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									                                    MOTION     The clubMINI Inc. Newsletter

 Vol 1 No. 1                                                                                                    September 2005

Welcome to clubMINI & Motion                                         When the time eventually came for the
                                                                     interim committee to stand down and make
Dear Members,
                                                                     way for the newly elected clubMINI
                                                                     committee…. one K Baker was overheard
It has been quite some time coming, but
                                                                     declaring that next year would be his year to
welcome to Motion, our Monthly Magazine
                                                                     wrangle away the Presidency from Geoff
detailing the news and events of clubMINI
Inc. here in Victoria.
                                                                     Overall, there were no major surprises with
Please feel free to contribute stories, articles
                                                                     the results of the voting, with most interim
and any general information that you think
                                                                     committee members being re-elected and
should be passed on to our club members.
                                                                     accepting positions on the new committee.

                                                                     The night was a great success and enjoyed
                                                                     by all, especially those who were lucky
                                                                     enough to be rewarded with a DVD, clubMINI
                                                                     & MINI apparel won as part of the AGM

                                                                     A very special thank you to both Ben and
                                                                     Meneres MINI Garage for hosting the night
                                                                     and providing catering and raffle prizes….
                                                                     your ongoing support of the club is greatly



August 31 saw clubMINI Victoria hold it’s first
Annual General Meeting at Meneres MINI
Garage in Brighton.

About 30 members and guests turned up to
take part in the AGM, cast their vote for the
appointment of the new committee for 2005-
2006 and catch up with friends for another
                                                                           President Geoff Vernon delivers his acceptance speech
clubMINI AGM – Cont.                              Member Profile

The new committee as elected is:                  Name: Dan
                                                  Car: Mini Cooper S
Geoff Vernon           President                  Colour: Dark Silver
Danny Van Gils         Vice President
Terrence Slocum        Secretary                  Why a MINI?:
Carolyn Vernon         Treasurer                  I fell in love with the car the first time I saw it
Danny Van Gils         Motorsports Captain        and decided I had to have one.
Chris Bick             Events Organiser
Kevin Baker            Merchandise                What is your favourite movie?:
Michael Daniel         Club Photographer
                                                  Probably The Matrix
Daniel Hingston        Newsletter Editor
Stephen Frost          Committee Member
Chris Jacobs           Committee Member           What are you currently listening to in your
Alan Redpath           Committee Member           MINI?:
                                                  A mixed collection of songs on my ipod.
Congratulations to the committee. We wish
them luck in the running of the club over the     What do you do for a crust?:
next twelve months.                               Insurance Broker
                                                  Does your MINI have a name?:
                                                  Yes.. George
clubMINI helps celebrate the 2               nd

birthday of Kingsway MINI                         What is your best MINI memory?:
                                                  The first time I sat in the car.
Birthday celebrations were in the air as
clubMINI was invited to help celebrate the        What is your worst MINI memory?:
2nd Birthday of Kingsway MINI Garage.             The first time I saw the sales invoice

Over 15 clubMINI cars were on display as          What do you do for fun?:
part of our Show ‘n’ Shine.                       Fun… is that work?

Kingsway MINI put on a great day with lots of     What is your nickname?:
giveaways, a free BBQ and a visit from the        Doona
Red Bull MINI and the Fox FM Black
Thunders.                                         Are you planning any modifications?:
                                                  Yes… several

                                                                     Dan’s Cooper S
             A table full of MINI cupcakes
clubMINI Merchandise                              Trading Post

Get the latest look and be the envy of all your   Got something MINI related to sell… drop us
friends with official clubMINI apparel.           a line and we will post a free ad for you in our
                                                  Trading Post… for example:

clubMINI Cap                 $25.00               2003-04 MINI Cooper S One Ball exhaust
members price                $18.00               system, VG Condition $150.00
                                                  Call Dan - 0409 544 044
clubMINI Polo Shirt          $40.00
members price                $30.00               Coming Events

                                                  Mark your calendar for the first weekend in
                                                  November as clubMINI puts on it’s first
clubMINI Fleecy Jumper $50.00                     observation run.
members price                $40.00
                                                  Full Details to be provided in the next issue.
clubMINI Stadium Jacket $75.00
members price                $60.00               Next Month….

                                                  • clubMINI obtains CAMS Affiliation!!
                                                  • Results of the clubMINI Inc. Survey
clubMINI Bomber Jacket $120.00                    • Full report on the MINI Traveller Concept
members price                $95.00

clubMINI Stickers            $ 2.00

Order forms can be obtained at any clubMINI
event or by emailing


DVD: Story of the MINI                                       Don’t forget the Website:
Don’t forget, we still have a limited number of
‘The Story of The MINI’ DVD’s available.

A great gift idea for yourself or
that someone special and a
bargain at only $10.                              Editor ………… ……………………….Daniel Hingston
                                                  Photographer………………………….. Michael Daniel
Speak to Kev Baker to                             Email…………………
organize your copy before they are all gone.
                                                                     ClubMINI Inc.
                                                                     PO BOX 604
                                                                   Lilydale Vic 3140

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