ATHENS TOWNSHIP SUPERVISORS
                              March 5, 2008 7:00 PM

The meeting had been called to order by Chairman Ron Reagan at 7:05 PM to hold the
Dandy Mini Marts, Inc. Zoning Ordinance Amendment Hearing, which concluded at 7:57
PM. Supervisors present were Robin Smith, Cheryl Wood-Walter, Maurice Fay and Jack
Walter. The special meeting continued at 7:58 PM.

Voice of the Residents:

       Roman Rosh of Roman Way was present to ask if there was anything set up to
clean up the area of 220 by the K-Mart exit. Maurice said as soon as it warms up he will
have the Boy Scouts do this. Roman said he feels bad that anyone who comes into the
Valley on 220 sees that mess, and he wished there was something more that could be
done. Maurice said trash collects there because people just don’t care.

        Robin reported that Susan Sperrazza had sent her an e-mail concerning drainage
issues at her property on Wilawana Road. The Board has been looking into this and
Maurice is actively contacting people in that area to see what historical information can
be obtained on the area. Susan told Robin she had pictures showing the “ditch” being
filled in, which she says causes drainage problems at her property. The Board asked
Robin to send a letter to Mrs. Sperrazza to request copies of the pictures as they may be
helpful to us in resolving this issue.

Cheryl asked Ed Reid about the car with advertising located at the entrance of Visions
Federal Credit Union on Elmira Street - is it OK for that to be there? Ron said he thinks
it is in the ordinance that it cannot be located there. He remembers this issue with Wal
Mart parking cars in their greenspace. Ed will check on it.

Ed asked for guidance as to what can be done about a barn with extensive fire damage on
the corner of Glen Valley Road and Front Street in East Athens. He had received a
complaint on this. Ron advised Ed to check the property maintenance ordinance to see if
there is something in that he can use for an unsafe building. Robin asked about the old
foundation on Round Top Road that could have been a major issue in the bus accident
that happened there last week. Jeff and Ed will look at the property maintenance
ordinance and determine how to handle these issues.

Ed also reported that there is a property on Murray Creek Road that has a terrible mess of
junk cars and junk in general and he asked how he should proceed with that. Jeff told Ed
to cite them for the junk cars at this point and they will look to see if he can be cited for
the other issues as well.

Ron found the section of the ordinance that deals with the car issue at Visions – Article 4,
Section 439.B: “Displays shall be situated so as to meet all applicable setback
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Athens Township Supervisors
March 5, 2008

requirements of the district in which they are located. No promotions (temporary or
otherwise) may be permitted within required buffer or setback areas”.

Jeff presented the police pension ordinance for review, but did not have the non-
uniformed ordinance with him. Corrections were made to the police pension ordinance
and the non-uniformed ordinance will be reviewed and corrected as well upon receipt.
On motion of Robin, second by Maurice, it was unanimous to have Jeff advertise both
ordinances WITH CORRECTIONS for approval and adoption at our March 26, 2008

Ron asked the Board if it would be a good idea to put the old loader out for bid to see if
we might get more than the $12,000 that Cleveland Brothers is allowing us for a trade-in.
Discussion was held. It was decided just to trade the loader in to Cleveland Brothers.

Robin had requested the actual Notice of Intent to Remediate re: the Cohen property that
was not included in their initial notification. She advised the Board that we have 30 days
to comment, and she feels we should be on the record to make sure they are aware of
floodplain issues, setback issues and other zoning/building permit issues that would need
to be resolved before they choose a location for their building. On motion of Ron, second
by Maurice, it was unanimous to send a letter to DEP and a copy to Mr. Campbell
advising them of our concerns.

Chairman Reagan took the Board into executive session for litigation and personnel
issues at 8:40 PM. The regular meeting reconvened at 9:55 PM.

On motion of Maurice, second by Cheryl, it was unanimous to abandon the levy by the
District Magistrate for Forman, and to file the judgment with the Prothonotary’s office.

On motion of Robin, second by Cheryl, it was unanimous to remove the charge to Bob
Walter’s clothing allowance for his rain gear purchased at Tractor Supply on 2-5-08 for
$34.96 and have the township pay that charge as Bob was never issued rain gear upon
hire as required by the Union contract; and to charge the purchase of Bob’s bomber
jacket purchased from Bradco Supply Company on 2-15-08 for $85.50 to his clothing

Jack Walter and Ray Brobst met with Nick Ball on 3-4-08 concerning Brown Road. On
motion of Robin, second by Jack, it was unanimous to have Bruce Benish do a survey of
Brown Road to determine the centerline and exact location of the road and right-of-way.

Robin reported that there will be a multi-jurisdictional emergency management drill on
March 18th. Our participation will probably begin around 3 PM, and will require some of
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Athens Township Supervisors
March 5, 2008

the employees involved to stay beyond their regular work day. Robin asked if we should
ask those employees to adjust their workday hours or will we just pay overtime to those
who go beyond their 8-hour day (the drill should not last past 7 PM). Discussion was
held. On motion of Ron, second by Maurice, it was unanimous to just pay overtime and
not adjust schedules.

There being no further business, on motion of Robin, second by Jack, it was unanimous
to adjourn the meeting at 10:10 PM.

                                           Respectfully submitted,

                                           Robin L. Smith

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