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					Yellow Pages Features Advantages
Yellow Pages Features Advantages
Yellow Pages advertising media location
Yellow Pages is the second television, newspapers, radio, the Internet, the
world's fifth-largest media were identified in the rapid rise of China is a
few years ago, but in the United States and other Western countries have been 100
years of history. By the public as an indispensable encyclopedia of life, be the media
as the most direct, most extensive, most efficient, most cost carrier of information
dissemination; be closely related with people's lives all kinds of businesses
rush to invest in marketing communications the media, become a modern industrial
and commercial business activities and daily lives of people spending an
indispensable communication tool.
Yellow Pages media and communication advantages of the basic characteristics of
1, the yellow is a kind of authoritative, high recognition rate media repository
The nature of the media watch, yellow pages is essentially a communication tool,
community information database. In addition to find the phone number as the role of
communication media, or as a community information database, it is as understanding
of local political, economic, culture, life, market information, books and other social
role. According to the survey, the information in the United States Yellow Pages
recognition rate of 99%, such a high recognition rate of other types of mass media can
not be compared.
Second, the yellow is a mixed marketing media has unique advantages
Yellow Pages as an information base media, compared with other media, has the
following advantages:
A wide coverage, publishing a long time
Through the free gift, with the city of mainstream newspapers and public places,
direct investment and other distribution forms of display, the Yellow Pages can be
completely seamless coverage of its services to the city, community residents or to all
users within a given area. Yellow year edition, in the year may be used at any time.
Such a high coverage of space, such a long time continue to release radio, television,
newspapers and other media can not achieve. For those in need year-round release of
commercial information, select the communication channels on the Yellow Pages
more obvious advantage.
2, communication flexibility
View from the communication objectives, it can be flexibly used to carry out
corporate image advertising, marketing, advertising and other promotional and public
relations communication. In the pages of advertising, planning, it can be horizontal or
vertical Journal; can be a single or series; may be more continuous blanket release
version, or full page or cross-release version of the large area of focus. In the
communication, the appeal of art can be simple or it could go; can be reason can be
emotional. From the audience perspective, readily available, easy to query and
repeated usage rate.
3, can better meet the promotion
Yellow Pages can meet different customer marketing communication needs: such as
the use of promotional coupons with the column, through the provision of offers,
payment coupons to guide the consumer tendency to induce consumer psychology.
Maintain stability for long-term want to build consumer relations company, is an ideal
4, as a consumer buying decision terminals link, purchase behavior in promoting the
unique status of the process
Yellow Pages is to provide the most direct contact information for ways to
communicate 企 业 and consumers of media, proximity to Shi Min, life, and
convenient for living, convenient consumption of features, plays Dazhong Life
Zhinan, consumer Zhidao role. And most of the media advertising information
directly to the audience to show the spread in different ways, Yellow Pages
advertising and other commercial information released is sufficient to follow the
consumer purchase intention, consumers find the phone number, provide timely
information to a consumer buying decision economic links, to eventually lead to
consumers buying behavior.
In the meantime, China's Yellow Pages also has information dissemination
on the unique advantages
At present, the mass media has entered a Classification, newspapers, television, radio,
Internet and other media quickly broken down, the same become increasingly
competitive. For example, almost all parts of our country can receive more than 30
television channels. With the wide use of broadband technology, but also received
more than 100 channels. A lot of reading newspapers regularly have more than a
dozen, and our current coverage area Yellow Pages public usually only one or a few,
competition is relatively moderate, the channel released by industrial and commercial
information, advertising and other similar media information without fear of being
covered up.
4, Yellow Pages is a cost-effective large media
Yellow Pages information, timeliness of advertising in more than one year, while the
lowest cost tens of dollars, however, a few hundred dollars. General full-page yellow
pages ads are not few more thousand dollars. Maximum (4, title page, special
sections), but also thousands, hundreds of thousands, compared with other media,
such as: TV, easily hundreds of thousands, millions, tens, or even 100 million yuan;
newspaper (issued in 300 000 copies or more) every turn is more than ten thousand,
hundred thousand dollars, the real cheap.
Editorial Committee of Henan Yellow Pages

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