Predator Traileye XP Camera - 5.0 MP by vaharaon2


									                 Predator Traileye XP Camera - 5.0 MP

                                   Technical Details

                                 Product Description
   When it comes to a simple, dependable, and affordable trail camera, look no further than the
TrailEye XP. it's the perfect balance of picture clarity, trigger speed, battery life and new Dragon
 IR technology. This infrared technology allows the user to capture true infrared images with no
    red glow. Images and videos can be captured out to 50 ft. Onetouch setup with eight preset
image and video options. Take 5.0, 3.0 or 1.3megapixel day photos; 1.3megapixel night photos;
    and five or 15second videos. The hypersonic 3/4ofasecond trigger will catch anything that
  crosses this camera's path. Date, time, temperature and moonphase stamp. Battery life of up to
six months operating on 10 AA batteries (not included). Stores images and video up to 16GB on
      either an SD card (SD cards sold separately) or USB drive (not included). Lifetime case
          guarantee against bear attacks. Also has a fourdigit'security code to deter thieves.


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