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     A selection of six rounds of         Our fully attended service includes
sandwiches on white, brown or granary      setting up fountain at designated
                bread                      location, provision and service of
    Garnished and ready to serve            selected dipping items, ensured
                                        smooth running of fountain throughout
                £8.95                    the event, plates & napkins, removal
                                         and cleaning of the fountain after the
                                                         event                    OUTSIDE CATERING
                                         Prices start from £2.00 per head (min
     Choice of Homemade Soup                            30 people)
           Roll & Butter
       Assorted Sandwiches
           £3.20 per head                 Choose from the Suggestions below or
                                               request your own dessert

 INDIVIDUAL SALAD BOXES/PLATES          Individual confectionary      £0.75
                                        Individual cream cake         £0.95
    Comprising of lettuce, tomato,      Individual sweet portions     £1.40
        cucumber, coleslaw
      sweetcorn, peppers, egg           Whole sweets           From £10.00
     And a filling of your choice       (e.g. Gateau, Cheesecake, Banoffi pie,
                                        Apple per Pavlova, Lemon Meringue)
                                        £0.00 Pie, head
        From £2.45 per head

             PIE & PEAS
                                        To discuss requirements please contact
      Choice of Homemade Pie                      The Craven Bakery
            Mushy Peas
            Mint Sauce                             7 Sackville Street,
                                                   Tel: 01756 797770
           £2.50 per head                               SKIPTON
We offer a range of flexible outside catering                   MENU 1                              MENU 5
options, hot or cold, that can be tailored to
individual requirements or simply selected              SANDWICH SELECTION             SANDWICH SELECTION
from our menus.                                           SAUSAGE ROLLS                CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS
                                                             QUICHE                     SAVOURY PINWHEELS
We provide catering facilities for a wide                    CRISPS                  CHEESE & PINEAPPLE STICKS
range of events:                                                                            BRUCHETTA
                                                            £2.50 per head                   GALA PIE
      AFTERNOON TEAS                                                                         QUICHE
      PARTIES                                                  MENU 2                        CRISPS
      GRADUATION PARTIES                               SANDWICH SELECTION                     £4.95 per head
      WEDDING RECEPTIONS                                  VOL AU VENTS
      CHRISTENINGS/NAMING DAYS                           SAUSAGE ROLLS
      OFFICE MEETINGS                                                                              MENU 6
                                                              CRISPS            SELECTION OF HOME COOKED MEATS
If you don’t require a full buffet why not ask
us to provide:                                                                       CRUSTY ROLLS & BUTTER
                                                            £2.95 per head             ASSORTED PICKLES
      TEA & COFFEE MAKING FACILITIES                                                  ASSORTED SALADS
                                                                MENU 3                     COLESLAW
      PIE & PEA SUPPERS                         £0.00 per head
      SOUP & SANDWICHES                                                                     QUICHE
                                                        SANDWICH SELECTION                  GALA PIE
      SANDWICH PLATTERS                                 SAUSAGE ON STICK
                                                          SAUSAGE ROLLS         £0.00 per head
                                                                                             £6.50 per head
This leaflet details a selection of sample                  PIZZA SLICE
menus. These are designed to illustrate                       QUICHE
what we can provide and indicate a price                      CRISPS                       CHILDREN’S PARTIES
range.                                                                            (Served as a buffet or individual lunch boxes)
                                                            £3.25 per head
Menus can be altered to suit taste or                                                    SANDWICH SELECTION
pocket. Items can be added, removed or                                                   MINI SAUSAGE ROLLS
                                                                MENU 4
exchanged; starters and desserts can be                                                 CHIPOLATA SAUSAGES
included such as fresh fruit or individual                                                 CHICKEN NUGGETS
                                                        SANDWICH SELECTION
cakes. Tea and Coffee making facilities can      £0.00 per head                                MINI PIZZA
                                                    CHEESE & PINEAPPLE STICKS
also be provided.                                                                          CAKES & BISCUITS
                                                        VEGETABLE SAMOSAS
                                                                                       FRUIT JELLY OR YOGHURT
                                                                                £0.00 per head
                                                           SCOTCH EGGS
If items required are not listed, please ask
                                                             PORK PIE
                                                                                 (Party Bags can be provided as an extra if
Prices include paper tablecloth, plates and                                                      required)
napkins, delivery and setting out of buffet
All prices are exclusive of VAT                  £0.00 per head                                £3.95 per head
                                                             £3.75 per head