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					Yu Shixiong its people
Yu Shixiong
Yushi Xiong, Hong Kong, Guanghua School of Management, Guanghua Times
Educational Development Co., Ltd. Distinguished Senior trainer, Harvard University
postdoctoral business management, international economic postdoctoral Oxford
University, United States, Dr. nova university public decision-making.

Ador former U.S. Vice President, Vice President of JAL, serving Shanghai Hui Quan
Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. director, general manager, general
manager of the United States Houghton Group China. Has served customers from
Japan Airlines, Philips, Kodak, Unilever, ABB, Suntory, 3M, Siemens, Motorola,
China Telecom and other famous enterprises home and abroad.

Dr. Yu Shiwei was a great learning ability of learning professionals. He was
internationally renowned institutions in more than a leader, Nova University, the U.S.
Public Policy PhD, MBA Harvard University post-doctoral, post-doctoral degree at
Oxford University, the international economy, is a knowledgeable, Professor of
Economics profound cultural accumulation.

Although born in Taiwan, Dr. Yu Shiwei, but traveled worldwide. He served as: vice
president of Taiwan, Japan Airlines, the U.S. cosmetics company Shuang United
States, Vice President, Thailand and China the Land Development Corporation
(Thailand Industrial Area) General Manager, Friends Union Enterprise Co., Ltd. Vice
President, Enterprise-wide Lu Qingdao R & D Center General Manager,
General Manager of China, the United States Houghton Group. Fighting for decades
to the sea, rich experience and the experience of continuous learning and growth to Dr.
Yu Shiwei not only become an outstanding entrepreneur, and has become a good
corporate consultant, renowned business management consultant. Dr. Yu Shiwei Shi
current Shanghai superior Principal Consultant Business Management Consulting Co.,
Ltd., Shanghai Hui Quan Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Director,
General Manager.

Dr. Yu Shiwei good market environment for enterprise management, corporate
strategy development from the policy objectives to quantify the start, has its own
unique, tangible way for businesses to provide personalized solutions. Dr. Yu Shiwei
tailored for the enterprise house training courses, but also to establish new business
ideas, solve problems of high prescription. Master of international reputation of Dr.
Yu Shiwei presentation of instruction, "combine ideas to talk and laugh
between Yun philosophy at the humor in" lively style, humor, explaining in
layman's language. Case not only rich, and offers a variety of practical
tools and techniques to solve problems. On participating in the training were of great
attraction and the unexpected follow-up results. In recent years, he was Japan Airlines,
unity, Aetna Insurance, the German Rhine, Zijiang Group, 3M, Philips, Kodak, Lucent,
Siemens, ABB, Bell, Shike Hua Rui pharmaceutical, stand up to the pharmaceutical,
the first system in Japan medicine, Suntory, Lianhua Supermarket, China Telecom,
Motorola, gold paper and a number of famous enterprises did corporate culture,
success in the 21st century managers, decision-making traps and negative thinking,
emotional intelligence and conflict management, MRP Ⅱ, whole brain thinking and
creative thinking, competition policy and strategy of choice, customer credit
management and how to prevent bad debts Fasheng, how to participate and chair the
meeting effectively, forecast, budget and cost control house training Ke Cheng,
praised by enterprises.

Dr. Yu Shiwei consulting industry is not only a shining star, but is a very patriotic
spirit of the people of insight. He broke with "Hui Quan
Consulting," the platform to their accumulated before the half to integrate
various resources, the wisdom of the Group team for the development of Chinese
enterprises to provide a steady stream of wisdom. China's economic
takeoff, the Chinese people for the 21st century the century of contributions to the
thin edge.

Dr. Yu Shiwei Description:

Nova University, the United States public policy ★ ★ Dr. postdoctoral research at
Harvard Business Management

Oxford University ★ ★ International Economic postdoctoral research known as
"the first person of Chinese management education"

★ Chinese most respected experts in combat-type training, one of the style ★
orator, strategist, tolerance, talent theorists

★ 2005 year he again won the "Top Ten Chinese companies the most
attractive Trainer," "Top Ten Chinese companies the most
attractive consultant" title, was awarded the "2005 Outstanding
Contribution Award." In 2007 again won the "Top Ten
Leadership expert" the honorary title ... ...

Hot material:

"Win in the implementation of the" "leadership
quotient" "How to become a successful professional
managers," "professional managers often commit the error of
11", "Competition Policy Analysis and select the best
strategy," "managers EQ EQ" "
Organizational Change and Culture, "" effective communication
"," break the bottleneck the development of SMEs,
""       breakthrough    talent   management        bottleneck
"of" professional team "

2008 New Seminar "How to build managers and charismatic,"
"develop       and     create      professional-oriented,"
"Performance Team"

"How to build managers and charismatic," Introduction:

For managers, the character is also a cost, is higher than production costs, marketing
costs, management costs, more hidden, more difficult to control costs. A successful
manager should have what character traits? Managers how to successfully create their
own charismatic and successfully change their fate?

To create leaders of the two             swords     -   "root" and

* Root = root character

Many of the leaders of the description, look forward to, observation or conclusion,
and finally can be traced back to a few basic "root." We would
like to become a leader, it is necessary to cultivate these important, and another more
general lack of character.

* "Root" like a tree, from the roots, trunk rise to many branches:

1. The market downturn, it will not do anything, to fight every funeral.

2. It was mutiny, or fight against each other, they will not sit back and grudge, or do

3. Face important investment decisions, not hasty rise.

4. Faced a corporate crisis, they will not panic.

* Capacity = control ability

A leader to face a puzzle, a group of groups, slim chance, or a competition, he
basically got to control. To which group of people in his guidance, seize fleeting
opportunities, start a fight in.

* "Capacity" like a bunch of dumplings, mention can be by
hand tying, seize every dumplings.

1. Some stragglers can build an army.
2. A number of programs of measures can be in the order, and coherent.

3. Some processes can be optimized restructuring operations to improve efficiency.

4. A number of important resources can be integrated scheduling, fully utilized.

* Seven "root" (seven trees) analysis

Each "root" of all three parts:

1. Inside and outside the structure shows

2. Case character description

3. Training Methods Tips

"Professional managers often commit the error of 11",
"How to become a successful professional managers,"
"competitive strategy analysis and the best strategy", and
"leadership quotient", "win in the implementation of
the" and other audio-visual materials.

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