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      April 2009

      From the Director's Pen

      Epilepsy South Africa hosted its National Directors and National Board meetings from 17 -
      21 March 2009. Our meetings took place in Parys, Free State, where our Free State &
      North West Branch is based. I want to thank the Free State Branch Board, Director and
      personnel for their hard work during our meetings, receiving all the delegates in such a
      friendly manner and being willing to assist where needed. Please visit them if you are
      located in that area - it is a true example of a well run organisation. The government agreed
      when they visited the Residential Care Centre recently. More about the meeting in the body
      of this newsletter...

      Some general news:

      The national office 2009 wine auction will be hosted on 25 June 2009. Please obtain your
      tickets for this event as soon as possible as only 400 guests can be accommodated and
      this is definitely a function that you do not want to miss.

      National Epilepsy Week will be celebrated from 15 – 21 June 2009, with National Epilepsy
      Day taking place on 21 June 2009. Please phone your local Epilepsy South Africa
      Branches to slot in with their Epilepsy Week programmes and to celebrate the rights of
      people with epilepsy.

      I hope that all of you will enjoy the month of April, which is such a short month due to all the
      public holidays! May those that celebrate Easter have a blessed Easter and I hope that you
      will visit the voting stations on 22 April to cast your vote in our national elections.


      Noeline de Goede
April E-news Contents:

       Highlights from the Directors meeting in Parys: (By the National Director)
       Greek Evening at the Ocean Basket - Parys: (By Tertius Meyer, Epilepsy
        South Africa Free State and North West)
       We do not Break new Ground – We build on it! (Epilepsy South Africa Free
        State and North West)
       Epilepsy South Africa Self-Employment Impact Evaluation: (By Marina
       Health and Human Rights: (By Anthea Emmanual, Epilepsy South Africa
        Western Cape)
       Chemcity supporting SMME DEVELOPMENT in the Free State: (By Marina
       L'espirit de Vin - A Charity Wine Auction in support of Epilepsy South Africa:
       Back our buddy - Steven Densum

Highlights from the Directors meeting in Parys: (By the National

*Epilepsy South Africa has appointed its first National Fundraiser, Ms. Fatima Abrahams,
who commenced employment on 1 April 2009. It is the first time in the history of Epilepsy
South Africa that all the entities within Epilepsy South Africa contribute financially to the
appointment of a personnel member and this shows the level of camaraderie and support
within our organisation. We are very excited about the appointment as Ms. Abrahams will
work towards raising funds from national and international donors to ensure the financial
sustainability of Epilepsy South Africa as a whole. We wish Ms Abrahams well and know
that despite her challenging task that she will enjoy her employment with Epilepsy South
*The six Branches of Epilepsy South Africa received R R597 028.17 from participating in
the 2008 Casual Day Event. The Gauteng Branch of Epilepsy South Africa has won our
internal award for the Branch selling the most Casual Day stickers and we congratulate
them for their outstanding effort. Casual Day takes place every 1st Friday in September
and I ask that every person and company support Epilepsy South Africa in increasing the
amount of stickers we sell as the monies raised through Casual Day assist us in rendering
our services to people with epilepsy.
*The National and Branch constitutions of Epilepsy South Africa will be changing. A draft
national constitution has been supported for adoption at our National AGM which will take
place on 1 August 2009 in Cape Town. The Branch Constitutions will be adopted at the
respective Branch AGMs during the month of August and September 2009. Please contact
your local Branch if you wish to attend their AGM.
*Epilepsy South Africa has achieved through obtaining more than R1,8 million worth of
marketing (television, radio and print media) free of charge with the assistance of Tomcat
Marketing Agency. We want to thank Tomcat Marketing Agency, the respective media
outlets and Ms Drikie Snyman (National Office Marketer and Fundraiser) for their hard work
and dedication, making this a reality and decreasing discrimination towards people with
epilepsy through this media campaign.
* Ms Marina Clarke, the National Economic Development Manager shared the successes of
Epilepsy South Africa in respect of economic development, especially in terms of the SIYB
programme. Through this programme individuals are trained to further train community
members and members with disabilities to start their own businesses for economic gain. Ms
Clarke has also launched a formal impact assessment research programme, which will
showcase the true impact of economic development programmes within Epilepsy South
Africa over the last two years.
* Epilepsy South Africa has commenced with the development of its national statistical
database system, which will collate all the statistics regarding services rendered within
Epilepsy South Africa as a whole on a monthly basis. DVT is currently providing scoping
services to Epilepsy South Africa free of charge, for which we want to thank them. Based
on the outcome of the scoping the actual statistical system will be developed.

Please contact us at info@epilepsy.org.za for more or detailed information on any of these

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Greek Evening at the Ocean Basket - Parys: (By Tertius Meyer,
Epilepsy South Africa Free State and North West)

On 17 March 2009 Epilepsy South Africa – Free State and North West Branch had a very
successful fundraising project. At the event we served Fish and Chips, had a lucky draw,
broke some plates the Greek style and had lots of fun. It was a wonderful feeling to have all
the directors from the different branches present at the event. Apart from all the directors
that visited our branch for the week we experienced for the first time that all our tickets were
sold out within a week and a half. The support from the public was so overwhelming that
we had to organize a second event for 19 May 2009. Thank you to every one that helped to
make this evening so great especially to Shaun and the staff of Ocean Basket in Parys for
your excellent services and support.

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We do not Break new Ground – We build on it! (Epilepsy South Africa
Free State and North West)

During the past year we had a wonderful partnership with the NDA with regards to our
Community Vegetable Gardens. Now a new partner – Chem City - came on board that will
take our Vegetable Gardens to new heights. Four tunnels were donated and we received a
contract to produce 3000 seedlings per week. With these tunnels and the support of Chem
City we are going to make a bigger impact on the lives of the people in our community
vegetable gardens.

Continued building in another sence - BBBEE training by Marina Clark

One has to become more and more in touched with the movements in the economy. One of
these movements is BBBEE. On Monday 23 March 2009 Marina Clark (National
Development manager of Epilepsy South Africa) presented a very insightful training
session on BBBEE that was open to the public. People came from as far as Vanderbijlpark
and Sasolburg and were very impressed and said that they learned more than they
bargained for. With Training our branch has became more visible in the eyes of the
business people of this region. Marina, Thank you for presenting an extremely valuable
presentation and assisting us in the up-liftment of our community.

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Epilepsy South Africa Self-Employment Impact Evaluation: (By Marina

Impact is generally defined any difference which can be attributed to an intervention and an
impact assessment/evaluation is generally conducted to measure and prove impact of

During February 2006 Epilepsy South Africa launched an entrepreneurial development
programme through the hosting of a Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) Training of
Trainers (TOT) seminar held in Gauteng. This programme was expanded to include not
only the SIYB Programme, but also the Vuk‟Uzenzele Programme and Income Generation

The National Office intends conducting an impact assessment to provide feedback to
various role-players (including funders, partner organisations and Branches) and to
measure impact of training interventions at both the organisational and enterprise levels.

The intention is to measure impact both quantitatively and qualitatively. This implies that, in
addition to measuring the number of beneficiaries reached and changes in income levels of
such beneficiaries, the assessment will also measure changes in terms of cognitive
functioning (changes in knowledge levels), affective functioning (changes in attitudes) and
psychomotor functioning (skills development and application). Furthermore, attention will be
given to the development of independently functioning trainers, client satisfaction and
business performance indicators.

In order to measure qualitatively, the assessment will focus on various aspects of

* Independent trainers: Implementation of programme designs, accreditation assessments.

* Client satisfaction: Outreach, training provision, follow-up services, value for money

* Cognitive and psychomotor functioning: Completion of business plans, application of
knowledge and business practices, utilization of material during and after training.

* Affective functioning: Changes in attitude (i.e. dependence versus independence).

* Business performance: Turnover, sales, assets, decrease of costs, job creation, job
quality issues.

The following tools will be used during the assessment:

* SIYB monitoring and evaluation tools (activity reports, entry forms, assessment forms);

* Accreditation assessment tools (interviews, training observation, feedback from

* Case studies;

* Questionnaires;

* Short and medium term evaluations conducted previously.

This evaluation will be rolled out during the 2009/2010 financial year with final reports
anticipated by April 2010.

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Health and Human Rights: (By Anthea Emmanual, Epilepsy South
Africa Western Cape)

As we have celebrated Human rights Day on the 21st March, I thought it would be
appropriate for me to write about something pertaining to Human Rights. As we are all
aware, human rights are something which is enshrined in our Constitution. As South
African citizens, we should exercise our rights, but we find that it is often violated,
especially to people with disabilities as they are one of the vulnerable groups.

As a developmental organization, that renders services to people with disabilities, the focus
of our intervention is socio economic empowerment and epilepsy education. It is through
epilepsy education that we engage with various sectors such as education, health in an
effort to eradicate the myths surrounding epilepsy and to teach people how to manage the

Through our interventions with clients and in communities, we are often exposed to human
and health rights violations that are reported to our organization. Some of these examples
• Lack of access to knowledge and information of Human Rights (SA Bill of
Rights/International Conventions etc).
• Problems relating to access to health services and medication(long queues at health care
facilities-patients often have to return the next day for their medication particularly in rural
• Lack if information and knowledge about their condition (Healthcare providers do not
always explain the diagnosis and treatment options).
• People with epilepsy often experience discrimination by virtue of their condition (people
are uninformed and therefore stigmatize and socially exclude the person from civil society).
• Violations of personal dignity, respect and confidentiality.

How do we as an organization address these issues? We have an excellent epilepsy
education and training programme running in the Community Health Care Centers (CHC‟s)
which aims to educate and inform people about epilepsy and how to manage the condition.
It is through these educational sessions that we will include information about human rights
in order to make people aware of what their rights are, and how they can go about ensuring
that it is not violated.

Epilepsy South Africa‟s programmes are being shaped to ensure that the reported
violations are minimized and that measures are put into place to report and manage the
perceived violation. The organization networks with various stakeholders in the community
and attempts to collectively ensure the protection of Human and health rights for all.
Epilepsy South Africa Western Cape will continue to carry through the theme of Health and
Human Rights during Epilepsy Week which will be from 15 – 20 June 2009.

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Chemcity supporting SMME DEVELOPMENT in the Free State: (By
Marina Clarke)

The Director of Epilepsy South Africa‟s Free State & North West Branch, Mr Gary
Westwood reporting early in March about a meeting with Chemcity.

Chemcity‟s website describes the company as “a wholly owned subsidiary of Sasol
Chemical Industries [which] acts as a business incubator to facilitate the establishment of
independent downstream SMME‟s in the chemical and related sectors. By embarking on
this socio-economic initiative Sasol has aligned itself with the two important national
strategies of job creation and broad-based BEE.”

Since June 2004 Chemcity assisted with the establishment of a cumulative total of 85
enterprises/projects resulting in the creation of more than 1,470 jobs. While the initial focus
was on the chemical sector, enterprise development activities will be expanded to include
the development of suppliers for Sasol and related or adjacent businesses.

Chemcity assists entrepreneurs and their businesses in both the start-up and growth
phases of development. Start-up assistance includes idea generation, concept
development, concept evaluation, feasibility studies, assisting with the development of
bankable business plans and obtaining funding. These services are core to Chemcity‟s
function and are provided by using internal Chemcity and Sasol resources. Growth phase
assistance includes business support (legal, marketing, financial), technical assistance,
technology development support, public relations and communication and branding. As
these services are specialist they are only deployed as and when required by external
service provided as opposed to in-house. However, business support up to the business
plan phase and technical support are in-house services.

Mr Westwood reports that Chemcity will be assisting the Branch in the development of their
„Fire Bricks Enterprise‟ and the provision of vegetable tunnels. This will be expanded into
providing tunnels for the Branch‟s community vegetable gardens. Chemcity met Bongani
Ntshingila and Elvis Mhlohlo (SIYB Trainers) and expressed approval in terms of the quality
of Epilepsy South Africa‟s SIYB TOT programme, the training offered by the Bongani and
Elvis and the Epilepsy South Africa Income Generation and Job Creation manual.

Although Chemcity generally does not support organisations such as Epilepsy South Africa,
focusing on black individuals, they were willing to support the organisation based on the
work undertaken in assisting small businesses, especially by incorporating people with

Mr Westwood is looking forward to the strengthening of the Branch‟s economic
empowerment project through the interaction with Chemcity and thanked the National
Office of Epilepsy South Africa for the guidance provided.

Source: Epilepsy SA Free State & North West Branch and www.chemcity.co.za

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L'espirit de Vin - A Charity Wine Auction in support of Epilepsy South
Epilepsy South Africa invites you to join them as they travel to France for one night only. Be
sure to mark the 25th of June 2009 in your diary, because you can't miss the third
instalment of the Epilepsy South Africa Wine Auction. A fine collection of national wines
from reputable farms will be auctioned, so expect to be enthralled by the mastery of
Cellars, as Epilepsy South Africa becomes your French connection for the evening.

Epilepsy South Africa has to be creative in raising funds and awareness toward the cause.
This is why they have launched the annual Wine Auction two years ago. The events they
organise are of class and quality, and has become rather reputable - which shows just how
proud Epilepsy South Africa is of their work. Definitely set apart from the rest!

“Esprit de Vin” - Epilepsy South Africa's third Wine Auction will be held on the 25th of June
2009, at The Rotunda, the exquisitely beautiful venue of Bay Hotel in Camps Bay, South
Africa. The theme of this Auction is France, the thread that links South Africa's rich wine
history to one of the greatest wine producing countries in the world. First brought to South
Africa's sunny shores by the French Huguenots, the French established what was to
become the very backbone of South Africa's, now thriving, wine industry. In this, they pay
homage to the history of wine.

The evening promises to be extra romantic. Famous French landmarks, decadent French
cuisine and entertainment will charm the much appreciated guests. You will be swept away
literally and in the “Esprit de Vin” of the moment experience an evening of class and
enjoyment which will surely leave you in awe.

International award winner and popular French chanteuse, Daniele Pascal will take the
stage to entertain the guests with her charming voice. Each guest will also receive a special
gift, to make the evening memorable: “the more senses you include in an experience, the
better the experience will be”. And by the looks of it, the sights, sounds, tastes and scents
of the French theme will make one feel like being in France.

This is certainly a trip that can not be missed! Note that no passports are required as
association with the organisation will give you special clearance. For more information
please contact Drikie at funddev.no@epilepsy.org.za
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Back our buddy - Steven Densum

Epilepsy South Africa aims to partner with people that live their lives to the full, even with
epilepsy. We all know the celebrities that proved this possible, but we often do not realise
that the heroes are also among us.

The National office came in contact with such a local hero and decided to partner with him
in creating awareness for the organisation at 2010 Argus. Steven Densum is living in
Welkom and a person with epilepsy that overcame every single thing that was said in his

Please follow this story as we approach the Argus 2010, but help us to create exposure
and raise funds on Backabuddy for Steven or become a champion for the organisation in
what you do. For more information go to www.backabuddy.co.za

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