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Wikipedia (English: Wikipedia, is a trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation), is a
technology-based multilingual encyclopedia wiki collaboration program is written in
a different language Web encyclopedia, its goals and objectives for all to provide the
free encyclopedia human ─ ─ use their language of choice to write, craft, is a
dynamic, free access and edit the global body of knowledge. Also known as the
"people's encyclopedia."
Wikipedia, from January 15, 2001 was established by the Wikimedia Foundation,
responsible for maintaining, as of April 4, 2008, the first number of Wikipedia articles
in English Wikipedia ( ) has 2.31 million entries, and all 255
languages of breaking 10 million items, with a total registered users exceeded 1,000
people, including several top 15 entries in the Wikipedia entries were 74% of the total
large Some pages can be used by anyone to view and modify the browser, the
popularity of English Wikipedia has also contributed to other projects such as
Wikinews, Wikibooks and other programs produced, although the cause of these you
can edit the content of all exact the dispute, but if the sources listed can be scrutiny
and confirmation, then its content will also be some recognition.
Chinese Wikipedia on October 24, 2002 was established as of April 4, 2008, Chinese
Wikipedia already has 171,446 entries, in addition to other independent operation
with the Chinese dialect version of Wikipedia, including Taiwanese, Cantonese
Wikipedia Wikipedia, the Classical Chinese Wikipedia, Wu Wikipedia, the Fujian and
Hakka language Wikipedia, Wikipedia, etc..
The term Wiki comes from the Hawaiian word for "wee kee wee
kee", originally "Hurry up hurry up" means.
WikiWiki here refers to a hypertext system. This community-oriented hypertext
system to support collaborative writing, but also includes a set of auxiliary tools to
support such writing. We can based on the Wiki Web browse the text, create, change,
and create, modify, publish HTML text than the cost of small; also Wiki system also
supports community-oriented collaborative writing, collaborative writing for the
provide necessary assistance; last, Wiki's writers naturally form a
community, Wiki system for the community to provide simple communication tool.
Compared with other hypertext systems, Wiki features a user-friendly and open, so
Wiki system can help us in certain areas of a community to share knowledge.
The earliest knowledge of the world are collected in a roof, for inspection of the
ancient Library of Alexandria to the number. The idea of publishing an encyclopedia
can be traced back to Dedekind wait to send the 18th century encyclopedia.
Universities in the country, the library is the best encyclopedia will set point. The
most common today, including the Encyclopedia of the English language,
"Encyclopaedia            Britannica",          "Columbia
Encyclopedia" and Chinese "Chinese Encyclopedia"
and so on.
? Ward Cunningham in 1995 to facilitate the exchange of model community built a
tool - Portland Pattern Knowledge Base (Portland Pattern Repository). In the process
of establishing this system, Ward Cunningham created the Wiki concept and name,
and realized the service system to support these concepts. The system is the first Wiki
system. From 1996 to 2000, Portland model knowledge base around
community-oriented collaborative writing, some to support the continuous
development of this writing aids, so the concept of Wiki constantly enriched.
Meanwhile Wiki concept has also been spread, there were many similar sites and
software systems.
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