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									Yoga health harmonious fashion (1)
Yoga health harmonious fashion (1)

?Healthy Living gas station
    Experts after years of monitoring and system analysis found that modern humans
suffering from the disease in more than 45% related to lifestyle, and of death in 60%
of that is caused by poor lifestyle. Medical experts have already reached a consensus:
the prevention of these diseases, the best approach is to allow the masses access to
knowledge, to raise awareness of unhealthy lifestyles. Recently, China's
leading cardiovascular experts, Professor Zhen Hospital, Beijing Hong Zhaoguang
draft talks "to health associated with you" swept the country, the
elderly eager to read and benefit. In this lecture draft, the Professor Hung lively,
humorous language we describe the evergreen tree of life skills and health Collection
centuries, this edition is hereby extract part of the content to readers.
    Modern face four "early"
    Generally believed that the natural life span is 120 years old, 5 to 6 times the
growth period. "Health 789" (referring to 70, 80, 9-year-old),
"life is not a dream" is the universal law of life, should be no
seven-year-old former patient, 89-year-old perfectly healthy, 100 old ordinary. But the
modern 30-year-old would have atherosclerosis, more than 40 years of age suffering
from coronary heart disease, stroke 56-year-old got very common, 67-year-old man is
subject to arteriosclerosis, hypertension, cancer, Alzheimer's, prostatic
hypertrophy, glaucoma, cataracts and other chronic diseases of torture. Advanced
disease, premature aging, early disability, early death to become a common
phenomenon in today's society.
    Some people blame this phenomenon is that the economy is well developed, rich
life caused. Wrong. These diseases are not caused because of increased material, but
because of the lack of health knowledge generated. In the United States, whites
compared with blacks, whites more money, better material life, but the white blood
pressure, coronary heart disease, cancer significantly less than the blacks, life
expectancy should be longer, What does this mean? Because whites are better health
education, spiritual, and health knowledge, self-health awareness high. So the reason
the disease is not more material wealth, but because the knowledge did not keep up
with health care.
    Do not die of ignorance
    Dr. Zhong Daoheng said something: many people are not die of the disease, but
from ignorance. So repeatedly warned, do not die stupid, died of ignorance. Smoking,
coronary heart disease increased to 3 times, lung cancer increased by 9 times, this
consumption is bought with money of pain and death; alcohol can cause cirrhosis and
cancer; some people will brand overnight mahjong, Taixidabei eat large drinking and
violating the "meal, alcohol, emotional" triple death syndrome.
While others violated the "winter, early morning, tired" triple
death syndrome, leading to myocardial infarction. If an old man suffering from
coronary heart disease, such patients must avoid the rush, a sudden force. Once he
Quban book, in fact, move back 23 of a book, something did not, but he moved a pile
of books, push hard and immediately stopped heart. If he had received education in
these areas, there could not hurt. Unfortunately, it often is to health education, health
warnings are not taken seriously, otherwise, the Once the disease is regret.
   Guarantee of the five cornerstones of a healthy
   We should fully recognize the fact that so many kinds of diseases, in the final
analysis is uncivilized way of life caused. If we insist on a civilized and healthy
lifestyle can prevent illness. A civilized and healthy lifestyle, that is, five sentences: a
reasonable diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, tobacco and alcohol, psychological
balance. Among these four phrases to use to life, stroke, coronary heart disease can be
reduced 75%, 55% can reduce high blood pressure, diabetes reduced by 50%, 33%
tumor reduction, the average life expectancy of 10 years.
   Reasonable diet: that one, two, three, four, five, red, yellow, green, white and black.
Remember that the scientific and reasonable meals. "One" is a
bag of milk to drink every day; "2" is the intake of
carbohydrates 250-350 grams (equivalent to staple from 62 to 82);
"3" refers to one-third protein (each means: lean 50 grams or
egg, or poultry meat 100 grams, or 100 grams of fish and shrimp);
"4" means the four sentences "are crude and refined.
not sweet but not salty, 345 tons, Qi Bafen full"; "5
"refers to 500 grams per day of fresh vegetables and fruit (400 grams of
vegetables, 100 grams of fruit). "Red" means the wine
"(Wine to 50-100 ml per day is appropriate);" yellow
"means yellow vegetables (such as carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, sweet
potato, etc.);" green "means green or deep green vegetables, to
prevent China The experts in Medical Research found that green tea has significant
anti-cancer effect, and the deeper the color of vegetables, contain all the vitamins the
body needs more and more; "white" refers to oats, it is the
soluble f

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