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					Yi Jiangnan
"South is good, have a working knowledge of the old landscape. Sunrise
Flaming Red, Spring Green, such as blue river. Can not Yi Jiangnan?"
- Bai "Yi Jiangnan"
I am more and more like memories. All eyes in the memories of before, like a cup of
boiled water commonplace. The recall is the wine, let me indulge, tea, let me
I grew up and live in a self-styled "Southern Pearl" of the town.
I think I will never accept such a name. My mind the real South is south of youth I
have left.
1 Nanjing! Nanjing!
Why did I choose to Nanjing? Why choose the East Great? First, because I felt very
Shui Wuhan people feel that their dry noodles tastes awful, two, because the child to
his father's colleagues on the East Nanjing great. Sometimes life is not his
fate to choose, but young and ignorant, with parents pretend to understand, success
has as an option.
Nanjing, with "Jinling Wang gas and had to receive" to describe,
is most appropriate to the. Former capital of six dynasties, the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Di
moved the capital to Beijing because, they fled because of Chiang
Kai-shek's Nationalist government in Chongqing and Nanjing, as a
Yurenbushu girl, time and again rejected, the most painful is that year on
Kou's devastated. "Nanjing! Nanjing! "This movie, I
still do not see, do not dare.
Now, if a little news on the Nanjing TV or the Internet, mostly negative news, such as
baby Xu Peng Yu ---- ---- ---- Bridge gooey --- Ming-Bao Ma workers freeze to death
---- 6 - - burn dog urine bag throwing height ---- ----- ----- Xu electric car Pengci ---
old lady bus driver .... knees and begged out of a gathering recently immoral Professor
Ma . Well, really to destroy the image of Nanjing, was a mess ah.
2 South East of giving birth to hero?
Southeast University is one of the earliest established institutions of higher learning in
the school since 1902, after several storms, repeated clutch, waxed and waned, from
the three rivers, the two Jiang Normal School, Nanjing Higher Normal School,
Southeast University, age 20, the first Fourth Zhongshan University, Jiangsu
University, National Central University, to the liberation of the National Nanjing
University, Nanjing Institute of Technology, later renamed in 1988, Southeast
University complex. From 1943 to 1944, the former president Chiang Kai-shek.
Hundred Years of Tokyo, teacher meets. Li Ruiqing, Guo Bin, Tao, Luo, Chen San,
Liu Yizheng, Wu Mei, Wu Mi, Tang Tong, Xu Beihong, Fu Baoshi, Chen Buddhism,
Chang, Lu Shuxiang, Xu, Liang, Zong, Pearl S. Buck and other educators, writers and
artists and Qinglai, Zhu Kezhen, Mao Yisheng, Zhao Zhongyao, Wu Xun, Yan Jici, Li
Siguang, children first week, Gu Yuxiu, Yang Bao Qian Zhong Han, Shi Jun and other
great masters have taught this.
East Great years, many outstanding talents. More than a century, Southeast University,
and trained for the nearly 200 000 people, including 200 Yuren Cheng Chinese
Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering. Internationally renowned
scientists Wu, Yuan-Cheng Fung, Fung Sui An, a major cause of new China Science
and Technology founder Zhao Zhongyao, Yanjici, Kim Sun-Bao, Liu Dagang, the
State "bombs and one satellite" and the defense made
significant contributions to the cause of meritorious scientists Zhu Guangya, Ren
Xinmin, Huang Wei Lu, Min Guirong, a noted scholar Zhang Cun-Hao, Wu
Liangyong, LIU Sheng, Ding Henggao, Ni Guangnan, Wei Yu, Yang Huanming,
Harry Shum, "Taiwan's economy" father KT Li,
newspaper magnate, Taiwan's "China Times"
founder Yu Chi-chung , Levin, chairman of Indonesia's Lippo Group is one
of the most outstanding and so is the representative.
Southeast University school song (tune Send "Lin Jiangxian")
Words: High-Qu Wang steps: India Green
Purple olive Zhongshan East,
North owned Yangtze Silver Waves.
Six Panasonic listen Xiao Shao.
Rhyme in the Qi and Liang,
Imperial College that were marked.
100 papers hub Esa,
Southeast of giving birth to hero.
Wang Tao to beg the indulgence of a negative development.
Nisshin Zhen Transformation,
   Four Seas showcase.
However, the East is also a large negative press coverage in recent years:
3 words stand, where are you
"Words are established, you can ah, to welcome the company of a
fellow." Boys do not know is that praise or play antics Yu, Yan Li called on
the boys said. Yan Li, a college I know the first person, a fellow. However, I do not
remember where he comes up. He is my third, another year, he will graduate.
He said he wanted me to write. Soon, I really received his letter. Two-page, small
graceful words. Content, do not remember the first letters in this, or which one, I am
most impressed, he was playing the University of Nanjing attractions during the
statement. He was very well written, very Jiangong Li. Unfortunately, that letter, those
letters, was I lost. 10 years later look back, before we know, paper mail, the same
should treasure the things in now, it is already a rarity, a luxury. Especially the one
written in prose so beautiful. Vaguely remember is four words one of the parallel
general style: "yanziji head, Riverside with the wind, Man Jiang Bitou,
vying; Qixia mountains, riding mountain fog, mountains become a hit, storied make
dye.. 。。 。。"
Six months later, his letter said, "I find work in the construction of the
Third Bureau, and in Wuhan. Maybe after three years, you will come to this
city." However, I did not come, I returned more than 70 kilometers from
Wuhan, the home of Yellowstone. Many years later, I Baidu search for
"Word up" the name, however, a related information are not
4 Pearl Spring Moon
(This article is a memory and on-line travel guide Baidu to mix)
Pearl Spring Scenic Area, located in the south of Shanxi Pukou set. Cyclization
mountain region, trees are luxuriantly green, valley constantly clouded Jun, clear
water Lian Lian, spring by clouds, interesting cross-Yi. In addition there are a lot of
Southern Dynasties, the Ming and Qing, and other cultural relics, there is a new
development and construction of scenic spots and places of entertainment: Mirror
Lake boat, raft, view fish, fishing, wild, alligator breeding park, race course, archery
field, huts, cave Fortunately, play Temple.
Boys and girls in our class a few piece of bamboo Diaojiao survive the night within
the collective. To tell the truth, as hard by night, no washing, no bed lying, third watch,
and have not yet asleep, is groggy. I am altogether out of this came out, saw a good
moon, full moon, golden, huge, hanging in the sky in front of me. I said to myself, I
have to remember that the moon tonight. I remember.
5 night away Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge
Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, the Yangtze River in China to design the first one built
by the two-tier public railway bridge.
My first year in Jiangbei the Pukou campus. There is very remote, and the bustling
city, in the south. We seldom to the city, as too much trouble. However, the last night
of 1994, our class decided to walk the bridge to go!
Before the approach spans, we must embark on a long journey. Then a long approach
spans. Bridgehead, there soldiers in the guard. Winter bridge, windy, and we are
tightening the collar. For a while, I left behind, because I stopped to stare at the dark
river, with dots of light. A motorcycle stopped and people in the car staring at me
strangely, should think that I will commit suicide? I catch up with classmates, we
started singing. Bald Li Jin's "You're far from home
right? "There are Emil's" actually not want to go,
"That's when the campus radio frequently sounded in the two
songs. These two songs seem to coincide with our alma mater, and the fate of
Nanking: arrival, homesick; to leave, then dismay.
6 Xuanwu Lake
7 Sun Yat-sen
8 Yuhuatai
9 Confucius Temple
10 Xinjiekou
11 Zhenjiang - stealing of
12 Scenes in Yangzhou
13, there is heaven, under the Suzhou
14 For the Lake than the West Lake
I remember leaving that day, the rain poured down, adding a sense of doom.
In some dark cafeteria, everyone was busy channeling channeling to go. I checked the
two suitcases. A box of books, a box of clothes and quilts.
Da Zhuosan, wearing sandals in the rain to the feet of drip, from the secretary of the
collar where the diploma and degree certificate. Four years of time on this to these
two, 16-year study is to both this, in fact, very unfair.

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