Yang Fan math teacher --- GCT review strategy Sina Interview

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					Yang Fan math teacher --- GCT review strategy Sina Interview

Yang Fan - People's University Professor of Mathematics exam in October
for many years involved in counseling and counseling exam preparation books
Moderator: First Fan Yang GCT math teacher on the exam the past few years to do a
presentation, say a few words than ever before this year's examination and
any changes?
Yang Fan: Mathematics previous two because the primary and 60%, 40% higher, the
previous two as algebra, geometry points quite thin, higher mathematics and modern
mathematics, this large is not changed, this will block 60% of primary , 40% higher
this piece, but the primary piece of not so small, proportion of algebra and other not
so fine, but we say that the difficulty is and should be almost the past two knowledge
points are related to the review, examination this year a few, those few this year,
things have been more inside, more concepts, the real point of connection in-depth
examination of knowledge relatively few things, so when the review must be review
Moderator: GCT math test and general exam What is the difference, compared to
what is the situation more difficult?
Yang Fan: Compare, GCT and mathematics questions such as MBA, MPC compared
with these words, on the one hand in terms of coverage, with significant differences.
GCT span relatively large, from primary through to secondary school arithmetic
triangle geometry, and then to the University of calculus, modern algebra, that is,
it's knowledge is more extensive. It is another characteristic of this piece
and in front of the high number of MBA, MB, etc. It seems more difficult for the
small, generally test understanding of concepts, basic knowledge and basic computing
However, in GCT primary piece of which 60% of the mathematical problem because
time is rather tight, obvious feature is more time should be done inside, in such a short
time, this piece is more difficult, this difficulty is almost a year is not that hard this
year, almost a year.
User: I am a liberal arts students, learning mathematics is a long time ago, and now
the tests have not learned a long time, the basis is relatively poor, will now be
reviewing how?
Yang Fan: I'll answer your questions about, for information, mathematics
this part out of 100, of which 60 should be in your study of adolescents and youth, for
example, arithmetic, geometry, geometric, this piece should be adopted not long
review, recall knowledge points should be no problem. To distinguish the question of
knowledge points, or review questions and do different things, because time is
accurate, a question of time, little more than a minute, put the topic of calculus,
modern algebra, etc., or not learned, or a long time forget, I'll give you a
piece of information, by choosing a cram school, through teacher training, I am
responsible that should be able to get good results, not test your depth of knowledge
and skill point of connection is conceptual study something, then one, while wearing
the cloak of higher, in fact, is a junior living doing live.
User: In the relatively short period of time to review, there is not any good coping
strategies? How should review? Asked the teacher to talk about the topic could focus
on it?
Yang Fan: Mathematics has its own characteristics, but as a course GCT test time is
45 minutes, noting that the 25 questions, requests faster, then a relatively large span,
from primary through to secondary school arithmetic geometry, algebra, and then to
the University of calculus, modern algebra there is a little introduction. So Another
time students are more nervous, so the best pick a good tutorial classes, have teachers
Shui a, Xuan Ze better Fudaojiaocai, Zheyangxiaoshuai will Tigao number.
Another, for mathematics, the specific sub-2, a relatively poor as a basis for fear of a
piece of higher mathematics, I responsible for that piece of higher mathematics test is
less, through counseling, Calculus problem which can in one minute against, is also
the case of modern algebra, probability can be done, but not for the middle piece,
from a piece of speaking, is the need for counseling.
Moderator: Young teacher candidates your proposal what is it?
Fan Yang: First of all, for each test center for mathematics, the concept must be
accurate, then as a mathematics itself features - count! Concept to be - like, come after
think of!

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