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									Zhengzhou Minsheng Securities Securities download livelihood livelihood livelihood
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Golden Sun: The best mobile phone software stocks, it's free, highly
As long as the support for JAVA enabled mobile phones can download
Golden Sun Guoxin Guoxin Securities mobile stock is set capital, technology cordial
to another electronic trading in the securities investment can provide a full range of
securities market, Yinzhengzhuanzhang, securities trading, account inquiries,
securities information services, real do you wish at any time been invested.

All clients of the country can
   ?Golden Sun cell phone free stock quotes and financial information here! ! !
Phone stocks, allowing you to devise strategies successful in distant!
More details see:
Mobile stock trading software Download Golden Sun trilogy:
First, send DB A15071391000 to 95 536 Free Registration (Note: DB and must have a
space between A) (Note: In addition to this invitation SMS messages cost 0.10 per
ordinary things, will not generate any other fees)
Second, response messages received within one minute, click on messages in the
latest Golden Sun Golden Sun Download Log and download the software (if you can
not click, please direct your phone's browser to enter the site visit, if not
your phone model, can Direct Select "universal download", try
to download KJAVA keyboard touch screen version)
Third, start Golden Sun enter your own phone number landing, officially entered the
mobile phone stocks in the world!
(The download is complete generally in mobile entertainment, JAVA, Treasure Box,
procedures, application icons can be found in Golden Sun)

?Guoxin Guoxin Securities mobile phone stock is set capital, technology cordial to
another electronic trading in the securities investments provide a full range of
securities market, securities trading, account inquiries, securities information services,
truly let you anywhere wish to complete investment.
◆ Main functions:
?Provide timely and clear real-time quotes, real-time quotes, charts the powerful
analysis features (charts, day / week / month and other K lines) and the Optional
Share personal management features, providing the Shenzhen and Shanghai cities A,
B shares, warrants and funds variety of securities of real-time bond market, stocks of
basic financial indicators, public notices and other inquiries.
?Shenzhen and Shanghai online trading can provide a variety of securities
transactions varieties, account inquiries, business process and other securities
investment business functions, including buying, selling, withdrawals, all kinds of
stock funds, transaction query, modify passwords.
?Of information provided Guoxin Securities research team dynamics point of view a
summary rating of listed companies, market analysis, investment advisory letter of
reference information and the state securities selected financial news, company

◆ Software advantages:
Guoxin Securities abundant technical strength, years of management experience to
run off-site transactions to ensure that cell phone systems running stable under any
Guoxin Securities stock according to the customer's mobile phone
operating practices, customer habits are familiar with the design of online trading
transactions, account inquiries, business process and other operational procedures to
allow customers to easily complete the investment transaction.
Guoxin Securities offered by mobile phone stock quotes, account inquiries,
information and other services free, Guoxin Securities only in accordance with state
regulations charge the Securities and Exchange Commission. Trading software,
comprehensive coverage on the mainstream market, brand mobile phones to meet
your individual, taste and enjoy the demand for
Guoxin Securities stock for mobile phones equipped with a professional customer
service team, headquarters and branch offices have a professional mobile phone stock
service professionals to be the first to respond to customer demand for services.
Guoxin Securities stock for different mobile phone brands and operating system
platforms customized Kjava, Symbian, Windows Mobile version of the software in

◆ Software Features (Figure):
▲ open-end funds: the flexible open-end fund inquiries and transactions
The latest addition to Golden Sun "open-end fund" feature,
according to fund companies, fund code and fund type queries fund, while
convenience and flexibility to fund purchase, subscription, transaction or account
opening and other operations, the following chart:
<Fund query> <Fund subscription>
"What I fund list> <Fund Account>
▲ purchase Po: flexible strategies subscription of new shares
Purchase Po - more support for subscription of new shares when investors can choose
a flexible subscription strategy (self-definition, such funds, such as shares,
proportional) subscription of new shares, as shown below:
▲ Customer service: Need help? Golden Sun the first time to find your Account
The latest addition to Golden Sun "customer service" function,
you have to use any questions or comments can contact our account manager, access
to the most professional services, as shown below:

▲ rich stocks of information and timely information on landmine stocks
Golden Sun The latest addition to information and information-rich stocks of
landmines, and specially designed display and read way to facilitate investors to read
An information mine operation method: time-sharing figure shows the
"*" symbol indicates that the stocks are mines of information,
press "*" key to select and click "OK" to
see the content, the following chart:

2 units of information methods of operation: time-sharing plan point
"F10" to enter units of information page, select the Click to
view the following picture:
(Select five-speed market price, may buy or sell lightning) (in units of information can
also view information on mine)

※ ※ operator
▲ Golden Sun debut, enter the registered mobile phone number verification.
Customers in the first before the login screen enter your own text message issued by a
registered mobile phone number, press OK you can visit;
Free Hong Kong stock market ▲
Reminder: Hong Kong stocks Quotes delayed 15 minutes for the market.
Hong Kong stocks Query: Enter the 5 digits code, point determination; or direct input
alphabet, point to determine query.
▲ fast, secure online transactions
Used for the first transaction, first set up an account where the sales department,
improve transaction speed and convenience of operation.
Time-hold in the stock price of 5 stalls orders direct orders, but also can click the
"Options"              ->         "buy,          sell
▲ timely and professional information service
According to market hot spots, launch wholeheartedly, professional information
services, a daily update for your professional investment advice

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