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1, MPA introduced:
MPA is the Master of Public Administration (Master of Public Administration) degree
in the title, and is based on Public Administration and other related disciplines based
graduate education programs, aimed at government departments and
non-governmental public institutions to train high-level, application expertise.
Second, MPA candidates guide:
MPA school entrance exam twice a year, in October and January.
Once a year in October, the National Graduate Entrance Examination service, known
as the spring of MPA (spring enrollment). Need to graduate more than 3 years.
Once a year in January, participated in the National Graduate Entrance Examination,
MBA alone proposition, simpler than the general lot of research and examination,
known as the fall of MPA (fall admission). Needs 5-year college graduates or graduate
more than 3 years.
From the beginning in January 2010, MBA / MPA / MPAcc unified entrance
examination to "Master of Management entrance exam"
3, MPA degree certificates and academic certificate:
Participate in October exam, exam school, through the thesis credit course for MPA
degree certificate upon graduation.
Participate in January exam, exam school, through the thesis credit course for MPA
degree after graduation certificate, academic certificate, equivalent to ordinary
graduate student.
4, MPA, and full-time job: (class method)
    MPA learning are generally divided into two full-and part-time, that is, we often
full-time and in-service learning, generally in January exam students will have full
and part-time two options, full-time study for 2 years, amateur learning 2.5 -3 years.
Participate in the examination in October only one way-job learning.
5: MPA test subjects
1) MPA in October in-service exam subjects:
Examination subjects: English, public management infrastructure, comprehensive
knowledge (language, mathematics and logic) three subjects nationwide entrance
exam, exam Shi Jian 为 每年 October 20 Zuoyou; political Li Lun (You School
Zixingzuzhi test, retest O'clock in the arrangement), See in particular
admission ticket.
Proposition for the "national entrance exam of MA English Exam
Outline" (Science Press, 2005 edition), "Master of Public
Administration (MPA) degree exam syllabus" (Chinese People's
University Press, 2009 Edition)
2) MPA in January the National exam subjects:
MPA joint entrance examination for the two: English and comprehensive ability.
English out of 100; comprehensive capabilities into mathematics, logic and writing,
out of 200 points, including 75 mathematics, the main test elementary mathematics
and geometry, logic out of 60, writing out of 65 points, respectively, demonstrate the
effectiveness of analysis and argumentation .
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Address: Building 17, Western Shandong Institute of Business 102.

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