What is the soft underbelly of China_amp;_39;s animation industry

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					What is the soft underbelly of China's animation industry
Recently, the Ministry of Culture put on supporting the development of
China's animation industry, a number of views, clear support of national
original, complete industrial chain, improve the support system, speed up construction,
platform specific measures, would have strong repercussions in the animation
In recent years, China's animation industry has developed rapidly, the
number of domestic animation products, substantial growth, but also the development
of China's animation industry and have yet to meet strong market demand,
the original capacity, people

Before training, technology development, industrial chain integration, such as
intellectual property protection should be improved, then the Chinese animation
industry, "weaknesses" What? Recently, in Harbin at the 2008
China International Cartoon Industry Development Forum, participants conducted
joint seminars on this topic.
Infant of anime theme, content, lack of originality
"Most of the domestic anime more childish, suitable for children to see,
and we have grown up, more like to see more mature anime, I prefer the animation in
Japan and the United States." Harbin Long, a community hall animation
Anime fans told reporters. According to a recent survey, there are currently 62.4% of
those surveyed said they like to watch American cartoons, followed by Japan,
accounting for 45.9%, like to watch cartoons made only 14.2%, and 81.9% of the
audience that the domestic animation film is not imagination, lack of creativity.
Ministry of Culture, director of market development, said Hu Yueming, the animation
industry in China is just the major consumer groups, children, most of the animation
production and broadcasting companies do not grasp the international animation
industry brought about by the trend of adult industry opportunities while the adults
out of the target consumers, the fundamental on which made a major mistake,
significantly restricted the local animation industry. Hu Yueming said: "All
along, the crowd made animation aimed Infant development, creative animation
industry long enough so the lack of good works. If the animation of China can not
fully understand the elements, do not understand what is the essence of Chinese
culture, is not out shooting good work. In addition, the lack of humor and now works
form a comprehensive idea. Our model is too simple, no idea of humor in it, and a
serious lack of comprehensive modeling capabilities. in our country can hardly find
idols deserve to be called animation . On the other hand, the author engaged in
animation industry, especially in animation, mostly young people learn the computer,
lack of cultural accumulation. "
Insufficient number of animation professionals, quality is not high
"Urgent need for the development of animation industry with innovative
high-quality talent, and the current imbalance between supply and demand of Chinese
animation talent and lack of personnel with the original capacity is constraining the
development of China's animation industry, an important factor."
City of the Central Academy of Fine Arts College of Design, Animation Head Xue
Yunxiang told reporters.
According to statistics, China's animation industry professionals less than 1
million people, and Korea only 1 / 3, only 100 people were professional comics, and
this great country with 1.3 billion people, the look disproportionate. The global
animation industry called the most successful example of the United States Walt
Disney Company, will have 120,000 employees. In Japan, there are only 3,000
professional animators, and other illustrators, cartoonists are tens of thousands of
freedom. China's film and television, game animation professionals,
respectively, the total demand of 15 million and 10 million people, and now China has
the animation talent, less than the gap of 1 / 10.
"In recent years, China has a lot of universities have set up animation,
offering a professional faculty involved in animation, some schools have also set up a
mobile phone animation, Flash animation and other new courses. Should be said that
China's animation talent training is beneficial, but some schools short
history of animation in teaching, teaching materials, teaching system is also
incomplete, trained personnel and the actual needs of people working in some
distance, and many faculty and animation training institutions pay more attention to
painting and computer skills training, and the relative neglect of human heritage,
artistic training. "Xueyun Xiang said.
Shengyuan cultural communication, general manager of Harbin have water on to tell
reporters that the company needed people not only need professional basis and
theoretical knowledge, but also rich in imagination and creativity, as well as practical
skills. At present, the company wants to expand the scale of need such high-quality
creative talent. But now fresh graduates recruited in the most over-emphasis on
theoretical knowledge of the school learning, social practice Bu Gou, hands, and
heavy work often can not be directly qualified for animation, go through a training
Incomplete animation industry chain
"Animation industry should be creative, production, operation, broadcast,
derivatives such as a complete industrial chain, but the present, both the animation
itself, the broadcast market, or cartoon books and audio-visual products market, and
the cartoon image of the derivatives market, do not form a complete and mature
industrial chain. around the base of animation and cartoon enterprises between the
isolated development. "animation industrial base in Heilongjiang Province
Zoushang Hong, deputy director of the CMC said.
Experts pointed out that some domestic animation and broadcast producers are
generally rely on earned money, and then production derivatives, if the funds were not
recovered upstream, downstream course there are no ways to produce, so it is easy to
form a vicious circle. "Heilongjiang Province, Wang Zhiqiang, general
manager of the new foreign technology told reporters.
Liaoning Provincial Information Industry Department deputy director Zhang Zhen
through research that about 50% of domestic enterprises engaged in foreign
processing, outsourcing, and small-scale enterprises, there is no formation of
industrial scale. He also noted that funds the operation of the mechanism of the
existing animation industry in China is an important issue. In foreign countries, not
companies into the animation industry into its own, it is generally supported by the
fund, as well as the support from big business.
Animation bases duplication, the development of convergence
According to incomplete statistics, there are 20 provinces and cities across the country
will be the animation industry as a great support new industry, Beijing, Shanghai,
Hangzhou, Dalian, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing and other places have
introduced preferential policies, the establishment of the Animation Industry Base . As
of the end of 2007, China has opened more than 450 colleges and universities
animation, and more educational institutions to offer a professional and related
animation game. Already has more than 5,400 animation business, animation teaching
more than 1,300 institutions in more than 30 animation industrial park. However, in
today's craze for the development of animation base, the experts have their
own retrospect.
Hu Yueming said: "With the prospects for animation industry lure of
billions of value and national development of a series of preferential policies to
support the animation industry, animation industry has become a huge meat and
potatoes of the animation industry is increasingly becoming hot spot for investment.
But there is a cartoon based very bad trend, and some animation base has become a
disguised form of real estate development projects. This tendency must be to contain
the spread. "
One source told us: "In fact, the animation is a 'burn'
the industry, but many people do not understand its meaning and discipline of
industries, blindly follow the trend. Some entrepreneurs see the foreign animation
companies were successful the huge profits blindly into line, causing the majority of
SMEs homogenization of serious, intense competition; some local governments to
follow the fashion or the achievement, before construction of the base, the lack of
scientific proof and long-term planning, enthusiasm alone, and regardless of their own
with no the availability of resources and market, industrial base big way, and the bases
are the better investment as possible, making the development of all obvious features,
the development model is not clear, serious overlapping. "
Inadequate protection of intellectual property rights Animation Industry
"China's animation industry in general lack of awareness of
intellectual property rights, there are existing laws and regulations were the
crackdown on fake goods production and lack of protection of intellectual property
law is not perfect and a series of problems, leading to frequent infringement and
piracy, and where a lot of repeated prohibitions phenomenon, greatly hurt the original
spirit of the animation business, animation industry hindered the commercialization
process. "Shijiazhuang Animation Industry Park Administrative Committee
and executive deputy director Zhao Qinghua, told reporters.
During the interview, many animation companies have said that, piracy, long plagued
the animation business, but also the healthy development of the animation industry is
facing challenges.
For the development of Chinese animation industry problems, executive vice
president of China Animation Association, Ouyang Yi-Bing pointed out that the
discovered the problem itself, also saw the development of hope, China's
animation industry is huge, but not overnight, we must Avoid quick success in terms
of ideology, to overcome impulsive mentality realistic. Part of the animation and
animation-based business leader that the Chinese animation industry to sustain its
healthy development, must take the road of the market, build their own brand,
complete with Chinese characteristics and the formation of the animation industry
chain. In addition, some animation experts also called for the development of
China's animation industry is a systematic project to integrate all the
resources of various departments at all levels of government, the network industry,
research institutions should work hand in hand, from a technical, platforms, services,
personnel training, intellectual property and other aspects of starting, for the Chinese
animation industry to create a good environment.

Animation in the country to the theme of many activities, "foreign
animation" is still an absolute hero, and we look forward to the rise of
China's animation industry. (Data Center)
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