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       Issue 7, May 2007                Dates for your diary
Welcome to the latest issue of
Essex Cloth Nappy News. This            Thursday 31 May, 9.30 - 11.45pm, Nappy
                                        Clinic, Radwinter Road Health Visitor Clinic,
newsletter is for everyone who uses,    Saffron Walden.
or is thinking about using washable
                                        Friday 1 June, 10 - 12 noon, Nappuccino at
nappies. Our aim is to keep you up to   The Quaker Meeting House, Church Street,
date with what’s going on in the        Colchester. Contact Dee on 01206 751393.

world of nappies, to answer your        Monday 4 June, 10 - 12 noon, Nappuccino at
questions, and to share encouraging     Wickford Health Centre, Market Road,
                                        Wickford, SS12 0AG. Contact Emma on 01268
stories. This is your newsletter, so    763712, or Jo on 01268 455043.
we want you to take part!               Tuesday 5 June, 1.15 - 2.45pm, Nappuccino,
                                        Millennium Community Centre, Recreation
Do you have a story to share? A tip     Ground, Baddow Road, Gt. Baddow, CM2 9RL.
to pass on? A question to ask other     Contact Shirley Gray, 0779 386 1915.

nappy users? We would love to see       Thursday 7 June, 9.30 - 11.30, Nappuccino,
some more cute, cloth nappy-            Chestertots, Congregational Chapel, Carmel
                                        Street, Great Chesterford. Contact Hannah on
wearing Essex babies, so why not        01799 530272.
send me a snap of your little one
                                        Friday 8 June, 7 - 9.30pm, Pregnancy
looking lovely in a washable? Please    Information Evening, St John’s Hospital, Wood
send your comments, questions and       Street, Chelmsford. Contact Nicola Leslie,
                                        Midwife Co-ordinator, 01245 513355.
photos to Kay Beighton at              Saturday 30 June, 11-3pm, Pregnancy and
                                        Birth Fair, Wilson Marriage Centre, Barrack
                                        Street, Colchester. NCT fair with workshops on
                                        subjects including breast feeding, baby
                                        massage and cloth nappies. Contact Dee on

                                        01206 751393.

                                        Tuesday 3 July, 1.15 - 2.45pm, Nappuccino,
                         in pink        Millennium Community Centre, Recreation
                                        Ground, Baddow Road, Gt. Baddow, CM2 9RL,
                                        Contact Shirley Gray, 0779 386 1915.

                                        Friday 13 July, 7 - 9.30 p.m. Pregnancy
                                        Information evening, St John’s Hospital, Wood
                                        Street, Chelmsford. Contact Nicola Leslie,
                                        Midwife Co-ordinator, 01245 513355.

                                        Five-month-old Catalina Hammond came to a
                                        recent Nappuccino in Wickford with mum
                                        Helen. She is wearing a pink terry square
                                        secured with a Nappi Nippa
Up and down like a Yoyo...
The disposable nappy world makes a big fuss about                            Lycra sides mean they are easy to pull up and down.
how pull-up nappies make changing toddlers easier                            The large size fits from 18 months to three years,
and help their transition into wearing pants. But                            while the XL fits up to age seven. Price £11.99
when it comes to cloth, the most popular two-part                            each, more info on
systems usually require a lying
                                                                                                 Wickford nappy agent Jo Haward
down change and are impossible for
                                                                                                 suggests the new Swaddlebees all-in-
most toddlers to escape unaided,
                                                                                                 one, which has just come onto the UK
even if you wanted them to.
                                                                                                 market. It’s a slim-fitting, poppered
I have had several requests at                                                                   nappy with an added pocket for extra
roadshows recently for pull-up cloth                                                             absorbency if required. Made with
nappies, so with the help of some of                                                             PUL and velour, they come in a range
our local nappy agents, here are                                                                 of plain colours. They cost around
some suggestions for those who                                                                   £12 each, or Jo is able to organise a
want to try a pull-up.                                                                           trial of the nappy for £4.50 for three
                                                                                                 weeks. See or
Dee Tiffin, a Colchester nappy                                                                   contact Jo on 07973 445043.
agent, suggests the Yoyo nappy by
Minki (pictured), which is a                                                                Finally, Sharon Heinrich, a Saffron
stuffable, meaning that as potty                                                            Walden based agent, suggests the
training progresses the amount of stuffing can be                            Fuzzi Bunz – another poppered pocket nappy that
reduced until it is used empty as a training pant. The                       can be pulled up and down. It is made from fleece
Minki Yoyo comes in standard fit or a slimmer                                and comes in bright colours. They cost £12 each and
fitting version called the Slinki Minki Yoyo, and all                        are available from or
are hand-made in Scotland from funky fleece                                  through Sharon if you are local,
fabrics. They have poppers at the side, but stretchy               

                                                                             New secondhand nappy
                                                                             website fills Ebay void
                                                                             Despite a huge outcry from mums, and a petition
                                                                             with more than 5,500 names on it, Ebay has yet to
                                                                             back down over its ridiculous new policy of not
                                                                             allowing secondhand nappy sales.

                                                                             The good news is that in addition to the sites I
                                                                             mentioned last edition, a new used nappy sales
                                                                             website has gone online. Mum Sarah Bennett was
                                                                             so incensed by Ebay’s policy that she has set up
                                                                   , which currently offers free
                                                                             listings, including two photos and free buy-it-now or
                                                                             reserve prices. The only fees payable are a 5% final
                                                                             fee on all sales.

                                                                             The website is conveniently divided into nappy
                                                                             brands, from Bambino Mio through to Wonderoos,
Mums at St Peter’s Hospital in Maldon now have a new                         and at the time of writing there were 73 different
nappy board, showing them a terry, prefold, pocket
nappy, all-in-one, three types of two-part sized nappies                     auctions in progress. As the site is new there are
and two varieties of multi-fit, plus wraps and liners.                       some real bargains, so check it out!
Essex Cloth Nappy Network: Essex Cloth Nappy News is published on behalf of Essex County Council’s Recycling Team 01245
437318. Mention of any nappy manufacturer or retailer is for information only, and does not constitute a recommendation from Essex County Council.

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