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									YANG Quan
YANG Quan, male, in April 1958 Health, Farmington Hui Rong, Kunming, Yunnan
people. Associate Research Fellow, Master of Wuhan University. Years ago he joined
the parents exiled to the mountains of rural poor have experienced a number of years
of life. I have been to rural educated youth, was admitted in 1978, Department of
Physics, Yunnan University. Used to be school teachers, after the battles in Hainan, a
former newspaper and magazine over journalists, editors and radio engineers. Yunnan
Institute of the Arts is now working.
    Since 1998, the Human Science Research Center of Yunnan University to
participate in the depth of the body of scientific research, years of research and study
and understanding so that I deeply understand
Was: if we really want to crack the human-specific features wonderful mystery, we
must wholeheartedly into their own spiritual Enhancement real repair pro card.
Specific functions of the human body
Can, that is, to say the Buddhist supernatural powers, it can evidence through their
own spiritual affinity obtained show, it is only by cultivating a certain practitioners
Practice of Buddhism by presenting only the subsidiary functions. Some people have
not been able to show their spiritual certain specific functions, it is because of their
previous life
Left or a possession. Spiritual beliefs, the true practice of mindfulness, which follow a
similar reciting amitabha encompasses (3 Studies), Six Degrees, Three Dharma Seals,
the Eightfold Path are engaged in repair
Line can get its good fruit, will be constantly upgrading their spiritual, and be able to
get their own special abilities that supernatural powers to do good; otherwise
, Twisted by evil thoughts, see themselves engaged in the practice would be
consequences to their own spirituality continued to fall, such as using their own
special abilities that God was the common
On evil, will accelerate their spiritual fall.
    I have the philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, astronomy, geography,
literature and art, computer science, religion (especially Buddhism and Taoism) and
other disciplines in the surf with great concentration, and finally finds deep religious
thought and wisdom is able to accommodate Integration the key to Wikipedia highest
wonderful. Because of the great doctrine of religious thought can provide it contains a
complete self-confidence in the system and comfort the soul, self-regulating,
self-motivation mechanisms and wisdom, not only includes the supreme magic, and
can be detached in spirit at the unattainable Unlimited and gave birth to the sublime
spirit of detachment, people can produce a deep sense of awe and admiration of the
heart, not arrogant, and arrogant, deeply aware of their own small and limited, the
breadth of vast unknown world, and resolve the trouble, the wisdom and methods of
suffering, but also contains the ultimate wisdom and methods of the universe,
including how to transcend their human limitations, to fully develop their potential,
improve ourselves, improve access to high self-wonderful big relief, a large
comfortable position in the practical, operational The leak of the great wisdom and
justice to the Lotus doors. So is my best destination. Twentieth century, the early
nineties, bloggers have been converted to Buddha in my heart, converted to leak the
meaning of the law, right view is converted to Orthodoxy line monk, became a devout
Buddhist of Buddhist faith. The main future research directions and the main direction
of the Buddhism and Taoism, comprehensive psychological counseling and practical
cultivation and understanding, and to vow to carry forward the right view of the
Buddhist faith and diligent efforts to contribute. Sincerely hope to communicate and
demonstrate their fellow Members.

  My Hobby: tai chi, guitar, chess, tennis, classical music, poetry, prose, swimming,
hiking to roam around.
                     My main theory was:

"Amorphous physics pioneer" in 1983
"Solid State Physics Chronology," 1984
"Information on nutrition of the brain" in 1995
"Brain Qigong" in 1993
"Talking about Hainan cultural environment" in 1993
"Talk about brain science," in 1996
"Hainan: ruthless Lover" in 1993
, "Valuable female dignity" in 1993
"System of human belief," in 1995
"On the Eastern wisdom in the role during the post-industrial
society" in 1995
"Brain Science and the future of mankind" in 1996
"Transformation of the mental health transition" in 1998
, "" Sense of things "and" imitation that
"comparison" in 2001
"Analysis of the five basic questions Buddhism" in 2001
"Taoist Theory of Interpretation of Philosophy of Religion
Spirit" 2001
"Chinese and Western Poetry" as "and its aesthetic
significance" in 2001
"To talk about Buddhism, the relationship between insight and
scientific" 2001
"Cognitive science of Synergetics of the brain" (with others) in
"" Poetic dwelling "and" Zen-itself
"," 2002
"Networking of University Libraries of the senior service
functions," in 2002
"Buddhism and Taoism and ancient Chinese conception of"
"On Feminism and literature about" 2003
"Freud's theory of the social life of contemporary China and
Chinese literature on the impact of scattered" in 2003
"Introduction to Life Program Self-designed" in 2003
"Buddha and the origin of the universe time and space of operation of the
said" 2006
"UFO exploring the meaning and our attitude towards the unknown world
should" 2007
"Talk about the era of network information database of individuals create
personalized" 2008

?I was there on the upcoming:
"Sitting Still on the" "Zen enlightenment
"The limit of human intellect and its rightful place"
"Oriental culture and Chinese Humanism"
"Buddhist       Poems,     famous       Selected     Comments",
"health of the six elements"

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                     Brief Autobiography
    My name is Yangquan. I was born in Kunming in April 1958.My buddhist name is
I ever lived bitterly and poorly several years in countryside of remote mountain area
my expelled parents during my early years.
   ?I have been to countryside near Kunming as a educated youth several years after
my high
school graduation. I entered Yunnan University to study in physics department by
means way
taking an admission examination in 1978.
I taught in middle school several years after I graduated from university.I have been to
Hainan as a pioneer since 1987 to 1996.I ever was a radio engineer of Hainan People
Station, and an editor and reporter of Hainan Development several years. From 1996
to now, I
have worked in Yunnan Art institute. I ever early or late was an editor of the institute
paper and transaction of the institute several years. Now I work in the library of the
In the contemporary era, I realize deeply that if I want to be engaged in research
humanities and the social science, if I have no good enough knowledge and theories
natural science, I can hardly have any good research achievements in humanities
realm and
the realm of social science. According to my realization, I just took an admission
examination to go to the university to study physics that year. My hobby and interest
various. Subjects that I am concerned with is very broad. I have researched and have
concerned about many disciplines, such as philosophy, history, sociology, psychology,
astronomy, geography, literature and arts, brain science, religion (especially
and Taoist thoughts) etc. At last, I confirm firmly that excellent religionary thought
wisdom is the most sapiential and wonderful method and path which can include and
all of subjects and courses. Because, there are complete belief system, and
self-adjusting, self-encouraging mechanisms and wisdoms in a great religion, and it
only includes the most wonderful and highest surmount spirits which enables a person
surmount unlimitednesses, and to produce wonderful surmounting spirits and deep
awe and
highly praising sense to the boundless universe and let him not be arrogant again, and
know well all of what human being's limited and tiny are, and know how
vast and boundless
the unknown world are, and includes complete wisdom and method of which are able
to get rid
of worries and to dissolve tribulations, but also includes the ultimate wisdom and
method of
universe, includes that human being knows how to surmount self-limited, and fully
potential by human self, how to realize self-complete, and how to gain great wisdom,
transcending, great being leisurely and carefree. So it is my best end-result. I have
converted to the Buddha's doctrine in my inner heart since 90's
last century. In the
future, my main direction and realm of research is Buddha's thought and
Taoist thought and
the comprehensive psychological consultation, and I shall try my best to practise and
cultivate as Buddha illuminates and to perceive true essence of the Tao. I honestly
hope to
learn from each other and hold intercourse with each person who sincerely believes
   ?My amateur hobbies: practicing Taiji-boxing, playing the Guitar, playing the Go,
swimming, climbing mountain, tennis,
                   ?My main articles and works
1, "The Pioneers Who Developed Noncrystal State Physics"
2, "A Chronicle of Solid Physics" 1984
3, "A Elementally Research about Informational Nutriology of
4, "Brain & Chi Kung" HAINAN DEVELOPMENT
5, "Talking Casually About Culture Environment of Hainan"
6, "A Drop of Seeing Through Dhyana & Tao"
7, "Talking About Brain Science with Great Ease"
8, "A Elementally Research of Human Faith System"
9, "The Function of Oriental Wisdom During Post Industry Society
10, "The reconstruction of Oriental Culture and China Humanities
11, "'Poetically Residing On' and 'Being
Leisurely and Carefree'"
 ?12, "Brain Science and Human Being's future"
13, "Mental Health In The Transformation and Transitional
Period" 1998.12.
14, "On Meditation"
15, "Six Outlines of Maintaining One's Health"
16, "Cefebrum Synergetics, Lorenz Model and Cognition
17, "The Limit of Human Being's Wisdom and Its Status in
Which Should Be Position"
18, "Dhyana Poem, Excellent Sentences Selected Carefully and
Commenting Them On Partly"
19, "Five Differentiate and Analyze About Basic problem of
Buddha's Thought"
Five Basic Problems of Buddhist Doctrine Which Need to Be Differentiated and
Abstract: In the paper, author gives a insight from an angle of one who is a cultivater
practicer for seeking the true essence and distillation of Buddha's, and
analyzes and
discusses five essential issues of buddhist doctrine with different method from
researchers of Buddhist doctrine. At first, author discusses the reason why Buddhist
doctrine is the most complete and the highest and most wonderful belief system in
contains complete science and never be a obscure, superstitious doctrine; secondly,
discusses and clearly vindicates different application goals of the tactics and methods,
science and technology between the Buddha's thought and the profane
schools; thirdly, author
put forward that if someone considers Buddhist doctrine is a complete philosophy of
life, then this is only a primary function of Buddhist doctrine, but a much more
and higher function of the Buddhist doctrine is in elsewhere; fourthly, author
what meanings of the anchoritic residing, the discipline and the charity are and points
they have been misapprehend by profane schools; at last, author analyzes and points
out the
difference between the genuine Buddhist doctrine and the profane Buddhist doctrine,
further emphasizes that if one wants to understand and perceive the true essence and
distillation of Buddha's thought, he must rely on his cultivating and
practicing in person,
but not his common research to Buddhist doctrine. It is only a practising issue, not an
academic issue.Key words: really cultivating and certificating in person, Hermeneutic,
Philosophy of Life, tactics and methods, science and technology, energy, charity
20, "A Elementally Research of the High Service Function of College
Library In the Network
Times "
Abstract: The paper begun from a new observing point of modern information and
in network times, writer elementally researched what high service functions of
libraries should be in today's network times, and elementally researched
the main generally
factors and methods how to build up the functions. Key words: Humanity Solicitude,
Consultation Service, One Synthetic Network Consisted of Three Networks, Digitized
Personalized Datum Base Store, Equal Chances of Shared Information and Datum,
CALIS System
21, "Unscrambling Laozi's & Zhuangzi's
Spirit of Religion and Philosophy" 2001.5.
Abstract: In this article, author gives forth the essential contents & the
, Functions & actions of religion, and discusses briefly about the spirits of
Laozi &
Zhuangzi's theory. In the text, writer gives some new unscrambling
& analysizing ways among
the important thoughts and words of Laozi & Zhuangzi's
religional philosophy.At last, writer
tells series of the most wonderful, complete, of the widest, of the most profound
including in Laozi and Zhuangzi's religious philosophy. These spirits were
given in very
briefly, refining, skeleton words. If you want to understand & perceive very
well the
essential spirits & most important meanings of Laozi &
Zhuangzi's religious philosophy, you
must join to really cultivate & practise follow by Laozi &
Zhuangzi said and advocated.There
is an important way that if a man can give up all profane thinking, all meanings, all
man's wisdom, all wonderful skills and all benefits and keep in always in
austere, he will
be able to throw out and cleans up all his body and soul's desires, improper
and stubborn
ideals, he will be able to always keep his mind in quietness, "Sitting to
"Pushing far enough towords the void, hold fast enough to
Quietness.", And further, he will be
able to completely understand and perceive what inaction is, which he really knows
how to
deal with everything and himself, how to be situated in the society, and besides he
violate the way of nature. Thus, a man can achieve the highest boundary of
"But by this very
inactivety, everything can be active. "," Doing everything at
random is concord with the
Tao.      "Key       words:     cultivating    in    quietness    &
lustration," Purifying heart "," Keeping in
meditation "," Sitting to forget ", live contentedly as
a poor scholar, faith system,"
Getting the Tao "," mysterious insight ","
inaction "
22, "Discussing The Relations Among The Buddhist Bharma and The
Insight and Science"
23, "A Visualization Between The Chinese and Western Esthetics and
Their Esthetics Meanings"
  Abstract: Writer discussed briefly about the origin and development of setting up and
creating the "visualization" between the Chinese &
the west and compared with the relations
between the Chinese and the westerner of epistemology and aesthetical categories,
especially, compared with the relations of "words",
"meanings" and the
"Visualization", analysed the differences from their pursuing
and creating the
"Visualization". Writer considered that the ultimate gaol of
creating and fetching the
"Visualization" in Chinese Aesthetics is penetrating the
"Tao", and get the "Tao", only by
means of "words" for gaining the "Tao" is
not enough, people must be by means of creating
the "visualization". But "Creating the visualization
for clarifying the significances" is
only a middle transitional way for gaining the "Tao". In order to
more fully, better
penetrate clarifying the significances and gain the "Tao", one
must clarify and purify his
mind, practise meditation and cultivate your body and soul so that you can gain the
wonderful and highest "the great round, all-purpose mirror
wisdom", and gain highest
aesthetical boundary.
By means of the western ways of the experiment, demonstration, rational thinking,
, Which are along with the imitating theory, is only supplement of above the way of
Chinese. When a man has not high and wonderful capacity of "dhyana
vision", "mysterious
vision ", above the western way is useful. But as soon as a man has high
and wonderful
capacity of "dhyana vision", "mysterious
vision", he can give up and transcend all ways of
language, of the rationality, of the logic, of the thinking, perceive directly the true
essence      and     distillation.Key      words:    "visualization",
"pursuing to Tao", "tasting the form in
a clarifying mind "," a visualization in a boundary
"," the visualization beyond a
visualization "," mysterious penetration ","
dhyana sight "
24       "The           relations      between       Buddha's          and
Lao'sThoughts and the Ancient Chinese Theory of
Boundary "2003.3.
25 "Briefly Discussing several issues of the feminism and their
26 "Generally Discussing the Influences of Frued's Theory
inModern Chinese Society and
Chinese Literature "
27 "A Guiding Reading Skeleton Of Self-Design For One's
     Abstract: In this paper, author tries to gives a complete systematic guide reading
skeleton of self-design for one's life, and illuminates briefly the importance
and the
method to know how to read excellent books and how to build up a personal database
personal homepage, and completely systematically probes into how to realize that one
to read books much more productively, and if he spend a little time to read book, he
have a gain and he will be able to finish reading all books which are worth reading
indispensable for a high quality talent in two or three years, and further, he will be
to realize self-enlighten and construct a complete, high and substantial foundation of
thought and wide-thick foundation of knowledge, he will get a important way how to
study by
himself further, which he can be encouraged by himself by means of it.
  Key Words: Self-Design, further study by oneself, self-spirit, to know widely and to
on sth, personal database, personal homepage,
28 "Generally Discussing Buddha's View About Universe, Time
and Space" 2006.6.
29 Talking About How To Create A Personalized Datum Base Store in network
informationization's times 2008.8.
   ?Abstract: The personalized datum base store is an important new idea in the
informationization times, From the idea, writer analyze its necessary, and preliminary
discuss the basic content and its method which we want to how to create and build an
personalized datum base store at shortcut, and offer to an unclassified method and
concrete experience.
Key words: Personalized Datum Base Store, network times, classify information by
intelligent searching
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