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					  Volume 3, Issue 3                                                                                             Autumn, 2001

                      The Dalco Distributor
                        A quarterly newsletter published for customers and vendors of Dalco Enterprises, Inc.

Rubbermaid: An Eighty-One Year Business Odyssey
                                         In 1957, the Wooster Rubber                  Newell Rubbermaid employs approxi-
                                         Company changed its corporate name           mately 45,000 people world-wide.
                                         to Rubbermaid, Inc. to further capital-      RCP has several hundred dristributors
                                         ize on the growing strength of its           throughout North America, primarily
Among Dalco’s many outstanding           major brand which had become                 in the janitorial supply field. Some
and diverse cleaning maintenance         nationally recognized for its quality        120 North American Regional Sales
lines, none has greater name recogni-    and value.                                   Representatives assist distributors and
tion than Rubbermaid Commercial                                                       end-users alike in Rubbermaid’s four
Products. The history of                 Rubbermaid Commercial Products               principal areas: Waste Systems,
Rubbermaid, however, has been an         (RCP), headquartered in Winchester,          Material Handling, Sanitary
eighty-one year odyssey of twists and    Virginia, was established in 1967 to         Maintenance, and Food Service.
turns.                                   manufacture and market products for
                                         commercial and institutional markets.        As a major Rubbermaid distributor
Rubbermaid was formed in 1920 as         Throughout its 34-year history, RCP          for over thirty years, Dalco is proud
the Wooster Rubber Company in            has demonstrated leadership consis-          to represent Rubbermaid Commercial
Wooster, Ohio, a maker of toy bal-       tent with its heritage. In the 1970’s,       Products in our four regional market
loons. For the next thirteen plus        RCP spearheaded the technology con-          areas. To stay abreast of
                                         version from metal and wood to plas-         Rubbermaid’s ever expanding product
                                         tic. In the 80’s, RCP began develop-         lines, ask your Dalco account manag-
                                         ing high performance industrial and          er for the current Rubbermaid 2001
                                         agricultural products. 1986 saw RCP          product catalog.
                                         expand into the cleaning implements
                                         business through the acquisition of
                                         Seco Industries, a leading manufac-
                                         turer of floor care products.

                                         In 1999, Rubbermaid, Inc. merged
                                         with the Newell Company and formed
years, toy balloons were their only      Newell Rubbermaid, Inc., part of a $7
business. Then in 1934, the company      billion global branded product “pow-
produced the first ever rubber dust-     erhouse”. Today, Rubbermaid
pan, pioneering the rubber house-        Commercial Products is a division of
wares business in the United States.     Newell Rubbermaid, Inc. It continues
In the early1950’s, the Wooster          to develop innovative products and
Rubber Company developed a “break-                                                       In this issue . . .
                                         system solutions in a variety of areas.
through” product for the hotel indus-    While manufacturing and distribution            Dalco Directions               2
try - a safety bath mat with suction     are handled from five locations, four
cups on the bottom. This deceptively     in the U.S. and one in Mexico, RCP              Handwashing Facts              3
simple product, yet highly technical     is represented around the world in
                                                                                         Dalco Sponsors Royalty         4
achievement, dramatically escalated      Europe, Latin America, Asia,
the company’s development which          Australia, and the Middle East                  What’s New in the Industry     5
ultimately helped lead to the estab-     through a network of sales offices and
lishment of Rubbermaid Commercial        authorized distributors.                        A Dalco Profile                6
Dalco Directions                          by Ted Stark, III, President

Every trade, business, or craftsman          by their quantity and movement. This
has certain tools that are integral to       allows the most frequently ordered
performing his or her tasks efficiently      items to be picked quicker and
and that help produce quality work.          replenished faster.
Many of these tools are “old stand-
                                             We also have expanded equipment
bys” that have been around for
                                             service, repair, and parts departments.
decades or sometimes centuries.
                                             With room for 6-8 bench mechanics
Carpenters have their hammers,
                                             and a larger and better organized parts
artists, their brushes. Custodians and
                                             inventory, Dalco technicians can pro-
housekeepers have mops. These are
                                             vide faster, better equipment and parts     our customers and vendors to use.
valuable tools that are used for impor-
                                             service. Our new showroom allows
tant work. Occasionally someone                                                          Dalco took some steps toward techno-
                                             customers that come to our office the
will come up with an improvement                                                         logical enhancement as well. The
                                             ability to see and touch a wide range
that makes the tools even more effec-                                                    building was completely wired and
                                             of products and equipment. Our cus-
tive. Ergonomic handles on hammers                                                       networked with the latest telecommu-
                                             tomer service desk, located in the
and mop handles, for example, reduce                                                     nications and data cabling. Almost all
                                             showroom, directly across from the
strain on the users hands and arms                                                       Dalco co-workers are now networked
                                             parts department, allows for efficient
and allow one to work faster and                                                         together for better, faster customer
                                             service for all customer needs in one
more efficiently while reducing                                                          service. I invite you to visit our web-
                                             easy location. We have customer ser-
potential injuries. The next step to                                                     site at This is
                                             vice, parts, and equipment repair staff
improvement is often a technological                                                     a fast and easy way to get product and
                                             all in one area to answer any ques-
advance. For example, automatic                                                          training information. In the near
                                             tions a customer might have.
floor scrubbers have replaced mops in                                                    future, we expect to have order entry
some situations, allowing for the user       Perhaps one of the most exciting            via our website as well.
to clean more space faster and to fur-       additions to our new facility is the
ther improve user safety.                    2,400 square foot Training Excellence       Although you are welcome to visit us
                                             Center. I am hopeful that this will be      anytime, I wish to personally invite
In distribution, we have some “old                                                       each of you to our Grand Opening
                                             the busiest room in the building. We
stand-bys”. For us, two of our great-                                                    and 11th Annual Trade Show on
                                             use it for internal training and meet-
est tools are our warehouse and our                                                      September 27 at our new headquarters
                                             ings as well as for regular user train-
delivery trucks. Even with all of the                                                                       Continued on Page 7
                                             ing seminars. It is also available to
recent technological advances, we
still need a warehouse to stock mer-
chandise and trucks to deliver it to the                                                D i d Yo u K n o w ?
customer. You most likely have
already heard about Dalco’s new                                                                J o h n s o n Wa x
Twin Cities warehouse and offices.                                                         Professional uses
After 24 months of searching, plan-                                                        exclusive, unique
ning, and construction, we moved into
our new 77,400 square foot facility in                                                 Johnson polymers when
May of this year. For us, this repre-                                                      formulating floor
sents a great improvement to our
largest tool. There are actually sever-
                                                                                       finishes. This allows us
al tools within this facility. The                                                        to develop specific,
45,000 square foot warehouse boasts                                                      h i g h q u a l i t y, u n i q u e
over 1 million cubic feet of storage
space. We have 6 docks and 1 ground
                                                                                        polymers to build the
level door for handling trucks and                                                     best floor coatings and
other vehicles of all sizes. The ware-                                                 ensure consistent, high
house has also been expertly laid out
for optimum efficiency. All items                                                             quality results
have assigned locations, determined                                                      each and every time.
Page 2
                       Hand Washing Facts to Know                                                                Don’t Let Winter Catch
                                         Paper Towel       Hot Air Dryer                                         you Unprepared -
Average time people         Men   12 seconds               20 seconds          On average, people spend
spend drying hands          Women 9 seconds                25 seconds          approximately twice as much       Order Ice Melter Now!
                                                                               time drying hands using a hot        Courtesy of Del Davis, Chemist, Morgro, Inc.
                                                                               air dryer than they do using
                                                                               paper towels.                     Choosing the right ice melter has
                                                                                                                 become a bit more confusing in the
Percentage dryness          Men   96%                      55%                 In normal usage, hot air dry-
                                                                                                                 past few years due to the number of
achieved after aver-        Women 93%                      68%                 ers do not achieve the same
age drying time                                                                dryness of the hands as paper     new manufacturers and the various
                                                                               towels.                           claims being made. When consider-
Average time to     Both                 12 seconds        43 seconds          Hot air dryers take approxi-      ing an ice melter for effectiveness, its
achieve 95% dryness sexes                                                      mately 4 times as long as         properties must be evaluated in regard
                                                                               towels to achieve the same        to melting point, particle size, track-
                                                                               dryness of the hands. Most        ing, and its effect on trees, shrubs,
                                                                               people use dryers for consid-
                                                                               erably less than the 43 sec-      and concrete. Your Dalco account
                                                                               onds.                             manager can help you make this eval-
Percentage of people Men                 0%                43%                 When users use hot air dryers     uation. Once you have chosen an ice
who dry their hands Women                5%                39%                 a lot they finish drying their    melter, order it in a timely fashion so
on clothes, hair, etc.                                                         hands by wiping them on           winter doesn’t catch you unprepared.
after using drying                                                             their clothes, hair, etc. after
                                                                               using hot air dryers. This is
                                                                                                                 The following are some tips for using
                                                                               probably because hands are        ice melting products effectively.
                                                                               not usually as dry after using
                                                                               a hot air dryer as after using    The ideal time to apply snow and ice
                                                                               paper towels.
                                                                                                                 melting products is at the beginning
Average change in           Both         -58%              +255%               Paper towels help reduce the      of a storm. The ice melter will form
general bacterial           sexes                                              numbers of bacteria on the
                                                                                                                 barrier between the snow and ice and
count on the hands                                                             hands. Hot air dryers
                                                                               increase the numbers of all       the pavement, inhibiting the adhesion
                                                                               types of bacteria. This is        of the snow and ice to the concrete,
                                                                               mainly due to the inadequate      even when packing has occurred.
                                                                               drying of the hands and also      Temperatures are usually moderate at
                                                                               to bacteria emitted in the air
                                                                                                                 the beginning of a storm which
                                                                                                                 enhances the rate of melting which
Source: University of Westminster, “Hand Drying: Studies of Hygiene and Efficiency of Different Hand Drying
Methiods”, October, 1998.                                                                                        translates into less product required.
         Tandom Brute Dolly                                                                                      If ice melter cannot be used until after
                                                                                                                 the storm has passed, follow the man-
                                                                                                                 ufacturers’ recommended directions
                                                                                                                 for use. Remember, you are not try-
                                                                       Double your                               ing to melt all the snow and ice, you
                                                                                                                 are simply trying to bore down to the
                                                                                                                 pavement, breaking the bond, so that
                                                                       productivity                              ice and snow can be easily removed.

                                                                         in waste                                Tracking occurs when particles are
                                                                                                                 carried into the building via foot traf-
                                                                        collection.                              fic. Generally, tracking occurs if the
                                                                                                                 product is over applied to contains
                                                                                                                 large particles that remain after they
                                                                                                                 have bored through the snow.
                                                                                                                 Choosing a product with a colorant
                                                                                                                 will provide a reference point as to
                                                                                                                 how much has been dispensed.

                                                                                                                                                         Page 3
3M Launches Infection Prevention Web Site Dalco Sponsors
                                              Courtesy of 3M Stewwinder, July 24 -30, 2001
                                                                                             New Brighton Queen
  Health Care Professionals have an additional source for infection prevention
            information - the 3M Infection Prevention Web site at                            Candidate
                                                     After moving only four months ago
 This site offers information on techniques and strategies to prevent infection.             into our new corporate headquarters
Featuring an easy-to-navigate format, this site allows visitors to electronically            in New Brighton, MN, Dalco has
access current and archived issues of the Infection Control Rounds newsletter,               already experienced some civic pride.
which 3M has published for clinicians since 1977. Up-to-date industry news is
            accessible through a 3M Health Care-sponsored link to                            As a sponsor of one of twelve Queen, the only Web site that focuses on infectious diseases.                  candidates at New Brighton’s annual
                                                                                             “Stockyard Days” in August, Dalco’s
                                                                                             talented young entry, nineteen year
                 System Dispensing Technology
                                                                                             old Stephanie Schulze, captured one
                                                                                             of two princess titles.

                                                                                             Stephanie is a 2000 honors graduate
                                                                                             of New Brighton’s Irondale High
                                                                                             School where she also excelled in
                                                                                             dance. Currently, she is a sophomore
                                                                                             at Minnesota State University in
                                                                                             Mankato, contemplating a degree in
                                                                                             Business Administration.

                                                                                             Congratulations to Stephanie from
                                                                                             everyone at Dalco for making us
                                                                                             proud of our participation in New
                                                                                             Brighton’s 2001 Stockyard Days!
Page 4
 What’s New In The Industry? . . .
                                      . . . Introducing Nibroc from Georgia Pacific

Nibroc is the newest value line of paper products available through Dalco. Nibroc is an old name that is being reintro-
duced. This line of paper delivers the winning combination of performance and value to businesses in all commercial
market segments. Touted as the “Fighting Brand”, the Nibroc line includes folded towels, roll towels, roll tissue (jumbo
and regular rolls), facial tissue, and napkins. For more information on Nibroc products, contact your Dalco account
                                                                                      When I Use a “Spray

  Get smooth, quiet                                                               ?   Buff” liquid, it just
                                                                                      smears and takes for-
                                                                                  ever to buff out. Why?
   operation from                                                                               Courtesy of Johnson Wax Professional
                                                                                                         Customer Technical Support

   Tennant’s new                                                                  Most spray buffing liquids are
                                                                                  designed to cover about 25,000
   2100 Series low                                                                square feet per gallon. The idea
                                                                                  behind spray buffing is to “spritz”
     speed floor                                                                  very little on the floor and then buff it
                                                                                  out using three passes. If you have to
      machines                                                                    use more than three passes, there is a
                                                                                  good chance that you are applying too
                                                                                  much spray buff liquid to the area.
                                                                                  One “spritz” should be enough solu-
                                                                                  tion to cover 6-9 square feet. When
                                                                                  using higher-speed equipment, only
                                                                                  one or two passes may be necessary.
                                                                                                                            Page 5
A Dalco Profile . . .
Mark Neuville
As the largest distributor of janitorial
cleaning supplies and equipment in
the Upper-Midwest, Dalco has been
favored with many outstanding sales
people during our forty-two year his-
tory. However, no one has defied the
“conventional wisdom” of what Dalco
management traditionally looks for in
a potential top sales producer more so
than Mark Neuville out of our
LaCrosse branch.

Twenty years ago, when a young
Mark Neuville joined our Rochester
                                                                 Mark Neuville and his wife, Maureen
sales force (two years before Dalco
LaCrosse opened), his Clark Kent           amazing growth has become a true         base, year in and year out, Mark fin-
demeanor, and shy, understated man-        inspiration to management and col-       ishes at the top of the pack among our
ner seemed diametrically opposed to        leagues alike.                           forty plus company sales reps”.
the day to day rigors of grinding out a
living in a highly competitive sales       As Rod Dummer, Dalco’s Vice              Needless to say, Marks attitude has
field. But, lo and behold, the compa-      President of Sales emphasized, “Mark     played a major role in his success.
ny’s soothsayers back then were in         Neuville is the most conscientious,      He truly loves his job. “Work is fun”,
for a classic lesson in “horse handi-      detail oriented sales person we have     he said recently, “I have a very scenic
capping”.                                  in the company. For years before he      territory. I enjoy seeing my cus-
                                           got his computer, he would carry         tomers. We also have a great support
Just the same, if the status quo at        index cards on each of his customers,    staff at Dalco LaCrosse and the best
Dalco’s corporate headquarters in          updating their current supply needs      product lines in the industry”.
Minneapolis had known what Mark            and any special requests after each
had done for a living before he got        call. Even though he covers a rural      Bob Bruer, Regional Sales Manager
into direct sales, they may have sud-      territory with no major population       for Spartan Chemical, contends that,
denly started hedging their bets.
Growing up in Sturgeon Bay in Door
County, Wisconsin, Mark worked
periodically during his formative
years for his father’s radio and TV
tower repair and construction busi-
                                                                                        WYPALL X60
ness. Ascending to heights of up to
350 feet would someday make “cold
                                                                                         Softness and
calling” for Mark in the janitorial
supply field feel like a “walk in the
park”. Maybe that hidden degree of
tenacity is what Jerry Graf, Dalco’s
                                                                                        Ideal for Health
former Regional Sales Manager in
Rochester, saw in Mark when he rec-
                                                                                         Care Facilities
ommended hiring him in the fall of

Over the years, Mark’s ongoing sales
motivation and determination has
been second to none at Dalco. His
Page 6
”Mark is the perfect example of how
to succeed in our business. HE
WORKS, it’s as simple as that. With
any of his customers, he does what he
says he’s going to do, does it prompt-
ly, and then moves on. I know this is
a simplistic view”, Bob said, “but it is
what separates Mark from over 80%
of other sales reps in our industry”.

Mark lives in the greater LaCrosse
area with his wife, Maureen who
recently completed her Masters
Degree in Counseling. The Neuvilles
have three sons, Brad (22), Brian (19)
and Craig (14). In his free time,
Mark enjoys tennis, hiking, tandem
biking with Maureen, volleyball, and
vegetable gardening. He is also into
classic rock music, house remodeling,
and nurturing a love/hate relationship
with golf.
                                                H20              What is Hard                           Why does my Floor
Perhaps Ted Stark, Jr., Dalco’s princi-
pal owner and CEO summed Mark up
                                                     Courtesy of 3M Commercial Care Laboratory
                                                                                                  ?     Finish yellow?
                                                                                                             Courtesy of Johnson Wax Professional
                                                                                                                      Customer Technical Support
best, “I’d like a truckload of Mark          Unseen minerals dissolved in water
Neuvilles working for us. What a             create hard water. These minerals are               Most modern day floor finishes gen-
champion performer we have in Mark           measured in terms of grains/gallon,                 erally don’t yellow on their own.
and we sure appreciate him.”                 which can be converted to parts per                 They no longer have “wax” compo-
                                             million (ppm). Hard water is a major                nents in them that traditionally yel-
                                             cause of bathtub ring, water spotting               lowed in the past. Some floor finish-
Dalco Directions . . .                       and scale on hard surfaces. Hard                    es may still be made with unsaturated
                     Continued from page 2   water will negatively affect detergent              fatty acids such as oleic acid or tall
in New Brighton. Please come see all         cleaning effectiveness. The use of                  oil, which could eventually oxidize,
the improvements we have made as             anionic (negatively charged) deter-                 producing a yellow discoloration
well as the latest in cleaning products      gents are particularly troublesome                  throughout the whole film.
and equipment and attend some top            when combined with the positively
notch training seminars. Contact your        charged calcium and magnesium ele-                  The main reason that floor finishes
Dalco account manager for an invita-         ments. Hard water can actually                      appear to yellow is that soil is ground
tion brochure. I hope to see you             reduce the effectiveness of disinfec-               into them under heavy traffic or with
there!                                       tants without hard water tolerance.                 the use of soiled cleaning and bur-
                                             Consequently, it is important to know               nishing pads. We call this dirt/soil
You are welcome to visit us anytime.         the condition of your water and                     embedment. Improper cleaning
Please stop in and see all the               whether or not your disinfectant is                 before recoating the floor traps the
improvements we have made as well            effective in that type of water                     dirt in the film and the result is a
as the latest cleaning products and                                                              shiny/dirty floor. Many times, mop-
equipment. I also invite you to attend       Soft water contains less than 1.0                   ping with a dirty mop directly results
our top notch training seminars.             grains/gallon or less than 17.1 ppm.                in dirt embedment, leading to discol-
                                             At the other end of the spectrum, very              oration. How often do we see dirty
I am excited about the changes I see,
                                             hard water contains more than 10.5                  mop water left in buckets that are
feel, and am part of here at Dalco as
                                             grains/gallon or more than 180 ppm.                 used to clean up spills during the
we continue to perfect the tools of our
                                             Moderately hard water has between                   day? All of the time!
trade. These changes will allow us to
serve you better now and well into the       3.5 and 7.0 grains/gallon or 60 - 120
future.                                      ppm.
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