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									Where to go (on)
1. Institutional arrangements and socio-political theory determines the output and
distribution of its benefits
2. Lack of fair distribution of social benefits is the root of human society and political
3. The birth of China's feudal totalitarian system and its theoretical logic
4. Centralized feudal system of logic flaws
5. The birth of Western democracy and the theory of logic
6. Logical flaws of Western democracy
7. Resolve conflicts of interest of mankind in two ways
8. Discussed people's democratic system of socialism with Chinese
characteristics, building
1. Institutional arrangements and socio-political theory determines the output and
distribution of its benefits
China today in the field of political theory and thinking is very confused, China in the
end that going?
Political issues in the final analysis of interest. The core problem is that the political
interests of the output and distribution. Political and institutional arrangements of a
society and its theory will determine the interest of society and output efficiency and
fairness of the distribution of benefits. From the human society has been pursuing the
efficiency and equity. In the pursuit of efficiency, it has generally recognized as
representative of the community to improve the efficiency of the overall increase in
wealth. However, in the pursuit of equity, people are chock full of differences,
because no denying the human society is a hierarchical society, from several different
mobility of people in Li Yi on the distribution of the problem There are different
Jiaodu and interests of the considerations. People have differences, they will
inevitably compete for a variety of ways, Marx's class theory that human
history is all around the interests of the class struggle in history.
"Matthew Effect" is a word in the Bible: "Those who,
more will give him more than him. Not, even he has will be taken from
him." Throughout the interests of humanity around history of struggle,
there can be found to have similar "Matthew Effect"
phenomenon. It can be broadly described as: social interests and resources to the
minority concentration. The logic behind this law are: possession of talents and
resources of interest to share some of their own interests and resources backing to
hold the more benefits and resources. From the statistical sense, in various historical
periods of human society, social interests of the distribution of the balance is always
more powerful sectors of society tend to. The interests of vulnerable sectors of the
distribution of a falling, their disadvantaged position in society determines that it can
not reverse this trend. Gradually expanding gap between the rich and the poor.
However, the lack of social and distributive justice is not only the ethics of human
society and moral issues.
2. Lack of fair distribution of social benefits is the root of human society and political
Lack of fair distribution of social benefits and not just the ethics of human society and
moral issues, this lack of human political and economic instability social cyclical
source of the Chinese dynasties of feudal society and capitalist cyclical economic
In Chinese feudal society, the source of interest for the land and population. Who
occupy the land and population, whoever has more wealth and power. Under the
above law, the landlord ruling class continue to occupy the land, and through loss of
employment land, the basis of loss of life of farmers to control the population. This
process, the distribution of wealth in society continue to tilt in the landlord class,
resulting in members of the rich and poor. "The road has died of frost,
while the rich wine and meat smell" is a vivid portrayal of this
phenomenon. When poor farmers can not maintain basic survival to time, such as
large-scale disasters, famine, resulting in large-scale refugee occurs when the dynastic
cycle of war, followed by the birth of another emperor.
If you simply speaking from the agricultural productivity, from the late primitive
society, the productivity of society is absolutely able to meet population growth.
Feudal society are the result of large-scale famine and refugees, the reason is
definitely not accidental natural disasters, natural disaster or just an accelerator trigger.
The fundamental reason for the replacement of feudal dynasty is a serious imbalance
in the distribution chain. "Matthew Effect" to make more and
more the interests of the landlord class was snatched from the hands of farmers, this
trend to the last, to form the possession of the landlord class interests and survival of a
large number of resources are idle and waste, while at the same time a large number
of people starved to death because of famine. The formation of such a situation would
create a basic condition for the regime change. The early capitalists in an economic
crisis would prefer to pour the milk into the river are not willing to charity to starving
people do not work, this pair of images and "while the rich wine and meat
smell, Way has died of frost" to describe the sort of scene is very similar to
the Department.
Into the capitalist era, the human society, the interests of the most important source of
evolution for the population and capital. The forms of capital, compared with the
currency. Capitalists are actually pursued through legal or illegal means to get more
money. Employment of workers by using money to work for themselves, so as to
control the population, combined with the capital and population production of
But money is only paper money represents wealth, although it is not wealth. Marx
pointed out: the emergence of monetary value and use value of goods separation, the
separation of buying and selling currencies. When the distribution of interests of
society a serious imbalance in the form of money distribution is a serious social
imbalance. Specifically: the capitalists continue to occupy an ever-growing money
supply and possession of fewer and fewer consumers the amount of money. When this
imbalance to a certain degree, they will lead to overcapacity and thus an economic
crisis. Its essence is a process: that consumers share some percentage of the money
supply declined, even the possession of the money supply has also led to declining
purchasing power of the whole community down. Capitalists rising share of the
money supply, but the capitalists can not form the possession of the purchasing power
of money, in order to hold more money, the capitalists will occupy most of the money
used to increase investment, expand production scale and improve the output of goods
or services level, thereby enhancing the capacity of the whole community. Reduced
purchasing power and social improvement of the social productive formation of the
capitalist world can not overcome the contradiction. Finally, when accumulated to a
certain extent this conflict, then the economic crisis. At this time, the capitalists can
not sell the products, factories or companies will therefore be a large number of
bankruptcies and closures of the development of the social productive forces would
halt serious cases even back several decades. 1927 in the United States economic
crisis is the most typical productivity relative surplus.
Marx described the root causes of overcapacity is a serious imbalance in distribution
of social currency. A direct result of the currency imbalance in the distribution of
consumption decline with the collapse in productivity enhancing.
2008 U.S. financial tsunami as overwhelming trend sweeping the globe, a tip of every
tongue. Overall: accounting system, bank credit system, financial companies, the
country's financial regulatory authorities become the target for everyone
Jieyue can kill. Here, let me say a few words for them to come forward to be fair, huh,
First thing to say is "excessive consumption" concept is a false
concept, this word confused with a basic fact: members of society in general is not the
future of consumer society to produce the product. "Excessive
consumption" concept is for the personal micro-established, but put the
macro level, such as into the high country, this concept is a completely false notion, is
logically untenable. I ask how can a country or society can advance the future
consumption of the products produced? Called a country "ahead of
consumption" The truth is that in order to ensure the maintenance of social
productivity growth or ensure at least not shrinking, so by all means let the
community members must be consumed relative excess of those products, they are
decided by the overall social productivity of The output of the product. If not
consumed, it will reproduce overcapacity crisis, the company or enterprise funds
strand breaks, and then the emergence of unemployment, business closures, real
economic crisis. "Ahead of the U.S. economy is consumption
patterns" cover up the true meaning of the phrase is: When there have a
relative surplus of the productive forces, the Americans, who consumed the relative
excess capacity, but it is still an imbalance in the distribution of social benefits the
state of achieved. Approach is established to achieve the release of purchasing power
and consumption capacity of financial and credit industry.
The fact that greatly ease the economic crisis and the damage degree of the cycle,
which thanks to the United States to establish a well-developed financial and credit
system. The fundamental issue of economic crisis is the distribution of benefits by
Zao Chengde spending power imbalance caused by the lack, the United States in the
financial and credit Zhidushide Guangda middle to lower class to enjoy the Shehui
productivity benefits of rapid development, in fact narrow the wealth gap and the gap
between the quality of life, ability to temporarily increase the social consumption, so
that the productivity and rapid development of match.
However, the financial and credit is still just a buffer, there is also limit their ability to
bear since. The United States advocated a free market capitalist system, economic
system is "Matthew" the most suitable fermentation container.
When the capitalists can not be found in lending out money for their own profit, they
will cut investment and lending. Capitalists will be money to lend to consumers
whose purpose is to get more money, the social imbalance in the distribution of
benefits determines the allocation of society as a whole will be less and less money to
flow borrowing needs of ordinary consumers. Ultimately, consumers will not be able
to repay, financial and credit industry profit margins will decline sharply, resulting in
shrinkage of the credit industry, financial sector, excess liquidity rapidly changing as
the liquidity shortage, so the real economy and the spending power to buy rapid
decline. Finally, the economic crisis has made a comeback. Therefore, the banks and
financial companies is poor we blame smb. Wrongly been a ~ ~ ~. Can not allow
them to sacrifice themselves, asking them to continue to invest not justify the loan, or
even ask them to take out the money no longer ask for it? American capitalism is not
likely to feel that really has. The key question is the link in the distribution of social
benefits. The financial interests of the capitalists did in the most high-end chain that
Economic crisis could widen the gap in turn, intensify social conflicts, the most
typical example is the Russian economic crisis occurred after the disintegration.
Economic crisis in the capitalist world has passed on the characteristics under certain
conditions, can be transferred to other countries. Western countries have several times
in the 20th century through the global economic crisis means to pass on their own
countries so that developing countries and their people suffered a great loss. Therefore,
the anti-globalization voices in the world with considerable influence.
Shift the economic crisis must have some prerequisite, to be passed on to the
implementation of the national liberal finance, foreign trade and economic policies.
The key to the following number of policies: First, the national currency fully
convertible, foreign exchange can flow freely into or out of. Second, the state practice
in the full liberalization of foreign trade. Third, non-interference in the national
implementation of the government's liberal economic policies, economic
development, have full confidence in the market means of regulation.
Passed on the specific process of the economic crisis: a first step, the first being
passed through the foreign exchange area of the country into a lot of money in
circulation, so that the flow field is far greater than the demand for monetary
aggregates. Or just make a very small number of large flows of several single trade
market, resulting in the money supply greater than demand situation, which left the
country in circulation the inflationary effects of artificially generated. For example,
investment funds focused on real estate market, when money supply greater than
demand, prices will continue to rise, leading to increased profitability of real estate, it
will attract more capital into the real estate market, the price on the Festival section up.
The second step is when the price rises to a certain height, all the funds recovered
from the circulation, the money supply is less than the market demand, then prices
will fall sharply. In this process, the interests of consumers are large flows of financial
capital group. For example, consumers pay high prices through the purchase of the
property or goods after the rapid depreciation of the purchase. Meanwhile, a large
number of currencies has been occupied by the Group financial capital. The third step,
the foreign financial capital group funds through foreign exchange to leave the
country, it is very critical and difficult step. Foreign financial capital group will leave
the country for all funds, after circulation, which are a mere yes the
country's currency, the currency and the country is the government has Jin
Jin Shang pattern printed paper, for the foreign financial Jituan value for Moyourenhe .
If this process through a freely convertible funds to leave the country, foreign
financial capital group is complete plunder the wealth of the country. Because a
country's foreign exchange are the people with the creation of value
through labor exchange of goods come through free exchange, these foreign currency
into the hands of foreign financial capital group, which is a disguised form of
possession of the people of the country to create wealth.
However, this is not the loss of wealth of the country's most lethal aspect of
economic harm. The most fatal blow is: This kind of circulation, rapid injection of
huge amounts of money, but also a means of rapid evacuation of the social productive
forces will accelerate the production of relative surplus situation. Its consequences,
similar to the country's central bank issued a lot of money quickly in the
market, short term fast will a lot of Huobihuilong. Normally, a country's
currency circulation generally meet the market demand for the currency, if the quick
release a lot of money, and then in turn Huobihuilong, will market the first of inflation,
and then followed by a shift into deflation. Guo Nei's financial capital
group will be able to amass as many times of inflation since they are ordinary
consumers currency which has a lot of panic buying in the deflation period Ze belong
to national and 人民 quality assets Tongguozhexie Zichanjiasu its own quality and
production scale 资本 expansion. If this turn of inflation and deflation occur in
ordinary people's daily necessities in the field, the consequences are very
serious. This will lead to the wealth of all citizens to be re-allocated among the
members in the community a tremendous gap of wealth distribution, the overall
purchasing power of the country serious decline in the average standard of living of
all citizens decreased. Meanwhile, the social productive forces have been rapidly
expanding. If this trend can not be reversed in time, conflicts inevitably accumulated
to a certain extent on the financial crisis erupted. Russia in Soviet times the wealth
accumulated seven years so as to implement liberal economic policies which wiped
out. Latin America, Southeast Asia and other countries have similar experiences.
Nothing to take into account the strong group to freely manipulate the market, home
of ordinary people to fish, wantonly trample on the fair basis of human society, the
economy of developing countries has caused tremendous damage.
3. The birth of China's feudal totalitarian system and its theoretical logic
Human history has a written history of the most important changes in the political
system of one of the Warring States period in China, its representatives are Shang
Yang, who led the reform known as the Constitutional Reform. The achievements of
the political reform by the political theory was extremely conceited imperial
Confucian thought.
After China entered the slave society, tribal progressive development of a nation.
Marx defined the state: state is the product of irreconcilable class contradictions, the
ruling class to class rule tools of violence. In the slave society, the state performance
characteristics of this instrument the most extreme. In the master control of the state
power to survive the slave, just down the system without any right to determine, and
can be freely traded private goods only.
Although slavery is the most unfair social system, but it is very stable.
China's Warring States period in most of the conflicts facing the country in
foreign conflicts, rather than domestic conflicts. The performance of the external
contradiction between the long-term vassal state of war and diplomacy. Into the
Warring States period, the vassal state of war between the annexation of more
frequent and intense. In the personal, family, country at under the pressure of life and
death, located in the northwest frontier of the state of Qin was the first wave of
recorded human history, the first great social system change. This change, also known
as Constitutional Reform, the core of the abolition of slavery, the abolition of the
slave on the slave's private possession, and in politics to include slaves and
slave owners who all become equal. The abolition of slavery after the change, the
majority of slaves were emancipated, the members of society initiative to be greatly
enhanced so that the state of Qin's domestic productivity and foreign war
capacity raised. The logic behind it is: the proportion of slaves in the population much
higher than the slave owners, community interests and resources, mainly by slave
labor production, or are fighting, but the vast majority of the interests of the master
and living resources are occupied. Therefore, the slave and not much interest and
enthusiasm for the hard work of his master or go to the battlefield fighting for the
slave desperate, but they have great enthusiasm to improve their living conditions to
work hard, have great interest to In order to improve their rank in the battlefield, the
establishment of military merit. The reform unleashed enormous energy, so that the
state of Qin from Shangyang Reform step by step to achieve the aspiration of the Qin
unified the world.
   However, in China, this greatly emancipated people, and release enormous energy
has the great achievements of the great changes in the characteristics of
China's imperial monarchy and conceited ideas. This form of society and
ideology does not appear in the Western world, Western and Chinese imperial throne
between the essentially different concepts. Western monarchical more countries close
to China's feudal slavery, the concept of the King, but also that of a vassal
state of the largest slave owners, or a master class in the chieftains.
"Who in this world Could Wang soil, rate of soil Sea Could
nobleman." This statement accurately reflects the core idea of this system
and logic. All the world, including the world's people are all private goods
of a person, that person is the emperor. The only emperor is the master of the world.
In Confucius's this theory, all of the society is divided into two parts, the
first part of only one person, that is, the emperor, while the second part includes all
others, and these are the first part of it all property of a person's subsidiary.
Under the imperial Confucian theory lasted two thousand years in China. Indeed
relative to the slavery of unparalleled progress. Confucius was born in the Spring and
Autumn Period pet, war were flying. Political fragmentation caused by a long war,
ordinary people bear the brunt of the suffering. In theory, Confucius was the first
country to emphasize the importance of political unity on. Secondly, the emperor of a
person to replace the entire master class, as the emperor holds the world in the theory
of everything, so everyone stood opposite the emperor, in theory, one can say that the
emperor self-contained classes, this situation limits the imperial power. Again, all
except the emperor outside are equal in theory, promote the development of
democracy and to promote the interests of the distribution pattern of the balance.
Finally, the emperor, in theory will not only represent individuals, but also a symbol
of the country. Such as the emperor's army actually means is also the
country, different from slavery under the master's private army, which is
often not as private armed country. When the emperor symbol of the State, the
Emperor has means that the state-owned share. In this political form, because the
emperor only in theory, all occupied, but in reality the emperor not limited individual
and the interests of society as a whole compared with the resources. Therefore, in
addition to the emperor of all members of society outside are equal in theory, all are
private ownership of the emperor's "courtiers." That
is why, in this living under monarchy in all aspects of the Chinese people has been
greater than the same period of the liberation of the West, this political system relative
to the slavery of the people's initiative to promote and enable them to make
more and more development space, while the national political unity created a strong
national focus on scheduling capabilities, which created a tremendous splendid
ancient Chinese civilization. Low productivity of Chinese ancient agricultural society,
the educational resources are very scarce, so members of the community suffered a
great gap between the educational level, and this is the Chinese imperial history,
selected an important factor.
4. Centralized feudal system of logic flaws
However, the monarchy itself and its theoretical lack of logic there, ask: How do
one-handedly standing on the opposite side for all the world? How do one-handedly
hold the world? Thus, while a person while the emperor or to enjoy the world can not
really reap the benefits and resources, but his parents, brothers, sons, relatives,
colleagues, friends or close people may get authorization from him to the legitimate
possession, enjoy, plundering the world's wealth and interests. This power
level, a pass to the outside. In Subconsciousness the beginning, people may also suffer,
and even that much better than the former. May be authorized when the people who
fish the privileged class has increased, its use has also been the means guise, to the
last ordinary people can not survive when the dynasties in Chinese history will be
pulled off the war. Dynastic replacement war would often cause great economic
damage. Chinese society is to continue in 2000 war to destroy the dynastic change in
stagnation. This caused chaos cycle of the Chinese community's wealth in
the two thousand years there were no significant growth. This unique Chinese
imperial system and the theory does not exist in China resulted in the true sense of the
nobility. When the birth of a dynasty of China will completely overthrow the former
aristocracy, not the accumulation of so-called aristocracy, at this point is also very
different from the West.
Most people feel terribly sorry that the Chinese imperial thinking in terms of ideology
by the detention and restraint over 2,000 years. Imperial ideology deeply rooted to
survive in the minds of people and culture, the harm has been extended to
today's China. After the Opium War in 1840, the monarchy gradually been
deeply shocked by the people of Western civilization abandoned. In Chinese history, a
symbolic opportunity to save the last vestiges of imperial power in late Qing
reformers launched Reform Hundred Days Reform. Reformists want to implement the
constitutional monarchy, the rulers can be rejected, it is inevitable that
China's violent revolution. China since then closely integrated with the
In summary, the Chinese feudal society 2,000 years of stagnation and chaos is the
fundamental reason circulation determined imperial system is extremely unbalanced
distribution of social benefits.


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