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					                                                                LUNCHEON MENU
                                TEL:      519-899-2961         FAX:       519-899-2495          EMAIL:

             A                              B                              C                              D                              E

3/4 Sandwich / Per Person        One Assorted Croissant /      1.5 Deli Sandwich / Person         Assorted Submarine             Seafood Luncheon
      Relish Tray & Dip                    Person                 Relish Tray - Crudités           Sandwich / Person         Market Greens with Crab
 Petit Fours (2 per person)        Relish Tray - Crudités         Assorted Cheese and            Relish Tray - Crudités        Kiwi Clam Tray (3 per
Choice of Pop, Milk or Juice    Petit Fours (2 per person)             Cracker Tray               Assorted Cheese and                  person)
           or Water            Choice of Pop, Milk or Juice    Petit Fours (2 per person)             Cracker Tray               Shrimp Tray (3 per
    Plates, Napkins and                   or Water            Choice of Pop, Milk or Juice     Petit Fours (2 per person)              person)
           Utensils            Plates, Napkins and Utensils              or Water             Choice of Pop, Milk or Juice    Seafood Quiche (2 per
                                                              Plates, Utensils and Napkins              or Water                       person)
                                                                                              Plates, Utensils and Napkins   Petit-Fours (2 per person)
                                                                                                                               Choice of Pop, Milk or
                                                                                                                                   Juice or Water
                                                                                                                                Plates, Utensils and
       Price: $7.95                  Price: $ 9.25                  Price: $ 10.95                  Price: $ 10.95
                                                                                                                                  Price: $ 11.95

             F                             G                               H                               I                             J

 Assorted Rolls and Butter      Choice of Pizza Deluxe or     Boneless Breast of Chicken         Continental Breakfast          Luncheon Elegance
         Caesar Salad                    Prima Vera                      Club
    Relish Tray- Crudités          (2 slices per person)
                                                                                               Assorted Pastries (1.5 per    Lemon Peppered Chicken
           Lasagna                     Caesar Salad
                                                                     Toppings:                          person)                        Breast
  Italian Green Beans and            Whole Fruit Tray
                                                                Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato          Bagels & Cream Cheese        (On a Bed of Baby Greens
            Risotto             Petit Fours (2 per person)
                                                                Onions, Pickles, Cheese       Assorted Muffins, Danishes,       with a Roasted Red
 Petit Fours (2 per person)      Assorted Cold Beverage
                                                                 On a Soft Kaiser Roll               and Croissants              Pepper Dressing)
Choice of Pop, Milk or Juice   Plates, Napkins and Utensils
                                                                                                    Whole Fruit Tray                Fancy Tortes
           or Water
                                                                                                      Bottled Juice           Assorted Cold Beverage
     Plates, Utensils and                                              Potato Chips
                                                                                                  Coffee, Tea or Water          Plates, Napkins and
           Napkins                                                  Sliced Fresh Fruit
                                                                                              Plates, Napkins and Utensils            Utensils
                                                                Assorted Cold Beverage
                                                              Plates, Napkins and Utensils

     Price: $ 12.95                  Price: $10.95                  Price: $11.95                    Price: $5.95                 Price: $ 11.95

            K                               L                              M                              N                             O

  Rolls, Bread and Butter         Rolls, Bread and Butter         Nutrition Luncheon           Assorted Hot Appetizers            Chicken Wings
 Salad Greens & Dressing         Salad Greens & Dressing                                        Relish Tray – Crudités          (Assorted Flavors)
    Potato & Vegetable              Potato & Vegetable                Cold Cut Tray             Cheese & Cracker Tray         Relish Tray - Crudités
Petit-Fours (2 per person)      Petit-Fours (2 per person)          (3oz per person)          Petit-Fours (2 per person)     Cheese & Cracker Tray
   Choice of Beverage               Choice of Beverage        Whole Wheat Buns & Butter       Choice of Pop, Milk, Juice        Petit-Fours (2 per
   Plates, Napkins and         Plates, Napkins and Utensils   Market Salad With Dressing               or Water                       person)
     Utensils Included                    Included                Relish Tray - Crudités         Plates, Napkins and           Choice of Pop, Milk,
                                                                 Cheese & Cracker Tray             Utensils Included              Juice or Water
     Entree Selection               Entree Selection                Fresh Fruit Tray                                           Plates, Napkins and
                                                                                                                                 Utensils Included
                                                              Choice of Pop, Milk, Juice or
   Barbecue 1/4 Chicken             Breaded Shrimp                        Water
    Chicken Cacciatore             Peppercorn Steak           Plates, Napkins and Utensils
    Chicken Parmesan             Barbecue 1/2 Chicken                    Included
  Southern Fried Chicken        Roast Top Sirloin or Beef
      Veal Parmesan                   Salmon Loin
Sweet & Sour or BBQ Pork
 Lemon Peppered Pollock

                                     Price: $ 15.95                 Price: $ 10.95                  Price: $11.95                 Price: $ 11.95
     Price: $ 12.95

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