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Zara Fashion-class image, second-rate products, third-rate prices. I want to Favorites

Zara fashion is in the shortest possible time to meet the needs of the consumers of

ZARA this so crazy world of young European fashion clothing brand!

Build legend

For designers, Zara may be a nightmare; However, in terms of business operations, it
is a near-perfect case. After listening to the Italian Bocconi University Business
School "Fashion and Design Management" Master Project
Director Professor StefaniaSaviolo Zara brand introduction, Fudan University School
of Management, more than 60 MBA, EMBA students given such a sigh.

As the "EU - China fashion industry brand building and
management" program speaker teachers, StefaniaSaviolo to the
"fashion" under the definition of such a series:
"Technically, the fashion market behavior is driven by a variety of textile
fabrics industry; from the semantic said that fashion is an individual or group through
a variety of symbols, signs show non-text representation; the aesthetic sense, it is in a
certain historical stage by living in a social and cultural background of the designer
described the picture, is in dress, accessories and decoration style trends; while
consumers, fashion is the most straightforward expression 'look
beautiful'. "

Stefania said fashion was synonymous with luxury, the social unrest often originated
in the aristocratic gatherings in one detail; But now, fashion is already a full cat flutter.
Love Health Activities: Since the rich can buy Chanel and Dior, civilian population
can be close to Zara or H & M. In Stefania seems, Zara as the
world's leading public fashion brands, luxury brands and characterization
of the eternal, the corresponding classical, but the era of fast fashion consumer a
wonderful case.

Zara's development review process, we can find, Zara's success
is mainly based on two points, that is the basis of modern information technology to
create the perfect management control system and have the ability to quickly imitate.
Zara founder AmancioOrtegaGaona of "fashion" understanding
of the concept is very telling, in his view, "Fashion is in the shortest
possible time to meet the needs of consumers on the popular."

Neighbor with luxury
In 1975, Ortega's LaCoruna in northern Spain founded the first Zara store.
But then is not a fast fashion brand Zara, on the contrary, it takes the traditional
classical style. However, this "cheap classic" mode soon
Waterloo, Ortega was forced to adjust their thinking, the result is great success. Now,
Zara has been in 31 countries with 735 sales points.

Compared with other fashion products, Zara's marketing strategy is unique:
cheap fashion, but with the luxury neighborhood.

Be located in shops, Zara is very picky, only select the best site shop, surrounded by
all the top brands. With many different fashion brand, Zara almost no advertising,
because they believed that their store is the best advertising.

In New York, it chose to Fifth Avenue; in Paris, it selects the Champs Elysees; in
Milan, is Ai Maniu Boulevard; in Tokyo, is the Shibuya shopping district; in Shanghai,
it's safe cinema in Nanjing West Road debut. Therefore, its neighbors are
all LouisVuitton, Chanel, ChristineDior, Prada, GeorgeAmarni so. Moreover, Zara
select only the best models, such as Chanel show games AmberValletta is the most
dazzling star, BridgetHall is RalphLauren regulars, they are the same for Zara
spokesperson. This greatly satisfy the consumer psychology to show off: In the Fifth
Avenue shopping, do not pay a million dollars, the same can be pretty bright, and
meet, what better than this?

Product quantity, Zara seasonal product sales based on market decisions, but have
been controlled in a limited range. Good product sales will increase output, but does
not increase too much. As with other limited edition luxury general, Zara to deliver
such a message to consumers: a limited number available on all flights, otherwise no,
this underlines his worth.

Time is the key to fashion

As both a manufacturer, but also retailers, so Zara on the production, supply chain
control and management of each link is in place are. This makes it quick to follow up
the latest trend, after an error in one part can be quickly corrected.

We know that the fashion industry chain starting from the design. Zara's a
new clothes style when finalized, the relevant data into the computer to guide the
cutting Ji Bei. Moreover, Zara's outsourcing requirements of the limitation
is very high, third-party products, shipped to stores need 6 months to complete their
own products from design to the clothing is usually as long as 10 days.

Although garment manufacturing industry, the cost of cheap labor in Asia has a strong
temptation, but Zara Most of the products or outsourcing to complete in Europe,
because Zara on production time, quality and transport costs have the strict
requirements, they prefer to produce in Europe.

Zara supply chain distribution is the most significant one bright spot: Whether internal
or outsourced production, Zara all products ultimately focused on Zara huge
distribution center, where the package is sent to various stores worldwide. Now,
Zara's logistics center can process 60,000 garments per hour.

Since "Fashion is in the shortest possible time to meet the needs of
consumers for popular" Zara's customers to make into
something fresh every week, they must enter a few times a week delivery. According
to statistics, Zara's customers to patronize their store a frequency of about
17 times a year, is to store the frequency of its competitors, 3-4 times; and Zara
quarterly product sales price reduction is only 15% of its total sales -20% , well below
the 30% -40% of the industry average.

Fashion Fast Copy

Today, Zara new year to release 11 thousand kinds of clothing, is 5 times the normal
brand. Zara company's work is more than 200 designers in Paris and Milan
to see advanced customization Women show, learn the wisdom and ideas from top
designers, and manufacturers to imitate. Designers and store managers in the same
office, from the first line of information can be quickly back to where designers and
producers to adjust the product details in the shortest time and production processes.

Update frequency so frequently, so Zara known designers nightmare. For many
designers, Zara is a monster, like a no-brainer, but the money-making machines run
fast, Zara's imitation of their creativity will undoubtedly devalued.

But from another aspect, this is what Zara important reasons are very popular: the rich
to buy Zara, because it is fashionable; low-income people to buy Zara, because it is
cheap. When the big stage of the garments are still orders this quarter, the latest
elements in the Zara stores around the world have nowhere to seek, despite its
originality is not high.

Stefania Professor in the eyes, it seems difficult to resolve such conflicts: after all,
fashion is a need to inject the soul of creation, can be elusive at the same time it
should not be a public thing. In any case, management sector, for fashion, Zara indeed
led a popular revolution in fashion.

l excluded:

Switzerland and the United States, H & M fashion brand stores such as Gap,
have been prepared to expand into China market
Recently, many trade enterprises started to operate foreign trade, foreign trade
enterprises have begun to compete for domestic trade was returning to the mainland
space, the next 10 years, textile and apparel trade is expected to re-establish
international rules. : "The world apparel giant has declared war on our
doorstep, and our clothing business if you continue indulging in OEM production to
meet the low-end exports, then the future will not only lose the international brand
market, and a great brand apparel in China mainland market will hand over people.

China Zara opened its first flagship store on the 24th. . The process of global
integration is really very quickly

Spanish First, the world's third of the clothing retailer Inditex's
Zara chain in China --- dormant years

Spanish retail chain Zara has a giant InditexSA will visit China.

20, "First Financial Daily" informed that the first Zara flagship
store on the 24th this month began trial operation. Store located in the
"Golden Triangle," said the Shanghai Nanjing West Road, an
area of about 1500 square meters, and Hang Lung Plaza, CITIC Pacific, Westgate
Mall and other places adjacent to the top consumer.

Meanwhile, the second in Shanghai Times Square flagship store has started the
preparatory work and will be open for business in July this year.

The impact of international fashion brands

Zara is a Spanish number one, ranked third in global clothing retailer Inditex
company's nine apparel brands, is one of the most successful, is considered
Europe's most research value of the brands. Industry that, Zara will enter
the number of international fashion brands with similar positioning as Esprit, Mango
and other impacts caused by the market.

The Esprit brand has been under attack. Zara shop because the selected conflict,
Esprit is located in Times Square flagship store in Shanghai yesterday officially
closed down. , The shopping malls will be immediately under the specific
requirements of Zara on the store to proceed with the conversion.

Shanghai Times Square Property Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. PR Director Li
Qing told reporters, Esprit had a good operating condition, but because of the
introduction of Zara is very rare, can further enhance the image of shopping malls,
Times Square, so reluctantly must sell only to give up the Esprit.
Zara selected shop in Shanghai Times Square, one to two, is the best place in the mall,
an area of about 1,500 square meters.

The Zara is located in Nanjing West Road, the first self-Esprit flagship store and the
nearby flagship store just across the street, causing the spread of its passenger traffic
more direct threat.

Shanghai Times Square, said, Zara's advantage lies in design capabilities
and supply chain management, the brand always ready to ensure the
world's latest design, the fastest growing logistics channels.

Dormant years in China

While the flagship store of the preparation time is not too long, but Zara has done for
entry into the Chinese detailed and lengthy preparation. It is reported that,
Zara's office in Shanghai had established a decade ago. According to
insiders, was the major work undertaken by the Office of global sourcing, buying,
fabric shipped abroad, and take this opportunity to familiarize the Chinese market.

To the last year, in preparation for its first flagship store, Zara basis in the office was
established in Shanghai Sa La (Commercial) Limited.

The company's flagship brand, as Inditex, Zara's parent
company into the expanding market in China undoubtedly played a speculative role.
At present, Inditex 52 countries around the world have 2,116 branches.

When we talk of "fashion" is often thought of when Yong Rong
Huagui Paris, Milan, colorful, and even there will be soon a man staid London; talk
will   cover    issues     such     as    popular    "Chanel",
"Dior",               "GUCCI"                  ,
"Armani" and possibly "Dunhill".
"High-end, fashion, luxury" is synonymous with them, dozens
or even hundreds of years of history make it feel more integrated into the nobility,
"Spring Snow" type of marketing measures for the average
consumer is always hard act to follow.

Spain is located in southwestern Europe, the barrier of the Pyrenees to Spain he
sacrifice the long corner. In most people's minds, Spain beauty, beaches,
there is bullfighting, but also football, "fashion" with the
Spanish word seems far-fetched, but the fashion industry in Europe in recent years has
suddenly blowing a "whirlwind of Spain." ZARA represented
by a group of alternative fashion brand break through the traditional constraints,
imposing's become a fashion leader. What is the reason for ZARA will
soon grow into highly competitive international brand?

1, should be attributed to efficient organizational system products.

Here, we say that the product is not development but ZARA organizations around the
world because of its extremely stylish sense of smell have a sense of the buyers, to
help ZARA brand around the world gather in the area now popular products, and
through the purchase of the product focus on exchange at the designated location, by a
professional fashion designer by category, style and the style of the new revision,
form a new product thematic series, which go along with fashion Liu Xing Xian
period features, You Nenggou avoid product design Erchan Sheng Yin's
market doorpost sleeping mat □ toad Central A Wo Jiao Gui Yu ara employ more
than 200 designers from Milan, Paris fashion shows get design inspiration, using
high-end fashion brand information published ahead of the traditional (such as the
March release in autumn and winter fashion, in September released in spring and
summer fashion, Published and real season is usually the middle of 6 months
difference), so that the trend of fashion magazines also notice when the quarter, Zara
window display such content in.

Second, rapid production and supply chain opportunities to gain market the brand.

The traditional clothing brand from product design to fabric and accessories sourcing,
production, processing, transport and logistics, to the final product was added to our
sales often require 2-4 months, high-end fashion brands will be longer. ZARA use of
global sourcing transport system so that all regions of the whole process of store
shelves of goods the shortest only 10 days, the world almost simultaneously on all
new goods store, a short time difference will not exceed a few hours. This allows
ZARA the first time, the existing batch style prevalent in the market of goods sold,
keep up the pace of fashion. Use of low-volume, multi-batch mode of supply, twice a
week around the shops to the delivery of new products, sales of more than two weeks
of the lag deposit products will change in time. Thus, not only speed up the update
rate store products, bringing consumers frequented; and franchised stores do not have
to set up a dedicated cargo library, reduce marketing costs of inputs.

Third, special marketing to attract more consumers to shop.

ZARA brand with more than 500 stores worldwide, ZARA store each one as its called
is called a small mall shops, as ZARA stores often have thousand square meters, on a
million different styles clothing, so that consumers can form a "one
stop" shopping environment. Variety of small amount of marketing to
make the same style, different sizes of fashion only ten pieces, the sales is good up to
replenishment twice, on the one hand reduce the production of homogeneous products,
to meet the market fashion, individual needs; On the other hand, it prompted an
immediate customer consumption, and avoid shopping regret.
ZARA Meeting on a quarterly basis through the best-selling pop single product, set
the brand marketing of the Director, after revision, and group sections manner
sensitive to the popular and spending power of 25-35 year-old customer base to
provide high quality, low price popular fashion. "Consumers
want?" A company's most important reference target, the global
retail point of front-line workers to listen to the recommendations of consumer
products, from color and style to the price, daily summary back to head office, design
department immediately review, two weeks later, according to customers new
products resulting from the recommendations can be found in the shop. Rapid market
response and reasonable way of brand operations, making the brand ZARA 30%
annual growth rate, the annual turnover more than 2 billion U.S. dollars.

ZARA appearance, breaking the traditional clothing brand operation of the Road, its
core value is "speed"! Through all aspects of the
"speed" to enhance access to marketing the "pot of
gold." Its model can learn for our enterprises to increase the means and
methods of market operations, provide us with a broader business ideas. But the
"reference" is not "plagiarism" in
accordance with the actual situation of enterprises appropriate reference, we should
also pay attention to:

The speed increase comes from intensive high-performance management;

"Speed" Although the market is occupied by ZARA magic, but
"speed" is behind the efficient management of ZARA intensive.
China's clothing brands from raw material procurement to product market
supply chain links of each undertaking is still in their own way, each system is no
relationship. A product to market needs: the production and purchase fabrics and
accessories -> finished garment manufacturing enterprises -> goods
logistics and transport -> Brand terminal sales, four basic aspects of security.
Not allow the formation of supporting rapid interactive business management of the
environment, even if one of the links in the management and efficient operation we
can provide the supply of opportunities, while other partners are not on the Xiayou
with their conduct in the final formation of "plug efficiency" .

ZARA brand was founded, has faced such a problem, only according to the traditional
"step by step" development, although ambitious, but useless. In
the find "can not break the current approach can not produce more
effective" after the bottleneck, ZARA has invested heavily in setting up its
own textile and clothing factories, and some of the major regions in Europe, the
establishment of Cat Fight. Love life, logistics and transport companies . 14 links a
large factory automation distribution warehouses, made entirely from the sale,
although the cost of production than the outsourcing of production by 15% to 20%,
but efficient job management allows production speed have been upgraded to reduce
inventory costs caused by stagnation pressure , so you can maintain a stable 10%
profit. When ZARA's store to reach the Americas from Europe and Asia, in
order to solve the same problem, and reduce investment in fixed assets, the way they
take the shares, with some strong production capacity and product quality
management and ensures a certain manufacturing enterprises to establish a partnership,
and logistics professionals from sales in the region to solve the transport company.
Therefore, a product today came from the designing to the choice of materials, dyeing,
tailoring, needle sewing, ironing, delivery of finished products added to our maximum
of only 3 weeks of rapid supply system.

Of course, we can not the same as ZARA invested heavily to build a supply chain of
its own production, but China has a large number of textile and garment
manufacturers, in many ways can the same result.

Stability of the brand from a stable supply. Operation of many enterprises in brand
management in order to avoid risk, many take a "virtual
business" approach, with the upstream and downstream production
enterprises with products trading business create a fragile relationship, the two sides
can not reach a consensus on a good development. Therefore, the way shares Ibid and
businessmen to establish business cooperation with the downstream business model,
not only relations between the two sides closer together to form a
"force" effect; the other hand, so that brands can participate in
production management, the whole process more conducive to the overall planning, to
break the "plug efficiency" of the bottleneck.

The speed increase comes from the advanced mode of operation of the brand;
ZARA and similar international clothing brands on the mode of operation made a
brilliant conclusion, namely: first-class image, second-rate products, third-rate prices.
International brand image has very strict requirements, even for a family workshop,
will be decorated stores have their own characteristics. The image of financial
strength to establish not only the embodiment of brand culture and product
characteristics is an alternative expression. The former tend to focus only on domestic
enterprises, and international brands have more focus on the latter. They think that
"mood" and "content" is a mature brand
and create consumer awareness of secondary purchase intention "approach
to the Stone", so features will be set up under the unified brand image of a
personalized logo to display from the service, from management without exception,
according to the planning of this "hidden rules" to implement
the operation.

The so-called "second-rate product" refers to its high-end
fashion brand comparison. Suitable products to enter the consumer market quickly, to
avoid the production of a longer production cycle or higher grade fabrics used in the
product, the product type is also more choice of non-fashion women's
winter class-based. They will "fashion" irrelevant minutiae lose
them altogether, the premise of guaranteeing quality of products under the maximum
cost savings. In product design, not demanding the details of the production
advantages of pursuing the most popular products are time, not
"shape"            just    to     "bore         a    striking
In the "price" of awareness, domestic brands in product
marketing, always think "fashion" products than their high R
& D and production costs, but also added more brand value in which,
therefore, should be also must be "high value" products.
However, ZARA, the thinking is different, they think that no matter how good the
product, sold only if you do not take up the Treasury funds a pile of scrap stagnation
pressure only, and its up for sale, not as good as cash quickly led to the production of
secondary . For example: ZARA franchise store in Singapore Women's
T-shirt is only 19-26 dollars, while the same types of products to be sold in other
branded stores to 40-60 dollars, so more consumers will not hesitate if a fancy a dress
the purchase, the consumer price of each garment is not high, but many times the
cumulative average, each post-consumer customers after the store was able to stroll
over consumption in the hundred, while the heart will feel very affordable.
ZARA manner worthy of our operating companies to think, when China's
consumer market with the gradual integration with the international trend, it has a
"faster and more accurate" market remedies, will be the
measure of the core apparel brand competitiveness scale. Just as Confucius said,
"the three-line, must be my teacher," each brand in the market
environment, that is a competitor and learn from. So who will learn, it will
"learn" to understand with the actual situation is more
"flexible", who will win the market and win a broader space for

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