HIGH SCHOOL CODES
(363022)        Alta Loma              (363037)    Etiwanda                  (363030)    San Andreas/Highland
(363042)        Apple Valley           (363330)    Fontana                   (363584)    San Bernardino
(363052)        Ayala                  (363055)    Fontana A.B. Miller       (363608)    San Gorgonio
(333021)        Banning                (363040)    Hesperia                  (363023)    Serrano
(363132)        Bloomington            (363390)    Montclair                 (56781)     Sierra
(363080)        Barstow                (333377)    Moreno Valley             (363074)    Sultana
(333047)        Beaumont               (363499)    Orangewood                (363674)    Twenty-nine Palms
(363106)        Big Bear               (363448)    Ontario                   (363758)    Upland
(363222)        Cajon                  (363468)    Pacific                   (363765)    Valley View
(363220)        Chaffey                (363057)    Rancho Cucamonga          (363801)    Victor Valley
(363036)        Chaparrel              (363504)    Redlands                  (363850)    Yucaipa Senior
(363250)        Chino                  (363077)    Redlands East Valley      (363861)    Yucca Valley
(363274)        Colton                 (600000)    Other out of state        (XXXXXX)    Other California
(800000)        Other foreign          (363059)    Rialto                    (00000)     No High School
(363300)        Eisenhower             (363526)    Rim of the World

                                             COLLEGE CODES
                           ***DO NOT USE THESE CODES FOR FINANCIAL AID PURPOSES***
CODE            COLLEGE                                         CODE       COLLEGE
(196140)        California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (365594)   San Bernardino Valley College
(366184)        California State University, San Bernardino     (337797)   University of California, Riverside
(365210)        Chaffey College                                 (368700)   University of Redlands
(335125)        College of the Desert                           (365790)   Victor Valley College
(365211)        Crafton Hills College                           (600000)   Out of state college
(355403)        Mount San Jacinto College                       (700000)   Foreign college
(335687)        Riverside Community College                     (000005)   Other California


              ALL FEES ARE SUBECT TO CHANGE                  If you are a California resident, you may be
                      WITHOUT NOTICE!                        eligible for a California Community Board of
                                                             Governors fee waiver.        Check with the
     x     State-mandated Enrollment Fee: $20.00             Financial Aid Office. Federal financial aid
           per unit.                                         applications are also available from the
     x     Mandatory Student Health Fee: $17.00 per          Financial Aid Office or in most district high
           semester (Fall/Spring), $14.00 Summer             school counseling offices. Applications should
           ($1.50 if enrolled in Distributed Education       be submitted at least 10 weeks prior to the
           classes only.)                                    beginning of the semester to allow adequate
     x     Associated Students Membership Fee:               processing time.
           $5.00 per semester.
     x     Student Representation Fee: $1.00 (SBVC           Note: No person subject to the federal Military
           only.)                                            Service Act shall be eligible to receive federal
     x     Campus Parking Permit: $20 for Fall.              financial aid if they have not registered for
                                                             Selective service in accordance with the act.
     Note: Special admissions procedures are required
     for courses in Nursing (SBVC), Psychiatric
     Technology (SBVC), Police Academy (SBVC), Fire
     Science (CHC), Radiology (CHC), Respiratory Care
     (CHC), and EMS (CHC).

                                                       ACADEMIC PROGRAM CODES
Program Codes          Description                                          Program Codes          Description
Associate of Arts                                                           Associate of Arts
V.AA.ACCT              Accounting                                           V.AA.LIBART/BIOPHYS    Liberal Arts - Biological/Physical Sciences
V.AA.ADJUS             Administration of Justice                            V.AA.LIBART/HUMFNART   Liberal Arts - Humanities/Fine Arts
V.AA.ARCH              Architecture and Design Studies                      V.AA.LIBART/SOCBEHAV   Liberal Arts - Social/Behavioral Sciences
V.AA.ART               Art                                                  V.AA.MUSIC             Music
V.AA.BUSAD             Business Administration                              V.AA.RADIO             Radio
V.AA.CD                Child Development                                    V.AA.RTVF              Radio, Television, Film
V.AA.CIT               Computer Information Technology                      V.AA.REALST            Real Estate
V.AA.DIGITAL           Digital Film Production                              V.AA.RM                Restaurant Management
V.AA.EARLYINT          Child Development - Early Intervention & Inclusion   V.AA.SITESUPER         Child Development - Site Supervisor
V.AA.ESCROW            Escrow                                               V.AA.TV                Television
V.AA.GRAPHICD          Graphic Design                                       V.AA.UNDECIDED         Undecided
V.AA.HUMSV             Human Services                                       V.AA.UNDECLARED        Undeclared
V.AA.LIB               Library Science
Associate of Science                                                        Associate of Science
V.AS.ADVAUTOBDY        Advanced Auto Body & Paint Tech                      V.AS.ELECPOWTECH       Electrical Power Technology
V.AS.AIRPOWER          Air Power Plant                                      V.AS.FLIGHT            Flight Operations and Management
V.AS.ASTRON            Astronomy                                            V.AS.GEOG              Geography
V.AS.AUTOTECH          Automotive Technician                                V.AS.GEOL              Geology
V.AS.AUTOTRANS         Automotive Transmission                              V.AS.INSPECT           Inspection Technology
V.AS.AUTOTUNE          Automotive Tune-Up                                   V.AS.MACHTECH          Machinist Technology
V.AS.BASAUTOBODY       Basic Automotive Body & Paint Technician             V.AS.MATH              Mathematics
V.AS.BIOL              Biology                                              V.AS.NURSE             Nursing
V.AS.BIOCHEM           Biochemist                                           V.AS.PHARM             Pharmacy Technology
V.AS.BIOTECH           Biotechnology                                        V.AS.PHYSICS           Physics
V.AS.CAD/CAM           Computer Numerical Control: CAD/CAM                  V.AS.PSYTCH            Psychiatric Technology
V.AS.CHEM              Chemistry                                            V.AS.REFRIG            Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
V.AS.COMPDRAFT         Computer-Aided Drafting                              V.AS.TOOLDIE           Tool & Die
V.AS.COMMENGTECH       Communications Engineering Technology                V.AS. WELDCONS         Consolidated Wedling
V.AS.COMPENGTECH       Computer Engineering Technolgoy                      V.ASWELDTECH           Welding Technology
V.AS.COMPS             Computer Science                                     V.AS.WHEEL             Wheel Alignment & Brakes
V.AS.DIESEL            Diesel Technician                                    V.AS.WSE               Water Supply Engineering
Certificate                                                                 Certificate
V.CERT.ACCT            Accounting                                           V.CERT.GASMETAL        Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
V.CERT.ADJUS           Administration of Justice                            V.CERT.GASTUNGSTEN     Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
V.CERT.ADMINASST       Administrative Assistant                             V.CERT.GENELECT        General Electrician
V.CERT.ADVAUTOBDY      Advanced Automotive Body & Paint Tech                V.CERT.GENWELD         General Welding
V.CERT.AIRFRAMEMAIN    Airframe Maintenance Technician                      V.CERT.GIS             Geographic Information Systems
V.CERT.ALCHDRGS        Alcohol/Drug Studies                                 V.CERT.GRAPHICDSGN     Graphic Design
V.CERTARCHDRAFT        Architectural Drafting Technician                    V.CERT.HEAVYDUTYDIES   Heavy-Duty Diesel Technician
V.CERTASOCTCH          Associate Teacher                                    V.CERT.HUMSV           Human Services
V.CERT.AUTOTECH        Automotive Technician                                V.CERT.INFANT          Infant Development
V.CERT.AUTOTRANS       Automatic Transmission                               V.CERT.INSPECTION      Inspection Technology
V.CERT.AVIONICSTECH    Avionics Technology                                  V.CERT.LAA             Legal Administrative Assistant
V.CERT.AVIATIONMAINT   Aviation Maintenance Technician                      V.CERT.LIB             Library Technology
V.CERT.BASAUTOBODY     Basic Automotive Body & Paint Technician             V.CERT.MACH            Machinist Standard
V.CERT.BASMACOP        Basic Machine Operator                               V.CERT.MACHTECH        Machine Techology
V.CERT.BIOTECH         Biotechnology                                        V.CERT.MASTERTC        Master Teacher
V.CERT.BOOKKEEPING     Bookkeeping                                          V.CERT.MECHYDPNEU      Mechanical Hydraulics/Pneumatics
V.CERT.BSCOPERCNC      Basic Operation Comp Numerical Control               V.CERT.NON-PROFIT      Governmental & Non-Profit Accounting
V.CERT.BUSAD           Business Administration                              V.CERT.OFFICECLERIC    Office/Clerical
V.CERT.CAD/CAM         Computer Numerical Control: CAD/CAM                  V.CERT.PHY             Pharmacy Technology
V.CERT.CAREERSPEC      Career Specialist                                    V.CERT.POLICEBASIC     Police Science Basic Law Enforcement
V.CERT.CASEMGMNT       Case Management                                      V.CERT.POWERMAIN       Powerplant Maintenance Technician
V.CERT.CIT             Computer Information Technology                      V.CERT.PSYTCH          Psychiatric Technology
V.CERT.COMMENGTECH     Communications Engineering Technology                V.CERT.RADIO           Radio
V.CERT.COMPENGTECH     Computer Engineering Technolgoy                      V.CERT.RTVF            Radio/Television/Film
V.CERT.COMPSCI         Computer Science                                     V.CERT.RAILWAYOP       General Railway Operations
V.CERT.COMPDRAFT       Computer-Aided Drafting Technician                   V.CERT.REALST          Real Estate
V.CERT.CONSENG         Construction Engineering Technician                  V.CERT.REFRIG          Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
V.CERT.DIETAIDE        Dietetic Aid                                         V.CERT.RM              Restaurant Management
V.CERT.DIETSRVS        Dietetic Service Supervisor                          V.CERT.RETAIL          Retail Management
V.CERT.DIGITAL         Digital Film Production                              V.CERT.SCHOOLAGE       School Age
V.CERT.DINERMSRV       Dining Room Service                                  V.CERT.SHIELDEDMETAL   Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
V.CERT.EARLYINT        Child Development - Early Intervention & Inclusion   V.CERT.SITESUP         Site Supervisor
V.CERT.EATDISORDER     Eating Disorders Studies                             V.CERT.TAX             Tax Preparers
V.CERT.ELECPWR         Electric Power Technology                            V.CERT.TEACHER         Teacher
V.CERT.ELECTECH        Electronics Technology                               V.CERT.TOOL&DIE        Tool & Die
V.CERT.ENGINEPERF      Engine Performance                                   V.CERT.TV              Television
V.CERT.ESCROW          Escrow                                               V.CERT.WAREHS          General Warehousing
V.CERT.FAMDACARE       Family Child Care Provider                           V.CERT.WELDCONS        Consolidated Wedling
V.CERT.FLUXCORE        Flux Core Arch Welding (FCAW)                        V.CERT.WEBMULTI        Web & Multimedia Design
V.CERT.FOODPREP        Food Preparation                                     V.CERT.WHEEL           Wheel Alignment & Brakes
V.CERTFOODSRVC         Food Services                                        V.CERT.WSE             Water Supply Engineering


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