Zhang Zhaozhong: China is no need to restore into combat Kuznetsov aircraft carrier

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					Zhang Zhaozhong: China is no need to restore into combat Kuznetsov aircraft carrier

Data Chart: Foreign media reported that China is transforming the Kuznetsov aircraft
carrier conducted a test of navigation

Data Figure: China's Su -27 fighter air force has started to take off the
ground slippery deck jump training

Repair of the aircraft carrier Kuznetsov

The United States from the latest "Ford" class aircraft carrier
since abandoned steam catapult technology to use more advanced electromagnetic
August      12,   the    U.S.     "strategic     page"        website
"Chinese aircraft flying leaps slippery runway exposure" as the
subject reported that U.S. commercial satellites to China are experimenting with the
recent shooting Su -30, and carrier-based aircraft flight deck jump slide photos and
infer future Chinese aircraft carriers will fly by way of sliding leaps. In this regard,
the National Defense University professor Zhang Zhaozhong on "Youth
Reference" newspaper, said, carrier-based aircraft There are three ways to
take off, do not rule out future Chinese aircraft carrier by sliding the possibility of
flying leaps.

I guess the opening of "pilot crash course"
August 12, the U.S. "strategic Web" site on the ground and take
the so-called commercial satellite digital photo conclude that China is certain to test
the use and Su -30 fighter-type aircraft carrier flight deck sliding leaps design.
Article under the "Liberation Army Daily," the source said, by
the end of 2008, China announced that Dalian Naval Academy opened its doors to its
first carrier-based pilots, hopes to 4-year course training, and training them into a
landing in the aircraft carrier fighter pilots. The article said that Russia has warned
China: To train students to control aircraft carriers are familiar with the necessary
knowledge and skills, may take 10 years or even longer. Therefore, the site believes
that China carried out in 4 years is a short-term training carrier pilots in the
"gambling." This article is also speculation that China
purchased the reason why the "Kuznetsov" was abandoned
aircraft refurbishment, possibly because of the aircraft carrier from Russia in the
drawings and technical requirements, and intends to ship into the water trials later this
year .
"Kuznetsov" was convert waste
In response to these reports, our reporters on Aug. 15 telephone interview with the
National Defense University professor, Rear Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong. Professor
Zhang said, "Kuznetsov" is the Russian Navy active duty,
"Kuznetsov" aircraft of the same type of sister ship, the most
important feature is the use of a carrier aircraft flying leaps slide deck, but the
"Kuznetsov" was based on the name of the scrap metal sold to
China, the reason why when the void of metal to sell because the sale of some of the
more important equipment has been removed or destroyed, China has been very
difficult and did not need to put it back into combat with the carrier. However, the
ship spent the carrier-based aircraft carrier deck Ski Jump is still intact, the ship is
equipped with the relevant instructions and guidance of the command device is a good
training platform for carrier-based pilots at sea, so that "turning waste into
wealth . "
Carrier-based aircraft on the flight training base, Zhang said, speaking from common
sense, since China to build aircraft carriers, then the establishment of carrier-based
aircraft pilot training base, totally makes sense to do.
Slip on planes flying leaps high requirements
As for the U.S. "strategic page" website of China's
carrier-based aircraft carrier will use the slip way to say fly leaps, Zhang, said, way
off the fixed-wing carrier-based aircraft carrier is an important issue to be resolved,
fixed-wing carrier-based aircraft carrier world take off in three ways: a large aircraft
carrier catapult usually means a light aircraft used in the UK is sliding and vertical
jump landing a hybrid method, the Russian medium large fixed-wing fighter aircraft
were used Ski Jump off. Catapult take-off is divided into two kinds of steam ejection
and electromagnetic catapults, which the steam catapult the most mature technology.
The earliest steam catapult British technology invented by the German people, the
U.S. Navy was to buy the British patent, and eventually developed; The principle is to
promote the piston driven high pressure steam ejected the slider track to connection to
its projection on the carrier aircraft to go out.
Professor Zhang also              said     the United States        from    the latest
"Ford" class aircraft carrier since abandoned steam catapult
technology use more advanced electromagnetic catapult. The United States is
experiencing 67 years later began to engage in electromagnetic launch, and now in
addition to the U.S. aircraft carrier, only the French, "de Gaulle"
aircraft carrier catapults purchased from the United States. The United States, this is
definitely not the output of the core technology lightly. As in Britain and jump and
vertical take off and land sliding mixed mode, you must meet the VTOL fighters. The
three carrier aircraft took off way, way off Russia's Ski Jump on the highest
performance requirements of carrier-based aircraft.
Major General Zhang Zhaozhong 20th century, 70s, Soviet expert in the
implementation of ideas steam catapult off the many difficulties encountered after the
beginning of large thrust-weight ratio, high level of mobility carrier-based aircraft
carrier deck landing techniques. From the successful implementation of the proposed
scheme to the end to the "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier, the Soviet
Union in 10 years time, spent a lot of human and material resources. Therefore, the
Soviet Union aircraft carriers flying techniques not come easily slip leaps. The
pre-completed 70% of the "Kuznetsov" was its smooth jump
deck and the "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier deck geometry similar
slip jump, which the Chinese side of the Soviet aircraft carrier design experience, to
explore solutions to carrier-based aircraft the level of landing aircraft approach this
problem is a good reference. In addition, compared with advanced American aircraft
carriers are complicated steam catapult take-off mode, the Soviet aircraft carrier flight
technique is simple and practical sliding leaps, its R & D cost and risk
control costs are relatively low, this may be China's aircraft carrier program
would take into account factors .