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iPod's profile
APPLE iPod was launched a large-capacity MP3 player produced by Toshiba 1.8-inch
disc drive as the storage medium, up to 10 ~ 160GB of capacity, can store 2,500 ~
10,000 MP3 songs, it also has sound management processes and innovation The mode
of operation, appearance and unique creativity, is the APPLE of the few across the PC
and Mac platforms, hardware products, in addition to MP3 players, iPod can also be
used as a high-speed mobile hard disk, you can display contacts, calendar and tasks,
and reading plain text e-books and listen to Audible's audio books and
podcasts (Podcasts).
Now some in the market iPod is:
* IPod classic (80GB, 120GB and 160GB);
* IPod nano3 (4 and 8GB, 5 colors);, nano4 (4,8 and 16GB, 9 colors, red for the time
being limited edition mainland sales, 16G domestically only in some major cities to
* IPod shuffle (Second Generation, 1GB/2GB).
* IPod touch (8G/16G/32G)
Added under: iPod (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition (the red type) is not a limited
edition, red iPod nano4 and shuffle, is Apple in conjunction with the Product Red
built a special version of the iPod, now buy iPod (PRODUCT ) RED Special Edition
models, Apple will sell a part of the proceeds donated to the Global Fund, for AIDS
prevention in Africa. So far, only sold in the APPLE Store only (such as: Beijing
Sanlitun apple store). Since the Scheme has been introduced, (PRODUCT) RED
Global Fund has donated more than 100 million U.S. dollars. Now, if you buy
(PRODUCT) RED, can donate their love.
Understand the Global Fund's (RED) event, please visit
[Edit this paragraph] iPod's development
托尼法戴尔 is the Apple iPod generated outside of the first envisaged, but he
struggled to his MP3 player designed to find funding. When he shows to Apple, the
company hired him as an independent contractor to realize his project, and set him for
the first second-generation device development team. Led by the 乔纳森埃维 the
Apple Industrial Design Group designed the subsequent products.
Apple iPod as a Mac user first to the unique product sales, but the company in case of
increased demand by adding compatibility for Windows. To January 2004, iPod is the
United States to become the most popular digital music player, occupied 50% market
share. To October 2004, iPod dominated the U.S. sales of digital music players with
over 92% of hard drive players and more than 65% of the market for all types of
players. iPod with a high rate of sales, in the three-year period a total of more than 10
million units sold. It had a major impact on culture. In addition, the study pointed out
that the iPod acted as a "drug addiction" or have a
"halo effect" of products, to encourage PC users to
Apple's other products, such as: Macintosh computers.
October 18, 2006, Apple announced that on September 12 onward, the market part of
the video iPod product marketing, about 1% by RavMonE.exe virus. The virus would
only affect Microsoft's Windows operating system. ITunes users the latest
available anti-virus program. A workshop a computer using the Windows operating
system is the source of infection.

The first generation iPod (right)
First-generation iPod's release caused a sensation at the time, it is not only
beautiful, but also has a unique and humane mode of operation and the huge capacity,
iPod MP3 player to bring a new idea, since similar products on the market after
another, But the iPod is still as it's unique style has been sought after.
The first generation iPod on October 23, 2001 release, a capacity of 5GB, 2002 年 3
月 21 Shelby 10GB version of the iPod, both equipped with APPLE's
selections as scroll-wheel drive, just a thumb to complete to operate, 10GiPod also
added 20 species of equalizer settings, iPod bandwidth is 400Mbps of IEEE1394
interface transmission, with the Mac operating system to manage iTunes, which was
very advanced design, combined with iPod unique design, it becomes another APPLE
create a myth.
Second-generation iPod (right)
Early first-generation iPod models designed for the Mac operating system, PC,
difficult to use it, like the iPod, PC users do have a number of third party software to
use with Apple to see the business opportunities which, in June 2002 17 released to
support Windows operating system "Windows version of iPod",
while increasing the 20G version of the iPod, since Mac and Windows version of iPod
has 5GB, 10GB, 20GB three kinds of capacity, which is known as the second on
behalf of the iPod, this iPod from a PC user APPLE camp one of the products

Third-generation iPod (left)
April 28, 2003, with the iTunes store opened, Apple announced the release of
third-generation iPod (left). This is the iPod family, the greatest change in generation
of members. Full use of the touch operation.
Fourth-generation iPod (right)
Apple Computer in July 19, 2004 issued a fourth-generation iPod. Steve Jobs to
publish new promotional methods, he was "Newsweek"
(Newsweek) and shoot the cover of Time magazine interview, released a new iPod.
The greatest difference with the older, is actually following the original in iPodmini
the "ClickWheel" control design. "Play"
and then back to mechanical button switch. Consumer criticism of some of the new
iPod's backlight button three generations removed, but most users believe
that, because the button to direct configuration around the circular control panel, there
is no need to install backlight.
Apple also updated the iPod software, more efficient use of battery, and battery life
(playing time) increased to 12 hours. In addition, other changes included in the top
menu, add a "Random Play" (ShuffleSongs) option, users can
be more convenient operation. In the majority of user's request, Apple
Computer in February 23, 2005 released a new iPod firmware, so that three
generations of the iPod generation to be able to use the new menu.
Initially, the fourth generation iPod only black and white screen, and with its
predecessors have not pictures. First published two: £ 299 20GB and 399 dollars
for 40GB (Apple Computer in February 2005 to stop selling 40GB version, sales of
black and white 20GB version only). Black and white of four generations of iPod, a
little thinner than the third generation (less than 1 mm), and provides ability to charge
via USB interfaces.
iPodphoto / ColoriPod
Apple October 28, 2004 launch of iPod photo (in sales a month later, the capital of P
to meet the iPod series naming lowercase letters). It uses a 65,536-color, 220x176
color screen, point, and has storage and display JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PNG
image capabilities. It is the fourth generation iPod than the standard thickness of 1
mm, iPodphoto can play 15 hours after each charge of music. including the 40GB and
60GB iPodphoto initial version, the respective sales of 499 U.S. dollars and 599.
In the February 23, 2005, Apple stopped selling, including FireWire, USB, and the
base of the 40GB model, 30GB model launched low-cost, and lowered the price of
60GB models. But with the generation of photo difference is that after the 60GB price
cut and new 30GB version of the missing base, FireWire cable, portable housing, and
AV cable (accessories valued at approximately 0).
Apple on June 28, 2005 Updated product line, the iPod and iPod photo product line
into one, all black and white screen models are upgraded to color screens. 20GBiPod
now with all the features with iPodphoto, selling 9, and the same as the previous
generation of black and white models. 60GBiPod the price has dropped, while
cancellation of the 30GB (priced at 350 U.S. dollars) models. Apple Computer this
series was renamed iPod. With the birth of new products, Apple updated iTunes 4.9
version, and added podcast features.
To manage iPodphoto picture gallery, Macintosh users to use iPhoto, but Windows
users AdobePhotoshopAlbum or Elements, or limited use of some of the features of
the Windows version of iTunes for free. iPhoto with the new Mac computer comes
with, but Windows users must use a functional limitation of iTunes, or buy Adobe
products (with functional limitations AdobeAlbum available online for free
From June 28, 2005 onwards, iPod and USB cable and power adapters bundled.
Optional accessories include the popular base, FireWire connections (users can use
the USB places), iPod video line (see photo on TV), as well as iPodCameraConnector
(a digital camera, transfer photos to iPod on to watch).
The current iPod / ColoriPod headphone jack with small problems, so that even in the
lock switch to open iPod case will be suspended themselves. This is because the
automatic pause function fails, it allows iPod in the case unplug the headphones
suspended. Third-party contacts in the headphones plug switch often incorrectly
record status (such as the Sennheiser models), but also users have reported using the
original Apple headphones situations encountered this problem. This may be because
the small metal headphone jack on the iPod's metal plate ran back. Fast
free solution is to use a small plastic wrap, to open a small hole in the above so that
headphones inserted to, or from the hardware store to buy a small, thin plastic gaskets,
so that looks better.
iPodU2 Special Edition (right)
In the October 28, 2004, Apple announced iPodU2 Special Edition. Black front panel
with red click wheel (U2 new album HowtoDismantleanAtomicBomb color), which
dealt with behind the silver chrome shell, the famous Irish rock band engraved with
"U2" four members of the signature. In addition, iPodU2
Special Edition complete copy of the four generations of iPod20GB models. This
iPod includes iTunesMusicStore coupons, discounts can be purchased include 400
U2's                 "Digital             Set"               -
"TheCompleteU2". iPodU2 on June 28, 2005 to upgrade to
color screen.
Harry Potter and the iPod (left, back view)
September 7, 2005, Apple released a limited edition of Harry Potter and the fourth
generation iPod, the back of the logo laser etched Hogwarts. [8] and this iPod released
the same time, iTunesMusicStore voice Harry Potter book sold. The only way is to
buy a Harry Potter iPod from the Internet, the price of 8, together with the Harry
Potter audio books to buy (12 October data).
Fifth generation (old)
In the October 12, 2005, Apple held a special conference called Onemorething
announced the fifth generation iPod, it has the Play MPEG-4 and H.264 video
capabilities. The new models have 30 and 60GB of the two, the price is consistent
with the previous generation.
It's screen can display 320x240, 65,5536 color, and can through the
headphone jack or external AV jack on the base line of the movie on television. The
screen size is 2.5 "large compared to the previous generation of iPod
It has been reported, 30GB battery playback time of 14 hours, 60GB for about 20
hours. Watch the movie, the battery playback time will be cut to 2 hours and 3 hours.
Click wheel design with the same generation, but to be smaller than in the past. IPod
headphone jack has been moved to the top of the right side, while the lock switch is
moved to the left.
Such as the iPod nano, as it also has two colors: white and black. Also no longer
remote interface, but the latest universal base can use Apple's latest remote
Fifth-generation iPod also include a thin plastic shell, may be the case very easy to
scratch iPodnano response.
Fifth Generation (new)
The new fifth-generation iPod in appearance and in no difference between the old
type, but the specifications have to make some changes:
Reservations 30GB models, but canceled 60GB, replaced by the 80GB models (the
same thickness with the same 60GB).
Increase battery life: Apple website says (battery fully charged) 30GB model of the
music playback time to 14 hours, with music slide show playback time to 4 hours
video playback time to 3.5 hours; 80GB model is each 20 hours, 6 hours and 6.5
hours. Even through the 7.0 version of iTunes to download new games iTunesStore
(older versions can also be used after the update) to increase the brightness 60%
higher than the old model. Can set "Brightness" (older versions
can also be used after the update). Increase the "search" feature
(currently only search in English).
iPod mini
Apple in January 2004 into the "mini" digital music player
market, announced iPodmini, direct and Digital Networks and innovation ZenMicro
the Rio Carbon competition. iPod mini and full-size iPod has a lot of similar features,
but the lack of support for third-party accessories. It uses the smaller 1.67-inch
(diagonal) grayscale LCD screen version than in the past to reduce the number of
lines shown on the screen when playing music restricted to only show the title and
iPod classic
Apple released a new generation of iPod classic, with 80GB or 160GB of storage,
iPod classic lets you carry more music and video. It also has a lasting use of (available
up to 30 hours of audio playback 2), the appearance of fine (and stylish all-metal
design), and prominent personality charm (including the new Cover Flow interface).
iPod mini use miniature hard disk as storage. It is the iPod in addition to the most
compact iPod shuffle outside a, basically a standard iPod, reduction miniature.
However, since the introduction of iPod nano, the status of her small break, but still
preserving the smallest iPod shuffle iPod status.
The first generation of mini
January 6, 2004, Apple announced the iPod mini. It has 4GB of storage space and the
price of 249 U.S. dollars (at that time, only the third generation than the 15GB iPod
cheaper). Critics say too expensive, but again can not resist the overthrow of popular
and hard sales rate to the Apple Store there spot.
iPod mini uses the "click wheel", which appears in the
fourth-generation iPod. Touch-sensitive wheel means that users only need to move on
it will be able to select screen items, equipment, Menu, Back, Forward and Play /
Pause button to become a part of wheel, users simply press the corresponding part of
the wheel will start One of the features. The middle button is still used as a Select key.
Apple originally created for the iPodmini five colors: silver, gold, blue, green and
pink. Silver is the highest-selling model, followed by blue.
Second-generation mini
In February 2005, the second generation of the iPod mini into the market, and with a
new 6GB model and upgrade the 4GB version. The most impressive is the two
models can be used to improve the battery to 18 hours. In addition, they reduce the
shell color (Apple to stop selling gold), and other small parts of artistic change.
Meanwhile, the second generation of iPod mini cancellation provided by the previous
generation, AC adapter and FireWire cable.
September 2005, Apple announced that iPodmini discontinued, released a new
small-capacity iPod Product iPod nano.
iPod shuffle (bottom right chart, left)
Apple Computer in the January 11, 2005 the Mac world Conference & Expo
posted iPodshuffle, and accompanied by "Life is random"
(official translation: life random interpretation) and "Give chance a
chance" (unofficial translation: a chance an opportunity) for banners. iPod
shuffle for the first time using flash memory (Flash Memory) as storage media models.
shuffle includes two models: 512MB (save 120 to 128kbit / s encoded 4 minutes
songs) and 1GB (240 songs deposit). With other iPod models is different, iPod shuffle
can not play Apple Lossless and AIFF music files encoded, because it uses the
SigmaTel processor does not support. A comment that is its iPod models provide the
best sound quality.
iPod shuffle does not screen, and thus only limited navigation options in the music
room. Users can set the play order in iTunes or use the random (shuffle) order of play.
Users can set each time you connect iTunes, the music library to the iPod shuffle in
random fill. iPod shuffle weighs only 22 grams, slightly smaller than the size of a
pack of gum. USB2.0 Transmission Interface only one choice, not the original iPod
used FireWire standard (FireWire / IEEE1394) transmission interface. And a series of
other similar products, iPod shuffle can be used as USB mass storage device, similar
to the U disk.
New iPod shuffle (right, the maps on the right)
Appearance on the new iPod shuffle in a very big change from the original shortened
to approximate square rectangular shape, material to aluminum shell, and added,
"clip", can easily be caught in clothing, belt or trousers.
Because the volume is reduced, canceled the original USB port to transfer the base
must be included dock connected to a computer USB port, then on the base Caixing
iPod shuffle.
iPod nano
In September 7, 2005, Apple releases iPod mini's successor, iPod nano.
Using flash memory instead of a hard drive, iPod nano is 0.27 inches (0.685 cm) thick,
1.5 ounces (42 grams) weight, volume 62% smaller than their predecessors. It uses the
32768 color screen, can display photos, and connected to the computer via USB2.0.
Headphone jack on the bottom. It retains the standard 30-pin dock connector to
compatible third-party peripherals. This is the first FireWire connection can not be
used with any PC (Windows or Mac) sync iPod.
iPod nano in the iPod operating system to increase the number of new features,
including new world clock, stopwatch and screen lock. In the world clock, the user
can set the time the world's cities, and set the alarm for each time zone.
Clock can automatically adjust the daylight saving time. Stopwatch function allows
the user to click a button to start timing, click another button to stop. There is also a
separate key ring calculation. nano can save users more time with the stopwatch
records, allowing users to compare different time. Screen lock feature allows users to
set their iPod 4-digit password, when the screen lock is activated, the only forward
and backward according to the keys. Volume control to enter a password number.
In February 7, 2006, Apple Computer introduced a 1GB capacity, iPod nano, iPod
nano sells for 149 U.S. dollars while white and black, including 1GB, 2GB and 4GB
iPod nano 2
Compared to the new fifth-generation iPod, iPod nano on the appearance has changed
dramatically, away from the original acrylic and metal material, use aluminum shell,
make the new iPod nano is not the same as the old scratch so easily injury, and the
thickness of the thin than the old type of about 0.01 inches (0.025 cm). Furthermore,
in the new iPod nano has more kinds of colors: black, silver, pink, blue, green (not the
models of each capacity are available in five colors).
The specification also made some changes:
Reservations 2GB and 4GB models, but the cancellation of 1GB, replaced by the 8GB
Screen brightness increase of 40% than the old models;
Increase battery life: Apple website says (battery fully charged) Music playback time
to 24 hours, with music slide show playback time to 5 hours;
Increase the "search" feature (currently only search in English);
In order to assist the "Native American fight against AIDS / sexually
transmitted diseases, education and training assistance program for three
years", some countries have launched the "Red Special
Edition"       ("iPod       nano     (PRODUCT)       RED      Special
Edition"), a 4GB and 8GB of two machine type, all specifications are the
same, price change, and every purchase of iPod nano RED 4GB, Apple will donate 10
dollars to the project.
iPod nano 3
Anodized aluminum front, shiny stainless steel back, four eye-catching color and a
larger and more brilliant display (Apple's history with the highest
resolution display), iPod nano charming, from the inside are all impact on your the
optic nerve. With 320 x 240 resolution and wider screen iPod nano, improved
compared to previous screen brightness 65%. With Cover Flow, you can read the
album cover as easy as browsing your music. To new ways of looking at all the
content in the iPod nano. A battery is fully sustainable Play up to 5 hours of video or
up to 24 hours of audio. Have lasting power and 6.5 mm ultra-thin body of the iPod
nano, tall and small but magical.
iPod nano 4
iPod nano first attempt to use spindle design, highlighting the central part of the
fuselage, while the edges smooth convergence to bring out the body of the small and
large-size LCD screen.
IPod nano new generation of products than before the biggest improvement is its
built-in acceleration sensor chip, according to the user's sway and twist and
change the playback state, this one has some similar functions and iPod Touch.
The new iPod nano's battery life of official time given up to 24 hours audio,
video, up to 4 hours, this is because the new iPod nano's screen using the
latest power saving mode due.
And the previous generation iPod nano, the new iPod nano's user interface
has also undergone some changes, thanks to vertical screen design, the menu also lists
the special improvement in the bottom of the screen 30% of the area, can display
album covers or the details notes, very convenient.
The new iPod nano also joined the new Genius feature, this feature can track the style
of intelligent analysis system, which combined a DJ-style music player, this feature in
iTunes, there are echoes.
Nine colors, iPod nano is the largest one in history colors, in addition to the seven
rainbow colors include, there are classic silver and black for the user to choose to
satisfy consumer demand. The new iPod nano with headphones and decoding
programs are not too obvious change, and therefore there was no sound too obvious
changes, the new iPod nano is still biased towards treble demonstrated the lack of
bass performance, the sound resolution of a well. Original headset, the new iPod nano
is also an improvement compared to the previous generation, the sound is more
The new iPod nano's price and upgrade of the problems have not increased
but the new iPod nano's capacity has increased, the maximum capacity of
16GB and the year has been similar to the iPod Video, which makes the iPod nano has
been so small the ability of people with admiration, especially in the current world
situation Flash rampant, low price iPod nano also attracted much attention.
iPod Touch
Apple released the latest generation of iPod time, iPod Touch came out.
Judging from the appearance, Touch is simply a streamlined version of iPhone, iPod
Touch thickness of only 8mm, basically 60% of iPhone, than is currently the thinnest
thickness of the new iPod nano only 1.5mm. iPod Touch and iPhone the same width
and length slightly shorter (110mm and 115mm), but higher than the standard iPod
Classic of 103.5mm or higher. These are to or from the appearance of size iPod Touch
and iPhone able to distinguish. In the overall design, iPod Touch and iPhone also have
significant differences. Like other iPod, Touch the surface of smooth, rounded side is
connected to the polished metal back cover. tilt both before and after the iPhone has
the edge, so that the screen looks like in the frame of the same. iPod
Touch's screen will have to feel the sharp edge of a number.
Touch and the iPhone screen size the same, but the edge of the iPhone's
chrome replacement through oxidation of ferrous metals, a width of 2.5mm. Total
5mm black border on both sides of the visual effect from the iPod Touch screen gives
a little deeper inside the machine and the screen illusion. In fact, iPod Touch and
iPhone's screen size without any distinction, Apple iPod Touch claims the
display fine degree of 163ppi, while the iPhone is 160ppi, but the subtle difference
with the naked eye could not distinguish. Resolution of both are 480x320.
iPod Touch's battery can support a nominal 22 hours audio playback, 5
hours video playback. Fast charging, a half-hour can be filled with 80%, fully charged
you need to 3 hours. Endurance capacity is slightly worse than the iPhone, which can
play audio 24 hours, video 7 hours. However, taking into account the thickness of the
iPod Touch case, the gap is understandable. In addition, the open Wi-Fi browsing the
web, iPod Touch's battery life capacity of 4 to 5 hours.
And, like iPhone, iPod Touch just below the middle of the front of a Home button.
Touch the button body is slightly smaller, the depth also decreased. In addition, iPod
Touch and a top power / wake button. But placed at the top right of the different and
iPhone, iPod Touch the power button at the top left, for the right to release the
location of WiFi antenna.
As the iPod Touch is not built-in speaker, so naturally the side of the deletion of the
iPhone volume, mute button. In Touch inside, only a simple unit operation can be
issued a "bit" sound, all audio players will need headphones. Of
course, iPod Touch and no microphone, camera, and the SIM card slot.
Touch's headphone jack near the iPod dock at the bottom of the data
interface. iPhone's headphone jack deep, some joints can not use the
headphones are more lenient. iPod Touch is changed this design to support a variety
of standard interfaces 3.5mm headphones. Although the iPod Touch can use the
Original iPhone headphones, but can not support its remote control function, can
control music playback through the host. Those who like outdoor use, hoping to
facilitate the manipulation of the user may prefer the iPod nano, iPod Touch is
designed for video playback and full touch control students.
Since the market since the iPod Touch supports video output, iPhone is a 1.1.1 version
of the upgrade through the week, only to support this feature.
Previous iPod video output are connected via cradle or headset interface
"iPod AV cable." But this time the upgrades, the new iPod
Touch, nano and Classic will be replaced by the base video output interfaces to bear in
support of composite or component output.
In addition to increasing the Debug Console, iPod Touch Safari browser on the same
with the iPhone. ITunes can sync your computer favorites, you can load multiple
pages simultaneously, at any time zoom. Of course, iPod Touch only in the context of
WiFi hotspots to the Internet, unlike the iPhone version of arbitrary.
iPod Touch body functions biggest shortcoming is the absence of Email. (Apple for
the iPod Touch recently tailored a number of new applications, which include mail
receiving) Although we can use Safari login mail check mail, but users have one less
way to transfer files to it. For example, iPhone can view Word, Excel, PDF, etc. files,
but not through the data line transmission. The easiest way, you can send yourself an
attachment with Email, with the iPhone reception on the line. In the iPod Touch, this
road to nowhere, resulting in Touch can not use a variety of documents. If you have a
server, you can upload the document and then iPod Touch's Safari browser
to find it, but this is clearly unrealistic for the average user. This greatly limits the
scope of iPod Touch, perhaps this is what Apple expects to achieve.
Wear-resistant metal case and glass
Slim, good design
Excellent media playback capability
Safari browser support for rich Internet applications
Pretty easy photo browsing
Multiple Web applications can be installed
IPod does not support the new series of slides and other functions of the operating
Polished metal case does not scratch coat problems
Does not support remote control or the remote control
PDA features a large number of deleted
Can not download software
iPod Touch 2 Generation
Compared to Touch 1
Increase speaker
Enhanced battery life to 36 hours music video 6 hours
CPU frequency increases response speed becomes faster
Design a better look at the back arc
Increase the Genius functionality
Increase the side volume control buttons
Break the immature
Stability of the system as before
Screen color reproduction variation
Work to be less favorable than on behalf of Touch 1


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