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Why on Hai Ke Quan Co._ Ltd. success_


									Why on Hai Ke Quan Co., Ltd. success!
Ke Quan Industries was founded in the beautiful Pearl of the Orient - Shanghai, from
the date of birth, in line with the general public to provide a safe and smooth traffic
order for the public to provide a convenient means of transport trips, a next to a new
purpose The outlook on the towel.
  ?The company specialized in the visual, the most advanced in the production of a
contemporary concept-oriented to the true quality as the cornerstone to fixed-point
processing, fixed production, fixed monitoring of production and making their own
product line quickly expanded to the rubber, plastics, Hardware, Electrical, electronics
and other transport services, covering almost the whole of every corner. At the same
time, supported by the most advanced e-commerce as the main way of marketing,
combined with comprehensive guidance, site construction, sample processing for
major works, keep the scope of its commercial activities from Shanghai, Zhejiang and
Anhui provinces and extended to Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Yunnan, far apart the
various traffic departments, property developers, social workers in all sectors of travel,
good quality assurance and timely service to its excellent reputation in the market to
the community, the dissemination of this has attracted many overseas the attention of
industry leaders and concern. Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, many countries have we
had a friendly visit and cooperation, and reputation behind the bird from the chapter
was a great social Ke Quan industrial development potential.
  ?Division, the company consists of rubber, plastics division, Hardware &
Electrical Division, Electronics Division, all employees have been long-term
professional training to the professional responsibilities of all the traffic around
carefully for the developer, for the contemporary consumer traffic provide
comprehensive services.
  ?Rubber Division, blending the best of the brake, slot line with the road along the
slope, traffic cones, crash facility, block round seat, wall adhesive, dividers and sports,
Plastics Division gathered traffic cone, warning column, warning line, warning shot,
warning chain, reflective film, reflective tape, Self Adhesive Vinyl, convex, concave
mirror, mirrors, hemispheric mirror, plastic signs, metal key to the Department of
Electrical and car parking lock, parking charge system, road safety signs, etc. as their
main services, electronic class mainly to the division focus on the various types of
lighting such as landscape lighting, solar wind power energy saving lamps and
electrical appliances, electronic monitoring and security, electronic traffic information
dissemination and publishing on . Each division every day to provide a contribution
for the community the opportunity to build on common goals the young, charismatic
and full of boundless energy of the safe, comfortable, casual contemporary safety
  OK, Ke Quan is OK!
  ?Safe travel, that modern people participate in social activities, the most basic and
necessary foundation for exchange. Every desire for better living environment and
future goals of beings, without exception, are constantly pay attention to the safety of
their own travel. The rapid development of science and technology upgrade for the
transport to provide a powerful boosters, and safe travel should be the times to show
their vitality charm. The Hai Ke Quan Co., Ltd. It is with the idea of the service, tried
to cast the community a safe bridge for the parties strive to provide a full range of
attention to travel security, and resolve the best way to travel safety.
    Whether in our industrial and mining enterprises, high-speed or city road anywhere,
there we are familiar with reflective spike, protruding signs, deceleration zone,
parking lock, traffic guidance rods, rubber and metal warning column, contour
standard traffic mirror, isolation barrier, crash the water horse, warning tape, bull
barrel, glare panels, reflective signs, dividers body, traffic signs, adhesive marking
tape, protective plate, induced marked, reflective film, reflective fabric , warning
lights is common to display their stage.
    Similarly, institutions, government offices, roads, Gejizhengfu department
compound, we also have every one in the Nu Li Zhao Tigong safety supplies to nail
the spirit of the play Ziji screw the most reliable value. To pile lock, parking signs,
signs, traffic cones, colored flags and streamers and flags, railings, warning, stop
buffer, trash, signage, automatic barrier, guard post, fence, deceleration zone,
anti-light beam, pole , mirrors, wide-angle lens, retractable door, garden lights, lawn
lamps, energy saving lights, warning lights around us are more familiar to everyone.
    Evaluation of a better life today and more to a good home as a standard, we are
trying to come to each, a passerby would not miss this opportunity for all of us have
felt the development of technology to make our lives faster pace, but we make each
and every facility has a high degree of progress in the spirit of ambitious people have
a casual, relaxed and safe space.
    OK! Our goal is to build a safe way to travel.
    OK! As long as you acknowledge, you are satisfied, then OK! It in!
That's good! It may be West Asia!
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