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                                 ITEM No           8

     TITLE OF REPORT         Salford’s Climate Change Strategy – Creating a
                             city prepared for the future.
         Meeting             Salford Strategic Partnership Executive
       Meeting Date          2nd June 2010
      Contact Officer        Nick Lowther
      Contact Details 0161 793 3798.

The Salford Strategic Partnership Executive is recommended to:
a. endorse the draft Climate Change Strategy and range of proposed
b. agree for the completed Climate Change Strategy to be signed off by
   Councillor Merry, on behalf of the Local Strategic Partnership, in time for a
   Salford Climate Change Conference on 25th June,
c. note the Big Green Festival which will take place on the lawns of the Civic
   Centre on 26th June.

                                Purpose of Report
The purpose of the report is to inform the Executive about progress on the
production of Salford’s first Climate Change Strategy, its purpose and its
content. It is also to inform the Executive about the forthcoming Climate
Change Conference on 25th June and the Big Green Festival on 26th June.

                                  Report Content
1.     Background

1.1 Members of SSP Executive will be aware that Climate Change is an
issue of increasing concern at both a national and a local level. Under the
Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act 2006, local authorities are
required “to lead their communities and their local partners on climate

1.2 Salford’s Local Area Agreement contains a target to reduce per capita
carbon emissions by 12.5% by 2011, of which 4 - 5% is expected to be from
local actions.

1.3 Officers have been preparing Salford’s first Climate Change Strategy.
This is a high level document which will provide a framework to secure a more
coordinated approach to issues around climate Change for Partners IN

LSP/SSP Business/Meetings/2010/SSP Executive/02.06.10/Sent Items/Item 8 – Climate
Change Strategy
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1.4 At an AGMA level, the recent designation of Greater Manchester as a
Low Carbon Economic Area provides a focus for saving six million tonnes of
carbon, supporting 34,000 jobs and contributing £1.4 billion to the economy.

1.5 At a local level, Partners are already doing a great deal to engage in
aspects of the Climate Change agenda. The Council has a Carbon
Management Plan, it is tackling fuel poverty, promoting eco schools, building
Code Level 4 houses, building new schools to high environmental and energy
standards and increasing levels of recycling and reducing waste.

1.6 Other partners are already undertaking their own energy reduction
strategies and NHS Salford have recently prepared a Staff Travel Plan.
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue has undertaken innovative work to
demonstrate how fire prevention can substantially reduce greenhouse gas

1.7 Our social housing partners are improving the energy efficiency of
homes through high standards of insulation, boiler replacements, and double
glazing. Photovoltaic technology is being retrofitted to some tower blocks and
opportunities for heat and electricity through Combined Heat and Power is
being considered for Pendleton. Tenants receive energy advice to reduce
their bills.

1.8 Salford University is engaged in an Energy House Research Project and
the Think Lab. is reproducing the citywide thermal imaging survey so that it
can be viewed in 3D format at street level.

1.9 In Central Salford, regeneration is delivering high quality buildings that
meet the sustainability standards set by the North West Development Agency.
MediaCityUK is the first scheme to achieve the new BREEAM Sustainable
Community status. The Integrated Transport Strategy will reduce carbon
emissions by encouraging people to shift from car to local bus services and
improved pedestrian and cycling linkages.

1.10 Strong links have been developed with the Environment Agency to
identify the future risks of flooding and we are working closely with the Red
Rose Forest to recognise the role that trees and open spaces will play in
keeping our city cool and comfortable in the face of increasing levels of heat.

2    Salford’s Sustainable Community Strategy

2.1 Climate Change has particular relevance to the Sustainable Community
Strategy – Connecting People to Opportunities.

2.2 Saving energy by making homes more energy efficient will result in
warmer, healthier homes. Saving energy will also save money to be spent in
the local economy or make businesses more efficient and save jobs.
Increasing demand for energy efficiency and renewable technologies will
create new market opportunities, jobs and skills.

LSP/SSP Business/Meetings/2010/SSP Executive/02.06.10/Sent Items/Item 8 – Climate
Change Strategy
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2.3 Changing our travel habits by walking and cycling will improve physical
health, assist weight loss, improve self esteem as well as reduce our carbon

2.4 The role of openspace will become increasingly important. Growing food
locally is not only good for health, it is productive and rewarding and also
reduces “food miles”.

2.5 When it comes to making Salford resilient to the predicted impacts of
changing weather, trees and greenspaces are particularly valuable assets in
helping to manage flood risk and creating cool, comfortable, attractive

2.6 It is therefore important that Salford City Council and Partners align
themselves with the health, economic and job opportunities associated with
the Climate Change Agenda.

3       Salford’s Draft Climate Change Strategy

3.1 Climate Change is now an important part of the annual Comprehensive
Area Assessment (CAA) inspection. It is becoming increasingly clear that the
Council has a key coordinating role to play to demonstrate the effectiveness
of its work and that of our partners in addressing the climate change agenda.

3.2 The Climate Change Strategy has three purposes:

    -    to provide a broad framework of understanding for partners,
    -    to demonstrate what activity relevant to climate change is already
         happening across the Salford Partnership,
    -    provide a broad plan of action to take forward carbon reduction, climate
         adaptation and behavioural change.

3.3 Members will recognise that Climate Change is a topic that cuts across a
very wide range of partnership responsibilities. The Climate Change Strategy
is not intended to be prescriptive. It is intended to draw partners together to
identify their various roles in delivering this agenda and to promote stronger
partnerships to develop further momentum.

3.4 The Climate Change Strategy has the following components:

        Part 1: covers issues and policy context

    Part 2: explains the three Key Themes - Carbon Reduction, Climate
Adaptation and Behavioural Change.

    Part 3: examines the scale of action already taking place across the Key
Themes, and identifies Priority Actions to further develop partnership working.

        Part 4: outlines how we will measure and report our performance.
LSP/SSP Business/Meetings/2010/SSP Executive/02.06.10/Sent Items/Item 8 – Climate
Change Strategy
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3.5 Members of the Executive will perhaps be most interested to see the
Priority Action Plans which show the range of projects that will be taken
forward over the coming years with significant partnership working. Three of
the Priority Action Plans are included as exemplars in Appendix A.

3.6 The Strategy is still in draft form and is provided for information. It is
regretted that the final document is not yet available. Consultation with a
range of strategic partners was completed on 25th May and the document is
being amended to take account of the comments. The final version is
currently being prepared to meet tight printing deadlines and to be made
available, in CD format, in time for the Conference on 25th June. (see para 4.1
below). It is hoped that Councillor Merry will be able to sign off the final
version of the Climate Change Strategy on behalf of the Partnership ahead of
the Conference.

4    Climate Change Events on 25th/26th June.

4.1 It is intended to complete the Strategy in time for the Salford Climate
Change Conference on 25th June. This will bring together a wide range of
local partners with a series of presentations covering different aspects of the
Climate Change Agenda. It is intended that the conference will generate
interest amongst our partners and help to strengthen the commitment of our
partners to this agenda.

4.2 On 26th June, a Big Green Festival is being held on the lawns in front of
the Civic Centre. The purpose will be to engage the public and raise
awareness about the strong connections between responsible environmental
behaviours and everyday lifestyle issues.

4.3 The event will provide be a mixture of entertainment and information
around the key themes of Wasting Less, Energy Saving, Green Transport,
Green Spaces and Local Food growing.

5    Conclusion

5.1 It is hoped that the completion of the Climate Change Strategy, the
Climate Change Conference and the Big Green Festival will demonstrate a
growing commitment by the City Council and its strategic partners to take a
strong community leadership role in addressing the issues around climate

LSP/SSP Business/Meetings/2010/SSP Executive/02.06.10/Sent Items/Item 8 – Climate
Change Strategy
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Appendix A: Salford Climate Change Strategy - Priority Actions

Carbon Reduction - Housing

Strategy / partnerships

• Develop linkages with the Greater Manchester housing retrofit programme and develop        2010-15      AGMA / Low Carbon Economic Area
an action plan for Salford.

• Partner Salford University to develop Salford energy house concept and disseminate best 2010 onwards Salford University
practice arising.

• Align relevant housing strategies with issues around carbon reduction and climate        2010 onwards Salford City Council (Sustainable Regeneration to
adaptation.                                                                                             lead)

• Engage the Salford Strategic Housing Partnership and develop Home Energy Efficiency      2010 onwards Salford Strategic Housing Partnership / Home
Partnership to share information/best practice about current programmes of energy                       Energy Group.

• Secure higher levels of energy efficiency through warm homes programme                     ongoing      Salford Strategic Housing Partnership / Home
                                                                                                          Energy Group

• Develop more comprehensive approach to affordable warmth, starting by bidding into         2010-11      Salford City Council (Sustainable Regeneration to
community energy support programme.                                                                       lead)

• Pendleton PFI – secure significant energy efficiency improvements and use of renewable    2010-2020     Salford City Council and PFI preferred bidder

LSP/SSP Business/Meetings/2010/SSP Executive/02.06.10/Sent Items/Item 8 – Climate Change Strategy
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technologies and decentralised heating networks.

• Explore opportunities for micro renewables installation fund for private sector households   2010-11   Salford City Council (Sustainable Regeneration to
(linked to FiTs) eg. explore opportunities with the Salford Moneyline Credit Union)                      lead)

• Salix Homes to install photovoltaic walls on vertical village towerblocks.                   2010-12   Salix Homes

• Salix Homes to explore further opportunities with the Horizon Energy Cooperative to          2010-11   Salix Homes
install photovoltaic cells and other micro renewables on their land and homes.

• Work with Energy Savings Trust to monitor energy improvements to private home owners.        2010-12   Energy Saving Trust

• Consider wide application of V-Phase Voltage Optimisers.                                     2010-11   City West / Great Places (on behalf of Salford
                                                                                                         Local Partnership and Salford Strategic Housing

• Work with Salford Libraries (and schools) to have a lending stock of energy monitors         2010-12   Salford City Council (Community, Health and
available to increase energy use awareness.                                                              Social care)

LSP/SSP Business/Meetings/2010/SSP Executive/02.06.10/Sent Items/Item 8 – Climate Change Strategy
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Climate Adaptation

  Work with partners to establish a citywide database to understand the future threats          2010-12   Salford City Council (Sustainable Regeneration)
 from flooding and urban heat.                                                                            working with the Environment Agency, Red Rose
                                                                                                          Forest, NHS / PCT

 Secure regeneration in Central Salford that is resilient to the predicted impacts of           2010-20   Central Salford URC
 climate change, especially in relation to flood risk and future heat island effects.

 Ensure that climate adaptation is a key theme in local development Framework.                  2009/10   Salford City Council (Sustainable Regeneration)

 Re-establish parts of Chat Moss as a carbon sink, in conformity with peat restoration          2010-15   Salford City Council (Sustainable Regeneration)
 proposals and the Mosslands Vision.                                                                      working with Red Rose Forest, Peel Holdings,
                                                                                                          Lancs. Wildlife Trust.

 Prepare a Salford tree strategy to manage the future stock of trees in the city.               2010-12   Salford City Council (Sustainable Regeneration)
                                                                                                          working with Red Rose Forest, Environment
                                                                                                          Directorate, NHS / PCT.

 Prepare a green infrastructure strategy to identify opportunities to reinforce the functions   2010-12   Salford City Council (Sustainable Regeneration)
 of open spaces, public realm, gardens, parks and natural vegetation for climate                          working with Red Rose Forest, Environment
 resilience.                                                                                              Directorate, NHS / PCT.

 Complete flood risk assessment of the Ship Canal Corridor.                                     2010-11   Salford City Council (Sustainable Regeneration)
                                                                                                          working with the Environment Agency, AGMA and

LSP/SSP Business/Meetings/2010/SSP Executive/02.06.10/Sent Items/Item 8 – Climate Change Strategy
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                                                                                                   Peel Holdings

 Prepare a surface water management plan.                                                          Salford City Council working with the Environment
                                                                                                   Agency/UU/Urban Vision

 Work in partnership to prepare and implement the Lower Irwell climate Change Action     2010-11   Salix Homes working with NDC/the Environment
 Plan.                                                                                             Agency/Salford University and Salford City Council

 Understand the risks of climate change to Salford City Council services and develop     2010-11   Salford City Council
 risk management strategy.

 Engage Salford Strategic Partnership to establish their readiness to adapt to climate   2010-11   Salford Strategic Partnership, facilitated by City
 change.                                                                                           Council.

LSP/SSP Business/Meetings/2010/SSP Executive/02.06.10/Sent Items/Item 8 – Climate Change Strategy
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Behavioural Change


 • Understand and build on the behavioural change programmes emerging through the            2010-11      AGMA Environment Commission/Manchester Is
 AGMA Environment Commission and future role of Manchester Is My Planet                                   My Planet

 • Secure a resource to develop and coordinate Salford’s behavioural change campaign,        2011-12      Salford Strategic Partnership/Salford City Council /
 working with Salford Strategic Partnership and partners such as Energy Saving Trust to                   Energy Savings Trust
 develop consistent communications to a wide variety of audiences.

 • Develop a package of interesting / thought provoking metrics to exemplify what can be     2010-11      AGMA Environment Commission / Energy Saving
 achieved through range of actions.                                                                       Trust

 Local Initiatives

• climate change conference, workshop and fair                                               2010-11      Salford City Council and partners

• Develop the Salford City Council’s web pages as an up-to-date information resource.      2010 onwards   Salford City Council (CX, Marketing)

• Update intranet pages relating to Carbon Management Plan.                                  2010-11      Salford City Council (CX, Marketing supported by
                                                                                                          Sustainable Regeneration

• Roll out the Love Food,/Hate Waste campaign across Salford.                                2010-12      Salford City Council (Environment Directorate

LSP/SSP Business/Meetings/2010/SSP Executive/02.06.10/Sent Items/Item 8 – Climate Change Strategy
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• Promote awareness through staff travel plan initiatives                                   2010-12      Salford City Council / Urban Vision

• Report on progress under the 10:10 climate change campaign                                2010-11      Salford City Council

• Continue to develop the eco schools programme with Salford schools.                       2010-11      Salford City Council (Environment Directorate)

• Explore linkages with Salford City Radio to promote climate change messages locally.      2010-11      Salford City Council (CX, Marketing),supported by
                                                                                                         Sustainable Regeneration)

• Promote best practice through Salford Business Awards.                                  2010 onwards   Salford City Council / Env. Agency

• Support the Charlestown / Lower Kersal climate change action plan.                        2010-11      Salix / Environment Agency

• Develop a retrofit programme of publicly visible low carbon measures on Salford’s key     2010-13      City Council / AGMA Environment Commission (
public buildings.                                                                                        LCEA)

• Use lending libraries and schools as a resource for lending energy monitors               2010-12      Salford City Council (Libraries)

LSP/SSP Business/Meetings/2010/SSP Executive/02.06.10/Sent Items/Item 8 – Climate Change Strategy
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