Sounds of Desperation

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					                              Sounds of Desperation

  I recently heard a comment from someone that bothered me, yet it is something I
have said as well.

  “At Least I have a Job”. Why do we settle for “At Least”? Yes I know the current
economy is in turmoil and there are millions of people out of work and I do still have a
job that allows me to provide for my family. For this I am grateful.

   However, who’s life is it? My life is mine, your life is yours and someone else’s life is
theirs. What is a JOB? It is actually an acronym, Just Over Broke. Is this what we are
suppose to settle for in our life? What is our personal potential? Are we utilizing our
God given capabilities just to pay for things?

If not, you can change this while you are working.

       Start by being thankful and let your employer know. This is not sucking up if you
       mean it.
       Second, as Jim Rohn said “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job”.
       This does not mean you slack off on your daily responsibilities, but you can read
       books, articles and continue to educate yourself further on topics of interest.
       Build your value as a person and this will reflect in your daily activities both at
       work and away from work.
       TAKE ACTION towards improving yourself. Go buy that book, look up that
       information etc. so someday you don’t need to say “At Least…anything.”

  As you improve yourself, you will find yourself taking more action, going that extra
inch, foot, mile or whatever the situation may be. This will make a difference in
everything you do. As Jin Rohn also said, “Easy things are easy To Do but they are also
easy Not to Do”. This is where discipline becomes a great asset for you as a person.

  I am re-assessing my situation and correcting my previous small movements that
have taken me off-course a bit and correcting my lack of discipline. At times this is
uncomfortable but I focus on what the outcome will be and that keeps me going.

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