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									Yi and health

Easy to learn and to support students
Luo Xin
The ideal of human health and longevity.
Exploration and practice in health care history, the world's two medical
systems: First, nations of the world medicine to Chinese medicine as representatives;
two centuries of modern Western medicine; medicine for thousands of years to make a
contribution to Chuckie.
Regimen is the art of life and self-management. Health is life, survival, growth;
support the maintenance, nursed back to health, Replenishing; health is sense of life
maintenance, principles, methods, and the arts.
In China thousands of years of civilization, history, the "Book of
Changes" is the source of flowing water. The most unique and have highly
effective traditional Chinese health culture is one of the splendid Chinese civilization
Nightlife movement.
Chinese health study has several characteristics: A holistic; focus on Cultivation of
Mind, on "in demand" and with "from
outside" the combination; emphasis between man and nature,
"marshal world, grasp the yin and yang"; emphasize proactive
health activation; stress 'One of the successful irrigation': profit
and loss will affect the survival of every move to 'adopt an extremely
careful', each additional health measures can be more of a life; stressed
Boulevard natural, Road to Jane.
"On the Gu Zhiren, he knows that the 'Road' were,
Act yin and yang, and the 'astrology', the drinking water section,
there are often personal, not helpful for me to labor, and it could all shape and spirit,
and make the end of their natural life span , degree of hundred years is going.
"Yi" (including "Book of Changes",
<Yi> and vast creative interpretation) is the understanding of the
universe, life and wisdom, "Book of Changes" is a universal
algebra (lan language), what can look inside cover, and concluded, according to
management; "Book of Changes" is the encyclopedia;
"Book of Changes" On the surface the book is the divination,
but in reality is through divination to explore and grasp the universe, life, everything
changes of the book: "Yi" clear: "easy" is
"day live by" and "Kai into service, to take the world
way", "heaven and earth potential, and it could be prevailing
over the universe," and "the general noted the equipment, there
is Heaven Yan, humane Yan, a native Yan "On the Road School.
Chinese medicine, Qigong is representative of traditional Chinese life sciences,
"Book of Changes" is its philosophical foundation. To yin and
yang, as represented by Luo gossip "as the number of" model, is
easy to simulate doctors theoretical model of human life. "Canon of
Medicine" is a summary of Medicine and Yi will pass, the
"Medicine", "I do not know easily, not made the
imperial doctor." Medicine in the "Heaven" concept
under the guidance of the people as a "small universe "Human
life and the universe not only with the structure of nature, with the order, and
exchange, interaction, human and subject to the same day of yin and yang"
as the number of "law of dominance. Internal organs, 12 meridians, Five
Elements, is the reproduction and use of this model.
"Medical aid easy entry, easy to training doctors to" learn a
wide range of areas in the most profound guidance of Chinese medicine, such as:
1, easy and dirty as the Kind of like the theory, "via" to Yin, the
class sub-human organs, on the "image" of a functional,
physical neglect, that functions as the "elephant"; used easily as
classification principles to the whole yin and yang division of the world, that yin and
yang, five-act "like." "Su asked the Golden real
words": "Oriental blue, into the pass in the liver opens into the
eyes of its Weisuan, the class vegetation, their animal chicken, its grain wheat, its four
seasons, the angle for the Suixing ,······ its tone, its number eight of its foul smell of
urine "to the five elements of the five internal organs, including
the" chicken, sheep, cattle, horse, pig " from "Shuo
Gua", "eight, seven, five, nine, six" is the percentage
of river map the Five Elements, is directly affected by the number of thinking as the
impact of Book ,······ etc.;
2, Liu Yao model and Meridian Theory: 12 meridians of the stereotypes and three Yin
Sanyang's name is easy to learn the same depth as the number of models
under defined; 12 meridians in the development of further integration with the time
3, gossip and diagnosis dialectical theory of holographic law: such as
"Lingshu colored" facial and body organs the segments of the
holographic diagnosis is follow the "Book of Changes," The
Formation of acquired gossip position, that his left cheek Zhengua primary liver; Yan
( amount) from the main heart diagrams; nose for the Kun main stomach; right cheek
against the main pulmonary diagrams; Yi as Kangua main renal; and if eight principal
syndromes is the theory of yin and yang gossip to learn the specific application.
4, to learn more as the number and Doctrine. 5, "Book of
Changes" for the first time in text and symbol systems,
Comprehensive treatment of the life cycle of the universe, end to end back-circular
movement, change form.
We are only in respect '"disease" - health care
interaction, described as "the big deep!" Health in this very
profound theories and methods of practice, we extracted only one hundred gardens Ji
1, the first re-raise heart health. "Sergeant nourishing the heart, Sergeant
raise gas, the corporal-cultivation." In general Lei said, the entire Book of
Changes is to support the mind: from the hexagram Qian Shun Yeung honest, the
beginning of all things health, hidden dragon of wisdom, noble self-improvement;
Kun flexible and able to just, pregnant tenet, female horse the wisdom of the Yin and
Yang for the friends, the source of all things change and development; * * * Yi
hexagrams, a comfortable old age, the king to the people for days, food as God; * * *
tai yin-yang diagram intercourse, Antai Heng Tong, small to large to wisdom; greater
than diagrams hardness and softness, balanced, independent afraid of wisdom; * * *
until both the economic Gua Everything economy, Shouchengbuyi, water on the fire
of wisdom; not poor economic diagram objects can not continue to evolve wisdom.
Even the "Xi Ci Zhuan", "said Gua", and
so are the road to spiritual cultivation.
Second, Qigong.
Regimen before raising gas, "gas" is the origin of life.
Vancomycin by Wang Dan, "Kinship" to sun and the moon
cycle of climate change to illustrate the law of human information campaign.
Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, loose, quiet, natural: elixir include
"refined refined gas, Lianqi of God, God is also refining virtual"
three-phase, a condensed refined gas line "small heavenly
circuit": the 'Live neutrons' time, and Manner
launched, under the idea "of gas" from the "the pubic
region," along the "Du" retrograde and on to the
"Ni Wan," "the navel" and then follow
along Conception Vessel line down, complex to the pubic region, through the line of
the week, as "refining drug" once. 2 Lianqi of gods,
"Great Heavenly Circuit." Onwards is the hour of midnight,
along the general path for circumferential meridian running wide in scope than small
heavenly circuit, its walking along Route 12, or serious, or take the
"kidneys" or cross-network run, vary. 3 Lian God also true,
more pubic region as a "furnace" to the cosmos as a
"ding", into one man and the universe beyond the language of
thinking, the idea of pure "super-flu state capacity" is made to
achieve the "trance" The thing I tend to assimilate, often set
Changji, all owned by Yuan. At this point constitutes a satisfactory solution is hard not
affect the Cosmos and the great circle, Cosmos and information, energy circulation of
traffic, people become a "six supernatural powers" (to borrow
the Buddhist Tianyan Tong - Recognition of non-eye; days ear-pass - specific
recognition; his heart through - a thinking sensing; Suming Tong - a cause and effect,
education; wishful pass - to fly, escape, hidden; Loujin pass - with wisdom and
complete address Duanchu all the troubles, free, free) functions the universe of people,
Qigong is treasure of Chinese traditional culture! Of the Chinese nation to survive and
multiply, and a source of wisdom, it is the most efficient health care longevity of
Nature created us. Lian Qi Gong makes us more healthy live longer more wisdom;
static primordial wisdom, will of wisdom; through small heavenly circuit that
self-harmony; through the great heavenly circuit is harmony between nature and the
universe. Macroagriculture advocacy and pro-directed "human
sciences" research will lead to a new scientific revolution, and raised from
the Renaissance in the East.
Third, lifestyle and diet regimen.
This is affecting health and longevity of the most important long-term factors,
unreasonable, unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, long-term, intangible and difficult
to correct the harm.
Support a healthy lifestyle including temperament, sleep support, support home office,
the raising of sexual intercourse and overcome bad habits and other aspects.
Food is very environmentally friendly, green, four seasons, five colors, five internal
organs, the five elements, yin and yang and balanced nutrition, regular and scientific
and rational way, and many other aspects of diet.
Control bit to live your mouth - diet supplements, detoxification both in grasping.
In short, to Nature, to nature.
Such as sleep, nature, seasonal replacement of hundreds of millions of years,
alternating day and night, "sub-afternoon nap" time and get
enough sleep to be strictly! Otherwise, the outdated system of compensation does not
come back! As the crops over the seasons, the poor harvest beyond repair. But people
often "know and can not do."
4, 12 hour health.
Earth's rotation, day and night, 24 hours, divided into 12 hour, according to
the natural order of heaven, internal organs plus triple burner, turn on duty cycle: the
hour of midnight - when the value of courage, good sleep is related to all organs, body
qi smooth of hair fierce. Chou Shi - Liver blood. Yin Shi - lung towards Lotus, to
"Su down." Mao Shi - large intestine, the main
"Jin" fluid adjustment, Lung and Large Intestine. Detoxification
fasting drink. E - the stomach when the value of eating good nutritious breakfast. Had
- the water intake of the spleen to the stomach Valley, transportation has become able
to take advantage of the subtle body of material, to the intestinal absorption of waste
products excreted by the colon. The first prime-time work and study. L - Heart, small
nap, support yang. Not - the essence of small umbilical intestinal absorption, drink
plenty of water. Shen - bladder primary "gasification" feature,
learn. The second prime-time work. Unitary - kidney strength. Shu - the pericardium
so that the body of air-accessible, joy out of Yan. The work of learning the third
prime-time Haishi - Triple Burner duty pay, and yin and yang.
And the world 'with a common fate', according to 12 hour health,
will be more effective.
5, four seasons health.
Earth to the four seasons cycle, one to heaven and earth, aerial, 4:00 into the law. Yin
and Yang season produce changes in the weather changes, and produce cold, heat,
moisture, dry, warm and cool day and night temperature difference, etc., on human
physiology, pathology impact. "Yin and Yang are four seasons, the root of
all things also, so keep spring and summer sun sage, autumn and winter Yin, to their
The same regimen throughout the year to follow three rules: growth and decline of yin
and yang, operation rules, gas machine down the law, opening and closing of the
weather to gas laws.
Yang Yang, conform to the natural, the raising of five organs.
Throughout the year is divided into 24 solar terms, not only to agricultural production,
human health must also be followed.
Four Seasons health is based on different seasons in the five internal organs, personal,
psychological adjustment, sleep, bath body, clothing, food, living, fruits and
vegetables, beauty, all parties on a seasonal basis, to nature. Over time, will be
6, meridian health. Meridian is an island of traditional Chinese medicine made great
taboo whistle hanging out a big rely characteristics. Meridian is the gift of our human
nature within a large drug medicine, acupressure, cure diseases and health.
Easy and the magic of the "312" meridians regimen: 3 - gu,
internal relations, three points less than three years, five-minute massage every
morning and evening; 1 - hydroxylamine five minutes every morning and evening to
do abdominal breathing Yu; 2 - is 2 Leg-based, conscious activities, training activities.
Adhere to those, will see the magic of.
7, Meridian Flowing. Lingguibafa, soar Eight, on time and acupoints as acupuncture,
massage, special effects. Guiyang. Traditional Chinese Medicine Professor Wu, using
Meridian Flowing to mice and become a "world time Medical
Association," President for life.
8, 12 news Gua (the provision of diagram).
Growth and decline of Yin and Yang to health. Ming Zhang Jiebin to 64 hexagrams
explain human blood running; Qing theory of Tang Zhonghai the blood process
summarized as "Kanli both economic", "water and
fire alternately," "run down" of biochemical
12 shows a message diagram can be a yin and yang of any process of growth and
9, health intercourse between husband and wife Health Exercises.
Sex life too much or less than all of the adverse health, we must grasp the
"degree" does not control his atrial mean ax with interest! Note
the "seven losses and eight benefits," "I do not know
who Man": Man can have sex fine principles.
10, tai chi health. Is too rubbish gossip aspect of the theory in the use of martial arts
11, the five elements gossip and physical health.
Five have their own gossip site and the corresponding points. The use of gossip as to
explore the human body, is a prerequisite Prophet human qualities and health status.
Learn self-modulating, seize the initiative in health and longevity.
Correspond to the five elements and gossip, gossip, representing different revealed in.
The images of people of different body, different health programs: to cool and health
of people from Qian, Kun people should pay attention to air temperature regimen in
response to spleen wet, hexagram people will have to low health,,,,
12, "Book of Changes" and disease prediction. Interpretation of
the body warned.
Hands, face, ears, Meridian, foot, etc., according to the county holographic thinking,
the disease can be observed. Appearance of disease five internal organs also will be on
the outside.
Easy to learn and good health, voluminous, this just start a discussion. Please criticize
"Ode to the 10,000 liters over the three days, thousands of disaster in order
to eliminate all diseases recover from illness, afraid to tigers of cruelty, they also have
old Wing Yan." ('Science Magazine the jade law, fix the Golden
Section' of "Huang Ting Jing")
Let us diligently, and ceaselessly, 'I could not help my life in the
day', health and longevity will be achieved.
Please criticize correction. To be continued
2 OO 9, Autumn
Reference: Qi-Cheng Zhang, "Yi Road trunk"
Fan Zhenglun "Chinese health wisdom"
Qu Li Min "Yellow Emperor, and health intelligence"

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