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									                      Classroom Procedures

Morning Arrival:
  1. Greet your teacher 
  2. Go to your cubby and unpack your book bag completely (put lunch box in cubby and
      homework/notes in basket). Be sure to bring only the necessary items to your desk
      (including your homework agenda). You will not be allowed to return to your cubby until
       the end of the day unless to retrieve lunch (money).
   3. Read the board for any morning messages/special notes, etc.
   4. Sharpen 2 pencils so that you have them ready for the day.
   5. Begin morning work.
Tardies (arriving after 9:15 a.m.):
   1. When you arrive at school, go directly to the office.
   2. Sign in and receive a pass to class.
   3. Come to class and put the pass on my desk.
   4. Make up any morning work that you missed.
   1. Bring a note stating the reason for your absence, signed by a parent/guardian.
   2. Place the note in the Parent Notes tray.
   3. Check your desk for missed assignments. It is your responsibility to make up any/all
       assignments that you missed while you were absent.
Give me 5(to get students‟ attention or if classroom is too noisy):
   1. Be silent.
   2. Be still.
   3. Listen.
   4. Hands free.
   5. Eyes on the speaker.
Class Participation:
   1. Raise your hand to be recognized to speak (during whole group). In small groups or with
       partner, wait until the other person is finished talking before you begin.
   2. Offer your opinions and ideas freely.
   3. Respect each other‟s opinions and ideas when they are speaking.
Hand Signals for obtaining permission to leave the room during instructional time:
   1. Raise three fingers (sign language for W) to get water.
   2. Raise two fingers (sign language for R) to go to the restroom (remember how you to travel
       in the hallway).
   3. One finger over mouth and two fingers in the air for peace and quiet (no talking).
Hallway Travel – For Specials, Lunch, Fire Drills, etc.
   1. Line up quickly and silently.
   2. Place your hands in one of these positions: clasped in front of you, clasped behind you,
       hanging by your sides, or in your pockets.
   3. Walk on the right side of the hallway (third square) in a single file line with your mouth
Bathroom/Water Breaks:
   1. Follow the above procedure and line up in a line beside the designated bathroom.
   2. Bathroom Monitors check the bathroom before we go in and tell students when an area is
       available. Four students at a time, leave the area neat. Monitors check the restrooms for
       cleanliness before we leave.
Completing Assignments Early:
   1. Check over your work.
   2. Complete unfinished work in WIP folder (work in progress).
   3. Work on Reading Bingo.
   4. Work on enrichment activities (ask for teacher permission first).
Classroom Movement:
   1. Remain seated while I am teaching the entire class.
   2. Raise your hand if you need me. I will come to you.
   3. Move quickly and quietly to group/partner destination and resume task.
   4. If you need to borrow a pencil, you may borrow one from the resource center but you must
       also leave one to be sharpened later (take a pencil, leave a pencil).
   5. Transitions should occur quickly and quietly.
   6. Guided Reading and Center procedures will be discussed within the next few weeks.
Classroom Interruptions:
   1. Classroom Phone: when it rings, follow the “Give me 5” procedure. After the
       announcement, resume your work.
   2. Classroom Visitors: remain quiet and be respectful. Continue to work on your assignment(s).
   1. Always use „please,‟ „thank you,‟ „excuse me,‟ etc.
   2. Treat others the way you want to be treated!
   3. Show respect to all students, staff, parents, and visitors.
   1. Before eating, wash your hands thoroughly.
   2. Go to the serving line quietly.
   3. Wait your turn in line.
   4. Take napkins/condiments sparingly.
   5. Remember your manners with the cafeteria staff.
   6. When eating, use napkins/utensils and table manners.
   7. Talk in a whisper voice to those around you.
Classroom Neatness:
   1. Your desk and cubby area are to be kept neat with no loose papers in them.
   2. Money and food are NOT to be kept in your desk.
   3. “Tug, tug, pull” for paper towels.
   4. Recycle unwanted papers and make sure trash gets into the trash bin (not next to it!).
Classroom Correspondence:
   1. All class work, tests, etc. will be returned to you in your Friday Folder. Your Practice papers
       will be on the left side of your folder and assessments will be on the right side of your folder.
       Be sure to return assessments signed by your parent/guardian on Monday and keep Practice
       papers at home.
   2. A newsletter will accompany your papers every other week.
   3. If you have any notes for me, please place them in the Parent Notes tray.
   4. Notes regarding transportation changes should be shown to me, and then taken to the office.
Classroom Book Checkout:
   1. Select one book at a time from our classroom library.
   2. Complete the clipboard checkout sheet with your name, book title, and date.
   3. Return the book to the designated area on the bookshelf when you are finished.
   1. When accessing your cubby in the morning and afternoon, it is to be done as quickly and
       quietly possible out of respect for others.
Playground Equipment and Line Up:
    1. Equipment manager(s) will take the Red Emergency bag and equipment basket to play area.
    2. Lineup single file.
    3. At the end of recess, return all items to the basket.
    4. Equipment manager(s) will return equipment basket and red bag to classroom.
Behavior Management:
We will discuss this the first week of school. Each child will be given the opportunity to earn up to
$10 each week ($2 each day). Earning at least $8 will allow you to participate in Fun Friday (details
to be discussed later). We use a traffic light system with the Daily Behavior Report (in homework
folder) which will go home nightly. Clips are moved for not following classroom expectations (see
Daily Behavior Report). They will later be able to use the money they earned at our class store.
Parents will receive a conduct/work habit report each week in their child‟s Friday Folder, which
mimics the comments on their report cards, may include additional comments from me, and lists
missing homework.
Table Points:
Every week, each table will start out with 10 table points. During the week, student can earn points
for working together cooperatively to follow classroom rules. Tables can also lose points. At the
end of the week, the table with the most points will receive a reward.
    1. Turn in 4 spelling assignments by Friday of each week.
    2. Turn in all other assignments (such as math) the next day.
    3. Reading logs are due on Mondays (return them in your Friday folder that you will bring
        back to school on Monday).
    4. Each day our class has 100% homework participation they will earn a letter in the word
        „HOMEWORK‟. Once all letters are earned, students will get to vote on a reward.
    5. Write down your homework and complete the Daily Behavior Report each afternoon.
    6. Get your agenda signed by a teacher.
Jobs (more may be created):
    1. Paper passers (2): pass out/collect papers and place in correct folder at resource center.
    2. Line leader: leads the class throughout the day and sets a good example as we move through
        the school building.
    3. Door holder: second in line; holds the doors open for our class.
    4. Librarians (2): Makes sure all books are put away properly and neatly on shelf.
    5. Equipment managers (2): in charge of making sure all equipment and red bag is taken outside
        for recess, as well as returned to the room afterwards.
    6. Messenger: in charge of taking messages to other teachers and/or staff as needed.
    7. Table Monitor: makes sure that all table tops and floor areas are neat and tidy when we
        leave the room.
    1. We will pack up at 2:35, before specials.
    2. When you return from specials at 3:30, have a seat in your chair until your bus is called or
        until we leave for bus room (whichever is sooner).
    3. Walk quickly and quietly single file to the bus lot/carpool area.
I have read, discussed, and understand the above procedures. I promise to do my part to create a
respectful work environment within our classroom and to set a good example throughout the
school for other students.

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