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Warmer homes across Devon energy saving house


Warmer homes across Devon energy saving house

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                     NEWS RELEASE
PR 1860
                                                                                  30 October 2008

For Immediate Release

                         Warmer homes across Devon
A new campaign has been launched to help more than 15,000 homes throughout Devon
look forward to a warmer future.

Earlier this year Torbay Council announced a Devon-wide funding allocation of £206,000
from the DEFRA Community Energy Efficiency Fund (CERT). The fund is to support a
three-year project called 'Devon Warm Zones' to help alleviate fuel poverty across Devon,
providing insulation improvements, heating and free benefit and energy efficiency advice to

In order to take this project forward a partnership was formed between the eight district
councils and two unitary authorities in Devon working with Devon County Council, NEA,
Westcountry Energy Action and E.ON, one of the UK's leading gas and electricity supplies.

Each of the local authorities in Devon, Plymouth and Torbay have designated at least one
'warm zone' within their area, where it is felt that the project will have the most impact on
fuel poverty.

Over the next three years there will be a range of activities within each 'warm zone'
designed to raise awareness and encourage the uptake of energy efficiency measures.

Torbay Council's Cabinet Member for Housing, Cllr Neil Bent, said: "Torbay Council is
always looking for effective ways of combating fuel poverty and this partnership approach
will ensure that we really make a difference to people in the area.

"The 'warm zones' we have identified in Torbay contain the most concentrated and worst
condition housing in central Torquay, the old part of central Brixham and the residential
caravan sites. Our aim is to provide something for everyone in these areas, not just those
on benefits or who are fuel poor - those who spend more than 10% of household income
on fuel bills. We are able to provide substantial discounts to everyone who is not on
benefits and E.ON is providing a community reward to encourage community groups to
help promote the scheme further.

"Key partners such as Age Concern are in an ideal position to help refer people to the
scheme as they are involved in going into people's houses and/or advising people on their
energy bills. Sure Start also works closely with families and would be able to signpost
people to the scheme if necessary. As a reward E.ON will donate £15 to every
organisation that successfully introduces a resident to the scheme to spend within their
own service.

"Over the next few years the Devon Warm Zones project hopes to play a major role in
helping to create warmer, healthier and cheaper-run homes, whilst at the same time
making substantial reductions in carbon dioxide emissions across the county."

John Fawcitt, Energy Efficiency Manager at E.ON, said: "We are really pleased to be
working with the local authorities to help deliver energy efficiency schemes across the
county. Simple steps such as installing loft insulation could potentially save up to £122,
whilst installing cavity wall insulation could save a further £324 on household energy bills."

Those wishing to find out more about the Devon Warm Zones should call the Energy
Saving Trust advice line on free phone 0800 512012.


Notes for editors
1. E.ON is a leading energy supplier in the UK with around 5.5million electricity and gas
customers, covering domestic, SME and industrial.

2. The £446 saving over a one year period is made up from increasing loft insulation from
25mm to 250mm and installing cavity wall insulation. The cost savings shown are
approximate and are provided for illustrative purposes only and are based on a gas heated
semi-detached house with three bedrooms.

Savings assume a gas price of 3.557p/kWh with a gas consumption of 31,400 units per
annum (prior to installing the insulation measures). 'individual savings may vary depending
on type, age, main heating fuel of the home. Only mineral wool is used to insulate cavity

Westcountry Energy Action is a not for profit, charitable business working with the public,
private and voluntary sectors to reduce the impact of the climate change and fuel poverty.

NEA is the UK's leading fuel poverty charity campaigning for affordable warmth in the
homes of vulnerable people. Visit

Fuel poverty is defined as the need to spend over 10% of household income on fuel costs
to maintain adequate warmth for health and comfort

Torbay Council is one of the best performing local authorities in Devon in the area of work.

For further information please contact: Nicola Moorhouse, Communications Officer
on 01803 208850


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