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Yoga After several years of evolution, has given rise to many factions. Orthodox
Indian "classical yoga," including intellectual yoga, yoga
industry, beliefs Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga six systems. Different
theory of yoga are very different factions. Chi Yoga promote a culture of knowledge
and ideas; industry practice yoga promote heart and guide the behavior of a more
perfect; belief in yoga is derived from the former integrated and evolved; Hatha Yoga,
including mental system and body system; Wang yoga biased ideas and notes
information; Kundalini Yoga ... .... The theory of different systems of yoga, for those
who attend are the tools leading to the spiritual world.
Chi Yoga
Promote a culture of knowledge and ideas, never freed tomorrow, to sacred
knowledge, to look forward to unity with the Vatican. Chi Yoga that have low and
high knowledge of the other. Knowledge of what ordinary people confined to external
manifestations of life and matter. This low-knowledge can be through direct or
indirect sources. However, seek intellectual knowledge of yoga, yoga who are
required within an instant, through all the external things of nature, to experience and
understand God created all things - the Vatican. By reading old, is considered a classic
revelation, understanding the book on the real profound meaning, the essence of the
Divine. Yoga Teacher with Yoga practice to enhance the life air, open hole round head
of the Vatican, the Vatican into the body to be supreme wisdom.
Business Yoga
Industry is the act. Industry yoga that behavior is the first performance of life, such as
food, clothing, personal, conversation, manners and so on. Industry advocates will
focus on yoga inner world, the spirit through sexual activity, lead a more perfect
behavior. Yoga teachers often take extreme restraint and ascetic, going through good
deeds, worship God, self-discipline, perseverance ascetic, purifying and few desires.
They think people's best friend and worst enemy is his own, that all
decisions by his own behavior. Only complete dedication and conversion to make
their own spirit, sentiment and behavior to achieve the ultimate state of unity with the
Faith Yoga
Put an end to ignorance and distractions to focus on, inspired by the heart of the
Vatican's respect, and the Vatican to be with. Belief that yoga wisdom,
industry, faith are interrelated. Knowledge is the foundation of life, behavior is
expression of life. If a person without knowledge, would be in a great blindness, has
lost a support act. But neither the knowledge or behavior, should be guided by the
belief of the heart, otherwise, knowledge has become coarse Park useless knowledge,
behavior became poor foolish behavior. Faith yoga teacher to pursue the
"love of the loved one, to pious heart of worship" and haunted
forests or bustling city, their life purpose is pure soul, eliminate distractions, in the
spirit of the Jiyuyufan.
Hatha Yoga
Meaning sun and moon. Hatha Yoga considered the body, including the two systems,
one for the spirit of the system; a system for the body. Most people's usual
ideological activities is disorderly disturbance, is the ability of the waste such as:
fatigue, excitement, sadness, excitement, only a small portion of the human body to
sustain life. Under normal circumstances, if this imbalance is not very serious,
through the rest can restore the balance of nature, but if you can not take the initiative
to self-restraint and regulation, this imbalance will result in increasing the spirit and
the body of the disease. Asana can break the original disturbance, the body does not
eliminate unstable factors, to stop the vicious cycle of movement; by adjusting
interest rates to clear the body of the nervous system Impediment, by Ponda control
the body's energy and use it.
Raja Yoga
If Yoga Hatha Yoga is to open the door to the key, that Raja Yoga is the only way
leading to the spiritual world. Hatha Yoga focuses style and system of gas, Raja Yoga
biased ideas and the interest rate adjustment. Some commonly used Lotus Asana day
wait for meditation, abandoned position most stringent laws. Raja Yoga actively
promoted Ashtanga yoga, that is prohibited, respect walking, sitting method, the
interest rate adjustment, the system being, in awake, peaceful contemplation, samadhi.
Yoga meditation methods, but most use lotus position sitting posture, practice
meditation, through the mind to experience physical movement, control Grand
Momentum in the body circulation, resulting in different supernatural power. Gaze
point method is a kind of yoga are often a favorite meditation practice, this usually
quiet place, or in the forest lake beach to focus on a fixed entity such as Krishna
statues or candles, leaves , wild flowers or waterfalls, water, etc.; to their spirit
completely immersed in the infinite deep silence.
Kundalini Yoga
Yoga is also known as skiving. Kundalini prove the existence of human whole body
section 72,000 Grand Momentum, seven points round of the Vatican, a main channel
and a yet to awaken the dormant holy snake. Through open up the Grand Momentum
to wake up the snake gas life made him all the Vatican through the round hole to reach
the body, once the Kundalini serpent head of the Vatican out of round hole, you can
get superb Samadhi. People who practice Kundalini yoga is very small, because
Kundalini on the request of a high, often to the long practice of yoga for decades who
has not received any supernatural forces or the state of Samadhi. Kundalini yoga is
the yoga practice the more difficult way, and only only be sustained strength.
Other types of
Four Seasons Wellness Yoga
The traditional Chinese culture and ancient Indian yoga two-in-one, corresponding to
24 solar terms, through various yoga postures adjust the dynamic balance of body,
will yoga practice with a perfect combination of TCM and better meet the Chinese
Constitution to meet the health needs of people's health. Senior yoga
instructor by the famous Zhang Mei in China after two decades, record attendance and
Tantric Yoga
TantraYoga. Millennium mentoring secret heritage, focusing on developing life energy,
beyond the mortal realm of the practitioner. Tantric yoga is characterized by complex
patterns Mandala (Yantra), meticulous religious rituals, not open to the public the
contents of the energy use of energy leads to life, the practice of law, changing
material and training method, using the practice of law body , solar practitioners law,
Bikram Yoga
BikramYoga. Stress levels at temperatures as high as forty degrees Celsius, a
classroom of asana practice, with a lot of sweat for fun, even poor people can not
stand because of physical symptoms such as vomiting and exhaustion. Because
BikramYoga have patents, high temperature yoga training method sometimes called
HotYoga (hot yoga) to circumvent, the name of different contents, but the industry
will be better for the temperature and humidity control equipment segment.
Yoga relief
RestorationYoga, to relax as much as possible based Asana practice, coach to guide
the content of the main body relaxed ease, mainly for insomnia, high pressure with the
problem. Similar to such well-known SivanandaYoga factions.
Iyengar Yoga
David BKIyengar famous Indian yoga masters in the name of, Iyengar master high
over 80 years now, engaged in teaching yoga for several decades, is the
world's most respected yoga patriarch. The yoga postures in precise
Duanlian with emphasis on practice in order to use auxiliary equipment, and other
features, is currently the largest publicly introduced the yoga breathing exercises in
the division.
Ashtanga Yoga
SriK.PattabhiJois sect founded by yoga, Pattabhi master is a master teacher Iyengar
brother. Ashtanga is characterized by continuous strong Asana practice, emphasizing
movement and breathing coordination, and the use of Ujayi breathing, AshtangaYoga
difficult arrangements in accordance with the number of sets of continuous Asana
sequence, each set had finished, to complete one to two hours or more long, which
contains many difficult movements, AshatangaYoga make their own health
practitioners have strong confidence.
Double Yoga
To couple husband and wife pair of asana practice features yoga, non-partisan,
because the yoga classroom to increase the courses to attract students and produce
Pregnant yoga
As the name suggests, the same as Yoga class features to increase the courses to
attract students and produce.
Pregnant women, yoga can enhance the strength and muscle tone, enhance the
body's balance, improve how flexible the muscles and flexibility.
In the first stage of pregnancy, pregnant women do any vigorous physical practice
often can not adhere to eventually give up. Recommended for pregnant women from
the first 4 months of pregnancy to begin training. The absence of abortion, positive
and healthy future for mothers, as long as you can feel ready to begin some gentle
body strength and increase flexibility and improve muscle tension training.
In the course of the pregnancy, pregnant women can practice different yoga postures
different, but their individual needs and comfort prevail, yoga exercises vary, must be
coordinated with the person's physical condition. If discomfort during
exercise. Can switch to a more suitable position their practice.
Pregnant women, yoga can enhance the strength and muscle tone, enhance the
body's balance, improve how flexible the muscles and flexibility. While
stimulation of hormone secretion glands, increase blood circulation, accelerate blood
circulation, but also good control of breathing. Yoga massage can also play the role of
the internal organs. In addition, abdominal exercises for post-natal yoga can help
reshape body.
Yoga can help to improve sleep, eliminate insomnia, people healthy and comfortable.
Form a positive and healthy attitude towards life. Yoga also helps people to
self-regulation and control, body and mind into one.
Interest to note however is that yoga is not to make pregnancy and childbirth, the only
way to more safe and smooth. Yoga is the process throughout the pregnancy to help
pregnant women, appropriate exercise. "Birth" to spend a lot of
physical strength, most pregnant women in childbirth before the onset of fear and
anxiety will be felt, this is quite normal. Yoga can make this process easier and help to
pregnant women in antenatal simple to maintain peace of mind.
Family Yoga
Let parents and children together to practice yoga asanas, yoga classes because the
same characteristics to increase the program to attract students and produce.
Plastic rope yoga
Yoga Asana general practice with a rope and other equipment to assist.
Plastic Ball Yoga
Yoga Asana general practice with the flexibility of large or small ball for the auxiliary
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Project rules
Time: In general, people are using the morning, noon, evening or before bed to
practice yoga postures. In fact, as long as the guarantee of like yoga fasting state, any
time of day to practice. In other words, after a meal (3 hours) is not practicing yoga
posture of. Walker appears in the real yoga, early morning 4 to 6 is the best time to
practice yoga, because this time around was utterly still, the atmosphere is most pure,
gastrointestinal activity stopped, the brain has not yet active, easy access to the deep
yoga practice state.
Location: the best practice yoga in a clean, comfortable room, with enough room for
stretching the body, to avoid near any furniture. Room with fresh air circulation, and
the freedom to breathe oxygen. Best to put plants or flowers, can also play soft music
to help relax.
Of course, you can choose to practice in the open air nature, such as Garden in the
better place, do not in the wind, cold or polluted air in the exercise, and do not in
direct sun to practice (other than the dawn, because the time soft light, healthy).
Clothes: yoga postures should wear soft loose clothing to cotton texture is preferred,
must ensure that when the body breathe and exercise are not binding. Must take off
shoes and socks had better take off the (cold weather foot to keep warm), watches,
glasses, belts and other accessories should be lowered.
Props: yoga course to use a professional yoga mat as well, the local surface too hard
or uneven time, yoga mat to play a buffer role in helping you maintain balance.
However, if you do not have a professional yoga mat, covered with carpet or blanket
can be folded. Do not mark the floor or the bed is too soft to practice, taking care not
to let the foot slipping. Beginners can also use a number of props to assist in some
posture exercises, available props such as yoga blocks, Yu Jia Sheng, and even the
walls, tables, chairs and so on. Many posture can use the appropriate props, help you
step by step exercises, while more accurately convey the body posture of each feeling.
Bath: Bath the first 20 minutes do not practice yoga, because yoga makes the body
becomes extremely sensitive feel, at this time if it turns hot or cold to the stimulation,
they will damage the body, consumption of the energy stored in the body. Bath should
not be within 20 minutes of yoga, because the blood bath after the circulation of the
muscles become soft, if practicing yoga soon, not only easy to bodily injury, and will
lead to high blood pressure, increased heart burden. Heart disease, hypertension,
hyperthyroidism and other diseases with particular attention to this.
In addition, long after the sun bath do not practice yoga postures. In about 1 hour
before yoga practice take a cold shower to make your practice to achieve better
Food: As mentioned earlier, within 3 hours after a meal should not practice yoga
postures. However, you can practice before the 1 hour, eating a small amount of liquid
food or beverage, such as milk, yogurt, honey, fruit juice. Practice, you can drink a
little water to help rid their bodies of toxins (as duck a line of practice, you should
drink a lot even.) 1 hour after the end of yoga practice better eating. Best to eat natural
foods, avoid eating certain oily, spicy food or lead to hyperacidity. Eating enough is
enough, heavy meals make people feel depressed and lazy. In addition, decreased
appetite after practicing yoga, exhaust, increased bowel movements are normal.
Before all the movement will have some help and attention, yoga is no exception, in
this chapter will detail the attention on certain matters of yoga and why have these
A yoga practice easy to maintain the fasting state.
Meal 3-4 hours, about half an hour after drinking fluids is better practice, practice and
so in cases not otherwise provided.
In addition to exercise enough to eat may cause abdominal pain, other preparatory
activities, such as not doing enough to fully also cause abdominal pain. Dramatically
from the resting state when the body into active, but not done not done sufficient
preparatory activities or preparatory activities, the gastrointestinal tract to be shocked
by running and jumping, bowel movements will change the situation, resulting in
digestion of food and residual slag accumulation in the ileocecal, so in this case
expansion may result in stimulation of pain. That is, the meal you just had an apple,
then the only digest about it, and so on down to your stomach is empty can be
practiced. As long as the stomach is empty, and that you are not immediately bounce
to cause gastroptosis, or easily cause food to enter non-digestive tract, it can. Drink
fluids 30 minutes before making practice, we have no such feeling, after you drink the
water, is to run Ye Hao, is to exercise Ye Hao, if there is such a feeling: the stomach
like a water bag, like The "rattle rattle swing swing." You will
be embarrassed, but also very hard to accept, and you would be very difficult by the
gastrointestinal tract, so we do not water immediately after exercise. If a friend is
really thirsty, you can sip a small mouth, and to 60 ml or less suitable. Then we look
at, otherwise provided in practice, not doing so in case of what does that mean? This
is because of our clean power. Six industry such as Hatha commercial Capra Lanna
Shan, business cards need to drink a lot of water to practice, it is a specific action with
the help of water to wash your gut, so that exercise provides otherwise,
non-compliance this case. There are also hot yoga practice, the whole process a lot of
sweat exercise, water loss and excessive exercise can sip a small population
Second, do various yoga exercises must be in the limit when the edge of a mild stretch,
do not force push and pull involved. If you exceed the limit of the edge of their action
is the wrong practice.
Here we have a word may be not very clear what is at the limit line? Said
it'll pop lyrics, that is, pain and happiness. I stretched forward, stretching to
the fast can not stand, but in stretching the limits, I feel the joy of sport. On it. If
you're into pain and suffering with, it will not do if I am not a teacher so I
pulled tugged, torn muscles, strained. You have to stay in a little further forward with
the pain and suffering, although I am almost, but I pain and happiness, is the ultimate
edge. Gentle stretching and controlled practice. Do not involve excessive sliding.
Yoga is considered to thousands of years, very few injuries in the sport. But now,
practicing yoga more and more people were injured, is yoga not you? No, we do not
play by the rules. Note, we must pay attention to this one. Doing various yoga
exercises, be sure to limit their physical edge of a mild stretch their body, do not force
the push and pull involved.
Third, if the process in practice there physically frail, or trembling, please
immediately receive power to restore, do not over-insist.
You might arise such a situation, for example, the position to make a boat, we have
had muscle shivering in action? There, shaking because of it? Because of muscle
fatigue. For example, extreme fatigue you cook when I get you to 20 times the sun
ceremony, you may be on strike. Muscle as well, shaking the can not hold on, why do
you have to force it, it will hurt, so that when you physically frail law when you do
not matter, do not force yourself to do. Do not do anything for you frustrated, as long
as you practice, to time, your body's tolerance will become increasingly
strong, your body will get better and better ... ...
<Sitting: leaning>
Forward in the sitting position to appease not only the entire nervous system, but also
the brain calm down.
Especially for beginners yoga people, leaning forward in sitting position easier to
complete than the forward's standing, because the completion of the
standing forward needs a little more effort, but also to have a certain balance.
In general, as long as the forward's sitting in good shape, standing on a
good basis for the practice, it is high blood pressure or as well as patients provide a
practical choice, they are wise obey, they will not head up below the heart position.
Simultaneously on a number of forward-leaning body's energy centers (gas
turbine) and the impact on vital organs, but most benefit is the power source point (or
center wheel, or the second gas turbine). The gas turbine in charge of the kidney and
adrenal gland, therefore, practice leaning balance and strengthen these organs is a
function of what an effective operator.
Forward-type consists of diamond-type, beam angle, cross-riding style, one leg
extended exchange type, archery style, back extension type, beef noodle type, ship
<Sitting: backward-type>
Backward generally require a strong body, and Qian Fu requires the body flexible. At
the same time, backward, or reinforcement, and a great way to restore his health,
especially in the back, legs and buttocks muscles. If you think you do not have the
power to do backward type, so please exercise difficulty standing for a star, such as
1, backward style can enhance the flexibility of the spine, helping to improve the
standing and sitting, and maintain the flexibility of the spine. They also increase the
spine through the region and the nerve from the spine out to the blood supply, Er Shi
benefit the nervous system.
2, stretching the abdominal area, but also to a large extent, help digestion, as they can
under normal circumstances conditioning weak abdominal muscles and digestive
organs. They also expand and open the chest region, increasing the flexibility of the
shoulder to help get more chest expansion. This can take a deep breath and create
better conditions for the respiratory system can also benefit. In the body to maintain
backward, the brain will enter a passive state of calm.
3, recline type can affect many energy centers. For example, when the neck straight
up or down, the throat ring, located in the throat energy center, will be affected.
Backward in the implementation of a complete style, all the gas turbine will be
affected. However, the most affected, but also access to the best interests of the gas
turbine, is the umbilical round, which is the third energy center, which is closely
related with the abdominal nerve plexus.
The gas turbine is also related with the pancreas. Pancreas to the stomach, liver and
spleen are the chemical effects. From the energy point of view, all organs are
interrelated and support each other.
Pancreas by producing insulin to regulate the body's sugar content. If the
reduced levels of insulin, then it is easy to lead to diabetes, and muscle is no longer
capable of effective use of glucose. Spleen's function is to distinguish each
individual intake of pure and impure food.
The bodily functions and their associated gas turbine will also affect our emotions.
For example, we value the ability to distinguish things is very important. When the
spleen energy is blocked, it will lead to negative emotions, and let us distracted, too
worried, and have a "stagnant" feeling. In this way, the spleen
affect our decision to move forward in life and ability.
Backward-type consists of a cat stretching type, Camel, Cobra style, locust-type, arch,
fish type, extension type dog, bridge.
<Posture: spine bending style>
Spine spine twist on the location of each arrangement is particularly useful, it can
effectively distort the spine above the waist. These positions can gently massage the
internal organs of the abdomen area, and to provide fresh blood nourish these organs.
They also chest for better breathing conditions, especially the use of chest breathing.
Spinal twist to the nerve center of the nervous system re-energize, the nerve center of
the spine extends into the body from the outside. Therefore, these positions for the
autonomous nervous system than any other type of position are great, especially the
vagus nerve. It has arrangements and calm the body and the role of the brain; so it not
only makes the body glow, you can also make a subtle dynamic of gas round the
Autonomous nervous system by control of the brain stem and hypothalamus, which is
responsible for all of us are not aware of physical functions. These features include
the digestive, respiratory, glandular and hormone secretion, heart rate, blood
circulation and kidney and liver functions.
Vagus nerve is the center of the body an important part of the parasympathetic
nervous system, but it also affects the sympathetic nervous system. Parasympathetic
nervous system is autonomous nervous system in a quiet, relaxing part, it can balance
the sympathetic nervous system activity, stimulating effect.
Vagus nerve extends from the brain to the spine, and finally end in the abdominal
nerve plexus; this nerve with the seven energy centers (gas turbine), of the gas turbine
has a variety of sympathetic nerve plexus with the body close.
By having the nerve center of vitality, energy and power were brought together to
release blocked energy in the body, this way, energy can be used better. We can be
twisted to achieve the implementation of the spine to release energy purposes, while
the body and the physical (and gas turbine-related) part of the various subtle dynamic.
Backward-type consists of spinal twist, sitting twist, crescent-style.
In yoga, the anti-position pairs of all the positions are very important, the purpose of
anti-position to the implementation of those asymmetrical stance, the symmetry to
your physical recovery, Tongshi the Fan position can also make your legs and spine
De Dao relaxing stretch.
Stance consists of mountain-style, crouch style, bending stretching type, side bending
extension type, the first type fighters, soldiers second type, triangle type extension,
rotation / flip triangle, triangle side extension type
<Balanced position: standing and hand balancing>
It refers to balance or equal use of the body, the body the flexibility to move, pose and
coordination of limbs. It allows your brain a tranquil attention.
Equilibrium position is divided into tree-type, fighter third type, a half-type, Hawk,
dance style, balanced, scaffolding, scaffolding ramp, peacock-style, backward
scaffolding, Crow-style, handstand type
<Inverted position>
Inverted posture is an integral part of yoga training. Their effects through a variety of
ways the body's functions, so we have physical, mental and spiritual
benefits, and these positions can re-energize the whole system. For example, they can
eliminate fatigue, relieve insomnia, headaches, varicose veins, digestive diseases, as
well as excessive nervousness and anxiety.
Divided into vertical inverted shoulder down, plow, the Scorpion-style, the first
<Rest and relaxation posture>
Effective action in the maximum energy, is often the most relaxing time.
Relaxed relaxed supine position is divided into power, lying hero power, half-length
supine relaxation function

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