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Process Hair Straightening

If you are tired of your curly locks, hair straightening is a hair styling process which you can
use. Chemical hair straightening also called relaxing. This process of hair straightening
changes the basic structure of wavy hair. Chemical hair straightening is best done by a
professional who is thoroughly conversant with the process as well as one who has a proven
track record of success with straightening hair. It is advisable to get a strand test done before
starting the process of hair straightening. This test will reveal the texture, porosity and
elasticity of hair that would help the hair stylist to decide on the strength of the hair
straightening relaxer that need to be used. A hair strand test will also lead to hair
straightening hair stylist if you use a conditioner-filler on the hair before applying the
chemicals or if a lower layer of the oil protection is necessary. A hair strand test to be
undertaken before the straightening process of hair could follow any of these methods:

* Pull the hair to determine their degree of elasticity
* Finger test
* Apply a small amount of relaxer to determine the hair reactions.

The process of hair straightening it also depends on hair type. The chemically lightened or
colored hair of the fine could do with a mild relaxer formula while the normal and medium
textured hair can withstand regular strength relaxers. The thick hair relaxers stronger need to
achieve hair straightening to the extent required. The chemicals used in the process of
straightening hair include:

* Formula Relaxer
* Neutralizer
* Oil Cream
* Special Shampoo
* Hair Conditioner that relaxes/p>

Process of hair straightening:

1. A protective petroleum cream is usually applied on the hair and scalp if hair is damaged or
has been subjected to chemical treatment now.

2. The hair relaxer formula is then applied. This chemical is what straightens out the hair

3. After the appropriate time limit, the relaxer clears out the hair with warm water and

4. A neutralizing formula is applied to the hair and restores it to rust later its pH balance. This
is to the effect of the relaxer.

5. A conditioner, cream or liquid, is then applied to the hair, depending on their condition.

Hair too curly or damaged hair may need special attention when entering to straighten the
hair. Such hair may need to be conditioned before relaxer is applied. Seriously damaged hair
best left alone to recover before undertaking a treatment that straightens hair. Instead, careful
conditioning and regular fashion would go a long in restoring it to its previous texture.

Hair straightening chemicals
Sodium hydroxide is the strongest of the relaxers and can give the most dramatic results for
straightening hair. This hair straightening chemical is caustic in nature and will soften the hair
and fibers will swell as well. When this hair straightening chemical is applied, it penetrates the
cortical layer and breaks the cross-linking. Narrow at the inner layer of the hair shaft providing
strength, elasticity and the form for curly hair. A solution of sodium hydroxide of about 5 10%
it will be appropriate for straightening hair. Anything stronger can cause damage to hair
because of its high alkaline content.

Guanine hydroxide is a hair straightening chemicals of low intensity. A conditioning treatment
for hair before using this hair straightening chemical is advised.

Acts of ammonium thioglycolate differently as it causes a change in coupling the cystine of
hairs. With a pH of about 9.5, this hair straightening chemical is available as a cream or gel
and is usually preceded by a hair softener.

Precautions while undergoing treatments hair straightening

Protective cream base oil is generally applied to the scalp and hair areas have been subject
to straighten before. Apply a protective cream around the hairline and over the ears to avoid
any allergic reaction. With hair straightening relaxer should not be allowed to come into
contact sores or abrasions. Avoid combing through the hair when straightening treatment hair
is in the process. Since hair straightening involves changes in the natural elasticity of the
hairs, hairstyle might make you stretch and break.

Treatment Hair Straightening

The care and special ongoing treatment is essential to maintain the effects of straightening
hair. The hair straightening again should not be allowed to become brittle and stiff. Hair that
has been subjected to treatment that straightening hair is more porous and has a tendency to
become duller in appearance. The appropriate shampooing and rinsing is necessary to
prevent this. Use deep conditioning and detangling of products is recommended to smooth
out the hair and prevent damage to the hair cuticle. Limit use of hot blow dryers and styling
tools. Remember that hair straightening should be followed with extra special aftercare.

Revolutionary hair straightening system, ionic bio system

A revolutionary treatment in the hair retexture is the system of Ion-Retexturing also known as
thermal reconditioning. This treatment aims to effectively straighten all types sans hair
damage that can be caused by techniques conventional hair straightening. This technique of
hair straightening gap works to allow the natural negative ion clusters break water molecule
into micro particles thus allowing the formula penetrates the hair shaft. In this fashion, the hair
is straightened without breaking its internal structure. Ion with this hair straightening system,
you can eliminate the use of sodium hydroxide or guanidine hydroxide.

This formula must be used together with an iron of Ion-Retexturing to deliver natural negative
ions to hair. With this system, the hair shaft is well hydrated and improves the tensile strength
of hair and leave retextured and rejuvenated.

Description: Hair straightening is a hair styling process which you can use. This process of hair straightening changes the basic structure of wavy hair.