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					What Mao descendants today
Take a look at Mao Mao's death 30th anniversary of the family descendants
of the photo when: breeder - wife of Mao Zedong's eldest son, Mao Anying,
Mao Xinyu - Mao Zedong's grandson, Shao Hua - the son of Mao
Zedong's wife, Mao Anqing, Mao Dongdong - - great-grandson of Mao
Zedong, Liu Bin - the wife of Mao Xinyu, Li Min - the daughter of Mao Zedong,
Kong Jining - Mao Zedong's grandson, Kong Dongmei - granddaughter of
Mao Zedong, Li Ne - the daughter of Mao Zedong, Wang Xiaozhi - Mao
Zedong's grandson, Wang Jingqing - Li Ne husband. In addition to one or
two vaguely familiar names, except for a few residual memory for the list, there may
be only a loss.
Produced by reason of such loss, Li Min is only one sentence - "father of
education we have to turn tail life." In this family, perhaps only Jiang could
ignore this sentence, but Mao's children who treat it firmly in mind.

First Generation:

Mao Zedong

Second Generation: (10 people)

Son Anying, second son Mao Anqing, the third son Mao Anqing Long (whereabouts
unknown), the eldest daughter Mao Jin (Yang flower), fourth son Mao Anqing Red
(Zhu Road to), five sons Unnamed (died), second daughter of Mao-mei (Bear of
Chicago), and three women Lee Min, six sub-Liao W (died), four women and Li Na

Third Generation: (four)
Son Mao Anqing Mao Xinyu, the son of Kong Jining Li Min, Li Min, daughter Kong
Dongmei, Lerner's son, Wang Hsiao-Chi

Fourth Generation: (temporary one)

Son Mao Xinyu Mao Dongdong

Mao Zedong's 10 children, what this

The eldest son of Mao Zedong and Yang Kaihui, 1922 October 24 was born in
Changsha Qingshuitang. October 1930, Yang Kaihui shut by the enemy operating
Ping Prison Society, a small ying also in prison together with his mother inside. Yang
Kaihui died as a martyr, the Anying was released after three brothers from the party
will be sent to Shanghai. April 1931, the destruction of underground organs, ying
brothers living on the streets. In 1936, only to find the ying and the Shanghai
underground green shore, and sent them to the Soviet Union. Anying have Lenin in
Moscow military school and Frunze Military Academy, in January 1943 joined the
Soviet Communist Party (Bolshevik) party. After graduation, Anying be the rank of
lieutenant, participated in the great Soviet counteroffensive.
In 1946, Anying secret back to Yenan. Soon, he followed his father's orders
to rural labor. By Hu Tsung-nan invade Yan'an, Mao Anying before
returning to close.
Founding, the Anying branch office in Beijing and deputy secretary of the machine
Factory. After the outbreak of the Korean War, the volunteers going to participate
Anying, November 25, 1950 killed. Son with the thousands of working people, like to
stay in there forever.

Mao Anqing:
(The picture shows Mao Anqing and his wife Shao Hua and son Mao Xinyu together)

The second son of Mao Zedong and Yang Kaihui, was born in 1923. Mao Zedong like
Anying, also love Mao Anqing, pinned great hopes on him. Often to see his progress,
are to be warmly encouraged.
After the founding of new China, Mao Anqing, the Central Propaganda Department
has compiled the writings of Marx and Lenin in translation work. The late fifties of
last century to the sixties Department, Mao Anqing, the brain was injured because of a
child, and brother ying stimulation sacrifice reason, in Dalian convalescence.
Mao's support, sides with blue and Shao Hua returned to Beijing, then went
together to his home in Hunan. In 1970, two birth of their son, called Mao Xinyu, the
family lived happily.
Illness is invalid, in at 4:20 on March 23, 2007 in Beijing, died aged 84.

The photo shows Yang Kaihui and child care when Anying, Mao Anqing photo.

The third son, Mao Anqing Long:
Mao Zedong in February 1927 has reached a Wuchang, near Yang Kaihui gave birth
to third son Mao Anqing dragon. In 1930, Yang Kaihui heroic martyrdom, the hair
long, and two brothers shore arranged in the organization, followed by maternal
grandmother, aunt to Shanghai, came to his uncle, Mao Zemin, aunt, Qian
Jun's side moved into the Greek underground leadership of Shanghai
Datong kindergarten. 1931 Shanghai underground spring was seriously damaged,
three brothers living on the streets of Shanghai, a small shore Long unfortunately
missing, and no one to see him.

Born the first daughter will be separated
In March 1929 when the Red Army second lay Longyan, Zizhen gave birth to a girl,
the daughter of the first happy to go, Mao Zedong liked the girl. The birth of a child,
Mao Zedong on the Trustee for the child to find an sustenance of people, he Zizhen
said: "to foster children out, we can only do so today. So revolutionary
victory, and we then find her side."
Fifth child Infant:
November 1932 Zizhen in Fujian Changting second child. Because it is a boy, Mao
Zedong and Yang Kaihui he tied the children, named Mao Anqing Red. Zizhen was
suffering from dysentery, to find a nanny to the children of Mao Zedong Trustee.
Nurse Bianba child called Mao Mao. Long after the beginning, Mao Zedong couples
discuss their children left to adhere to the guerrilla activities of the Qin and He Yi
Mao Zedong. Soon, Ruijin and the Soviet enemy hands, Mao Tan afraid spill the
beans, small plush liable wrench, put his secret transfer to the home of Ruijin, a
bodyguard, after the unfortunate death of Mao Ze Tan, small plush from missing.
Premature children
1933 Zizhen pregnant again. That year, the Red Army counter-attacks from the
ongoing bitter struggle with the Red Army from pregnant Zizhen With Ruijin starting
to shift, was very difficult living conditions, the body of the weakness Zizhen result in
premature, the deficiencies of the boys did not even leave a name, then died.
Seventh child
In late February 1935, Red Army came to a village in Guizhou Miao Bai, He Zizhen
gave birth to a girl in front of a distant and difficult journey, on this baby is only one
disposal method is given to the local villagers. Later, He Zizhen have tried to visit, but
did not drop, she did not regret what has left for future search. Zizhen that the child
given away by Mao Zedong, and agreed that "only way we could. Our
revolution is to benefit the next generation, and then to the revolution, had to leave the
next generation."

The eighth child takes pride of place - Erica:
1936 winter, the Red Army reached northern Shaanxi, Zizhen gave birth to a girl,
Yingchao picked the baby, said: "It's a small takes pride of
place." Mao Zedong stood listening Yingchao say this thought of
"Xijing Miscellaneous notes," in: "Man Jun thousand
times, eyebrow color, such as telescopic mountain face is often the occasion of
Hibiscus. "on whichever means, the name Mao Jiaojiao. October 1937,
Zizhen treatment and learning to the Soviet Union. 1940-year-old takes pride of place
in Moscow from Yanan. 1947, takes pride of place beside Mao Zedong and the Soviet
Union back to school, Mao Zedong called her: Min. Surnamed Li, is that Mao was
victorious with a pseudonym Lee; single name Min is from "The
Analects" in a sentence: "Gentlemen For Ne in words, but
sensitive to the line."

The ninth died in a foreign child
Zizhen arrived in Moscow shortly after gave birth to the first boy, this is Mao
Zedong's ninth child. Children in 10 months time, the flu, did not care well
into pneumonia, and not to the rescue, it died.

Youngest daughter, Li Ne
Jiang Qing, born in August 1940. In 1953, Li Ne into the High School Attached to
Beijing Normal woman. Into the history department of Beijing University in 1959.
Graduated in 1965. Mao Zedong during this period of growth is very concerned about
her, give her a letter many times, patience enlighten motherhood, the
father's letter, every word is full of her, that her daughter a special love and





Liu Bin, breeder (Liu Siqi), Shao Hua, Mao Xinyu, Li Min, Li Ne, Wang Jingqing
(from left to right) inside the memorial hall in Beijing, Mao Anqing.
Li Min, the most common "first daughter"

No intention of hair, a third generation of political
 Mao Zedong's third generation of almost all still living in the shadow of
Mao Zedong, most of them chosen into business, not involved in politics. Although
they low-key, but very proud of his own blood.

Mao Xinyu:


Mao Anqing and Shao Hua's son, is the third generation of Mao Zedong,
the only direct male descendants.
Born in 1970, Mao Zedong as its name "Xinyu", meaning Mao
"to landslides, such as the Kunlun cliffs, it is like a typhoon swept
Universal" ideal realization of the new world after the establishment. Some
people think Mao Mao Xinyu and bore a striking resemblance, some people think that
looks more like his grandmother Mao Xinyu Yang Kaihui.
Mao Xinyu graduated from the Department of History, Renmin University of China,
from September 1992 to July 1995 the Department of the Central Party School theory
of master's degree, after the PLA Academy of Military Sciences doctoral
degree, a doctorate in July 2003. Mao Xinyu current military strategy of Mao Zedong
Military Thought Academy of Sciences to conduct research, research fellow, deputy
division level.
In addition, there are two titles Mao Xinyu, a Standing Committee of the National
Youth Federation, one Xicheng District, Beijing CPPCC National Committee
members. According to media reports, Mao Xinyu Guangzhou University students
last year were invited to a special report, and was appointed Guest Professor Matsuda
Kong Jining:

And Ling Li Min Hua's son, born in 1962 in Zhongnanhai, the
third-generation descendants of Mao Zedong in the oldest.
Kong Jining young, education is: a man tail between its legs. He never said who he
was after. Graduated from the PLA Nanjing Institute of International Relations. China
is currently the national spirit and director of the Development Research Center,
China Youth Development Foundation, "Eastern Kunlun"
Public Fund Management Committee President.
Said Kong Jining name is "inherit Lenin behest of" means. In
Mao's grandchildren in over middle age Kong Jining been in contact with
Mao Zedong, but the voice and face do not respect grandfather left him too much
memory. Home hair removal capacity as the Kung family itself has a distinguished
family background. Kong Jining's grandfather, Ling Hua's father,
General holes Congzhou army in the work of Yang's northwest, the
Xi'an Incident, when he was 17 Army Guard and Chairman of the Second
Brigade of Xi'an City Defense Brigade commander, involved in the
command then "catch Chiang" the whole process.
Graduated from Nanjing Institute of International Relations, the Kong Jining into the
People's Liberation Army General Staff, has been stationed in the Chinese
Embassy in Pakistan and Britain, he was assistant military attache, in the 8 years of
diplomatic work. After the troops left in 1997, Kong Jining plunging. In 2002, Kong
Jining set up in Shenzhen, China (Shenzhen) national spirit and the China
Development Research Center, began a planned way Mao Zedong and Mao Zedong
Thought publicity.
So far, Kong Jining has planned the publication of Li Min's readme
"leaders of my childhood and my father," "real Mao
Zedong", "hundred years of Mao Zedong" and other
books. And Mao's concern for farmers, more emphasis on rural issues is
Kong Jining profound impacts. Kong Jining said, "I am not an expert of
the three agricultural issues, but I hope to contribute to solving the three problems of
In 2006, Kong Jining with the China Youth Foundation, co-sponsored the
establishment of the East Kunlun public funds, the first project launched is the
"hope that the hospital - township hospitals relief operations."

Kong Dongmei:

Mao's granddaughter, the daughter of Li Min, Kong Jining sister. Beijing
Dongrun Juxiangshuwu Co.
Kong Dongmei is the only Mao Zedong's third-generation women.
Third-generation descendants of Mao Zedong, Kong Dongmei looks the most likely
to bore a striking resemblance with Mao Zedong and Mao Zedong, like youth, Kong
Dongmei tall and lean, while the chin standards are sinking, Mao-style mole, even
without introducing a lot of people can recognize her .
Kong Dongmei was born in Shanghai in 1972, though never with the maternal
grandparents met, but the name is played by Mao Zedong. "Mom brought
me to my grandfather to see pictures, then pictures of my grandfather brought back to
me. My name is my grandfather looked at photos taken with his name in an Eastern
word, then spent most of his life A word plum love. "
In 1996, Kong Dongmei 从 Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
English graduate. Taikang Life Insurance company in 3 years, as many young people
at that time, Kong Dongmei went to the United States in 1999 chose the University of
Pennsylvania Masters. After returning in 2002, Kong Dongmei Dongrun
Juxiangshuwu Co., Ltd. established in Beijing, he was chairman of the board, is
committed to dissemination of "red" culture.
On this choice, Kong Dongmei, said: "In 2000, I received the mother in the
United States to write the book" My Father Mao Zedong ", said
a lot of memories. I looked around and started to cry, feeling that he should do
something as Maojia Zi Sun . "Prior to this, Kong Dongmei with ordinary
young man born in the 1970s is no different, like movies, literature, travel.
Turning to business, Kong Dongmei, said its purpose is very clear, that a century from
a cultural perspective of Mao and the Chinese family "Red
Culture" representative. In recent years, Kong Dongmei has published the
"old photo album opened my home - my heart's father Mao
Zedong", "listen to Grandma about past events - Mao Zedong
and He Zizhen," "the day that changed the world - and Wang
Hairong on Mao Zedong's diplomatic memories" and other
Like all the descendants with Mao Zedong, Kong Dongmei is low-key life, not play.
In the home business front, Kong Dongmei even been living away from the limelight.
Kong Dongmei to study international politics, University of Pennsylvania Master,
only then Ambassador Li Zhaoxing to know her identity.
The students in the evaluation Kong Dongmei, said she not only looks beautiful
people, dress is very refreshing, character Ye Hao, never seen her speak loudly, but
not seen her hair too far. She studies hard in class to answer questions winter ridge
assertive, particularly good English. In the business process, Kong Dongmei and staff
to work overtime often, eat instant noodles, drinking mineral water.
Kong Dongmei had asked, do you think most feel proud of things? Kong Dongmei,
said the blood on me, which I am most proud of, I am very proud of.

Wang Hsiao-Chi:


Mao Zedong's third-generation descendants of one of the least effective is
the king of Chicago. Wang Hsiao-Chi is Li Ne (Mao Zedong and Jiang
Qing's daughter) and the son of her ex-husband.
In 1970, unmarried Li Ne with the central office staff with the decentralization of
Jiangxi cadre and cadre school and a young boy, married, one year after the birth of a
son, named Chi effect, that is to follow the meaning grandfather Maorun Zhi. In 1984,
Li Ne and Wang Jingqing established a new family.
It is reported that Wang Hsiao-Chi from the Beijing Foreign Affairs tourism career
after graduating from high school, and parents choose a different way to live. With
several brother and sister than Wang Hsiao-Chi is the most low-key one, in the media
and on the spotlight is very little. Wang Hsiao-Chi's name first appeared in
press should also be during the 1990 Asian Games, the Xinhua News Agency
photographer Tang Shizeng a "Chairman Mao's grandson in the
Asian Games Village," the photo, will be introduced into public view.
Description was reported that Wang Hsiao-Chi: 10 apartment building in the athletes,
there is an unknown, but the prestige of the high attendant, he is the grandson of Mao
Wang Hsiao-Chi. 18-year-old Wang Hsiao-Chi is the Beijing Foreign Affairs tourism
vocational school students, starting from May 1990 organized by schools and students
has been a service to the Asian Games Village, he has been vice-captain in Building
10. Although Mao's grandson, but at work, he came not to engage in
specialized, self-discipline, by example, hard working, with their own action won
praise from students and athletes.

Mao Zedong's grandson, Mao Xinyu (second from right), Sun Xi Liu Bin
(right), granddaughter Kong Dongmei (left), grandson of Wang Hsiao-Chi (left) and
100,000 yuan to quake donations.

Fourth Generation

Mao Dongdong:

Maodong Dong Liu Bin and mom
   December 26, 2003, on the 110th anniversary of Mao Zedong's day, the
wife of Mao Xinyu Liu Bin, Mao Zedong gave birth to the fourth generation of male -
Maodong Dong, great-grandchildren and Mao's birthday was actually on
the same day.
   Mao Xinyu said that Mao Dongdong 1 year old, his family took him back to his
hometown of Shaoshan to visit relatives, may be blood relations, there are natural
stuff on the great-grandfather "of inspiration." Family statue
presented wreaths to the time of Chairman Mao, Mao Dongdong even crying,
"Grandpa", but then the stuff can only say two words of the
word. Mao Xinyu said: "We had no one to teach, he said."

Mao Zedong's nephew Mao Yuanxin

Live in ordinary residential buildings of Mao Yuanxin
Mao had two brother, two pro-nephews: big brother Mao Zemin Mao Mao Yuanxin
son. He Lu Cheng (whose real name is Mao Anqing into) is Mao Zedong's
little brother, the son of Mao Zedong Tan.
Mao Yuanxin high visibility, because he is the "Cultural
Revolution" in the Person of the Year, won the trust of Mao Zedong and
Jiang Qing, Mao's successor almost become. After the death of Mao
Zedong in 1976, due to reasons known to all, Mao Yuanxin jail. October 1993, Mao
Yuanxin 17 years after serving his sentence, placed in the Shanghai Automotive
Industry Quality Inspection Institute. 1996, Mao Yuanxin family moved to the
Shanghai municipal government allocated new homes. Mao Yuanxin wage from 600
yuan in 1993 to gradually grow to 1,600 yuan in 2001. February 2001, Mao Yuanxin
retirement, according to senior technical titles standards, to receive 1080 yuan per
month pension, and enjoy the martyred treatment.

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