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Primitive society. Written in the Warring States period, "Shan Hai
Jing" and "Biography", by the meeting of King Mu
of the Western Kunlun Mountain West tour the story of the Queen Mother. Xinjiang
archaeological excavations unearthed a large number of pottery, many of them
decorated with patterns painted pottery unearthed in the same period in the Central
Plains Mainland pottery same or similar pattern decoration. 3000 years ago, painted
pottery unearthed in Xinjiang triangle pattern, vortex pattern, Xian Wen Tao beans,
such as drawing and a class of shape, the description of Gansu and the Mainland
pottery pottery arts have affected cultural development in Xinjiang.

Han and Tang Dynasties. Unified Western Han Dynasty, the Silk Road opened,
resulting in a large eastern and western cultures together here, large blend, led to
unprecedented prosperity in Western culture. Nomadic Culture of the northern
Tianshan Mountains, Tianshan Mountains in the southern farming culture developed
rapidly. With the military Farming and Han Chinese immigrants, the Central Plains
farming techniques spread advanced culture and the Western Regions, formed a
settlement based culture of Han culture. Meanwhile, the Central Plains culture, Indian
culture, Mesopotamian culture, Persian culture, Greek culture, Roman culture meets
here, blending the use of multiple languages and characters emerged, such as Chinese,
Tocharian text, Khotan text, Sogdian paper, etc..

October 1995 to November, Freeman Niya 3 coffins unearthed weave colorful Jinbei
on the "co-princes stunning, long live the generations to come should the
descendants" Small Seal character and pattern; 8 coffin unearthed in a
color Kam gorgeous bags have seal script characters: "five-star Lee out of
the East China." Reveals the Han and Jin dynasty and the Central Plains
during the Niya close political and economic relations. Tang Dynasty poet Cen Shen,
LUO, Hong Liangji written so forceful desert, majestic mountains, strange weather,
tragic spectacle so wonderful campaign exquisite poem, popular, long pass is not bad,
as the history of Chinese literature, "Frontier . "

With the introduction of Buddhism from India along the Silk Road, Western and even
the Mainland of China. Buddhism became the most important element of the Western
Regions. Qiuci Buddhist scholar, Buddhist translator Kumarajiva to the Mainland,
translated Buddhist scriptures, writings of Buddhist scriptures. Eastern monks
pilgrimage to India by the Western Regions, with a "Record of Buddhistic
Kingdoms." Uighur "Maitreya met Ji" is the birth of
my first play in the Western Regions of dramatic literature. Monk Xuan Zang to learn
from the Western Paradise, write "Buddhist Records." Turpan
region of a large number of archaeological excavations unearthed Chinese Documents,
contracts, etc., show that the Tang Dynasty around the Science in the Gao region the
dominant position the use of language. Grottoes and the Buddhist caves Gao mural
painting techniques showed wilt extracted blend of Chinese and foreign features.
Postscript Tang Khotan Watson, Watson has his son to use embossing techniques
monks, the performance of the content and the Western Buddhist figures flowers,
birds, shocked Chang. Kucha music, high Changle, Shule music and other music in
the Sui and Tang dynasties play an important role. In addition to music, the lute, harp,
drum, horn and other instruments, was introduced into mainland Western tradition, the
Tang Dynasty, and later became the main instrument in music. Western dance, such as:
Wu Tang Dance, Hu Spinning, dance and introduced into central branch extension and
even civil court.

Ming and Qing Dynasties. Cameroon barbed sweat Dynasty (9th century one in 1211)
period, with the introduction of Islam, Western and gradually expand the Islamic
culture on the growing impact of Western culture. Department of famous Uygur
scholar Yu Fu Hasi Ha jeep and compiled to reflect the contemporary social and
cultural life of the poetic encyclopedia "Happiness and
Wisdom", the famous scholar Mahmud Kashgar Uighurs are Turkic Karma
in the instrument book "Turkish Dictionary. Uighur poet Yusup Adji books
of love, a long narrative poem, "and competition is just Airy
Farm." Yuan Dynasty famous Uyghur writer Matsu often; famous Uyghur
writer Verse consistent marble; famous Uygur agronomist Lu Mingshan author of
"Agriculture as a summary of food and clothing." Chen Cheng
Ming traveler with a "Western trip in mind," "Xi yu
fan guo zhi" and so on. Outstanding representatives of Kyr

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