will be addressed by its number and location,
i.e. Troop 315 from Limington will be called the “315th Limington”.

Things to bring:
                ___ A Civil War theme flag to identify your unit. (No confederate
                    battle flags please).

                ___ A Troop yell.

                ___ A Field lunch for Saturday that you can carry with you and eat on
                    the run.

                ___ Means to make fire like they did in the 1860’s.

                ___ A Civil war Song or Skit.

                ___ Canteens / personal water bottles.

                ___ Firewood, for your site All fires must be above ground!

                ___ Field uniforms (class A’s) will be worn for all ceremonies.

                ___ Food for the Civil War Cook off (list enclosed)

                ___ Your normal troop camping gear and provisions

                ___ Unit period costumes are highly encouraged!!

                           CAMPOREE OVERVIEW

Friday Evening:

Arrival: Check in is from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm on May 14th. Please stop and receive
         instructions from the sentry at the main gate.
         * A note about vehicles…Please park in the designated parking areas. Troop
           trailers only in the camp area.

Cracker Barrel : Cracker Barrel will be at 9pm at headquarters for SPL’s and SM’s.
                 This will be a fun time to meet and greet the camporee staff and other
                 troop leaders and to discuss camporee events.

Taps: Taps will be at 10pm. Please maintain a quiet camp.

Saturday Morning:

0630 Reveille (Yawn) - After a hearty breakfast, get ready for Roll Call and a Patriotic
                     Flag Ceremony at 0830 at the flagpoles. (Class A uniform)

0830-0845 - Change out of Class A’s, visit the latrine and get ready to………..

0850 – 1240    Commence Morning Skirmishes!

        You will receive a map to guide you to your skirmish sites. You will march
        with two other units so display your unit colors smartly! Once at the skirmish
        site, you will race against time as your wits and physical abilities are put to the
        test! Each unit will compete for their own score. You will change skirmish
        sites at the sound of the Bugle and will have 10 minutes to get to your next site.

         * Beware of spontaneous orders from HQ!!! - While on the march between
skirmish sites, you may encounter a currier from HQ. He will have an urgent
task for you to perform that may build or weaken your unit strength.


Learn about Civil War Signaling with the 1st Division Signal Dept ANV, then use your
newfound knowledge and encode and transmit a battlefield message. Can you get the
message out in time!!!!


Supply lines have been cut off for the past two weeks, which means no food. Hungry???
You are downright starving! You must forage and cook your food using only your
imagination and what you have with you (if they had it in 1863). Hurry the General
wants to eat!


Try your skills in an amazing obstacle course! Racing against time, you will have to
move your unit through a series of obstacles both physical and mental. This will put your
teamwork to the test!


You are on sentry duty along a picket line. Suddenly, the sentry next to you sees
something that has to report. You must successfully pass accurate reports down the line
to headquarters.


Your comrade is down! Use your First Aid skills to assess his wounds, keep him alive,
and transport him to the field hospital where Dr Bonesaw and his staff await.
Gently now!!!


You are out of ammo! You have one thing left to fight with… knives!!
Try your accuracy and rack up points at the amazing knife throw!

FIELD LUNCH – Units are free to eat lunch at their discretion

1245: Commanding Generals gather your staff and plan your tactics for the battle
      of Little Ossipee !

1:00 Generals assemble your armies on the field for battle!
                      “Can you change history”?

Victory Conditions: Move your Command Colors past the enemy lines or,
                    Capture the enemy Commanding General or,
                    Eliminate 75% of the enemy’s field strength


1. Each army must appoint a commanding general. He shall have a staff made up of one
   Representative from each unit.

2. The commanding general will direct units by means of currier (staff member.)

3. The commanding general may join units together to create a larger force but the units
   must carry their unit colors.

4. The commanding general must ensure his units stay within the marked boundaries. If
   a unit goes out of bounds they are all considered wounded.

5. The commanding general must stay with his command colors.

6. The command post represents the boundary line and may advance as the general sees
  fit, however, do not advance prematurely!


1. Attacking units will form skirmish lines (1 or 2 deep). They will approach enemy units
   until they are within an arms reach.

2. Once in range, the unit commander will shout “ Ready, Aim, Fire” at which point
   you will play Rock, Paper, Scissors with the enemy soldier opposite you. This is
   considered a volley. Engagement may not be refused.

3. The loser is immediately “wounded” and falls down. The winner must reform and
   return back to his boundary line in order to conduct another volley.
   In the event of a tie, the soldiers will play again until there is a winner.

4. A unit may remain on the field as long as they have not fired a volley. If only a portion
   of a unit fires, only the soldiers that have fired must return to the boundary line. The
   remainder of the unit may stay on the field until they have fired, however the soldiers
   that have fired must wait for their unit colors to return in order to regroup and engage

1. Wounded must be carried off the field to the hospital and will receive a red armband
   designating them as “wounded”. Once a wounded soldier receives his armband he
   he may reunite with his unit the next time they return from a volley.

2. If a wounded soldier looses a volley a second time, he is “killed in action” and
   remains on the field where he falls


1. Soldiers wearing blue armbands designating “disease” must wait two volleys before


2:30-4:00pm Reenactors Time – After the battle of Little Ossipee, Journey back in time
with our guest reenactors as they demonstrate how life was in the “war between the

4:30-5:00pm Good Turn – Show your Scout Spirit as we do a good turn for our hosts
the Ossipee Valley Fairgrounds!

5:00-7:00pm Supper, Civil War Cookoff – Try your hand at cooking up some Civil War
Chow! Cook a meal using any or all the following ingredients taken from an actual
soldiers ration list. Use your imagination to impress the judges.

Bacon or pork
Dried fruit
Dried Vegetables

Eat Hearty!!!

7:15pm Retreat/Vespers – Gather at our flag poles for a time of reverence and
remberence as we lower our nations flag and remember our Armed Forces both past and
present. Class A’s please!
8:00pm Campfire!- Have off the charts fun at the best Campfire ever! Show your troop
spirit with a Civil War song or skit.!

9:15pm – Cracker Barrel, Leadership wrap up meeting – A fun time of reflection and

10:00pm – Taps (finally, yawn)

Sunday Morning:
7:00am- Reveille (already!)

8:30am Closing Ceremonies at the Flag Poles

Break camp upon completion

Troops will be released upon site inspection

Special Thanks – Special thanks to our hosts The Ossipee Valley Fairgrounds, The 3rd
Maine Volunteers, The 1st Div. Signal Dept ANV and the 29th Georgia Infantry.

                 Casco Bay District Spring Camporee
                       Camporee Regulations

1. Vehicles – Speed limit 10mph, please park in designated parking areas.
               Lock your vehicles, Camporee not responsible for lost or stolen items.

2. Fires – Fires must be above ground, leave no fire unattended.

3. Firearms – Firearms, explosives and fireworks are prohibited unless authorized in
               writing by the camporee staff.

4. Adults in camp – A responsible adult, 21yrs or older must be in camp at all times.
                      You are responsible for your scouts!

5. Personal Electronics – Personal electronic gear i.e. radios, games, cd/dvd players
                             and the like are not allowed.

6. Property – Please respect the fairground property, Stay in designated camporee
               areas only. If you do not have a purpose for being there, chances are it’s
               not an authorized area. This includes all barns, buildings and structures
               not being used by the camporee.

7. Taps – Scouts are not allowed out of their site after taps except to and from the
           latrine. Otherwise an adult must accompany them. Please maintain quiet
           after Taps.

8. Smoking- Adults that smoke must smoke in designated areas away from the scouts
              and the camporee events.

9. Injuries- Please report all injuries to Camporee Headquarters.

10. All other basic Boy Scout / Pine Tree Council rules apply.


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