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                    News @ umSinsi                                                    “ Imagination is

            Rudzani Ramashau with her new book
                                                                                       more important
            Date Posted: 2010-08-04
            Rudzani Ramashau ran the Univen Dancing
            Pencils Writing Club in Thohoyandou a few                                     knowledge”
            years ago and was the motivator in getting
            teenagers in a Venda school to write and                                     Albert Einstein
            publish an anthology of poetry.

            She was also the motivator for the Univen                                       Author of the month:
            Dancing Pencils Writing Club's anthology, A
            Palm of Orange Life. Also some years ago,
            she wrote a motivational book on making the
            right choice and now she has completed her                                      Latest releases:
            second book.

            Called Never Give up it empitomizes Rudzani                            Adult Novels:
            who has high aims and ethics. This book will                                            Author: Pender-Smith,
            launch in Durban at the annual book launch of                                           Andrew
            the Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs in                                                    Title: Dream Me a River
            September.                                                                              Category: Adult Novels
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                                                    Qap's Mngcadi, cartoonist, launches book
                                                    Date Posted: 2010-08-02         Children's books:
                                                                                                     Author: Ismail, Bibi
                                                    Qap's, the cartoonist for KZN's very popular Ayesha Ibrahim
                                                    isiZulu newspaper, the Isolezwe, launched        Title: Adventures in
                                                    his book of cartoons selected from his daily     Cookery Land
                                                    pictures in issues of the Isolezwe over the last Category: Children's
                                                    few years.                                       books
                                                                                                     < more...>
                                                    Bonga Zondo was the editor, umSinsi Press
                                                                                    Teenage Novels:
                                                    the publisher and the initial launch of this
                                                    highly popular 100 page book called Zuma's
                                                    Road to Victory, took place at the Cape Town
                                                    Book Fair on Monday 2nd August at the
                                                    umSinsi book stand..
                                                                                       Author: Ngubane, Nathi
                                                                                       Title: Teenagers Living
                                                                                       Category: Teenage
Conference room at the Cape Town Book
                                                                                       < more...>
Date Posted: 2010-08-01

40 people came to the 45 minute right brain                           Non Fiction:
creative writing workshop in a conference                                              Author: Langton, Sandi
room at the Cape Town Book Fair on the 1st                                             Title: A Girl, A Bike, A
August. The facilitators were Felicity Keats                                           Dream
and Dr Margaret Shabangu of the KZN                                                    Category: Non Fiction
Ikhwezi Inservice Training Centre.                                                     < more...>

This was the first part of the launch of the
new teaching website
:// This site which                          Poetry:
will have online courses in novel writing and                                          Author: Pete, Mari
Mentor training will also have a multimedia                                            Title: Amytis
site allowing people the same experience as                                            Category: Poetry
these writers had.                                                                     < more...>

                                         Reading out is important!
                                         Date Posted: 2010-08-01
                                                                      short stories:
                                                                                      Author: Akabor, Mariam
                                         This young lady was courageous and read out Title: Flat 9
                                         what she had written in the first session of Category: short stories
                                         ten minutes of right brain creative writing. < more...>

                                         This was the interactive part of the creative
                                         writing workshop held at the Cape Town book
                                         fair on the 1st August where Felicity Keats
                                         and Dr Margaret Shabangu of Ikhwezi
                                         Inservice Training Institute were the
                                                                                  download our
                                                                                mentors list here

                                                                                download our
Mabel Letsoalo from Gauteng                                                     pricelist here
Date Posted: 2010-08-01

Mabel Letsoalo in the Head Office of the
Gauteng Department of Education, flew from
Johannesburg to be present at the umSinsi
book stand to launch her book written in

It covered the 1976 uprising in which Mabel
was inadvertently trapped. She also has the
account of this student uprising written in
English. This was previously published by
umSinsi Press in a Durban City Hall book

                                        launch of new ://
                                        teaching site
                                        Date Posted: 2010-08-01

                                        Felicity Keats launched her new internet
                                        teaching site on Sunday 1st August at the
                                        Cape Town Book Fair. With this facility she
                                        will be able to take students on an
                                        international basis. In time, there will be right
                                        brain courses in various genre, with special
                                        attention to helping children to write.

                                        The umSinsi/Dancing pencils team aim to be
                                        at the Abu Dhabi book fair in March, so this
                                        photo of Felicity was taken premeditating this

                                        Interested writers can email:
                               or visit the
                                        site:// to find out
                                        more about multimedia and online courses.

Floss M. Jay's Poetry - A Drawer Full of
Date Posted: 2010-07-31

Floss M. Jay from Pietermaritzburg, KZN, flew
to Cape Town on the 31st of July to launch
her umsinsi published book of poetry entitled
"A Drawer Full of Flowers."

This 126 page book of sensitive poems was
launched at the Tatham Gallery in
Pietermaritzburg and was also at
Grahamstown during their festival. Floss's
poems cover a period of almost 30 years and
were edited by the famous Lionel Abrahams.
                                        Traditional Day at the Cape Town Book
                                        Date Posted: 2010-07-31

                                        Dr Margaret Shabangu of the KZN Ikhwezi
                                        Inservice Training Centre wore traditional
                                        Zulu dress on Saturday 31st July whilst Veena
                                        Gangaram of Parkvale Primary wore
                                        traditional Indian dress.

                                        We had expected Bonga Zondo, Director of
                                        the Dancing Pencils Literacy Development
                                        Project, who was also present to wear
                                        traditional Zulu men's attire but ...

Amazing talent - BAT Centre young
Date Posted: 2010-07-31

On show at the Cape Town Book Fair at the
umSinsi stand were eight books by young
people attending weekly classes at the BAT
Centre on Durban's bayside under the tuition
of Mrs Veena Gangaram, of Parkvale Primary.
The young writers vary in age from 7 years to
14 years.

The talent shown is truly remarkable with
three of the books being over 100 pages in
length. The stories are highly creative and
make for excellent and interesting teen

These new books are displayed in the middle

                                        Meeting with DC of Mango Books, India
                                        Date Posted: 2010-07-30

                                        On trading day, 30th July, at the Cape Town
                                        Book Fair, Felicity Keats met with the
                                        Marketing Manager of Mango Books from
                                        india who could be interested in
                                        distribution of her right brain creative
                                        writing books covering grades R to 12.
Setting up at the Cape Town Book Fair
Date Posted: 2010-07-29

Dr Margaret Shabangu of the Ikhwezi
Inservice Training Centre and Veena
Gangaram of Parkvale Primary School in
Durban helped to set up the Dancing Pencils
and umSinsi book stand at the Cape Town
Book Fair on Friday afternoon 29th July.

                                         Nkandla Dancing Pencils Writing Club
                                         Date Posted: 2010-07-15

                                         Top people from KZN Department of Arts and
                                         Culture travelled to Nkandla on Thursday
                                         15th July and together with Felicity Keats, did
                                         a right brain workshop for old members of the
                                         Nkandla Dancing Pencils Writing Club which
                                         runs in the library at Nkandla.

                                         Nondumusa from the library (in the photo)
                                         will be their mentor.

                                         Some grade 11 and 12 learners from a
                                         nearby high school also had their first right
                                         brain lesson in creative writing!

KZN Department of Arts and Culture
Date Posted: 2010-07-15

Shengi Ngcongo ran a right brain training in
Zulu in the Nkandla library.

Also present with her were Dr N.G. Sibiya and
Mr M.C. Myeza from their Pietermarizburgh

(left to right: Mr M.C. Myeza, Ms F.H.
Ngcongo, and Dr N.G. Sibiya)
                                          Interested young writer!
                                          Date Posted: 2010-07-15

                                          Right brain creative writing is rapidly
                                          accepted by the young.

                                          Here is a student in an Nkandla High School
                                          enjoying the process!

new young authors-to-be!
Date Posted: 2010-07-10

Dr Margaret Shabangu, KZN language
coordinator in Ikhwezi Inservice Training
Institute, a sub directorate of the Department
of Education, photographed with young
umsinsi authors-to-be who were developed at
the BAT Centre, Durban, under the
mentorship of Ms Veena Gangaram.

These books will be launched in September in
Durban's City Hall.

Also in the picture is Kiren Moodley with his
two previously published books. Kiren is
working on his third novel. He started as an
author at the age of 12 years.

                                          KZN Department of Arts, Culture and
                                          Date Posted: 2010-07-06

                                          Three top members of the KZN Department of
                                          Arts, Culture and Tourism trained over two
                                          days as right brain Mentors. (Left to right, Ms
                                          F.H. Ngcongo, Mr M.C. Myeza and Dr N.G.

                                          Although all three of the people are authors in
                                          their own right, they were all fascinated with
                                          the right brain knowledge they acquired
                                          which they will transfer to members of writing
                                          clubs they will form.

                                          To begin with, they intend to convert two
                                          current writing groups that they have, into
                                          Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs with publishing
                                        as a goal. One of these clubs will be in the
                                        Correctional Services.

                                        Next Thursday they, and Felicity, are
                                        travelling to Nkandla where, between them
                                        all, they will give a workshop to the Nkandla
                                        Dancing Pencils Writing Club

Dancing Pencils Literacy Development
Project Board Meeting
Date Posted: 2010-07-05

The quarterly board meeting of Dancing
Pencils took place on Monday evening at
Felicity's home. 8 of the 12 board members
were present.

Excellent input came from the meeting, the
prime matters for discussion being the Cape
Town Book Fair, the City Hall book launch in
September, fund raising, and a new internet
teaching site which will help with mentor
training anywhere in the world.

                                        A spontaneous Mentor Training!
                                        Date Posted: 2010-07-02

                                        A mentor training organised in the "holidays"
                                        at my home in Malvern, especially for a Head
                                        of Department in a disadvantaged school in
                                        Chatsworth, somehow gathered another six

                                        Two were old Mentors refreshing their skills.
                                        Two were Mentors wanting to start helping
                                        people in the community to write better. One
                                        was a young man in high school who might
                                        start a Dancing Pencils Writing Club at his

                                        And one four year old joined in, because it
                                        looked like being fun!
Never too young!
Date Posted: 2010-07-01

Three small boys from Johannesburg enjoyed
their exploration of their own creativity.

Even if a four year old does a kind of scribble-
scratch book of drawings, he knows what he
was expressing and is very proud of his

For the older boys as well, this is a life skill -
once they have learnt to unlock the lateral
brain, this will help them in problem solving
and all learning areas too!

                                              It's not all work! A party!
                                              Date Posted: 2010-06-26

                                              Hard work for the Saturday morning young
                                              people at the BAT Centre who learn right
                                              brain creative writing under the mentorship of
                                              Veena Gangaram is rewarded with a party!

                                              They deserve it as each of these young
                                              people has produced a book of their own.
                                              Some of the books are 100 pages long and
                                              the quality of writing is extremely high.

                                              The books will be showcased at the Cape
                                              Town Book fair and launched in September in

Veena Gangaram and her group
Date Posted: 2010-06-26

Happy young authors-to-be with their Mentor,
Veena Gangaram, at Durban's BAT Centre on
the bayside where creative writing lessons
take place on a weekly basis.

Books are highly indivualistic and the
standard of writing is amazing! Well done to
                                             Botha's Hill Writers' group
                                             Date Posted: 2010-06-14

                                             Heather Chorn (a mentor) and I were invited
                                             to visit a private writing group hosted at the
                                             home of John and Carol Coombe in Botha's
                                             Hil. They wanted to sample right brain
                                             creative writing - and they loved it!

                                             Here they are, busy with their pens!

Ikhwezi Inservice Training Centre
Date Posted: 2010-05-27

Teachers from four very different schools
attended the right brain creative writing
training at the Ikhwezi Inservice Training
Centre on Thursday the 27th May.

Present were educators from Durban Girls
Secondary School, Durban Boys High School,
Westridge High School, and Paul Sykes
Primary School.

All wrote stories using their right brains. All
were delighted with their own talents and
knowledge that they could now share with
other learners in their schools, and educators

                                             Chatsworth Teacher training
                                             Date Posted: 2010-05-26

                                             Wednesday the 26th May saw teachers from
                                             schools interested in right brain creative
                                             writing from the Chatsworth area, learning
                                             new skills at the Chatsworth Teachers Centre.

                                             One educator thought she had two left brains,
                                             but found her right brain and wrote a
                                             charming logical story which surprised her!

                                             Felicity Keats was assisted by Mrs Veeena
                                             Gangaram from Parkvale Primary School.
Rustic Manor Teacher Training
Date Posted: 2010-05-25

A training for educators in Phoenix was held
on the 25th May at Rustic Manor Primary

Mrs Veena Gangaram from Parkvale Primary
assisted Felicity Keats as a facilitator. In the
photo, she is discussing the books that
educators take away for use in the classroom.

                                          Risecliff Secondary Dancing Pencils
                                          Writing Club
                                          Date Posted: 2010-05-21

                                          Two young people who head the new Dancing
                                          Pencils Writing Club of 22 members at Risehill
                                          Secondary in Chatsworth put on an excellent

                                          They did a dialogue between theselves which
                                          explained the benefits of the writing club, and
                                          they invited two members to come out and
                                          read aloud their contributions or speak about
                                          the difference it had already made in their

                                          The writers in the club had also composed a
                                          special song which they sang. We look
                                          forward to their first anthology of stories
                                          being published at this years intended City
                                          Hall launch in September.

Risecliff Secondary celebrates
Date Posted: 2010-05-21

Risecliff Secondary School in Chatsworth
celebrated three major successes today. One,
they celebrated the FIFA world cup with all
the flags flying. Secondly, they celebrated the
launch of a new multipurpose area with a
macadamised surface which could be used as
a tennis court or as a soccer pitch for five a

And the third celebration was the launch of
the first Dancing Pencils Writing Club in

The school gave resounding cheers as
Premilla Deonath, the Principal's wife, and
their daughter Dimples arrived with Felicity
Keats. Premilla and Dimples are the mentors
of the writing club.

                                           Bafana Bafana versus Denmark - "I was
                                           Date Posted: 2010-05-21

                                           Amongst the teams in the finals of the soccer
                                           five a side at Risecliff Secondary School in
                                           Chatsworth were 'Bafana Bafana' and

                                           The finals took place in view of the whole
                                           school as well as important invited guests.
                                           The first two teams were Bafana Bafana and
                                           Denmark. They had the school at fever pitch
                                           as each team scored one goal each - and then
                                           Denmark got a second goal enabling them to
                                           move to the finals.

                                           This day of celebration was to mark the
                                           launch of a new macadamised area to double
                                           as a tennis court and five a side soccer field.

A Drawer Full of Flowers - poetry
collection by Floss M. Jay
Date Posted: 2010-05-18

At the Tatham Art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg
on Tuesday the 18th of May, Floss Mitchell (
writing as Floss M. Jay) will launch her
collection of poems written over thirty years.

This poetry collection will later be launched in
Durban and also at the Cape Town Book Fair
on the 31st July at 3.00 pm at the
umSinsi/Dancing Pencils Stand. You are
welcome to attend if you are at the CBF!
                                          Book launch at Tatham Art Gallery
                                          Date Posted: 2010-05-18

                                          A huge crowd of people were present at the
                                          Tatham Art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg on the
                                          eve of the 18th May to celebrate with Floss M
                                          Jay on the launch of her anthology of poems
                                          called A Drawer Full of Flowers.

                                          Floss had written poems over a period of 30
                                          years, and the book included a selection of
                                          these with a foreword by Lionel Abrahams.

                                          The evening was a total delight, with tasty
                                          snacks, wine and cool drinks, a talented
                                          musician playing the piano, a guitarist, and a
                                          programme of two friends of Floss's and Floss
                                          herself to read out some of the poems.

A Second Ladysmith Creative Writing
Date Posted: 2010-05-13

Educators who lived too far away to attend
the training held at Windsor High asked
Bonga and Felicity to return, a week later, to
do their training in Witteklein Primary School
in the Zayletisha area.

Bonga Zondo gave the first part of the
training in Zulu then Felicity continued with
the rest of it in English. Educators practised
shifting to their right brains and enjoyed the
                                          Zwayelitsha Teacher training
                                          Date Posted: 2010-05-13

                                          Educators were all fascinated with their ability
                                          to write rapidly and well using their right

                                          In the photograph, Sihle Kubheka enjoys the

Poetry by Mari Pete
Date Posted: 2010-05-10

A delightful evening of poetry by Mari Pete
took place in Durban at St Clements Garden
Restaurant in Musgrave Road, Durban. This
was organised by Professor Pieter Scholtz as
part of his art group.

Mari Pete is the poetess of the book "Amytis"
which was published by umSinsi Press in
2007. She previously was the poetess
"Begin", a book of poetry in both English and
Afrikaans which received high acclaim.

Mari Pete's poetry reaches deep places in life
and was greatly uplifting.

                                          Estcourt Creative Writing Training
                                          Date Posted: 2010-05-06

                                          A training in right brain creative writing, run
                                          by Bonga Zondo and Felicity Keats, took
                                          place at the Estcourt High School in one of
                                          the old hostels on thursday the 5th May.

                                          Educators enjoyed seeing the DVD done by
                                          "Power Within" (SABC Tv3 31 october 2009)
                                          in which Zola Primary School learners from
                                          Estcourt, who have been running a Dancing
                                          Pencils Writing Club for six years, were at the
                                          Durban City Hall at the annual launch of
                                          Dancing Pencils club books.

                                          All enjoyed the training and in the
                                          photograph, Stembile Magubane holds up the
                                          book that she wrote in Zulu, and illustrated.
Ladysmith Right brain creative writing
Date Posted: 2010-05-05

This took place on Wednesday the 5th May at
Windsor High School. Educators were
fascinated at writing and illustrating their own

 They are all set to teach their learners how
to write and illustrate books - in this way,
they can build up classroom reading

                                           Bergville Educator Training
                                           Date Posted: 2010-05-04

                                           This took place at the CMC offices in
                                           Bergville. There seemed to be some mix-up
                                           in principals receiving their flyers so the
                                           response was not great.

                                           Bonga feels that we need to go again as
                                           many schools were interested in the chance
                                           to raise literacy levels through learning right
                                           brain methods.

                                           They are also interested in getting right brain
                                           creative writing books written in both English
                                           and in Zulu that enable educators to teach
                                           learners from grades R to matric in creative

Bergville Bonus!
Date Posted: 2010-05-03

Bonga Zondo and Felicity Keats Morrison
drove to Bergville and stayed two nights in
Anthony's bed and Breakfast - delightful
accomodation - and with the afternoon to
spare Felicity went for a walk to take photos
of the wonderful Drakensberg Mountains.

In the evening they found a great restaurant
with a real African feel to it for their meal.

                                             Msinga Educator training
                                             Date Posted: 2010-04-22

                                             In the hall at keats Drift Primary School, in
                                             Keats Drift, Msinga, educators from schools in
                                             that deep rural area were pleased to discover
                                             the creativity of their right brains.

                                             "We just write and write and write," said
                                             Principal Mrs Victoria Chonco from Pomeroy
                                             who was present with several of her
                                             educators. She wrote a story about a snake.

                                             Educators were glad to find out how to easily
                                             write a children's story so that they could
                                             pass this on to their learners.

Greytown Educator Training
Date Posted: 2010-04-13

On the 13th April, educators from schools in
the Greytown KZN area had a training on
right brain creative writing given by Bonga
Zondo speaking in Zulu, Felicity Keats and Dr
Margaret Shabangu of the Ikhwezi Inservice
Training Centre. The training took place at
the Greytown Junior Primary School.

Educators wrote and illustrated children's
stories, then learnt how to shift from the left
brain to the right brain by practising on each
other (see photo).

                                             Norhtlands Girls High Dancing Pencils
                                             Writing Club
                                             Date Posted: 2010-03-30

                                             In her school holidays, Candice Botha, Head
                                             of the Department of English at Northlands
                                             Girls High School in Durban, trained privately
                                             with Felicity Keats as a mentor in right brain
                                             creative writing.

                                             She wrote and illustrated a child's book
                                             during the training and is seen here, reading

                                          She will start a Dancing Pencils Writing Club
                                          at her school at the start of the second term,
                                          in April, with publishing as an outcome.

Raising Reading Interest through Comic
Date Posted: 2010-03-27

Colin Penn, a well know Durban musician
who has been associated with Disney over a
range of promotional and musical activities
for 27 years, has produced 19 CD's of his
music. Here he is with 2 of them.

Colin also is deeply interested in helping to
raise the literacy levels in South Africa, and
has in place four comic books for schools
with ongoing stories to interest the learners.
These will be available in some KZN schools
from July this year.

He proposes a comic for junior primary
schools, one for senior primary schools, and
then specialised comics for high school - one
with stories for boys, and one with stories for

He has approached us and I am hopeful that
certain Dancing Pencils authors may
contribute their talents in an exciting way to
this wonderful initiative!

                                          Rural Dundee educators train
                                          Date Posted: 2010-03-16

                                          24 educators from deep rural schools in
                                          Dundee attended a right brain training at
                                          Dundee Junior Primary school on Tuesday
                                          16th March.

                                          Here they had a hugely interesting day as
                                          they learnt about their left and right brains,
                                          how to access their right brains and to write
                                          and illustrate a story.

                                          This picture shows Bonga Zondo, director of
                                          the Dancing pencils Literacy Development
                                         Project, explaining, in Zulu, the difference
                                         between left and right brains!

Dr Margaret Shabangu of Ikhwezi
Date Posted: 2010-03-16

Dr Margaret Shabangu who is coordinator of
languages for Ikhwezi Inservice Training
Centre in Durban, KZN, helps with right brain
trainings in rural areas.

A very organized programme gives
opportunities for the training to be done in
both English and Zulu, with Bonga Zondo,
Felicity Keats Morrison and Dr Shabangu all
explaining different aspects of transferring
right brain knowledge to both educators and
to learners.

                                         Success for Dundee rural educators!
                                         Date Posted: 2010-03-16

                                         During a one day training in right brain
                                         methods of creative writing, educators first
                                         learnt to unlock their own talents. They next
                                         learnt how easy it is for children to learn this
                                         non judgmental, non critical method of
                                         creative writing and they wrote and illustrated
                                         a small children's book.

                                         Leading by example, they could then go back
                                         to their schools and teach the children. All
                                         had an extremely fulfilling day of obtaining
                                         new knowledge!

Dundee Educators take back the
knowledge ...
Date Posted: 2010-03-16

Educators who attend a right brain training in
creative writing take back with them three
books from which to teach their learners,
meaning that they don't have to retain all the
new knowledge acquired in the one day

The books are written in both English and
Zulu, and cover phases from Grade R to
grade 12. They are illustrated, making it
easy to teach from. Educators also take back
a double Dancing Pencils CD with all the
knowledge of right brain writing on them, as
well as 60 exercises to stimulate the
imagintaion, with sound effects.

Here is Dr Margaret with her newly trained
educators after the training on Tuesday 16th
in Dundee.

                                        Time of the Writer
                                        Date Posted: 2010-03-13

                                        On the 13th March, from 9.30 am until
                                        11.00am, Dancing Pencils were given a slot in
                                        "The Time of the Writer" at the BAT Centre,
                                        Durban. We presented 5 young umSinsi
                                        authors to the public, each of whom spoke
                                        about his or her writing, and read from their
                                        books. Each of these young authors is in the
                                        process of completing a further book for
                                        publication at our City Hall launch later this

                                        As the brochure had called it a "workshop" we
                                        also included a half an hour's writing exercise,
                                        shifting the audience to the right brain and
                                        using music for them to do some writing.

                                        It was a very uplifting programme as the
                                        young authors spoke very well, showing a
                                        deep love of writing and a caring for life in
                                        general. The photograph shows Nathi
                                        Ngubani, (left) and Khulekani Magubani
                                        (right). The other authors were Claire
                                        Birtwhistle, Kelisha Hariparsad and Kiren

Dundee Educator Training
Date Posted: 2010-03-01

24 educators from Dundee schools had a one
day right brain mentor training on Monday 1st
March. During the day they learnt non
judgmental non critical methods of teaching
creative writing.

They discovered their own talents and how to
impart this knowledge to the learners and to
other educators in their schools. They also
took with them books in English and isiZulu
and a double Dancing Pencils CD to help them
to teach right brain creative writing.

The training was given by Felicity Keats and
Bonga Zondo, both directors of Dancing
Pencils Literacy Development Project.

                                           Dundee Primary Grades 6 and 7
                                           Date Posted: 2010-02-16

                                           200 learners in Grades 6 and 7 had a very
                                           different lesson on Tuesday 16th. For an hour
                                           and a half, in the school hall, they wrote
                                           three passages to music at a right brain
                                           creative writing workshop given to them by
                                           Felicity Keats.

                                           They were told to get comfortable, and this
                                           meant different things to different people. All
                                           in all, they had great fun, and discovered
                                           talents they never knew they had!

A Presentation to Dundee Principals
Date Posted: 2010-02-16

Dr Margaret Shabangu, of the Ikhwezi
Inservice Training Centre, and Felicity Keats
together gave a presentation to Principals of
Dundee schools on the current low literacy
levels in the Inzinyathi District and the
benefits to the learners of right brain creative

Each principal is to send one language
teacher on a one day intensive right brain
training course to take place at Dundee
Primary School on March 1st. These skills will
be transferred to all learners in those schools.
                                         Partnership with KZN Dept of Arts,
                                         Culture and Tourism
                                         Date Posted: 2010-02-12

                                         Bonga Zondo (left) and Felicity Keats
                                         Morrison, directors of Dancing Pencils Literacy
                                         Development Project, met with Dr Sibiya of
                                         KZN Department of Arts, Culture and
                                         Tourism, and Hlenge Ngcongo, Assistant
                                         Manager, Lexicography and Literature
                                         Terminology Development Unit to discuss a
                                         partnership to help them with establishing
                                         multi-racial reading and writing groups in the

Northlands Girls High grade 11's
Date Posted: 2010-01-25

Grade 11 and 12 girls at Northlands Girls
High had a wonderful time in the workshop
and the school had lovely feed back from
them the following day, mainly that they
surprised themselves with how creative they

The grade 11 class has made Ms Candice
Botha promise to do the right brain exercise
with them before they do their essays next

Who thought hard work could be such fun?

                                         Northlands Girls High Creative Writing
                                         Date Posted: 2010-01-25

                                         Ms Candice Botha, Head of English at
                                         Northlands Girls High in Durban North, KZN,
                                         organized with Felicity Keats to give almost
                                         300 young ladies in grades 11 and 12, a right
                                         brain creative writing workshop.

                                         Here are some of the grade 12 young ladies,
                                         busy with their pens.

                                         This is good practise for the new English
                                         Paper 3 in Matric which accounts for 40% of
                                         the total English mark.
Writing Marathon at the BAT Centre
Date Posted: 2010-01-23

Sholene Ramdass, a grade 11 learner at
Northlands Girls High in Durban, (left) and
Nosrin Seedat, a journalist on the Phoenix
Sun, were at the BAT centre to take place in
the writing marathon on Saturday morning
23rd of January.

This entailed 75 minutes of non stop writing,
broken into four sessions and involving the
reading out in between writing sessions. This
transported us to some places that evoked
feelings in us of really being there

                                         Umvoti Principals' Meeting, Greytown
                                         Date Posted: 2010-01-22

                                         Mr Hadebe (standing), circuit manager in
                                         Greytown, KZN, allowed Bonga Zondo and
                                         Felicity Keats, speaking on behalf of Ikhwezi
                                         InService Training Institute in Durban and
                                         Felicity Keats's right brain creative writing, a
                                         half an hour session at the Principals'

                                         This was to explain how all schools in their
                                         area will have the opporunity of hands-on
                                         training sessions in creative writing to
                                         enable educators to take back this
                                         knowledge to the learners, helping them to
                                         raise literacy levels.

eThekweni Municipality launch prize
winning stories
Date Posted: 2010-01-21

In order to encourage children in schools to
enjoy both reading and writing, the librarians
of the eThekweni Muncipality have, for the
past four years, been running writing
competitions in schools.

Stories are written in three languages -
Afrikaans, English and Zulu - and the
Municipality is intening to launch the 2006
and 2007 winning stories in anthologies
during Library Week in March 2010.

Vimi Maharaj (photographed) , Malvern (KZN)
librarian is in charge of gathering together the
winning stories and collating them into the
relevant anthologies. Felicity Keats's umSinsi
Press will be their publisher. Initially, Felicity
gave right brain creative writing lessons to 56
librarians so has been involved with their

                                            Think Tank for Dancing Pencils
                                            Date Posted: 2010-01-09

                                            Several Mentors of Dancing Pencils Writing
                                            Clubs in the Durban and Gauteng areas met
                                            at Felicitys house on Saturday morning the
                                            9th of January to look at the year ahead and
                                            to make plans. (In the photo, from left to
                                            right, Rabia Cassimjee, Detlev Diegel, Shireen
                                            Isaacs, Bonga Zondo and Eleanor Langley.)

                                            Fund raising was one issue that was
                                            discussed as were T shirts with the Dancing
                                            Pencils logo.

                                            Mentors were excited that the Dancing
                                            Pencils Literacy Development Project would
                                            have its own face book site, and that many
                                            people using the right brain method who had
                                            been trained by Felicity, would be giving their
                                            input on the new site
                                            and the Any other
                                            advocates of this right brain method of raising
                                            literacy are invited to put their positive
                                            comments on these websites!

                                            The group was also glad to know that the
                                   website has been
                                            registered. This might help with sponsorship!
Chatsworth Dancing Pencils Writing
Date Posted: 2010-01-08

Fifteen young people, aged between four and
a half years and fifteen years, (see
photograph) attended a morning right brain
creative writing workshop sponsored by Rabia
Cassimjee and run by Felicity Keats.

All the participants put up their hands when
asked who discovered they were far more
talented than they had thought. All wrote
"books" , illustrated them, and then read
them out.

Seeing that it was still school holidays, it is
commendable to find children enjoying an
activity considered to be part of school!

                                             Young author Kiren Moodley
                                             Date Posted: 2010-01-08

                                             Kiren Moodley, who turned 15 years old a day
                                             or so after Christmas 2009, had his first 108
                                             page book entitled "Dragon Riders - the
                                             Witch's Lair" published in 2007 by umSinsi
                                             Press when he was 13 years old, and its
                                             sequel "Dragon Riders - the Dark Ritual"
                                             published also by umSinsi Press in 2008 when
                                             he was 14 years old.

                                             He is seen in Felicity's lounge, writing the
                                             third book in this series of Dragon Riders,
                                             which will be published in the Durban City
                                             Hall Dancing Pencils book launch in
                                             September 2010.

                                             This will complete his series of three great
                                             reads for youngsters with all the thrills of
                                             dragons and magic!
Group photograph of Chatsworth young
Date Posted: 2010-01-08

Children pick up the right brain creative
writing method very easily and they love it!

This was a picture of the group with the three
adult mentors that assisted them. They began
their session at 8.00 am without any
knowledge of right brain creative writing.

The right brain is exceedingly speedy and by
10.30 am, they had done three different
writing sessions, including writing a "book" -
and they had had a chocolate muffin "first
break" and a "hot dog" lunch break.

They are happy to know that they will meet
again in February.

                                          Writing does come before Reading!
                                          Date Posted: 2010-01-08

                                          SOMEBODY must have initially written
                                          SOMETHING before anyone could have read

                                          It is equally true with right brain creative
                                          writing, as the right brain doesn't think words
                                          when it writes. It sees images in the mind
                                          and simply writes down what it sees.

                                          Then comes the exciting time, when the
                                          writer reads out what he or she has written.
                                          It is always logical, clearly written and
                                          interesting both for the writer and for the
                                          listener, building self esteem for the writer
                                          and giving enjoyment to both listener and

                                          Here Kelisha who was at the Chatsworth
                                          Dancing Pencils Writing Academy workshop
                                          on Friday the 8th January, reads out a story
                                          she has just written and illustrated, called "I
                                          Love School!"
Thank you, say the children!
Date Posted: 2010-01-08

Children who had great fun learning to use
the right brain to write and illustrate stories
at the Chatsworth Writing Academy workshop
said THANK YOU to Felicity for her input.

Here Johaara Cassimjee makes a presentation
to Felicity on behalf of all who enjoyed the

                                          Chatsworth Dancing Pencils Writing
                                          Date Posted: 2009-12-28

                                          Rabia Cassimjee would like to introduce The
                                          Dancing Pencils Writing Academy in
                                          Chatsworth. This is a literacy development
                                          project. It is a branch of the national project
                                          which aims at increasing the literacy levels in
                                          youth aged 8-15 years in Chatsworth. This
                                          jump-start to a rapid increase in literacy is
                                          coming from a different approach to the
                                          holistic term of reading that includes writing,
                                          communicating, listening, critical thinking,
                                          problem solving and lateral thinking. Dancing
                                          Pencils Writing clubs work to give an
                                          opportunity for members to publish their
                                          writing and so have a platform to be "heard".
                                          Our authors have been on radio, local
                                          television, on CNN and in local newspapers
                                          and magazines throughout the country. For
                                          the past six years we have had an annual
                                          book launch which has been attended by
                                          clubs from around the country. In 2006, 2007
                                          and 2008 we were part of the Celebrate
                                          Durban festivities, who sponsored the use of
                                          the Durban City Hall along with refreshments
                                          and decor for a launch that had education
                                          representatives from various provinces. The
                                          first one-day pioneering workshop was held
                                          on the 15th December 2009 and convened by
                                          the founder Ms. Felicity Keats-Morrison. The
                                          first group of the new Dancing Pencils Writing
                                          Academy were: Shahnoor Cassimjee 9 years
                                          old of Astra Primary, Johaara Cassimjee 8
                                          years old of Astra Primary, Yashvir Sing 9
                                          years old of Astra Primary, Miss Tasneem
                                          Khan 8 years old of Mohamed Ebrahim
                                          Islamic, Sarvania Pather 8 years old of
                                          Gitanjali Primary,, Ubaidullah Fareed 8 years
                                       old of Orient Islamic Primary, Husnaa Rasool
                                       10 years of Park View Primary, Muhamed
                                       Rasool 13 years of Park View Primary and
                                       Yasti Sing 9 years of Astra Primary.
                                       Supporting kids in empowerment projects,
                                       (SKIEP) would like to offer the first TWENTY
                                       children in Chatsworth the chance of a FREE
                                       holiday writing workshop with the Dancing
                                       Pencils Writing Academy on Friday 8th
                                       January 2010. Please call the offices on:
                                       0828228207, Contact person : Rabia

Bonga Zondo meets with President Zuma
Date Posted: 2009-12-21

Bonga Zondo (right), is photographed with
President Zuma at eMbongolwane (Eshowe)
on the 21st December 2010.

Bonga Zondo, Nomkelemane Langa and
Mdumiseni Mabizela are authors of a book in
isiZulu on President Zuma called Nxamala.
The book focuses mainly on the positive side
- a boy growing up as a shepherd in Nkandla,
with no formal education and the ascendacy
to the highest position in the country. The
book will have photographs of the man and
relatives, interviews and views.

The book is due to be launched at the Cape
Town book fair at the end of July 2010.

                                       Sphiwe Radebe and President Zuma
                                       Date Posted: 2009-12-21

                                       Sphiwe Radebe, a Dancing Pencils Writing
                                       Club Mentor, meets with President Zuma and
                                       shakes his hand. This was an exciting
                                       moment for Sphiwe!
Benefits of Dancing Pencils Writing
Date Posted: 2009-12-19

This message came to me on my Face Book

Ms Keats I jst wanna thank u 4de opportunity
ur publishing company gave me while I was
still in Phendukani-high school, Newcastle
Madadeni! I did a production dat stood-out @
de Birds Theathre during 2005 & writting
poems & stories established my love for de
Discipline of Communication Science, I was
crowned de best student of de year in 2007 @
de Unirvesity & its ol de skill.s I learned...I
love ur work guys, u r a part of my family
aswel & I still wish 2give back 2ur company in
de future...Take-Care!

Sipho Pro Dludlu.

(The Mentor of this club at that time, making
their book publication a possibility, was Ms
Popi Maduma, an educator at this school. She
is now in the District Office at Empangeni.)

                                         Article in Sowetan on Thuso Monyemore
                                         Date Posted: 2009-12-14

                                         "Young Thuso penned book at age 10" says
                                         Namhla Tshisela of the Sowetan Newspaper
                                         on the 14th December 2009, in an article on
                                         Thuso and her book, "Pins and Needles."

                                         This was part of a creative writing Dancing
                                         Pencils project done in partnership with the
                                         Gauteng Department of Education and
                                         launched in Durban's City Hall on the 29th
                                         August 2008.

                                         Thuso, now a Grade 8 pupil at St Mary's
                                         School for Girls, is working on her next book
                                         these holidays, which is aimed at teeangers
                                         and their challenges. She hopes to have it
                                         published in 2010.

                                         This photograph of Thuso was taken at the
                                         City Hall Dancing Pencils Book launch in
                                         2008. Details of her book and a picture of its
                                         cover are on the book site,
                                         under "children's books."

Right Brain Creative Writing Marathon
Date Posted: 2009-12-12

On the 12th December, the BAT Centre on
Durban's bayside hosted a right brain creative
writing marathon for interested members of
the public. There was no charge for the three
hour workshop.

20 people in all were present. This included
some experienced writers and also teenagers
who were finding the treasure of their right
brains for the first time.

A number of those present expressed interest
in belonging to ongoing classes at the BAT
Centre next year. Veena Gangaram runs
excellent classes for young people, aged 7 to
16. The afternoon adults' class is taken by
Detlev Diegel.Felicity Keats Morrison does
occasional weekend novel writing or children's
writing courses for adults at the BAT centre.

This morning marathon, run by Felicity Keats
Morrison, was a great success!

                                         Book Exhibition - KZN Dept of Arts
                                         Culture and Tourism,
                                         Date Posted: 2009-12-10

                                         This is the second year in succession that the
                                         KZN Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism
                                         has offered a Publishers' stand to umSinsi
                                         Press during their 2009 Provincial Literature

                                         Last year the function took place at the
                                         Exhibition Centre in Walnut Road, Durban,
                                         this year it was at the International
                                         Convention Centre in Stanger Street.

                                         Librarians and school children visited
                                         publishers' and booksellers' stands. At noon,
                                         a programme that included speakers and the
                                         presentation of prizes, took place.
2009 Provincial Literature Exhibition for
KZN Dept of Arts, Culture and Tourism
Date Posted: 2009-12-10

Twelve publishers had stands at this function
at the ICC in Durban on Thursday 10th
December 2009. umSinsi Press was amongst
the twelve.

Between 11.30 and noon, people toured the
stands of both publishers and booksellers.
Librarians were interested in new books that
their patrons could enjoy.

The Honourable Minister of Arts, Culture and
Tourism, Mrs. WG Thusi (photographed) also
visited the stands. During the programme of
speeches, she made congratulatory remarks.

                                        Literacy Success in Dundee!
                                        Date Posted: 2009-12-08

                                        Felicity Keats Morrison and Dr Margaret
                                        Shabangu of the Ikhwezi InService Training
                                        Centre in Durban, met with Mr M. Majola, the
                                        District Director of the Umzimnyathi Dictrict,
                                        KZN, in his office in Dundee. (Picture - Mr
                                        Majola and Dr Shabangu).

                                        He was excited when he saw books children
                                        had written and recognized the achievements
                                        of children, trained in right brain methods of
                                        writing. He was happy to accept the package
                                        of 3 books for teachers to use in the
                                        classroom to teach right brain creative
                                        writing, and which would be used by
                                        educators in a training that day in Ethangeni
                                        Combined School for 60 Schools.

                                        He has also supported the proposal that all
                                        schools in his District come on board for right
                                        brain creative writing workshops. Right brain
                                        creative writing has been found to raise
                                        literacy levels rapidly, and as South Africa is
                                        operating at disastrously low levels, this
                                        initiative is most welcome.

                                        In fact, this start of work in rural areas is
                                        thanks to the support and organisation of Mr
                                        V. Singh, a subject advisor in his district,
                                         who was at the Stakeholders' Meeting in the
                                         Ikhwezi Centre on May the 25th and
                                         approved of the presentation on right brain

                                         Mr Singh also attended the City Hall annual
                                         book launch on the 11th September and
                                         again saw the fruit of right brain creative
                                         writing in published books by children.

Dundee Educators find their right brains!
Date Posted: 2009-12-08

Educators from Grades R to Grade 10 in
schools in the Izinyathi District had an
exciting day of discovering their talents when
they were introduced to right brain creative
writing by Felicity Keats Morrison.

Some well written and very imaginative
stories were read out by educators who very
rapidly discovered stories inside them that
they were unaware of!

Those educators that attended agreed to take
back the knowledge and to do big trainings
for their learners and to brief the other
educators in their schools on the non
judgmental non critical nature of this right
brain creative writing.

                                         Creative Writing Workshop for schools in
                                         Date Posted: 2009-12-07

                                         It is happening! Due to the cooperation of Mr
                                         Singh, a subject advisor in the Dundee
                                         district, our first rural training for 60 schools
                                         to learn right brain creative writing will take
                                         place on Tuesday the 8th of December at
                                         Ethangeni Combined School in central
                                         Dundee, KZN.

                                         This is only happening because of the
                                         assistance of Mrs Wendy Coetzee from
                                         Weenen who organized three sponsors to pay
                                         for one book each for teachers to take back to
                                         their schools. The sponsors are Kevin Pickard,
                                          Oil Recovery Services, and Learning Identity.

                                          The training is being done by Felicity Keats, a
                                          right brain trainer, and Dr Margaret
                                          Shabangu, language coordinator at the
                                          Ikhwezi InService Training Centre.

                                          Educators that are trained can then
                                          competently teach non critical, non
                                          judgmental methods of right brain creative
                                          writing to all the learners in their school and
                                          brief the educators. As the schools come from
                                          different areas, the knowledge will spread
                                          widely, helping to raise literacy levels and
                                          make for happy learners! (picture: Mentor
                                          training with PanSALB in 2004 in
                                          Bloemfontein, Free State, for 39 educators.)

Dancing Pencils social at Historic House
Date Posted: 2009-12-05

Ester Lee of Trevean, an umSinsi author and
founder member, most kindly gave a
delightful small social brunch for board
members, our artist and bookkeeper at her
historic house, Trevean, on Saturday morning
the 5th December.

In the photograph, left to right, are Directors
of Dancing Pencils Literacy Project, Bonga
Zondo and Felicity Keats, Gill Nicholson
(artist), Ester Lee, (author), Eleanor Langley
(board member and author), Quanta Henson
(bookkeeper), and Veena Gangaram (board

                                          Mpophomeni Dancing Pencils Writing
                                          Date Posted: 2009-11-27

                                          Zenzele Mpophomeni Dancing Pencils Writing
                                          Club in the township of Mpophomeni close to
                                          Howick, KZN, had their annual book launch in
                                          the library of Mpophomeni on Friday 27th
                                          Presigious members of the Department of
                                          Education were at the launch, as was Bonga
                                          Zondo, representing Dancing Pencils Literacy
                                          Development Project, and umSinsi Press.

                                          Thanks must go to motivated librarian,
                                          Joseph Tsekelo, who is the mentor behind the
                                          success of these young poets.

Two books for Mpophomeni Dancing
Pencils Writing Club
Date Posted: 2009-11-27

These young poets had the opportunity of
launching two new books of poetry, written in
isiZulu, at the Durban City Hall book launch
on the 11th September 2009.Then, on Friday
25th November, they launched them again in
their own communities who are very proud of
these young poets.

This helps in raising literacy in the community
as books are available and the poets read
from them at the launch. These poets also
took part in the BAT Centre Poetry Africa
function on the 8th October.

Joseph Tsekelo, trained right brain mentor of
the club says that he has "come to realise
that the youth of Mpophoeni at Howick have
dreams they would like to live and fulfil. The
poems they write depict socio-economic
problems affecting the youth and the
community at large such as crime, drug and
alcohol abuse, violence at schools, HIV/AIDS.

"Mpophomeni Library, SAPS, Local schools
and Love Life initiated a project called the
New World for You (N,W,Y.) which formed a
team/committee that bsically looks after the
needs and interest of the youth, especially of
school children."
                                         "Doggy Bag" launches in Gauteng
                                         Date Posted: 2009-11-24

                                         In 2004, at a right brain mentor training
                                         given by Felicity Keats Morrison for all the
                                         district librarians in Gauteng, an idea popped
                                         into the head of Nat Mokgosi which had all
                                         the participants laughing.

                                         Two mop-headed dogs at the SPCA went to
                                         two different homes. One went to Sandton,
                                         the other to Soweto. Speaking to each other
                                         over their cell phones, Soweto was often out
                                         of airtime, and had to scratch in the rubbish
                                         bins for food whilst Sandton lived on a
                                         gourmet diet.

                                         Soweto had to guard the house whilst
                                         Sandton said they had a security system to
                                         guard her and the house.

                                         Nat Mokgosi finished his idea as a book which
                                         was launched in Durban's City Hall on the
                                         11th September. Now Nat has done a bigger
                                         run of the book and it is being launched in
                                         Gauteng. If you wish to contact Nat, his
                                         mobile number is 083 973 1574.

                                         Nat is a trained mentor and is running writing
                                         classes for the community. We expect his
                                         students at a later stage to follow in his
                                         footsteps and also to have their stories

KZN Mentor Training
Date Posted: 2009-11-21

Eight members of the public, passionate
about writing in their own fields, came from
Weenen, Ladysmith, Pietermaritzurg,
Amanzimntoti, Durban and Chatsworth for a
day with Felicity Keats Morrison to train as
Dancing Pencils mentors.

They now can run Dancing Pencils Writing
Clubs in their own areas, or simply write
better because of the right brain input.
What Lynn Brammer said!
Date Posted: 2009-11-21

After the one day mentor training on the 21
November 2009 Lynn (centre in photo) wrote



Nourishes the soul

Unlocks my mind



Unleashes potential

Opens your mind to what you can do

Shows how to get in touch with your inner
self and express it

Not too much analytical thinking

Frees your mind and

lets it soar!

Lynn (centre in picture) and Alastair Laird,
(right) Cartoonist, from Amanzimntoti, will
start workshops in their area for
disadvantaged children. Alastair "found
myself less critical and at peace with the
connection between my heart and hand, and
all in all fulfilled greatly. I look forward to
starting a workshop of my own."
Literacy extending into the Community
Date Posted: 2009-11-21

Two participants at Felicity's Mentor Training
at Malvern on Saturday 21 November were
Wendy Coetzee and Kaytlinn Keppler from
Learning Identities, an organisation which
helps right brain children do better in the
school system and works mostly on a one on
one basis.

Wendy (left, end) from Weenen wrote that
she had found "a new facet of unlimited
resource, full of originality, initiative, colourul
and fun. So free, rather undisciplined, very
daring and explorative. I have found a new
carefree child in me. She has always lived
here, but unknown and ignored thus far. She
is very welcome and needs to be nurtured
and encouraged."

Kaytlinn (centre) runs a reading group for
children which will now extend to include a
writing group. She also has plans for a right
brain writing camp for children in the

                                              Rabia Cassimjee from Chatsworth
                                              Date Posted: 2009-11-21

                                              Some years ago, Rabia Cassimjee attended a
                                              novel writing weekend workshop run by
                                              Brenda George and Felicity Keats Morrison at
                                              Trevean, historic house in Bellair belonging to
                                              Ester and Bryan Lee.

                                              At this course, Rabia learnt right brain free
                                              writing which has helped her in the work she
                                              has to do towards her PhD. Rabia has also
                                              written about the Indian "bag nurses" who
                                              helped the community a hundred years ago
                                              before the medical profession developed.
                                              Articles by her have appeared in two weekend
                                              Sunday newspapers in November 2009.

                                              Now Rabia (photographed) has trained as a
                                              Mentor in right brain creative writing and will
                                              be running children's classes in Chatsworth.
Writing Marathon
Date Posted: 2009-11-14

A right brain writing marathon will take place
at the BAT Centre on Saturday the 12th of
December. We all know about running
marathons but a writing marathon? What
does that entail?

It is an amazing way of digging deep stuff out
of one, and finding material to work on for
the next six months and it goes like this:
people write for ten minutes without
stopping, then half a dozen people read out
what they have written. The next session is
for fifteen minutes, with again six or so
people reading out. This is followed by a
session of twenty minutes with people
reading their work out.

The final session is for thirty minutes. In all,
in the morning there will be 75 minutes of
non stop writing. For this marathon, there will
be no charge but booking will be essential.
Writers will go off on a high, despite all that

Phone 031-3320451, the BAT Centre,
Durban, to book.

                                           Understanding Right Brain Creative
                                           Date Posted: 2009-11-14

                                           It is quite amazing that education
                                           departments promote a left brain method of
                                           doing creative writing. The left brain takes an
                                           analytical, critical, lineal approach with
                                           stopping to think, to look up words in the
                                           dictionery, and to cross out and to change

                                           This is death to the creative process!

                                           But bore the left brain, switch to the right
                                           brain, and an unending flow of ideas and
                                           words result. The right brain uses language
                                           better than the left brain, doesn't use the
                                           wrong adjective in the wrong place, and
                                           rapidly raises literacy levels! And it is a life

                                           With our literacy levels at a low 40% average,
                                           and being bottom of all the countries in
                                           Africa, we can brighten our futures by
                                           learning what right brain creative writing is all

Dancing Pencils in Mauritius!
Date Posted: 2009-11-14

Mentor training used to take two to three full
days, but now that we have written books
that cover Grades R to 3, Grades 4 to 9, and
grades 10 - 12, along with the Double
Dancing Pencils CD with all the knowledge on
it, training can be done in one concentrated
day of work. Groups can be small or big.

Next Saturday a group of four adults will train
as mentors. This is the result of Spirit Sister's
television show, The Power Within, two weeks
ago. People training this time are not
teachers but very keen to help train children
to write better.

I am also very excited to know that I have a
Principal of a private school in Mauritius who
is training during the December holidays and
will take the concept back to Mauritius. It will
be great to have a Dancing Pencils Writing
Club, with published work, from Mauritius!
Dancing Pencils are certainly flying!

                                           Uthango Social Investments Workshop
                                           Date Posted: 2009-11-13

                                           What a huge privilege it was to be amongst
                                           20 NPO's selected to attend an Uthango
                                           Online Ambassadors and Digital Nomads
                                           workshop at the SmartXChange in Durban
                                           today. Both Bonga Zondo and I attended.
                                           (We are directors of the Dancing Pencils
                                           Literacy Development Project.)

                                           The wonderful speakers who were Karin
                                           Veltman (BKB Africa, Communications
                                           Stragegist company), Dave Duarte
                                           (HuddleMind, corporate nomadic marketing
                                           consultant), Jack Kruger (Old Mutual IT and
                                           Online strategist), Dorette Steenkamp
                                           (Uthango Social Investments) and Erna Sittig,
                                           (Executive Director of Uthango) ,made
                                           difficult concepts understandable.

                                           The photograph shows Erna at the beginning
                                           of the training.

Grade 9 Pupil Publishes her third book
Date Posted: 2009-11-11

This was the heading of an article in the
Kokstad newspaper written about Ashleigh
Craig of St Patrick's College in Kokstad, KZN.
The article shows a picture of Ashleigh
holding her new book.

Ashleigh is fifteen years old and in Grade 9.
This year she published her third novel called
"Summer of Surprises", about a teenage girl
who has her first experience of life at
boarding school.

In previous years, Ashleigh's two books were
about horses. "Pony Camp" was published in
2007, and "Velvet" in 2008. All these books
are great reads for teenagers and are
available from the book site.

Well done, Ashleigh! Be prepared to be
interviewed on radio and talk at functions as
well because part of a writer's life is speaking
about one's art - and talent!
                                          Spirit Sister, SABC TV 3
                                          Date Posted: 2009-10-31

                                          Filming, on the 11th September, at the City
                                          Hall launch of new umSinsi books written by
                                          Dancing Pencils Writing clubs was Marius
                                          Fourie of the inspirational Saturday morning
                                          television show, Spirit Sister.The programme
                                          is called "The Power Within." Marius filmed
                                          some of the exciting Zulu dancing, and young
                                          authors reading from their books.

                                          The team continued their interview the next
                                          day at Felicity's house, covering right brain
                                          creative writing, its power, and how easily
                                          young people take to it and how well they
                                          write. They also investigated the Dancing
                                          Pencils Literacy Development Project and its

                                          The result was a most stimulating and
                                          sensitive television programme flighted on
                                          Saturday 31st October. Thank you, Spirit
                                          Sisters, for doing this for us!

Master Mentor Training
Date Posted: 2009-10-01

Dr Margaret Shabangu, Co-Ordinator of
Languages at the Ikhwezi In-Service Training
Institute in Durban, a government
organisation, trained both as a Mentor and as
a Master Mentor at Felicity's home during the
September holidays.

The Mentor training enables her to train
learners in right brain methods of creative
writing, whilst the Master Mentor trainer
enables her to train other educators, and to
speak at any level and to any audience, on
the benefits and differences between left and
right brain creative writing.

Here she is planning a talk to educators on
the benefits of right brain writing. Soon, Dr
Margaret and Felicity will start trainings in
deep rural districts in KZN, from Kosi Bay in
the north, to Kokstad in the south, giving
educators and learners opportunities to uplift
literacy levels in their schools.
                                          Mentor Training
                                          Date Posted: 2009-09-30

                                          Reena Needhi, mentor at Parkvale Primary
                                          who runs the writing club for the grades 1
                                          and 2, trained as a mentor with Felicity at her
                                          home in Malvern during the September

                                          Here Reena is involved in illustrating the
                                          children's story which she wrote during her
                                          training. Again, using right brain training, she
                                          produced an excellent publishable children's
                                          story, without thinking!

                                          By doing this, mentors can lead by example,
                                          showing their learners what they did at a
                                          mentor training without thinking, without
                                          stopping, and yet - out comes a wonderful
                                          publishable story!

Early umSinsi writers
Date Posted: 2009-09-29

(Left to Right) Frances Roberts, Ester Lee,
Shirley Bell and Jenny Clegg were amongst
the very first writers to learn right brain
writing with Felicity, in 1992.

It was their good work that decided them that
a publishing concern needed to be started to
give a platform to their work, so the first
anthology of stories, published in 1995, was
"Felicity Keats in Company - Sundowners."
Their book was launched at Exclusive Books,
Pavilion, on Arbor Day 1995.

"We planted a tree, a metaphorical umSinsi
Tree, on that date." UmSinsi has grown and
flowered, with now 1500 titles in all

These four writers are still writing, working on
novels and other shorter pieces. Jenny Clegg
lives in Brisbane, Australia, and was here on
holiday. Hence a lunch get-together with
Felicity at her home in Malvern.
                                         Second Ikhwezi Teacher Training
                                         Date Posted: 2009-09-22

                                         Educators from Corovoca Primary, Duffs Road
                                         Primary, Northdene Primary, Grosvenor Girls
                                         High, and Orissa Primary in Isipingo were the

                                         All found it hugely exciting to discover hidden
                                         talents that they could share with their

A Bubble Blowing Monster!
Date Posted: 2009-09-22

Educators had to put away their fears about
writing a story they didn't know would pop
into their minds and then illustrating it.
Perfectly publishable stories were written by
the participants on the 22nd September, at
the second day of this training at the Ikhwezi
In-Service Training Institute.

Here Aarthi Ramfol of Corovoca Primary holds
up her delightful story about a bubble blowing
monster who defeats a horrible ogre in a
most suprising way!

It is a case of "lead by example." Educators
who have written a story without thinking,
without knowing what they are going to write
next and who turn out an excellent story, are
a good role model for their classes!

                                         Newly trained right brain mentors
                                         Date Posted: 2009-09-22

                                         After having two days of right brain
                                         development, including writing stories and
                                         background and atmosphere, and learning
                                         what to say to educators and other groups
                                         interested in right brain creative writing,
                                         these participants all received Mentor

                                          They are (left to right) Indira Chatergoon
                                          (Orissa Primary), Aarthi Ramfol (Corovoca
                                          Primary), Diane Reardon (Northdene Primary)
                                          and Pathmaveni Reddy (Duffs Road Primary).

                                          On the right, is Dr Margaret Shabangu, in
                                          charge of Creative Writing at the Ikhwezi In-
                                          Service Training Centre.

Dr Margaret Shabangu
Date Posted: 2009-09-21

Dr Margaret Shabangu of the Ikhwezi In-
Service Training Institute, is working together
with Felicity Keats to run creative right brain
trainings for educators who will also be
trained to pass this knowledge on to learners,
educators, and other schools.

This process will enable learners to relax and
to access a rapid flow of ideas to write down
in any language. Right brain writing is quick,
needs very little editing, maintains the voice
of the writer, and helps build confidence and
self esteem.

It will also help learners to obtain better
grades in other learning areas as language
does go across the board.

The second of educator trainings at the
Ikhwezi In Service Training Institute was held
on the 21/22 September 2009.

                                          Leading by Example
                                          Date Posted: 2009-09-17

                                          At the creative writing training at the Ikhwezi
                                          Teacher training Institute on the 16/17
                                          September, educators learnt from Felicity
                                          Keats not only how to access the creative
                                          right brain but how to write background or
                                          atmosphere using the right brain, and how to
                                          creatively write a story.

                                          Some very different and incredible stories
                                          were read out by the participants. All were
                                          amazed at the power of their right brains and
                                          the talents they were unearthing.

An Advocate of the Right brain!
Date Posted: 2009-09-17

On Thursday the 17th September, at the
Ikhwezi Teacher Training Institute in Durban,
Gail Johns, HOD at Austerville Primary School
in Austerville, Durban, practices the talk she
will give to her educators on the benefits to
the learners of right brain creative writing.

She spoke with conviction and deep feeling,
showing a thorough understanding of the
scientific basis that right brain creative
writing is built upon. Convinced of the
benefits to the learners, these educators are
now in a position to speak to any audience -
parents, learners, the media, their peers or
education department officials - on the value
of lateral right brain creative writing.

We are proud of the flagship of the first 12
educators who will train the educators and
learners in their schools, leading to better
literacy levels and happier learners.

                                          A Journey of a Thousand Miles ...
                                          Date Posted: 2009-09-16

                                          Starts with the first step. The daunting job of
                                          getting right brain creative writing into every
                                          school in KwaZulu-Natal, no matter how
                                          remote nor how rural, started with the
                                          flagship of 12 educators from 10 schools in
                                          the Ethkekwini area who came to the Ikhwezi
                                          Teacher Training Institute for two days of
                                          training on 16/17 September. This was the
                                          follow up after the presentation given by
                                          Felicity Keats on right brain creative writing to
                                          district representatives and other
                                          stakeholders on 26th May.

                                          The teachers present were from Atholl
                                          Heights Primary, Manor Gardens Primary,
                                          Athlone Park Primary, Assegei Primary,
                                          Austerville Primary, the Open Air School,
                                          Crossmoor Secondary, Avoca Primary,
                                          Queensburgh Girls High and Rosedene

                                          Teachers had a powerful training as they
                                          learned to use their own right brains. They
                                          learnt how to pass this knowledge on to
                                          learners, and also how to competently talk
                                          about the low literacy levels in South Africa
                                          and the solution we have through right brain
                                          creative writing

Ndladlama Dancing Pencils Writing Club
Date Posted: 2009-09-11

This rural club came all the way from
Umbumbulu to be present at Durban's City
Hall for the Dancing Pencils Annual Book
Launch. To get the funds to be present, they
washed cars, did Zulu dancing and took
photographs at other schools. It just shows
what the will to win can do!

Last year, their school was present at the City
Hall Dancing Pencils Book Launch to receive
books. This year they published their own
anthology with all of the club members
present to celebrate by doing some wonderful
Zulu dances on stage for the audience.

Their Mentor was present with them, in full
Zulu traditional attire. She is Ntombenhle

                                          Khulebebuka Dancing Pencils Writing
                                          Date Posted: 2009-09-11

                                          Washing cars, Zulu dancing, taking
                                          photographs and a turn-around in dress attire
                                          at school (teachers in school uniform,
                                          learners in civvies) brought in enough money
                                          to allow the Khulebebuka Dancing Pencils
                                          Writing Club from deep rural Umbumbulu to
                                          be at Durban's City Hall on Friday the 11th.

                                          They came to launch their first book of stories
                                          written by three boys in different classes at
                                          Khulebebuka High School. They also gave a
                                       wonderful quiet performance for the
                                       enjoyment of the large audience. This
                                       photograph shows the club on the stage at
                                       the City Hall, with their Mentors, Premilla
                                       Deonath and Thokozile Nkabinde.

Durban City Hall Dancing Pencils Book
Date Posted: 2009-09-11

This grand occasion with top quality
entertainment and launch of new books by
Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs from four
provinces, was opened by Dr Jenny Joshua
from the National Department of Education in

Here we see the Vulumoya Dancing Pencils
Writing Club from the Open Air School in
Durban who were the first on the programme
and who led the National Anthem, together
with Mrs Jenny Joshua who spoke inspiring
words to the children.

                                       Zola Primary DPWC from Estcourt
                                       Date Posted: 2009-09-11

                                       This is the sixth year that Zola Primary
                                       Dancing Pencils Writing Club from rural
                                       Estcourt, KZN, have participated in the annual
                                       Dancing Pencils Book Launch. The club has
                                       grown from 8 members five years ago to fifty.
                                       The children walk along rough paths amidst
                                       cows and goats to get to school and come
                                       from underprivileged backgrounds, yet show
                                       minds that are rich with deep thoughts in
                                       their writing.

                                       The Department of Education in Ladysmith,
                                       with competent help from CES Mr Nathi
                                       Ndlovu of that department, arranged their
                                       transport and members of the club
                                       entertained the audience with a great
                                       performance of Zulu dancing. Seen with them
                                       are Mrs Therese Grewan, their main mentor,
                                       and Mrs Nene, also a trained mentor.
Ntombi Njadayi from Port Elizabeth
Date Posted: 2009-09-11

The Dancing Pencils Literacy Project was
honoured to have Ms Ntombi Njadayi from
the District Office in Port Elizabeth motor all
the way to Durban to speak at our Dancing
Pencils annual book launch in the City Hall.

Ntombi Njadayi has every reason to be proud.
Having received Mentor Training in East
London last September, she took back the
knowledge to her district, called in educators
from schools to learn the new right brain
method of writing. These educators went back
to transfer the knowledge to their learners.

The result? 100 books brought out by umSinsi
Press, the publishing side to Dancing Pencils.
Ntombi has now launched these books in
Durban on the 11th September, and she will
launch them again later in a big launch for
the schools in Port Elizabeth. These books are
by learners from grade R to 7, and by
educators, written in Xhosa, English and

With efforts like these, South Africa's literacy
levels will rapidly rise!

                                            Port Elizabeth books launched
                                            Date Posted: 2009-09-11

                                            Ntombi Nyajadi from the Port Elizabeth
                                            district office drove to Durban to be at the
                                            City Hall national launch of new books by
                                            Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs on Friday 11th

                                            These are just some of the 100 beautiful
                                            books written by learners from Grade 1 to
                                            Grade 7. Some teachers also enjoyed writing
                                            and illustrating books that were also
St Michael's Primary, Red Hill
Date Posted: 2009-09-11

These small children have been part of a
Dancing Pencils Writing Club just from
February this year, and have produced an
amazing anthology of stories. They were so
excited to be photographed by the Post
Newspaper photographer who was at the
Durban City Hall Launch on Friday the 11th

This Dancing Pencils Writing Club did a tribute
to Michael Jackson as their entertainment for
the audience.

                                          Zenzele Mpophomeni Dancing Pencils
                                          Writing Club from Howick
                                          Date Posted: 2009-09-11

                                          These teenagers from Howick have been
                                          writing and publishing consistently for the
                                          past five years. They produced two
                                          anthologies of poetry, written in isiZulu. Their
                                          mentor is committed to their development as
                                          writers. He is the librarian in the township of
                                          Mpophomeni and his name is Joseph Tsekelo.

Durban City Hall Book Handover 11th
Date Posted: 2009-09-11

The Dancing Pencils Literacy Development
Project has been set up, on one hand, to give
reading material to disadvantaged rural
schools who lack library material. When we
talk about library material, we talk about
books relevant to the lives of the learners in
deep rural areas where many children only
know the forest, the farm and the school.

Experiences even like trains are out of the
ken of many children, so we are proud that
the books that we give away have been
written, for the most part, by writing club
members and speak about their lives and
their experiences. Many books are also in
isiZulu which helps as well.

Although there were no sponsors for the
giving away of books, at the annual book
launch in the City Hall, other than our
Dancing Pencils publishing side, umSinsi
Press, we were pleased that all the schools
that asked for books were present to receive
them. Representatives from schools were
happy to receive the book packs handed over
by MC, Patricia Devenish.

                                       From Audience to Participants
                                       Date Posted: 2009-08-24

                                       A newspaper article requesting rural schools
                                       without storyreading material who would like
                                       to get a pack of new books from the Dancing
                                       Pencils Writing Clubs at the City Hall launch
                                       last year brought a letter of request from
                                       Premilla Deonath, Principal of Khula BeBuka
                                       Secondary School in Umbumbulu, South
                                       Coast of KZN.

                                       "We have bad gravel roads, no electricity or
                                       water, but the learners are thirsty for
                                       knowledge," she wrote.

                                       Four schools from Umbumbulu were then
                                       participants at last year's City Hall Book
                                       Launch and received packages of books. In
                                       the school holidays, Premilla Deonath,
                                       Principal, Thokozile Nkabinde and Nobuhle
                                       Mhlong-Ndlovu from these schools trained as

                                       We are so proud that this year the
                                       KhulaBeBuka Dancing Pencils Writing Club
                                       has submitted an anthology for publication.
                                       Three young men are the authors, but here is
                                       the club in full strength with their mentor,
                                       Thokozile Beauty Nkabinde.

                                       They are in the programme and will be on
                                       stage, doing a performance item as well as
                                       launching their new book.
Ndlandlama Dancing Pencils Writing Club
Date Posted: 2009-08-24

Nine members of this big enthusiastic
Dancing Pencils Writing Club at Ndlandlama
Primary School in Umbumbulu have had
stories selected to be part of their anthology
of stories being published at the Durban City
Hall on the 11th September.

The mentor of the club is Nobuhle
Ntombenhle Sylvia Mholongo-Ndlovu, who is
seen here with her club. The members are
busy practising a Zulu Dance to entertain the
audience when they launch their book.

                                          From Bare Ground to a School
                                          Date Posted: 2009-08-23

                                          The learners in Khula BeBuka Secondary
                                          School in Umbumbulu are very happy to have
                                          a school, even though they do not have a

                                          A hall is a wonderful place for any school, but
                                          happy and good learning without a hall still
                                          makes for excellent results and good future
                                          lives. One of the students who is becoming a
                                          journalist also does a radio talk show.

                                          Our education must go on!

Growth for Khula BeBuka Secondary
Date Posted: 2009-08-23

This secondary school in Umbumbulu, where
Premilla Deonath is the principal, is growing.
New classrooms are needed so here is the
work in progress. The blocks are made on the
site, and then the walls are built. There is no
laid on water at the school. Note the water

This deep rural area has bad gravel roads and
no electricity. When the rains are heavy, a
four wheel drive is necessary to get to the
school by car.
                                          Bare Plot of Ground
                                          Date Posted: 2009-08-22

                                          When Premilla Deonath (left) became
                                          principal of Khulabebuka Secondary School in
                                          deep rural Umbumbulu on KwaZulu-Natal's
                                          South Coast, the Department of Education
                                          showed her a bare piece of ground.

                                          "This is where your school will be," they said.

                                          No financial aid was given to help build the
                                          school so Premilla started it under a tree.
                                          With sponsorship and physical help from the
                                          community, learners and themselves, water
                                          was carried in containers, two and a half
                                          metres from the river, to where the building
                                          of the school, block by block, was taking

                                          Last year Premilla won the Standard Bank's
                                          Women of the Year award for her
                                          determination in getting a school built. They
                                          also have a Dancing Pencils Writing Club.
                                          Read more about this ...

Music in a Gondola
Date Posted: 2009-08-07

No, it's not Venice - it's a gondola on a "lake"
at uShaka Marine World at Durban's Point and
it was part of the publicity for the Celebrate
Durban Festivities organized by Illa
Thompson. Some of the members of the
Durban Philharmonic Orchestra, the Director
of the Durban Music School, a singer and
other musical people, with their musical
instruments, sat in the gondola for

The next occupants of the gondola were Edith
Gule and Felicity Keats representing the
Dancing Pencils Literacy Development Project,
with some of the new books that will be
launched this year on 11th September 2009
in the Durban City Hall. The photographs that
were taken will appear in local Durban

                                          The Durban City Hall for Books!
                                          Date Posted: 2009-08-06

                                          On Thursday the 6th August, Deena Nair,
                                          head of eThekweni Public Libraries, and
                                          Felicity Keats, a director of the Dancing
                                          Pencils Literacy Development Project, met
                                          with Eric Apelgren and Sharm Maharaj of the
                                          Celebrate Durban Committee to work out a
                                          way, during the festivities, to co-ordinate the
                                          story telling done by the Libraries and the
                                          launch of new books presented by the
                                          Dancing Pencils Literacy Development Project.

                                          Eric Apelgren came up with a beautiful
                                          answer. The Dancing Pencils Book Launch
                                          would take place for the full day in the
                                          prestigious Durban City Hall on September
                                          11th, with the launch of new books
                                          interspersed with dance items and short
                                          playlets put on by excited children from local
                                          and rural schools, whilst at the same time, in
                                          the adjacent equally prestigious Art Gallery,
                                          story telling done by the Public Librarians
                                          would take place for 500 invited children.
                                          Directly below the Art Gallery, is the main
                                          Municipal Library.

Celebrate Durban Festivities
Date Posted: 2009-08-04

The Dancing Pencils Literacy Development
Project was again selected to take part in the
prestigious Celebrate Durban festivities that
take place annually in Durban during the
months of August, September, and October.

A briefing session was held in the Albert
Luthuli Hall in the Durban City Hall on the 4th
August. The season sees a full calendar for
September – with an eclectic mix of social,
family, heritage, sports, arts, culture,
environmental, health and spiritual events to
embrace our cultural diversity, and to
celebrate living in Durban.
Illa Thompson of Publicity Matters is the
publicist for all the projects and during the
briefing, given by Eric Apelgren and Sharm
Maharaj of the City Hall, Illa Thompson
showed the new logo for the Celebrate
Durban Festivities.

                                           Dancing Pencils Board Meeting
                                           Date Posted: 2009-07-20

                                           Six members of the Dancing Pencils Literacy
                                           Development Project Board (making a
                                           quorum) met on the 20th July. The most
                                           important of the matters discussed was the
                                           annual book launch. They had submitted a
                                           proposal in March to the Celebrate Durban
                                           Committee and hoped to be selected, in
                                           which case the launch could take place in the
                                           Durban City Hall.

                                           This has happened for the past three years,
                                           uplifting the project magnificently as the
                                           stage gives young dancers the space they
                                           need to express themselves. We will also
                                           have the Praise Singer for President Zuma
                                           present this year as he is a member of the
                                           Nkandla Dancing Pencils Writing Club, and he,
                                           Bonga Zondo and a third person are
                                           completing a book in isiZulu on President
                                           Zuma and will present an item as pre-launch
                                           publicity for this book, at our launch.

                                           We have also invited the President of the
                                           Republic to open the event - but of course, he
                                           may be much too busy!

                                           In the photograph are (left to right) Veena
                                           Gangaram of Parkvale Primary, Eleanor
                                           Langley, Xolani Sithole (publicist at the BAT
                                           Centre), Patricia Devenish of the Open Air
                                           School in Durban, and Bonga Zondo, Director
                                           of the Project. Felicity Keats, the other
                                           Director, was present but took the
Early Start for Malvern Librarians!
Date Posted: 2009-07-13

It was a Monday Morning, with the public
library in Malvern only due to open at noon.
Librarians took the opportunity to ask Felicity
Keats to give them a right brain writing
session as they intend to run workshops for
children in the library in the holidays.

It was a cheerul and happy few hours, with
music playing as the librarians wrote. Some
amazing talent revealed itself and we could
even have a serious author amongst the

As they already have one trained mentor,
Vimy, it does mean that there is a publishing
opportunity for talent workshopped on a
regular basis.

                                          QUIDS-UP Book Selection
                                          Date Posted: 2009-07-07

                                          A tender calling for booksellers to submit
                                          books to enhance quality education in the
                                          classroom from Grade R to Grade 8 brought
                                          hundreds of booksellers and NPO's from
                                          around South Africa, to the Durban Teachers'
                                          Centre on the 7th of July.

                                          The Dancing Pencils Literacy Development
                                          Project, represented by Bonga Zondo
                                          (director of the project, in the white shirt),
                                          Edith Gule, (to his right) and Sphiwe Radebe
                                          (in orange top) took umSinsi books written by
                                          members of Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs for
                                          possible selection.
Mr Mazibuku of QUIDS-UP
Date Posted: 2009-07-07

The hundreds of booksellers and NPO's
present to submit books for possible selection
for quality education in the classroom were
addressed by Dr Mbatha, head of Curriculum
in KZN, and Mr Mazibuku, also from

Those present were given an insight into the
aims of QUIDS-UP, to improve the education
in the classroom starting at the earliest level.
The Department of Education were also keen
to share the orders they will put in with many
of those present, giving opportunities to
many to participate in upgrading education of
our learners.

A bookseller took the opportunity to thank Mr
Mazibuku and Dr Mbatha for their

                                           St Michaels Primary Dancing Pencils
                                           Writing Club
                                           Date Posted: 2009-06-29

                                           This year we have a new Dancing Pencils Writing
                                           Club running at St Michael's Primary School in Red
                                           Hill, Durban.

                                           The principal, Mr H P Haricharan, is delighted with
                                           the book of stories that these young children have
                                           written and the children themselves are excited
                                           about having a book with their own stories in it.
                                           They are also excited at the idea of the book launch
                                           on the 11th September.

                                           St Michaels Primary School is a disadvantaged
                                           school in Redhill, Durban, catering mainly for
                                           learners from the townships and nearby informal
                                           settlements. The Dancing Pencils Club consists of 24
                                           members, 23 of whom are learners from Grades 4-
                                           7, the Isizulu Educator (back row, left) and the
                                           Writing Club Mentor, Miss Q Munsamy (back row,
                                           right). The club meets on Wednesdays under the
                                           mentorship of Miss Munsamy.
BAT Junior Writers
Date Posted: 2009-06-27

The 30th June is this year's deadline for clubs to
submit their books for this year's launch on the
11th September, provisionally in Durban's City Hall.
The children's group runs on Saturday mornings at
the BAT centre in Durban, from 11.00am until 1.00
pm, and is taken by Veena Gangaram, experienced
right brain trained mentor from Parkvale Primary

Veena has groomed this small group of young
people, and between them they are bringing out
two new books. One is an anthology of stories
written by four members of the club; the second is
a great stand alone book written by ten year
old Kyren Appanna.

Here are some of the writers at the BAT centre,
along with their Mentor, Ms Veena Gangaram.

                                              BAT Adult Short Story Writers
                                              Date Posted: 2009-06-27

                                              The BAT (Bartels Art Trust) group of adult writers
                                              are five in number. This class of short story writers
                                              is led by Eleanor Langley, a trained right brain
                                              mentor. They meet each Saturday afternoon at the
                                              BAT centre in Durban, from 1.30 pm until 3.30 pm,
                                              where they have explored their creativity.

                                              The result of this will be a book of short stories
                                              which will be launched at this year's Dancing Pencils
                                              Writing Club annual launch of new books from clubs
                                              in Gauteng, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal to
                                              take place (provisionally) in Durban's City Hall.

                                              Here are two members of the group with their
                                              mentor, Eleanor Langley, on the right.

                                              These classes at the BAT centre are the initiative of
                                              Xolani Sithole, publicist at the BAT centre, who also
                                              expects to get out a book of poetry by BAT poets,
                                              and a book of his own poems, also for launching at
                                              the City Hall on the 11th September.
Parkvale Primary Writing Club's annual
Date Posted: 2009-06-24

85 members of the Dancing Pencils Writing
Club at Parkvale Primary, accompanied by
their Mentor, Mrs Veena Gangaram and two
other educators, as well as Felicity, the Patron
of the club, went in a full size bus to Suncoast
Casino, Sun City, on the beach front in

                                          Parkvale Primary write in the Cinema!
                                          Date Posted: 2009-06-24
                                          The 85 members of the Dancing Pencils Writing
                                          Club at Parkvale Primary had a special day. They
                                          visited the Sun City Casino where they saw a film in
                                          one of the cinemas. After the film, they did creative
                                          right brain writing in the cinema, making
                                          themselves comfortable.After this, they had lunch
                                          at the tables inside the hotel, then it was time to
                                          relax on the grassy slope above the beach with a
                                          peaceful blue sea.

International Schools Librarian
Conference in Centurion, Johannesburg
Date Posted: 2009-06-04

Felicity was invited to do a two hour
presentation and workshop to 400 school
librarians on how to create story books. This
was a right brain session, and included a talk,
a power point presentation of the
spread of South African schools
where Felicity's right brain writing has had
effect, plus a short practical workshop on
accessing the right brain.
                                          International Association of School
                                          Date Posted: 2009-06-04
                                          Felicity also did some exercises based on the senses
                                          to create atmosphere in stories and finished off with
                                          a ten minute showing of a video clip of
                                          Thohoyandou poets and herself that was screened
                                          on SABC TV 2 in a programme called "Word Magic"
                                          on the 5th of January 2008.

Street Clean up by Parkvale Primary
Writing Club
Date Posted: 2009-05-28

The 85 members of this writing club wrote
letters to householders in the street,
requesting them not to throw rubbish into the

On the 28th of May, the children did a clean
up of the road. The juniors of the writing club,
wearing pale blue plastic gloves and carrying
yellow plastic rubbish bags, went up the road,
while the seniors in the club went down the

                                          Stakeholders Meeting on Right brain
                                          Date Posted: 2009-05-26

                                          As Creative writing forms 30% of the examination
                                          marks for English, as the country as a whole is
                                          operating at a 40% literacy level and is lowest of all
                                          the African countries, the proposed project for right
                                          brain creative writing in all KZN schools was looked
                                          upon with favour.

                                          The Shine Centre in Cape Town, using these
                                          methods have put their literacy level up from 50%
                                          to 82.7%.
Stakeholders' meeting at Ikhwezi Centre
Date Posted: 2009-05-26
This meeting was as the result of an earlier
presentation of the project to Dr Lubisi, Secretary-
General of Education in KZN, with members of
Ikhwezi and Curriculum present to listen. This
meeting was happy with what they heard and
saw...The project is now with our procurement
section to obtain an order number and the "okay" to
go ahead.

After Felicity's presentation on creative writing,
Veena Gangaram gave a presentation of her
strategy on the training of educators to teach
reading to learners.

                                                 Stakeholders' Meeting at Ikhwezi Centre,
                                                 Dokkies, Durban
                                                 Date Posted: 2009-05-26
                                                 Subject Advisers, district officials and chief
                                                 education specialists from 12 districts were invited
                                                 to Dokkies Centre, Durban for Felicity to showcase
                                                 her right brain work and to present a blueprint of
                                                 how every learner in every government school in
                                                 KwaZulu-Natal could, within an intensive training
                                                 period of 6 weeks, get given right brain creative
                                                 writing knowledge.

Eleanor Langley, teacher at the BAT
Date Posted: 2009-04-01

Eleanor Langley, mentor and teacher of the adult
class at the BAT centre, Durban says: “Join an
exciting group of people interested in learning and
teaching creative writing from a right brain
perspective! This writing is for any interested writer
from preschool to adulthood. Everybody has a story
to tell through Dancing Pencils and umSinsi Press –
the latter was established in 1995."

This concept is growing slowly but steadily
throughout South Africa and filtering to other parts
of the world. It reaches out to rural and urban
areas, touching the lives of anyone who will dare to
take the golden opportunity of writing, not knowing
where it may take us. The sky is the limit with
Dancing Pencils and umSinsi Press. All it needs is
dedication, commitment and financial support to
make dreams come true to authors and book

                                                Epworth Primary School,
                                                Date Posted: 2009-03-25
                                                March 25th      In the library at Epworth Primary
                                                School in Pietermaritzburg, interested grade 1’s
                                                choose their library books. This school was pleased
                                                to take umSinsi books in English and in isiZulu for
                                                their library

Ouma Canki, Pietermaritzburg
Date Posted: 2009-03-25

March 25th Ouma Canki is passionate about
helping children in distress and orphans in
Pietermaritzburg and District. Felicity met with her
as Ouma Canki is interested in getting children in
distress to come into her offices in Longmarket
Street and in exchange for a meal, get help from
teachers to improve their studies.

  Felicity thought it would be great if someone in
their organization learnt how to teach the children
to write and illustrate their own stories. Ouma Canki
saw some of the books that Dancing Pencils children
have written and was enchanted.

“Caregivers would like to read these to the
children,” she said. “They are particularly exciting
because of the children’s own drawings.” They are
keeping a small stock of isiZulu books published by
umSinsi Press for sale.
                                                 Pastor Khanye
                                                 Date Posted: 2009-03-25
                                                 Pastor Khaya of the Lutheran Church who works
                                                 with Ouma Canki is interested in the books that
                                                 children write as he works with schools and
                                                 teachers. Already he helps in disadvantaged rural
                                                 schools where orphans need school clothing. In this
                                                 picture of children at New Hanover Primary School,
                                                 he has arranged finance and bought school clothing
                                                 for these children. Pastor Khanye said that one of
                                                 the educators cried at seeing these children so
                                                 nicely attired in new school clothes.

Kearsney College Library
Date Posted: 2009-03-23
Felicity visited local school media teachers in
Durban and its environs, introducing umSinsi books
to them.

As a publisher, we have delightful story books
suitable for Grade R through to matric.

These have been written by children and adults in
Dancing pencils Writing Clubs nationally. Paula
Isaacs (right) Librarian at Kearsney College and
student Rich Gorven look at books they have

                                                 Glenwood Boys High Library
                                                 Date Posted: 2009-03-23

                                                 March 23rdThe Librarian at Glenwood Boys High,
                                                 in Durban, selected umSinsi books for their library.

                                                 Seen here is author Kiren Moodley with his
                                                 colleagues and with his latest book, Dragon Riders,
                                                 the Dark Ritual, released last year.
Human Rights Day at the BAT Centre
Date Posted: 2009-03-21

 March 21st Human rights day in Durban included
a round table (or round hall, as the meeting took
place in their hall) conference on women writers
and breaking the silence.

The afternoon speakers included the deputy speaker
for the house of parliament, prof from Botswana,
and Prof Nzimande from the University of Natal.

Here Xolani Sithole, Publicist at the BAT Centre,
takes a photograph of the participants.

                                                Durban High School Library
                                                Date Posted: 2009-03-18

                                                We are proud to be involved in the development of
                                                both reading and writing in this country!

                                                Here Des Peter of Durban High School (who has
                                                been librarian for 22 years) stands on the spiral
                                                staircase of the library with some new umSinsi
                                                books for their library.

Westville Girls' High School Library
Date Posted: 2009-03-17

umSinsi also has around 45 titles in isiZulu which is
the language used in this province of KwaZulu-
Natal. Schools are showing a great deal of interest
in these books written, for the most part, by

In this picture, librarian Irene Reid and retiring
librarian, Di Compaan, of Westville Girls’ High look
at their selection of books.
                                               Library Week at Malvern Public Library -
                                               Kiren Moodley talks to the public
                                               Date Posted: 2009-03-14
                                                   March 14 2009 In Malvern Library, 14 year old
                                               Kiren Moodley with two x 100 page books on
                                               display, Dragon Riders, the Witch’s Lair, and
                                                Dragon Riders, the Dark Ritual, addressed an
                                               interested audience , on Saturday 14th March, on
                                               what it is like to write a book and to be an author.

BAT Centre as Dancing Pencils Partner
Date Posted: 2009-02-07
Bat Centre Feb 2009 Now all genre of right brain
writing are to be taught at the BAT centre, with the
possibility of publishing as an outcome. From an
upstairs refreshment centre, one looks out across
the bay, at the birds and the yachts and ships.
Downstairs are curios shops, art and clothing shops
that delight the visitor to Durban.

                                               Teachers at the BAT Centre
                                               Date Posted: 2009-02-07
                                               From local trained right brain mentors, eight
                                               enthusiastic teachers emerged. Veena Gangaram,
                                               highly successful for the last six years in running a
                                               Dancing Pencils Writing club at Parkvale Primary
                                               School in Newlands, is the teacher for the children
                                               in the morning. Classes run from 11.00 am until
                                               1.00 pm. Eleanor Langley takes the adult class in
                                               the afternoon.

                                               Because of his involvement in creative writing and
                                               publishing, Xolani Sithole, publicist at the BAT
                                               Centre, has been selected, from the whole of South
                                               Africa’s creative arts establishments, to fly to
                                               Washington in April for a two week conference.

Partners with the BAT Centre
Date Posted: 2009-02-07
been invited to become partners with the BAT
centre (Bartels Art Trust) in Durban. The BAT
Centre has a wonderful vibe. Situated on the edge
of the bay in Durban, this double story building
extends backwards, with studios, a large tiered hall,
a cinema, a functions room, and conference centre,
along with all the facilities for the development of
the creative arts – sculpture, painting, drawing,
acting, dance, music, and drumming.

                                               Narrative Foundation Dancing Pencils
                                               Writing Club book launch in the Valley of
                                               a Thousand Hills
                                               Date Posted: 2009-01-05
                                               November 5th 2008 the Narrative Foundation
                                               dancing Pencils Writing Club held a book launch in a
                                               community hall in the Valley of a Thousand Hills.
                                                The wonderful 200 page anthology of stories
                                               written in both Zulu and English by community
                                               health workers in the region which was launched in
                                               the Durban City Hall on the 30th August, will be re-
                                               launched. Six schools in the Valley with a
                                               disadvantaged background will have packs of books
                                               sponsored by umSinsi Press and given to them by
                                               the Narrative Foundation Writing Club.

Absa sponsors rural Estcourt Schools
Date Posted: 2008-11-19

At the launch of new book by Dancing Pencils
Writing Clubs in the Estcourt District, Marcia
Zungu of Absa bank was present to speak to
the learners and educators.

Here Marcia is presented with a pack of books
by two mentors of the Zola Primary Dancing
Pencils Writing Club, Therese Grewen (centre)
and Sbongile Hadebe (left.)
                                              Estcourt Clubs book launch at Zola
                                              Primary School
                                              Date Posted: 2008-11-19

                                              Mjwayeli Primary School from Loskop did make the
                                              long trip to the Durban City Hall book launch in
                                              August, but local schools also wanted to hear the
                                              young authors introduce themselves and perhaps
                                              read from their stories.

                                              Pat Nkabinde also had a book of short stories to
                                              launch, and the educators in the Umtshezi Dancing
                                              Pencils Writing Club had two small books to launch.
                                              One is in English and is called Dedication, and the
                                              other is in Zulu. We were honoured to have Marcia
                                              Zungu from ABSA who helped with the sponsorship
                                              of R20 000 to publish the books of deep rural school

                                              In this photograph the members of the Umtshezi
                                              Dancing Pencils Writing Club who were present at
                                              the launch take turns at reading portions of their
                                              stories to the audience..

Estcourt Schools at their book launch
Date Posted: 2008-11-19

November 19th . A book launch took place in
Escourt, in Zola Primary School on the 28th
November, for books published this year and
written by clubs in deep rural areas who were not
able to get to the book launch in Durban during 29
and 30 of August. This was arranged by Nathi
Ndlovu, Chief Education Specialist in the
Department of Education in Ladysmith.

This launch included the very rural club,
Insebenzwenhle, in the foothills of the Drakensberg
mountains in Bergville, Zola Primary in Escourt, and
Mjwayeli Primary in Loskop, In this picture, the
members of the Mjwayeli Primary Dancing Pencils
Writing Club read from their stories.
                                               Mpopheneni Dancing Pencils launch of
                                               their club
                                               Date Posted: 2008-11-12
                                               November 12th Mpopheneni Dancing Pencils
                                               Writing Club in Howick, launched their writing club
                                               as well as an anthology of poems in isiZulu. Here
                                               members of the club look at their newly published

Narrative Foundation Book Launch
Date Posted: 2008-11-05
The Narrative Foundation dancing Pencils Writing
Club held a book launch in a community hall in the
Valley of a Thousand Hills. The wonderful 200 page
anthology of stories written in both Zulu and English
by community health workers in the region which
was launched in the Durban City Hall on the 30th
August, will be re-launched. Six schools in the
Valley with a disadvantaged background will have
packs of books sponsored by umSinsi Press and
given to them by the Narrative Foundation Writing

                                               Narrative Foundation Book Launch
                                               Date Posted: 2008-11-05
                                               the Narrative Foundation dancing Pencils Writing
                                               Club held a book launch in a community hall in the
                                               Valley of a Thousand Hills. The wonderful 200 page
                                               anthology of stories written in both Zulu and English
                                               by community health workers in the region which
                                               was launched in the Durban City Hall on the 30th
                                               August, will be re-launched. Six schools in the
                                               Valley with a disadvantaged background will have
                                               packs of books sponsored by umSinsi Press and
                                               given to them by the Narrative Foundation Writing
Dancing Pencils Literacy Project Board
Date Posted: 2008-10-15

October 15th         The Dancing Pencils Literacy
Project had a board meeting in Durban.. This
project has been set up to give books written by
Dancing Pencils Club members to disadvantaged
schools without story reading material. A founder
director, Mr Brendan Cullinan, retired, and Bongo
Zondo became the new director in his place.

Bonga, Patricia Devenish (mentor from the Open Air
School), Veena Gangaram (Mentor from Parkvale
Primary School) and Mariam Akabor (editor and
graphic designer for umSinsi Press) also joined the
board as new members. Mr Sam Ndawo from the
Department of Education, Nelspruit, flew down for
the meeting.

The goal is to make the literacy project a fully
operating national project by the year 2010 and to
look for funding to increase the number of books
given to disadvantaged schools.

                                              Grade 3 at Durban Girls' College
                                              Date Posted: 2008-10-14

                                               Durban Girls' College Junior Primary School had a
                                              right brain story writing workshop for 44 learners
                                              who had a lot of run, writing and illustrating their
                                              own books.

                                              The educators in the Junior Phase also had ah hour
                                              workshop to understand the nonjudgmental non-
                                              critical approach which enables writers to produce
                                              high quaality work with the greatest of ease.

                                              Durban Girls College Junior School have a trained
                                              right brain mentor, Ms Thandi Zondo, and will be
                                              starting a writing club in 2009 that aims at
                                              publishing work done by learners.
Nathi Ngubane launches his novel
Date Posted: 2008-10-02
This 92 page book by a sixteen year old young man
from the Open Air School in Durban is a wonderful
read. The story quickly unfolds, drawing the reader
along with the story of Nathi, a nerd who is a good
athlete and whose life is turned upside down when
he is introduced to the pretty, vivacious Bronwyn
who is a gold-winning athlete. Here Nathi reads a
passage of his book to the guests.

                                               Kelisha Hariparsad launches
                                               Date Posted: 2008-10-02
                                               Kelisha Hariparsad, a fourteen year old student at
                                               Danville Girls High School in Durban, launched her
                                               164 page teenage novel, Let's Rock, at Adams
                                               Musgrave. Here she is with Felicity Keats, reading a
                                               passage from her book

Adams Book Launch for Juniors and for
Felicity's new book
Date Posted: 2008-10-02

October 2nd 2008

Adams Musgrave Bookshop was the venue for a
book launch of new umSinsi books. The books
launched were : Let’s Rock by Kelisha Hariparsad,
Dragon Riders, the Dark Ritual by Kiren Moodley,
Life of Seconds by Juhi Madaree, and Teenagers
Living Life by Nathi Ngubane.. Felicity’s new book, I
Do Not Think, therefore I am, was also launched
that evening. In this picture, Christine of Adams
Bookshop organises the orange juice to be served
to the guests at the launch.
                                                  Max and Jodie Koenig at Adams
                                                  Musgrave Book Launch
                                                  Date Posted: 2008-10-02
                                                  There were also two books launched with coloured
                                                  illustrations, the Leopard who didn’t have Spots by
                                                  Max Koenig and The Lonely Palm Tree by Jodie
                                                  Koenig. Jeremy from YoTV was also present and the
                                                  six young junior authors all made it on the YoTV
                                                  programme the following Thursday. In this photo,
                                                  Max Koenig is interviewed by Jeremy for the
                                                  television programme

East London - right brain training for 23
Date Posted: 2008-09-22
September 22 and 23rd 2009 Felicity was in East
London where she participated in a right brain
training for all 23 districts of the Eastern Cape.

This training was run by three mentors, also trained
as Master Trainers, from the Eastern Cape, Ntsiki
Mansiwa, Lulu Matthew and Glory Ndabankhulu.

District officials wrote and illustrated stories and
these will be launched on another visit to East
London in 2009

                                                  Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape -
                                                  Readathon celebrations
                                                  Date Posted: 2008-09-10
                                                  Felicity, Edith Gule, her PA, Bongo Zondo and
                                                  Veena Gangaram to Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape
                                                  where Felicity and Veena were speakers at a
                                                  Readathon convention. Talks by top educationists
                                                  in the Eastern Cape emphasized South Africa’s poor
                                                  literacy levels. Felicity and Veena were able to say
                                                  positive things about their training’s ability rapidly
                                                  raise these literacy levels!
Dancing Pencils Book launches City hall
Date Posted: 2008-08-29

August 29 and 30 saw two days of book launches
in Durban’s City Hall. Part of the Celebrate Durban
festivities, our literacy project book launch this year
was now a national event and all nine provinces
were represented at the book launches.The function
was opened by the National Department of
Education. 50 principals of disadvantaged schools
were invited to be present with an educator and a
learner to receive packs of books to take back to
their schools. Authors came from rural KZN, from
Cape Town, from Mpumalanga, from the Eastern
Cape, and from Johannesburg.

                                                 Working Holiday - two days in Kruger
                                                 National Park
                                                 Date Posted: 2008-08-29
                                                  As Hazy View is right near the gate of the Kruger
                                                 National Park, Veena and Felicity enjoyed a day of
                                                 being amongst elephants and giraffe in their natural

Right brain writing training for Chief
Education Specialists, Mpumalanga
Date Posted: 2008-08-19

39 chief education specialists had sessions from
8.30 am until 5.00 pm at the Protea Hotel
Conference Centre in Hazy View where Felicity gave
them right brain writing training for the first day,
and Veena trained them in reading skills on the next
two days.
                                               Mpumalanga Chief Education Specialists
                                               Reading and Writing training
                                               Date Posted: 2008-08-19

                                                Felicity Keats and Veena Gangaram went to Hazy
                                               View in Mpumalanga where they jointly ran a
                                               reading/writing training for Chief Education
                                               Specialists in the intermediate phase. Veena
                                               Gangaram gives education personnell know-how on
                                               training educators ton how o teach reading in the

Andrew Pender-Smith's book launch at
Adams Musgrave
Date Posted: 2008-08-13

August 13th 2008
               Was the date of Andrew Pender
Smith’s book launch at Adams Musgrave. Andrew
launched a hat trick of books that evening.. Three
books, all for a different readership. Dream Me a
River which Andrew had been working on for fifteen
years, is a novel for adults or high school learners.
Hunting Zanga, a fantasy novel of 130 pages, would
intrigue the senior phase of the junior school. And
Slurp with its delightful colourful pictures, is a
superb read for the foundation phase child. Patricia
Devenish introduced Andrew to the audience.

                                               Creative Writing near the sea at
                                               Date Posted: 2008-07-18
                                               The 99 learners from Parkvale Primary Dancing
                                               Pencils Writing Club were divided into groups for
                                               their writing workshops. Children also got a chance
                                               to paddle in the sea. For some children, this was
                                               the first time they had ever seen the sea! For
                                               others, a ride on a train was a first!
To Scottburgh by train with Parkvale
Date Posted: 2008-07-16
lFor others, a ride on a train was a first! Along with
5 security personnel from the Railways, Felicity
went on a train to Scottburgh with 99 learners, and
3 adult educators from Parkvale Primary Dancing
Pencils Writing Club. Here the learners enjoyed a
morning of creative writing near the sea.

                                                 Garden Grove Holiday Inn Master Mentor
                                                 Date Posted: 2008-07-04

                                                 The second training took place at the Garden Court
                                                 Marine Holiday Inn Conference Centre on the 3rd
                                                 and 4th July 2008, to train Master Trainers. These
                                                 are people who can do train adults
                                                 as mentors. There were 12 delegates to this
                                                 conference with Mpumalanga department of
                                                 education, and the Eastern Cape Department of
                                                 Education being the prime participants. Each
                                                 participant wrote and illustrated a children’s story.
                                                 These were all published at the Dancing Pencils
                                                 Book launches in Durban's City Hall on the 29 and
                                                 30 of August, in conjunction with the Celebrate
                                                 Durban Festivites. This photo shows Ntsiki Manxiwa
                                                 of the Eastern Cape Department of Education,
                                                 receiving her Master Mentor trainers' certificate.

Royal Hotel Durban, Mentor Training
Date Posted: 2008-07-01

July 1st to 4th 2008
Two mentor trainings took place in Durban. For the
first two days, new mentors were trained in a
conference centre at the Royal Hotel. There were 15
delegates from Eastern Cape Department of
Education, Mpumalanga Department of Education,
KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education and there
was a delegate from North West Province.

Mentors learnt how to train children in right brain
creative writing.
                                              June 14 - 17 2008 - Cape Town Book Fair
                                              Date Posted: 2008-06-16

                                              umSinsi Press this year rented a corner stand. Our
                                              team of Sphiwe Radebe, Mariam Akabor and Bonga
                                              Zondo were pleased to be there. During the four
                                              days, we had four book launches at our
                                              stand.. These were books by Andrew Pender Smith,
                                              Moss Nkonyane, Sandi Langton and Felicity Keats.

Visiting young UK authors June 2008
Date Posted: 2008-06-07
Dominic Keats, a Sussex County under 13 cricket
 player, is Felicity’s grandson. He wrote his fourth
book during her visit in June 2008. It is called
“Timothy’s Cricket Madness.” His brother, Matthew,
wrote his second book,, "The Bridge at Warcraft" at
the same time.

                                              Family Literacy Project - April 2008
                                              Date Posted: 2008-04-08
                                               The Family Literacy Project based in Underberg
                                              working with groups in remote areas of the
                                              Drakensberg Mountains, met for two days of mentor
                                              training at Mariannhill. . They are excited about the
                                              possibility of getting stories written in isiZulu and in
                                              English and published. Some wonderful insights will
                                              be available in these stories.

Family Literacy Project
Date Posted: 2008-04-08
The Family Literacy Project based in Underberg
working with groups in remote areas of the
Drakensberg Mountains, met for two days of right
brain mentor training at Mariannhill.
 Mentors can go back to their communities in Loteni
and Underberg and share their new writing skills
with others. They are excited about the possibility
of getting stories written in isiZulu and in English
and published. Some wonderful insights will be
available in these stories.
                                               Khayelitsha Dream Girls introduced to
                                               Date Posted: 2008-03-02

                                               The group of girls also had a lesson in right
                                               brain creative writing. They settled down to
                                               write some very real, and in parts, heart-
                                               breaking, stories.

                                               The hope is for them to have help from a
                                               trained Mentor so that they can get their
                                               stories published.

Khayelitsha Dream Girls
Date Posted: 2008-03-02
An innovative project dreamed up by Nancy
Richards and Joyce, presenter and producer
respectively of SAFM's radio programme
OTHERWISE, was to work with a group of girls in
Khayelitsha informal settlement to show them the
power of dreams - the dreams of a better lifestyle.

                                               Khayelitsha Dream Girls and Sandi
                                               Date Posted: 2008-03-02
                                               Sandi Langton was invited to ride her motorbike
                                               into the informal settlement, Khayelitsha, and meet
                                               with the Khayelitsha Dream Girls, a group of girls
                                               who are beginning to believe in the power of
                                               dreams to make wonderful futures for themselves.
                                               Sandi showed them a slide show of her amazing trip
                                               through the Middle East and East Africa.This is the
                                               initiative of Nancy Richards and Joyce, presenter
                                               and producer of the SAFM radio talk show,
With Family at Hout Bay
Date Posted: 2008-03-01
Visiting writers in Cape Town gives me an
opportunity of visiting my daughter, Lesley-
Anne, the psychologist.

                                         Seagulls at Hout Bay
                                         Date Posted: 2008-03-01
                                         Taking a break from the writing "job". Friendly
                                         pigeons at Hout Bay who feel like joining the party!

Book Launch - A Girl, a Bike, A Dream
Date Posted: 2008-02-29

Sandi Langton's book launch at Wordsworth
Books at the Waterfront, Cape Town, was
extremely well attended.

Sandi took into the book shop, the motorbike
which did this gruelling journey with her.

                                         Book launch - Sandi Langton
                                         Date Posted: 2008-02-29
                                         Sandi embarked on a motorbike journey that took
                                         her across Europe, the Middle East and down East
                                         Africa. She was determined to live her dream - a
                                         dream that she club to for more than four years
                                         while she lived in dreary London. As she watched
                                         the cliffs of Dover recede into the horizon, she
                                         wondered what lay ahead of her. She wondered if
                                         Paul really understood the commitment he was
                                         making. Eight months later, she finally arrived back
                                         in South Africa to face her final challenge:
                                         repatriating and re-establishing herself on home
                                         soil. She then started her second journey - that of
                                            recording the journey in the form of a book. If you
                                            would like an inspiring read about a young woman
                                            who achieved her dream, the book is available
                                            either from On the Dot, Cape Town, or the //:www.

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