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					                               Tyndale Christian
                               School Newsletter
                                                    Respect            Integrity           Service         Excellence
   Inside this                 Term 3 , Week 4                                              17th August,2006
                                                     FROM THE DEPUTY HEAD OF JUNIOR SCHOOL
   From the Sickroom    2
                                                      Walking out into my garden in         months have passed from that moment and it feels as
                                                      recent weeks I have noticed a         though my life has changed profoundly... and I’m still in
   Kenya Evening        2                             few familiar signs of change.         shock (of sorts). (All parents insert here: Been there...
                                                      Bearded Irises have recently          done that!)
                                                      doubled in height and their
   Traffic Congestion   2                             leaves have started to twist,
                                                                                            More important than my own journey, what sort of an
                                                                                            impact am I already having upon my daughter? What
                               buds on my peach and nectarine trees have started
                                                                                            will my daughter learn from the lessons of my
                               to become plumper, some have even burst forth into
                                                                                            lifestyle? When will she notice any of my bad habits,
                               a dazzling array of pink! Despite such a dry winter,
   ADHD                 2      there are already many signs of the next season
                                                                                            my moods, attitudes or my reactions? I guess the
                                                                                            answer is that she will grasp those soon enough!
                                                                                            Quite likely we will spend time teaching Laura a
                               Talking of changing seasons, September brings not            number of things, but what will she ultimately learn
   From the Uniform     2      only Spring, but also the celebration of Father’s Day!       from us? Will she feel loved and valued? Will she
   Shop                        (All expert mothers and fathers please bear with             clearly see Jesus’ lifestyle demonstrated in our
                               me...)                                                       actions, thoughts and deeds?
   Yr 12 Coffee Shop    2      I’m really looking forward to Father’s Day this year. As     It has been such an incredible delight to watch her
                               a new father, this year’s celebration will be a little       progressing through the initial stages of development.
                               different. Now I have to admit that I didn’t exactly         By far the biggest blessing has been to see her
                               cover myself in glory on Mother’s Day this year, so I’m      responding to us by way of smiles, giggles and
   Lost Children        3      not expecting anything substantial in the present            gurgling. Already there have been moments when she
                               department! That said, the lead up to the day has            has noticed me not watching and she has made
                               been an important opportunity to reflect upon the            noises to get my attention or waited for my gaze and
   10 Ways to be a      3      impact my own father has had on my life. In a future         responded with obvious non-verbal cues.
                               sense, it also causes me to think about what sort of a
   Champion Dad                legacy my own fathering will contribute to my
                                                                                            This helps to give added meaning to a passage that
                                                                                            came alive to me whilst reading my Bible recently. In
                               daughter’s life.
   Christmas            3                                                                   Luke Chapter 1 (and Malachi 4:6) it explains some of
                               I treasure my father for the way that he provided            the message that God wanted to give people through
   Gingerbread Houses          dependably for our family year after year. He taught         John the Baptist. These references mention that
                               me about electronics and fostered a passion for              God’s plan and purpose was to “turn the hearts of the
   Staff Photo’s        3      photography within me. He taught me a great deal             fathers to their children, and the hearts of the
                               about the value of generosity, about wisely saving           children to their fathers”.
                               money and deferred gratification through withholding
                                                                                            Whilst only at the very beginning of my journey as a
   The Miracle Worker   3      from purchases. He never argued with my mother in
                                                                                            father it gives me the insight that circumstances may
                               public and only once in front of my brother and I.
                                                                                            very well crop up along the way where my child’s heart
                               After the death of my mother, he showed the
                                                                                            and my own will not be at one. Secondly, as a father I
                               importance of perseverance and not giving up. As I
   Junior School News   4                                                                   make the assumption that a fair share of the burden
                               worked in the family plumbing shop, he spent many
                                                                                            of responsibility to see that our hearts are turned
                               Saturdays explaining concepts about products and
                                                                                            towards each other does lie with me. (I hope I finish
                               the trade as well. His expectation fuelled faith in me to
                               attempt tasks at which I didn’t believe I could succeed.     the job well!)
   Middle School News   5, 6   Although quiet on most issues, the influence of his          More important than all of these thoughts is the relief
                        &7     lifestyle formed much of my value system in regard to        that in all our parenting choices, be they win or loss,
                               discipline, people and even politics.                        God values our relationships. As a Father himself, He
   Senior School News   7,8    Seven months ago, our own child was born and I
                                                                                            takes an active interest in seeing all of our
                        &9                                                                  relationships healthy, restored and whole. If God as
                               became a father. Despite months of planning for the
                                                                                            our heavenly Father, sees the relationship between
                               impending arrival, I simply could not believe that this
                                                                                            father and child to be so high on His agenda, it can
                               warm, red bundle of whom I was cutting the cord was
                                                                                            only make me wonder how much He wants such a
                               our baby. I mean, she looked good-looking so she
                               must have been from our gene pool - but I found it           healthy and vibrant relationship with us.
                               hard to believe that we actually had a baby. Seven           Simon Gill

                                Mal 4:6 And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of
                                children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the land with a curse."

Tyndale Christian School               Junior School Office: 8282 5117                               Email:
50 Fern Grove Boulevard                Middle School Office: 8282 5118                               Web:
Salisbury East SA 5109                 Senior School Office: 8282 5119
General Office: 8250 7655
                                                         TRAFFIC CONGESTION                                FROM THE UNIFORM SHOP
Mon 21        Book Week
                                                             you can help!                              Summer is coming!
              JS Café lunch                       Most of our school traffic in the mornings            Second-hand summer dresses, short sleeve
              PISA Test Yr 10                     and afternoons occurs within a 10 minute              shirts and grey shorts are plentiful at the
              Yr 9 SACE Information evening       time frame. Before 8:20am and after                   moment. It is wise to purchase early as
                                                  3:25pm, there is far less traffic and                 these items tend to be ‘picked over’ fairly
Tue   22      Book Week                                                                                 quickly.
              JS Café lunch                       congestion in school car parks. Please
                                                  consider arriving to pick up your children a          Orders for Term 4 at Uniforms Plus
Wed 23        Book Week                           little earlier or a little later – you will find it   Summer orders need to be placed early at
              Corporate Cup                       less stressful.                                       Uniforms Plus (Ph. 8285 8300). Your size
              KS Café lunch                                                                             may not be available immediately due to the
              School Photos - Staff and Special                                                         school’s further increased numbers and
              Groups                                               ADHD                                 problems trying to predict the stock
Thu   24      Book Week                                      Who’s Failing Who?                         numbers for each uniform size. While every
              JS Café lunch                                                                             effort is made to hold enough of each size,
                                                   Understanding the impact of ADHD on our              sometimes a particular size sells far more
              Annie Musical Rehearsals             young people, schools and society.                   quickly than other sizes in a way that could
Fri   25      Book Week                            By Dr Brenton Prosser, Finch Publishers              not be predicted.
              JS Café Lunch                        I am reading this great book on ADHD.                Hats
Mon 28                                             Brenton had the integrity to interview               It is compulsory that hats be worn from
                                                   families, young people and schools about             September 1st until the end of Term 1 of
                                                   what has become a huge issue for many.               the following year. Please note that straw
Tue   29                                                                                                hats for Middle and Senior school girls are
                                                   His book is full of stories, information and
                                                   ideas that have helped me understand more            not allowed to be worn for sports lessons.
Wed 30        Corporate Cup                        about ADHD.                                          Special Requirements for Children with
              Parent/Teacher Interviews            He talks about:-                                     Allergies
              yr 10/11                             ♦ the origins of ADHD, back to 1854                  If your child is diagnosed with an allergy to
Thu   31      Annie Musical Rehearsals             ♦ how hard it is for kids who suffer from            certain fabrics, in the first instance, you
                                                       ADHD on a daily basis,                           should discuss the allergy with the teacher,
                                                   ♦ about how ‘poor parenting’ is frequently           Head of School or their Deputy, providing
Fri   1 Sep Yr 2-5 Sports Day                          blamed for genuine cases,                        medical information/statements where
                                                   ♦ how drug companies have enjoyed the                appropriate. You will then be referred to the
                                                       recent increase in diagnoses                     Tyndale Uniform shop or Uniforms Plus to
                                                   ♦ how the media hasn’t helped. Charlie,              investigate clothing options that are as
       FROM THE SICKROOM                               16, says that the media exploited only           consistent with the uniform policy as
                                                       the severe cases, ‘they should stop              possible but which do not cause allergic
 "Just a reminder to parents: When visiting                                                             reactions. In the meantime the student will
 your GP/Dentist for your child's sickness             going for ratings and take time out to
                                                       actually explain what ADHD is, and show          not be subject to the relevant part of the
 and the GP/Dentist suggests administration                                                             uniform policy while alternatives are being
 of any form of drug such as Paracetamol               that not all cases are severe’ (p.56)
 etc, please request a "medication plan" to        ♦ how safety drives many parents into                If Uniforms Plus or the Uniform Shop are
 give to the school. The school has policy             keeping kids inside the yard, playing Xbox       consulted before the school is made aware,
 pertaining to administration of any                   and watching TV, rather than letting             the parent will be referred to the relevant
 medication where we must be guided by the             them explore, ride and play in the wider         sub-school in the first instance.
 "medication plan" in relation to that                 environment                                      If the Uniform Shop or Uniforms Plus cannot
 sickness. Please be aware that the school         ♦ how labels can relieve sometimes, but              find an alternative fabric or garment, or the
 also has policy relating to children not              can also stigmatise people and                   alternative is aesthetically different from the
 carrying or self administering their              ♦ that it is not just                                standard garment, the different garment will
 medication. All medication must be secured            about drug                                       first be agreed to by the Head of School or
 with the sickroom and administered                    treatment                                        their Deputy.
 according to the school policy"
                                                   If you are interested in                             Unfortunately second hand clothing for re-
 Bronwyn Ernst and Sonia Terrington (School        this book buy yourself a                             sale is being left outside the Uniform Shop
 Nurse)                                            copy, it’s on sale at Big                            or brought in with no names attached; NO
                                                   W for $19. Otherwise                                 RESPONSIBILITY WILL BE TAKEN FOR
                                                   in a short while when                                THESE ITEMS.
           KENYA EVENING                           the book is processed
                                                   (by our fabulous                                     Ordered clothing
       Monday 28 August at 7:30pm                                                                       After you have been phoned by Uniforms
  School Auditorium (Senior School Campus)         Resource Centre staff)
                                                   it will be available to                              Plus stating your item is ready for collection
 Hear students, staff and parents report on        borrow from the                                      it will be held for ONE WEEK PRECISELY
 the trip.                                         Aquarium. Ring Heather Toor 82507655                 unless you notify them (Phone 8285 8300)
                                                                                                        of any extenuating circumstances.
 See film and photos of the experience.            Enjoy
                                                   Keep reading                                         Ruth Tonkin
 Receive a comprehensive report on how the         Jan Lonsdale
 fundraising was used.                             Student Advisor (Yr 6 – 12)
                                                                                                               YEAR 12 COFFEE SHOP
                                                                                                        This will be on Thursday 31st
                                                              HAT REMINDER                              August in the
                                                                                                        cafeteria. Espresso coffee and
                                                  Yes it is that time of the year again. As of          gourmet cake for $3:00. Come
                                                  1st September, hats are a compulsory                  along with your friends and
                                                  uniform item.                                         enjoy the coffee and cake.
           LOST CHILDREN                          child’s name should not be included on the           CHRISTMAS GINGERBREAD
                                                  disc. Discs should be attached to the rear
South Australia Police together with the          of a child’s outer clothing.
Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of
South Australia are committed to ensuring         Anyone finding a lost child is asked to           Last year we had a wonderful time making
the safety of patrons attending this years’       immediately take the child to the                 gingerbread houses together. This year we
Show.                                             Showground Police Station or to any police        are looking to do the same activity with our
                                                  officer patrolling at the Show. Patrons           Tyndale family. SO WE NEED HELP!!!!!!!!
Children becoming separated or lost from          should not attempt to call the number on          Please call the Middle School Office on
their parents or caregiver can create             the disc themselves. Police will ensure           82825118 and let Kerry Lindqvist know to
significant distress, and have an adverse         appropriate care is provided until children       put your name on a list for… helping to cook
impact on the enjoyment for all concerned.        are reunited with their parent or caregiver.      the gingerbread pieces.
Prior planning by parents and caregivers          South Australia Police have praised the           We will be cooking about mid November - 2
and the use of the “IF I’M LOST” discs has        efforts of Show organisers in implementing        weeks before hand. Chef Kate will mix the
significantly reduced the number of children      this initiative and believe it will ensure they   batches of dough and teams of people will
becoming lost in the past three years.            are able to quickly reunite children with their   come to the cafeteria and help roll, cut, cook
                                                  parents.                                          and package the sets. This will be done
Parents and caregivers are encouraged to                                                            during the day till we have all our sets. Many
implement a simple strategy with their                                                              hands make light work. Please register your
children, should they become separated.                                                             name - Middle School Office on 8282 5118
Such a strategy could include arranging to             10 WAYS TO BE A CHAMPION                     and we will contact you soon with more
meet at a well known location and                                                                   details.
encouraging a lost child to seek help from                       DAD
an appropriate adult. Children should also               (from                Wendy, Kirsty and Kate – the gingerbread
be reminded of the ‘Stranger Danger’                                                                elves
                                                  1.  Respect your children's mother
                                                  2.  Spend time with your children
The use of the “IF I’M LOST” disc is designed     3.  Talk with, don’t lecture your child
to reunite lost children with their parents in    4.  Make clear rules; reinforce them with                YEAR 10 WORKPLACE
the event of becoming lost or separated.              love                                                  LEARNING DATES:
                                                  5. Be a positive role model
Parents and caregivers are advised to utilise     6. Be a teacher                                      Monday 25th September - Friday 29th
the “IF I’M LOST” discs at this year’s Show.      7. Eat together as a family                                     September
Discs are available from the following            8. Read to your children
locations at the Showgrounds, the Public          9. Show affection
Transport Information Booth, The Farmyard         10. Realise that a father's job is never done
Nursery, Information Booths and at the                                                                         STAFF PHOTO’S
Showground Police Station (all clearly            And we would add; have family outings or
                                                                                                    All offices, Main, Junior, Middle and Senior
marked on the Royal Adelaide Show map).           holidays together.
                                                                                                    Schools will be closed for all business at
Police recommend that an immediately              Chris Slade and Jan Lonsdale                      3:15pm on Wednesday 23rd August due
contactable mobile phone number be                Student Advisors                                  to Staff photos.
written on the reverse side of the disc. The      Tyndale Christian School

                                     THIS WEEK, BE PART OF A MIRACLE
                                                       Year 12 drama production presents

                                                 The Miracle Worker
                              The 2006 Year 12 drama class are presenting William Gibson’s “The Miracle Worker” the
                              story of Helen Keller. Helen is trapped in a world of darkness and silence. Deaf and blind,
                              she is unable to reach others or be reached. Helen reacts in frustration and violence
                              attacking those who love her and causing immense stress in her family. Unable to deal with
                              her, the family considers an asylum but in a last attempt to keep Helen at home employ a
                              teacher, Miss Annie Sullivan. Annie is barely 20, almost blind herself and as emotionally
                              burdened by her childhood as Helen is by her blindness. However, in Annie, Helen meets
                              her match. Both trapped, they need someone to unlock the door to freedom, not knowing it
                              would be the other.
                              Performance dates are Week 4 this term, Wednesday August 16th, Friday August 18th
                              and Saturday August 19th. Tickets are available at the front office. Adults $9:90 and all
                              concessions $7:70.
                              Please note that moderation night is on the Friday and a settled, supportive audience is
                                                  JUNIOR SCHOOL NEWS
              BOOK WEEK                                      CANTEEN NEWS                          teachers throughout Australia and New
                                                                                                   Zealand, but also the team contribution of all
This year we celebrate Book Week in week          Parents please throw out the old price list.     teachers in every school.
5 of Term 3 August 21-25.                         and put the new one up. This was sent out
The Theme this year is Book Now!                  on the 31st of July.                             Jackie Forrest is now eligible for considera-
                                                                                                   tion for an ASG Community Merit Award or
Book Week celebrates the Children’s Book          New Line - Sipahh straws, cost 50c. Must         National Teaching Excellence Award and
Council’s Annual Book Awards for the best         be bought with 300gm plain milk cost             grant. Congratulations Jackie, thank you to
in Australian children’s literature.              $1:00. A healthier drink for children with       the nominator, and 'well done' to all our
There will be an opportunity for the students     less sugar and 10c cheaper.                      teachers for doing a great job!
to Dress up on Friday 25 of August.
Dressing up is optional this year but children    We are still seeking help in the canteen on
who do dress up will get to parade for the        Wednesday’s. Please consider if you can
                                                  help.                                                    PE/SPORTS CORNER
junior school during our special Book Week
assembly on that day, 8:45- 9:30 in the           Contact Marg McElroy at school.                                This term we have Athletics and
Roy Magor Hall all parents, carers, grand-                                                                        Corporate Cup on. The
parents and friends are invited!                  Thanking you Marg McElroy                                        Corporate Cup Running
We have costume making books in the li-                                                                          teams have already been
brary if you need some inspiration!                                                                               selected and are currently
Please no scary costumes or weapons eg                   JUNIOR SCHOOL ART                                        competing at Mawson Lakes
swords, light sabres, guns.                                                                                  every other Wednesday. The
                                                  The Art room is in need of the following                    Athletics team is going to be
During that week there will also be fun activi-   items:
ties in the library at lunchtime and a special                                                     picked next week. Tryouts have been
lunch at Café Rise.                               Paper towel rolls                                happening since the first Wednesday back
We are all looking forward to celebrating         Corks                                            and will continue this week and next week for
                                                  Strips of foam                                   those students who want to try and make
Book week with you.
                                                  Clean margarine lids any shape (not              the team. Students who make the team will
Why not book tickets for this??                   containers)                                      also have training during lesson 6 & 7 on
                                                  Lids from jars (eg dolmio, vegemite, honey)      Tuesdays. A list of names will be posted on
WHO SANK THE BOAT?                                Empty match boxes & other tiny boxes             the Junior PE. Office.
“AN EXTRAORDINARILY INVENTIVE AND                 Plain fabric only in these colours: blue,        South Australian Ski/Snowboard
ENCHANTING SHOW”                                  green, brown.                                    Championships took place at Mt. Buller in
Lenny Ann Low Sydney Morning Herald               Please drop any of these items off into the      Victoria over the July holidays and was again
“A STRIKINGLY ORIGINAL PIECE ... A SYM-           trolley inside the southern door of the art      a huge success. There were over 30
PHONY OF EXCELLENCE”                              room.                                            schools represented in the competition with
Samela Harris - Advertiser Newspaper                                                               close to 350 competitors involved. Special
                                                  Thank you                                        congratulations to Kimberley and Josiah
A wondrous, theatrical story-fest, adapted        Ruth Bosse                                       Butler who both finished fourth in their
from eight of Pamela Allen’s most-loved                                                            respective divisions and qualified for the
books, using a host of inventive theatrics,                                                        Nationals.
incorporating puppetry, black-theatre, oper-        WE HAVE A NEiTA TEACHER
etta, mime, dance and live music.                                                                  A reminder to parents that students need to
                                                  The NEiTA Foundation has congratulated           have the correct drink bottle with water in it
“THIS IS THEATRE ALL CHILDREN SHOULD              our school on having a teacher nominated         for all PE lessons. They also need to have
SEE.”                                             for a National Excellence in Teaching Award.     their PE hat to be worn in all outdoor
Vanessa McCausland – Sydney Daily Tele-                                                            activities.
                                                  Jackie Forrest was nominated by members
                                                  of our community and this week was pre-          Sports Day Years 2 – 5 will be held Friday
Adelaide GP Season - Odeon Theatre                sented with a Certificate of Nomination at       1st September. A letter will be sent home
Aug 19 and 26 at 2:00pm                           School Assembly.                                 shortly.
Sept 2 at 12 noon + 2:00pm
                                                  The purpose of these prestigious Awards is       Michael & Sheree
Bookings 8218 8411                                to honour and recognise excellent teachers       Junior PE Dept.
From Your Resource Centre staff                   and highlight the work, not only of individual
                                              MIDDLE SCHOOL NEWS
     ENGLISH COMPETITION                              MINI MODULES DAY                           ALL YEAR 9 STUDENTS WITH
Congratulations to the following Middle                   Thursday Sept 21st                      AN INTEREST IN SCIENCE,
School students who gained significant        Students involved in Annie are learning a               ENGINEERING OR
awards in the recent English Competition.     new skill or practising in a team setting to             TECHNOLOGY
                                              put on the upcoming musical. Mini Modules
                                              Day is for the students not involved to learn     Any Year 9 student with an interest in
Credit          Alec Dawson
                                              a new skill and be involved in team activities.   science, engineering or technology is invited
Distinction     Vanessa Palumbo
                                              On Thursday of Week 9 (21st Sept.)                to attend The Siemens Science Experience,
6MCH                                                                                            a three-day hands-on science programme.
                                              We are offering over 15 different activities
Credit          Amy Sheridan, Ellia Whitten
                                              on mini modules day. Most modules do not          Thirty three programmes will be conducted
6MJO                                          cost any money but there are some which           in Australian universities in 2006/2007 for
Credit          Georgina Evans                do including rock climbing, bowling and           students who will be entering year 10 in
                                              cooking. There will be three sessions and we      2007. Each programme includes a wide
6MRO                                          will endeavour to give your child their first     variety of practical activities and
Credit          Jai Nankivell                 preferences wherever possible. A letter will      presentations by leading scientists and
Distinction     Lia Evans, Samuel Lloyd       be coming out to all students to select           engineers.
7DMO                                          modules.
                                                                                                The cost of the three day programme is
Credit          Michael Ernst, Alana Tiljak   We anticipate a great day and would love          $95:00.
7DPO                                          you to join us if you have some time spare to
                                              help out or run an activity teaching a new        Further information and application forms
Credit          Laura Baldwin, Laura Tunn                                                       are available from the school’s Science
Distinction     Joanna Watson                 skill or involving a team. Please contact me
                                     or 8250 7655 if          Department, Rotary clubs and from
7FKO                                          you would like to help.                 
Credit          Nicole McKay                                                                    Helen Mulders
                                              Helen Mulders
7PJO                                                                                            Key Leader Science
Credit          Sam Fontanelli
Distinction     Meg Gordon                                 EARLY NOTICE
                                                                                                  MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS
7RRE                                          Year 8 - 9 Camp Parent Information Evening            AND THE DELI BEFORE
Distinction      Jade Falco                   – Tuesday Aug 29th
High Distinction Louise Greaves                                                                           SCHOOL
                                              Kate Mitchell from Accompany Outdoors will
8HRE                                          be coming to Tyndale to present a                 It is not safe for you to come to school in the
Credit          Rebekah Mudri                 PowerPoint featuring the activities and           morning and then to go to the Deli. We
Credit          Craig Sincock                 schedule of the year 8 Outdoor Education          need to know where you are at all times.
Distinction     Rebecca Dawson                Camp. There will be a question time               Once you have been dropped off at school
                                              afterwards.                                       you are to stay at school.
Credit          Lana Bennetts, Alice          We will be camping in tents on Hindmarsh          This means going to the Deli, once you have
                Bitmead, Peter Button,        Island. The property is located near the          already been dropped off at school, is not
                Nour Harb, Giuliano           centre of Hindmarsh Island and has toilet         appropriate.
                Presentado                    and shower facilities, shelter shed and road
                                              access. Students on camp will be split into       In the Middle school you need to sign out at
8RMI                                          smaller groups which will be involved in          the MS office, with coordinator permission, if
Credit          Emily Thorpe                  kayaking and beach walking. Each activity         you leave the school grounds.
Distinction     Mana Nankivell                will be supervised by experienced and             If you get dropped off near the school, and
                                              qualified staff from both Accompany               your parents believe that you are walking on
                                              Outdoors and Tyndale Christian School.            to the school property and then you go to
Credit          Nicholas East, Luke
                Fairburn                      When: 7.00-7.45pm                                 the Deli then this is misleading.
Distinction     Bethany McGaw                 Where: Drama Room.
                                              Helen Mulders and the Year 8 team.
9BMA                                                                                                    YEAR 10 SUBJECT
Credit          Rebecca Barton, Sam
                Gordon                                                                               INFORMATION EVENING
                                                    UNIVERSITY OPEN DAY                           Monday 21st August, 2006 at 7.00 pm
Distinction     Jarrod Mayes
9ESC                                           There will be an Open Day for all                A Subject Information Evening will be held on
Credit          Jacqui Oxenberry, Cindy                 Universities                            Monday 21st August (Week 5 Term 3) at
                Smith                               Sunday AUGUST 20TH                          7.00 pm for all present Year 9 students and
Distinction     Imogen Davies                           10am – 4pm                              their parents.
9SBA                                          Write it in your diary NOW - Take a parent        This meeting is an important one where
Credit          Joel Garfoot, Luke George     or a friend.                                      information relating to Senior School and
                                              Ask lots of questions!!                           SACE will be given. There will be an
9TGA                                          Further Information:         opportunity for questions relating to Year
Credit          Ben Papandrea, Anita          openday/                                          10. This is the first step for students in
                Ward                                               selecting their subjects for 2007.
9TTR                                                           Career information               We do not intend for this to be a long
Credit           Lauren Jonas                                      meeting. It will be held in the Staff Lounge
Distinction      Nathan Randell                               which is located above the Cafeteria on the
High Distinction Ryan Graetz                                       first floor of Block 2 in the Senior Campus.
                                                              We look forward to seeing you there.
                                                                                                Les Kowald and Louise Lycett
                                             MIDDLE SCHOOL NEWS Cont
           SPORTS CORNER                                   MATHS - LET’S DO IT
                                                            for year 7 and 8 students
Salisbury East SAPSASA – Year 6/7 Boys
Cricket Team                                       Term 3 - 25th August 4.30-6.30 Hindmarsh         Thursday 21st Sept. 7:30pm
                                                                                                    Friday 22nd Sept. 10:30am
Selection trials for the Salisbury East District   Maths Let’s Do It is a Mathematical
                                                                                                    Friday 22nd Sept. 7:30pm
cricket team to play in Term 4 – 6th to 10th       Association of South Australia initiative that
                                                                                                    Saturday 23rd Sept. 7:30pm
November will take place as follows:               directly targets year 7 and 8 students who
                                                   like maths and aims to encourage their           Adults $10.00
Tuesday         22nd August                        interest and have fun. The session will          School Aged Children $5.00
Tuesday         29th August                        involve students working collaboratively to
Wednesday       30th August                        solve problems in a fun, supported,              Tickets will be released next week.
Tuesday         5th September                      challenging atmosphere. Qualified teachers       Contact the Middle School Office or use the
                                                   will lead the sessions.                          ticket order form provided to your child soon
From 4:00 pm–5:00 pm at Northern Jets                                                               to book your tickets.
indoor centre, Orange Ave, Salisbury (back         Comments from previous
of St Jays Recreation Centre).                     participants included:                           HELP NEEDED
                                                   ‘I love this!’ (student)                         We still require some parental help with
Boys need to be in year 6 or 7 to attend.                                                           costumes especially on our costume check
They need to bring their own equipment –           ‘This is so much fun it should be on twice a
                                                                                                    (Monday Sept 4th 3:00 – 5:30pm) Helpers
bat, pads, gloves etc or borrow some from          term!’ (student)
                                                                                                    must have a current police check lodged
school.                                            ‘I didn’t expect to enjoy taking my kids to a    with the school.
                                                   maths club so much – thanks, it was great
Short Course Swimming Championships                fun’ (parent)                                    CAST & CREW Reminder
Congratulations to Jenni O’Neil in 9SBA for                                                         Full Day rehearsal – Saturday September
                                                   Students and parents interested                  9th 10:00pm – 4:00pm
her efforts in the recent Short Course
                                                   in attending please email me on
Swimming Championships!
                                          or leave a              Please check our website for the rehearsal
Jenni swam in 11 events, winning 11
                                                   message at the middle school office.             schedule and other information.
medals: 7 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze.
                                                                                                    ( follow the links to
All of her swims were personal best times.         Cost: Gold coin donation.                        Middle School and Annie 2006)
Five of her times qualified her to swim at the     Helen Mulders Key Leaders Maths
Telstra Open Swimming Championships to                                                                  MIDDLE SCHOOL UNIFORM
be held in Hobart 25 – 28 August. Grant
Hackett, Michael Klim, Libby Lenton etc. will                                                       Personal Appearance of Students
all be there competing!!                                             SAMTQ
                                                                                                    •   All uniforms should be correct fitting.
Jenni also set 7 club records with her             For the first time ever year 8 and 9 students    •   Nails are to be kept clean and well
swims.                                             at Tyndale Christians School had the                 manicured, no nail polish.
She is currently in 2 state squads:                amazing opportunity to enter the South           •   Watches, medic-alerts, and one fine gold
Fisher and Paykel State Squad – state              Australian Maths Talent Quest or SAMTQ.              or silver necklace with one appropriate
development squad                                                                                       attachment are permitted.
                                                   Working either individually or in groups, they
Target London Squad – aiming to get her to         could produce a report, poster, model,           •   Hair should be kept clean and tidy.
the 2008 London Olympics                           written report, computer program,                •   Hair styles not permitted: shaved or
                                                   PowerPoint presentation or something else            "number one"; dread-locks; non-natural
Tyndale Year 6/7 Boys Football                     that involved Mathematics. Students were             colouring; extreme colouring, dyes or
We have just come to the end of the season         not limited to traditionally mathematic              bleaches; any other style that interferes
with the Lightning Carnival to be held             subjects as long as they could find a                with the wearing of the school uniform.
Saturday, 19th August. We had a very               mathematical application to their interest       •   Shoes should be polished regularly.
successful season with 7 wins and 3 losses.        area!                                            •   Sneakers may be worn for daily physical
Top goalkicker for the season was Joshua                                                                activity and on tennis/basketball courts
Coleman with 15 goals – well done, Joshua!!        The following students entered the                   at recess and lunch times.
Other top scorers were Joe Redding,                competition and received participation
Nathaniel Milton, Luke Sierp, Michael              certificates.                                    •   No T-shirts or skivvies are to be visible, if
Constantini and Tim Michael. Every player                                                               worn under shirts.
put in a great effort and each has improved        Year 8                                           •   Shirts are to be tucked in.
his game over the season!                          Michelle Bassett, Mana Nankievell, Sunny         •   Shirt cuffs are to be buttoned and
                                                   Luthra – Fibonacci and his sequence                  shirtsleeves not rolled up.
A big thank you to Shaun Ephgrave (Josh &                                                           •   Ties are to be worn properly with top
Jake’s dad) for his fabulous coaching efforts      Beth McGaw, Whitney Schultz – Magic
                                                   Squares                                              button fastened.
each Saturday morning – we really
appreciate all the hard work!! Thanks also to      Year 9                                           Girls
Rick Brockbank for helping out with coaching       TJ Lane, Ryan Muller - Tesselations              •   One pair of small sleepers or one pair of
on Thursday nights.                                David Fildes - Lissajous Figures                     studs (either of these in plain gold or
A big thank you to Debbie Lloyd for her help       Sam Gordon – Binary Code                             silver - no stones - for girls only and to be
and support throughout the season.                 Daniel Clarke, Ace Jelfs, Stephen Penglis –          worn in earlobes only).
                                                   Fibonacci and his sequence                       •   Hair Accessories: Ribbons, clips, and
                                                                                                        scrunchies must be in keeping with
                                                   Participation from all students was pleasing         school colours. Elastic hair ties must be
MIDDLE SCHOOL CHOIR                                and of particular note are TJ and Ryan who           in keeping with school colours or natural
                                                   covered their tessellation project by tiling         hair colours.
The Middle School Choir is                         with pizza shapes! It was also exciting that
commencing practice on Monday                      David’s entry won a prize and he is              Boys
afternoons from                                    anticipating the upcoming presentation
3.30 – 4.30pm in the Music Room.                                                                    •   No earrings or studs are permitted.
                                                   evening. Well done to all students involved.     •   Hair length must not be below the
All interested Middle School Students are          Helen Mulders                                        shoulder.
welcomed to attend.                                Key Leader Mathematics                           •   Trousers need to be fitted at the waist.
                                            MIDDLE SCHOOL NEWS Cont
                      UNIFORM DETAIL                                                              UNIFORM DETAIL
Boys Tyndale Uniform                                                        Girls Tyndale Uniform
Summer Uniform:                                                             Summer Uniform:
Compulsory:                                                                 Compulsory:
•   Regulation Grey shorts trousers                                         •   Green and white check dress. (Dress length to the knee).
•   Long or short sleeve green/white striped shirt                          •   White ankle or knee-hi socks
•   Grey socks                                                              •   Black lace-up shoes OR Dark brown sandals OR Black T-Bars.
•   Black lace-up shoes OR dark brown sandals                               •   Bottle green wide brim hat or Legionnaire hat OR School straw
•   Bottle green wide brim hat or Legionnaire hat.                              hat.
                                                                            •   Optional:
Optional:                                                                   •   School Bomber Jacket.
•   School Bomber jacket.
                                                                            •   Beige Stockings
•   Bottle green V-necked school jumper.
                                                                            •   Bottle green V-necked school jumper.
Winter Uniform:                                                             Winter Uniform:
Compulsory:                                                                 Compulsory:
•   Regulation grey trousers                                                •   Black-Watch skirt (knee length). Years 6 & 7 girls may still wear
•   Long-sleeve green/white striped shirt                                       the tunic if so desired.
•   Bottle green tie.                                                       •   Long sleeved beige blouse
•   School Bomber Jacket                                                    •   Bottle green tie.
•   Grey ankle socks                                                        •   School Bomber Jacket.
•   Black lace-up shoes                                                     •   Bottle green ankle socks or knee-hi socks or bottle green or
                                                                                black or beige tights.
Optional:                                                                   •   Black lace-up shoes OR black T-Bar shoes
•   Bottle green V-necked jumper.
•   Green or safety yellow or navy raincoat for wet weather.                Optional:
                                                                            •   Bottle green V-necked school jumper.
Sports Uniform                                                              •   Green or safety yellow or navy raincoat for wet weather.
•   Tyndale Polo Shirt.
•   Navy Blue Taslon shorts.                                                Sports Uniform
•   Tyndale sport sweat socks.                                              •   Tyndale Polo Shirt.
•   Sneakers.                                                               •   Navy Blue Taslon shorts.
•   Tyndale Tracksuit                                                       •   Tyndale sport sweat socks only.
•   Bottle green wide-brim hat or Legionnaire hat.                          •   Sneakers.
                                                                            •   Tyndale Tracksuit
                                                                            •   Bottle green wide-brim hat or Legionnaire hat.

                                                SENIOR SCHOOL NEWS
      PREFECT PERSPECTIVE                                  CERTIFICATE 1 IN                         The students completed the Basic First Aid
                                                                                                    Course and the S.A. Fire Brigade visited and
God’s faithfulness has taken on a deeper                     AUTOMOTIVE                             checked our Safety Procedures and gave
meaning for me since going on the Kenya                                                             guidance on use of fire extinguishers and
                                                 On 9th March, 2006, after
Mission Trip. Studying Year 12 for anyone is                                                        the fire blanket for emergency use. Health
                                                 much planning, collecting and
a hectic year without taking a month out to                                                         and safety procedures will continue to
                                                 consulting, the first
do a mission trip! A major concern for me                                                           completion of the course.
                                                 Certificate 1 in
when choosing to go on the trip was the
                                                 Automotive began in the
study I would miss out on and the work I
                                                 garage at Tyndale Christian                               YEAR 10 WORKPLACE
would have to catch up on, when I got back.
                                                 School under the guidance and instruction
God showed His faithfulness to me by             of Mr Peter Mott. Previously Mr Mott had                      LEARNING
confirming my decision to go through the         conducted shorter 5 week courses on                  Monday 25th September - Friday 29th
support, encouragement and prayers of            purchasing, emergency maintenance and                           September
others. While in Kenya I was able to get         care of a car in the work skills centre in the
                                                 senior school.                                     1. Students should be well underway to
some study done, a miracle in itself! As a                                                             booking a Placement for their
group, God united us together so we were                                                               Workplace Learning.
                                                 With the course due for completion in
able to support and care for each other.
                                                 Week4 of third term, the eight students
When I was going through tough times while                                                          2. All Pink Workplace Learning Forms are
                                                 from years 10 and 11 have achieved
away, I experienced anew God’s comfort and                                                             due to be returned to either Mrs Tiller in
                                                 success in Test, Service and Replace
peace and He spoke to me through the lives                                                             the ELC or the student’s Home Group
                                                 Battery and Apply Environmental
of others.                                                                                             Teacher by this Friday 18th August.
                                                 Regulations and Best Practice in a
Since coming back, the ‘dreaded’ workload        Workplace or Business.                             3. If students are having problems finding a
hasn’t overwhelmed me and I’m sure this is                                                             Workplace Learning Placement they can
                                                 The students have worked as two teams to
because it was God’s plan for me to go and                                                             come and see Mrs Tiller in the ELC
                                                 remove, clean and replace the engine parts
as He provided for me there, He is providing                                                           during Recess or Lunch Monday –
                                                 in the V8 Holden Kingswood and the 6
for me now.                                                                                            Thursday.
                                                 cylinder Ford . Written work reports have
Great is His Faithfulness.
                                                 also been recorded. Engine components              4. Students are able to use the phones in
Lisa Button                                      have been tagged with comments as to                  the ELC during Recess and Lunch if they
Head Girl Prefect                                problems.                                             need to contact employers.
                                             SENIOR SCHOOL NEWS Cont
             ROBOTICS                                2007 SUBJECT SELECTION                           NEW APPRENTICESHIPS JOB
                                                             PROCESS                                    PATHWAYS WEBSITE
In their leisure time and in school
curricula, students are frequent users          On Monday night a SACE Information                A new website has been launched to assist
of new technology.                              Evening was held for our current Year 10          people looking for New Apprenticeships job
                                                and 11 students. During the evening               and training information.
The University of South Australia has
encouraged Tyndale students to further this     information was presented on subject
                                                choices and SACE for 2007. If you were            The New Apprenticeships Job Pathways
interest through visits and hands on                                                              website ( is a
experiments and tasks at the Mawson             unable to make it on the night, your child
                                                should have or will be receiving soon the         Department of Education, Science and
Lakes campus of Uni SA.                                                                           Training funded resource.
                                                handouts from the evening. Please take the
In 2005 and now 2006, Uni SA students           time to look through the subject information      The new website is aimed at a broad range
have assisted Mr Peter Younger (Physics         booklet provided with your child, and discuss     of stakeholders from organisations working
teacher) with a Robotics course at Tyndale.     with them their subject selections for next       with New Apprenticeships such as RICAs
This involves students using/acquiring          year along with possible career pathways.         and LCPs, to individuals such as employers,
technological skills and creativity. The        An interview for every student will be set up     job candidates, students and Career
students work in teams and problem solve        during the next few weeks with either Mr          Development Professionals working in
collaboratively while using practical           Kowald or Mrs Lycett to discuss these             schools.
applications of science, maths, computer        subject choices with each student. If you are
systems and technology. Students                interested in being a part of this interview      The website features Job Pathway Charts in
construct a robot which is a physical, moving   process, please contact Alison Davies so an       over 40 industries, ‘self help’ job hunting tips
controllable, task designed robot.              appropriate appointment time can be made.         and over 2,000 Job Descriptions that
                                                                                                  provide a sample of the training content
Robotics is a new technology in the school                                                        relevant to specific New Apprenticeships
curriculum as well as the tertiary sector and                                                     occupations. This information can be
draws out different abilities and develops a         WANT TO BE A LAWYER                          printed out or emailed directly from the site.
broad range of skills. The students will gain
an understanding of levers and machinery,                Law graduates are sought after in        For more information go to
basic electronics and circuitry. They will               the commercial government & non
work from the design stage to testing,                   government sectors.
modification, adjustment and evaluation. The              The Bachelor of Laws covers
course will run through semester 2, term 3                                                              UNIVERSITY OPEN DAY
                                                family, public & criminal law. It can be
and into the beginning of term 4. It will       undertaken as a single degree or as part of
culminate in the student’s involvement in a                                                       There will be an Open Day
                                                a double degree program.                          for all Universities
Robotics Competition with students from
other schools.                                  CHECK IT OUT – 12.30 pm – Union Hall –            on Sunday 20th August
                                                Adelaide University on OPEN DAY Sunday            from 10 am–4 pm
                                                August 20th 2006                                  Write it in your diary NOW -
         PARENT-TEACHER                                                                           Take a parent or a friend.
           INTERVIEWS                                  CONGRATULATIONS                            Ask lots of questions!!
              Years 10 and 11                                                                     For further information regarding session
      Wednesday 30th August, 2006               Congratulations go to the following students      times and locations contact:-
          4.00 pm – 9.00 pm                     for participation in and completion of the
                                                Alternative Learning Options Program              University of Adelaide
Time has been set aside for you to come         (ALOP) in Semester 1, 2006:                       openday/
and discuss your son/daughter’s progress                                                          Flinders University
with his/her teachers. This is also an          James Barber, Damon Bennet, Thomas
opportunity to discuss subject choices for      Bitmead, Ryan Bonfield, Cherie Brown, Ben
2007. The interviews will be held in the        Davidson, Aaron Herbert, Milos Marjanovic
Resource Centre which is located on the         Sarah Marsland, Joshua Owens, Nicholas                WORRYING ABOUT LIVING
ground floor of Block 1 in the Senior           Papas, Joshua Rees, Caleb Schutz, Stefanie              COSTS WHILE DOING
Campus. Forms have been sent home via           Thyer                                                    TERTIARY STUDY?
your child, however more are available from
the Senior School office if needed.                                                               Are you …?
Alternatively you may call Alison Davies on                    JOB SITES:                         • financially eligible to receive Youth
8250 7655 to arrange appointment times.                                                              Allowance benefits for fulltime education;
                                                                    •   enrolled, or planning to enrol, in a
         MATHS TUTORING                                                 fulltime approved course of study at
                                                                             university, TAFE or college in 2007;
Maths tutoring is available for all Senior
School Maths and Chemistry students every       My child doesn’t know what to do                  •   the child or grandchild of a person who
Wednesday (note change of day) after            when she grows up!                                    has operational service with the
school in 3F19 from 3:15 to 4:15.                                                                     Australian Army, Navy or Air Force, or if
                                                •   Think about the subjects your child likes.        not has three or more years continuous
This is an opportunity to                       •   What are the interests and hobbies?               fulltime service as a member of the
    get some individual help every week                                                               Australian Defence Force.
    to get help on the occasion when a          Check the site
    particular topic is causing difficulty      Research the careers of interest.                 You may be eligible for an Australian
    to catch up on missed lesson time           Talk to people who study or work in that field.   Veterans’ Children Assistance Trust
                                                Plan how to get the skills & knowledge to         (AVCAT) scholarship. If you would like more
Students do not have to stay for the whole      enter that field.                                 information, please make an appointment to
time if that’s not convenient.                                                                    see Mrs Lycett.
                                                Mrs Daniel
Anna Williams and Rachel Griffen
                                            SENIOR SCHOOL NEWS Cont
         UNDERGRADUATE                                UniSA – UNIVERSITY                            Netball; Our Open Girls team found Pool A
                                                                                                    tougher this year and lost 28 – 48 to
          SCHOLARSHIPS                             ORIENTATION PROGRAMME                            Gleeson College last week. Thanks to all the
Scholarships for Commencing Students                         (UOP)                                  girls who have played this year and to Miss
                                                                                                    Mott and Kay Morcombe for coaching.
The University of Adelaide manages a             This program, over six consecutive Fridays,
number of scholarships, sponsored by the         provided Year 11 students with the                 Tyndale State Volleyball Champions!
                                                 opportunity to study first year university         The Open Boys Volleyball team played in the
University, the Commonwealth Government
                                                 content and find out what it is like to learn in   finals series of the state knockout volleyball
and private donors, which provide
                                                 a University environment.                          (pool B) last week. The top 6 regional
assistance for students about to start at
                                                                                                    winners from across Adelaide and country
                                                 The program was held at the Mawson Lakes           areas competed at Marion with our boys
As well as the limited number of                 Campus and students attended from                  winning the event. They played excellent
scholarships offered to students with            11.00am – 1.00pm during term two.                  volleyball and had to beat Edward John Eyre
outstanding results in Year 12, there are                                                           school (Whyalla) who have won the event
                                                 The students were given a campus tour and          three times previously, and Norwood-
also a large number of other scholarships
                                                 attended lectures and tutorials in various         Morialta School in the gold medal match. The
available for students from rural, regional or
                                                 faculties within the university. Those areas       boys are undefeated in 9 knockout matches
isolated areas, or from low socio economic
                                                 included Business, Health Science,                 this term and will soon start training for the
backgrounds. Students who may not be top
                                                 Environmental and Education.                       Australian Schools Cup Volleyball
achievers in terms of Year 12 results but
who have particular difficulties in meeting      The students who attended found the                Championships in December
the costs of attending University may be         experience to be very practical and were
eligible for a number of these scholarships.     enthusiastic about their future studies as a
Some scholarships also assist students with      result of the program.
disabilities, Indigenous students and
students from non-English speaking
backgrounds.                                                SPORTS CORNER
Details of scholarships for undergraduate        Congratulations to Year 10 student
students are available from:                     Shenae Hosking who was selected in the SA
                                                 Christian Schools U 16 basketball team
•   The University of Adelaide’s scholarships    which played in the National Christian
    website at                                   Schools basketball championships in                  Melbourne. Her team finished third.
    scholarships/undergrad/ or,                                                                     1 Coach Trestrail, 3 James Callado, 7 Adrian
•   By contacting the University’s Student       Soccer Results: Our open boys team were            Kmiotek, 15 Brad Dalglish, 23 Alex
    Centre phone (08) 8303 7335 or,              defeated 4 - 7 by Salisbury East last week         Chuykrom, 19 Sam Booth, 17 Stephen Rees,
    email:        with Stephen Rees, Rocco Catanzariti,              11, Nick Lavithias, 12 Andrew Paull (Capt.),
                                                 Nathan Woods, Chris Madaras and Chris              22 John Fischer
When these scholarships are open for             Casiero playing well against a very strong
application, the forms can be downloaded         team.
from the website or obtained from the                                                               Year 10 student John Hayes entered the
                                                 The year 10 boys also played Salisbury East        Jacobs creek 54 hole golf event at Pt.
Student Centre. Applications for most            and after a scoreless first half came from
scholarships for 2007 will open later in                                                            Augusta last week. The event attracts
                                                 behind to win 3 -2 in an exciting match.           players from all over our state and runs for
2006 or at the beginning of 2007.                Coach Mr. Vega now has to prepare the              three days. Playing against senior men John
Please do not hesitate to contact the            team for their next match against                  scored in the mid - low 70's for his three
University at any time to find out more about    Craigmore High in week 5.                          rounds and finished 4th overall; an
scholarships                                                                                        outstanding achievement!