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What is a podcast


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									What is a podcast?
What is a podcast?
Of the former Pope John Paul II or the former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, both
giants Nuria Paris? Hilton (Paris Hilton) or OK Go lead singer Damian? Kulas
(Damian Kulash), they have one thing in common is that they are podcasting
(podcasters). Anyone can become a member of the podcast, whether you are sacred,
or funny. As more celebrities join the community, podcasts are becoming the hottest
worldwide network of audio media.

1 What is "Podcasting (Podcast)"?
Key words: self-help, downloadable, audio
"Podcasting" is perhaps the most fire terms on the Internet, one
of the first from the United States called "Podcasting" of digital
broadcasting technology, when it first emerged the help of Apple's iPod
portable player and related software, users can Internet radio and other digital music
or voice file to download to your iPod, MP3 player or other portable digital audio
players in the player to listen to, or to upload your voice files to a network share with
others. For this is in the development of a new thing, how to define what different
people have different interpretations, Podcasting Doc Searls promoters of the
definition given: PODcasting, Personal Optional Digital casting. PODcasting is
self-broadcasting, is a new form of broadcasting. Listening to traditional radio to
listen to us when we are passive program may want to hear, but PODcasting is we
choose to listen, listen to the time and manner in which other people also have the
opportunity to listen to. David? Winner (Dave Winer)'s Morning Coffee
Notes that each person has special, so in theory it is possible for all podcasts.
Wikipedia definition has always been open and dynamic, to June 19, 2005 until their
podcasts is defined as: "a document posted on the Internet and allow users
to subscribe to feed to automatically accept the new document method, which kind of
new approach began in the second half of 2004 the Internet was popular to use for
publishing audio files. and other audio content delivery is the difference between its
subscription model, which uses the file format Zhuansongxinxi RSS2.0, which allows
the individual Jinhangchuangjian Yu release This new approach allows everyone to
say radio they want to say. "
I thought, for "podcasting" is a new thing, a premature
definition may not be conducive to its long-term development, it would be better
given a few words to describe it the most basic features, just let it go on. If you have
to distinguish podcast concepts of difference, then, to the author's
observation, Podcasting significance of focusing on the technical level, Podcaster that
use this technology to provide voice programs were, Podcast is a technology and
human and related concepts pan-called . In China, people are more willing to these
concepts and terms referred to as "podcasting", although not
very      scientific,   but      based      on    the    "hacker",
"flasher", "blog" these concepts to take
root, "podcasting," the concept of containing Health also
justified the.
"Podcasting" and the blog of the same family, in 2001, Dave?
Winer increase in RSS2.0 shows where the sound element, then, Winer of UserLand
Software Inc. to embed the functionality into their blog software. Currently, almost all
of the Podcaster is Blogger but if that "podcast" is only the
voice of the blog, you're wrong. "Podcasting" voice
message from a blog with codeword biggest difference is that the message sounds
more emotive, more personalized. First, receivers of information, the
"voice" is always full of suspense, waiting behind you can not
know what you will, but read the blog can skip a line, read a thousand word blog post
might only take a few minutes we knew about; Secondly, the sound is always more
plentiful than the text, such as described by the noisy market, natural birds, people
struggle, even a simple sentence "I love you", which contains
the information they Where is longing to express what words; again, podcasts can also
read the article, in fact, no copy of the podcast is premature. But in fact, for the same
content, people are more accustomed to the eyes, not ears to receive, if only to make
"podcasts" and read the blog again, it is not only a duplication
of effort, but is also disrespectful to the audience.

2, "podcast" Why so hot?
"Podcast" The rapid development of its birthplace in the United
States only from the second half of 2004, the leading referral website podcast
podcasting       Collection      (http://www.hopesome.com)        in     his     article
"Podcasting Revolution" mentioned in the , in October 2004,
the U.S. reports and comments about Podcasting explosive growth. According to
Google search results, in September the search results Podcasting is also only a little
more than a dozen, October 5, the search results is 5950,10 8, blowout to 13,000,10
30, 85,700. Internet history, there is not a word, a concept in such a short period of
time had been so enthusiastically participated. Hugo Schotman then made a
conservative prediction: Radio stations will broadcast in the year the official podcast
(Podcast) program. But less than in January, has had KOMO (KOMO 1000 AM), XM
radio (XM Radio), CBC Radio, the Boston public radio station (WGBH) and BBC
radio stations began producing podcasts (Podcast).
Podcast (Podcasting) How can such a short period of time it popular?
First of all, before the early Podcasting, Internet radio has been (Internet Radio),
online radio and television reception has been for many years. Podcasting the
beginning of the rise of fanaticism blog although only a few games, but technical
barriers are not high, the cost of not spending more. As long as a internet computer, a
microphone, you can be a podcast, you can become a DJ or show host, and your
audience is all over the world;
Secondly, broadband, digital appliances, MP3 players, universal, especially popular
iPod. In the United States, iPod has become a unique cultural phenomenon, iPod is
considered a "necessary luxury", almost one in five Americans
have a iPod portable player;
Third, since the media, citizen media concept enjoys popular support. Blog last year
in the United States into the mainstream, podcast and blog promoting the spirit and
philosophy line of succession: the people, by the people, for the people of the media,
compared with the public broadcast media, podcasts allow ordinary people greatly
reduces the cost of publishing audio works. We no longer need to pay the radio
stations to spread the voice of your own then the red tape and costs. The voice of the
media is no longer monopolized by the media group, "everyone can be the
media" has become the slogan of podcasts;
Fourth, Podcasting conforms to the free open source P2P content sharing trend of the
Fifth, Podcasting and blog homologous, almost all podcasts are blog, and blog for the
podcast offers a good promotion and interaction platform.
And traditional radio broadcasting and Internet broadcasting difference is that
"podcast" technology allows people to hear what hears nothing,
when to listen can hear. Do not sit in front of computers, also need time to listen to, no
time limit, no ads, no spam program disturb, to enjoy the freedom of anytime,
anywhere. More meaningful yes, everyone can produce their own sound programs
and upload to the web to share with our friends, the required is an internet connection
to only the microphone. It is no longer a passive radio receiver, made for broadcast
master. Respect for individuality in this Internet age, when people are no longer
satisfied    with    a    plate     of    words     to    express     themselves,      the
"podcast" certainly provides a new choice.

3, How to become a good podcast?
Currently circulating in the network of podcasts are manifold - from ordinary Internet
users to himself, to the professional broadcast production staff released the highlights,
from the pure music to talk shows, variety, almost all-encompassing. Ebb Tide, under
some      excellent     podcasts     such     as   "level       off",
"musiczone" also increasingly being sought after. Observation
of these excellent podcasts
Want to be the best podcast in the final analysis that permits the information in the
sound. United States, a prominent podcasts began his morning radio broadcast story, a
story that is a very popular voice program. 80 domestic radio stations has been able to
create thousands of visitors episodic storytelling, precisely because it's the
phrase "to know how the funeral, next time decomposition."
Unfortunately, there were no Internet, no portable MP3 player, otherwise, Liu
Lanfang, Tian Lian Yuan, Yuan Cheng wide, single-Fang Tian, almost no one even
remembers SUN Jing repair, they are qualified to be the most successful 80s podcast.
I always thought that podcasting is not anything new, it plainly, with the network of
the old wine in new bottles. Old wine is not necessarily a bad thing. From the
Northern Song Dynasty of China had comments on it, not seen for thousands of years
of history who does not like to listen to a story.
Therefore, a good podcast can not do without several elements:
1, series or serial programs to attract people's interest, made it possible to
generate a loyal audience.
2, periodically or continuously promote the new program. Flash in the pan, even the
best programs, but also not to mention excellent podcast.
3, the best way not to substitutions. Podcasting is different from the blog, is one
unique sound. Once the audience recognized it was difficult to substitute.
4, a good promotional platform.

4, with the world of podcasting in China
Although the podcast started in America, but China is not in step podcast followed the
United States, podcasts, in fact, the fate of who will rewrite the podcast yet to be seen.
When the foreign podcast also relish in the United States unlimited (Infinity)
Broadcasting Corporation May 16, 2005 to launch the world's first
"podcast" radio program as the carrier, China's
leading independent podcast producers Ping off "anti-wave"
website (http://www.antiwave.com) had its launch two weeks, and anti-wave site is
currently divided into humor, media and music three plates, flat-off anchor, Flying Pig
plan copy. In less than half the time its launch, the website hits have already reached
nearly 6 million.
Known as China's largest podcasting website "podcast
world" (http://www.imboke.com) the owners back in 2003 doing
"Radio" Web site, the site has been positioned on an open, free
personal voice service platform, and the corrected "podcasting
world", with more than 10,000 podcast file, podcast nearly three million
people registered, which in China and the world is unique.
That podcasts can bring business opportunities in Fujian man Wang Wei, relying less
than 5 million individual investors, the concept of podcasting technology, coupled
with the strange name of this potato network, from the United States, Hughes
resolutely left, returned to Shanghai, began his podcast business. Tudou
(http://www.toodou.com)'s             founders      firmly     believed        that
"people used to cool, and unable to stop, and 'potato'
to set the business model also demonstrates. And so the way we show the number of
podcasts increase can sell some essence of television or radio, to create media empire,
which has numerous channels, everyone can find their own will to see things, it was
to sing, it was to teach cooking. We can also commercials. to know the
star's carries so many people dream of the future Super Girl should explore
the Internet in the potatoes. "
In addition to the above site, there are Internet radio stations adhere to China route
podcast (http://www.podcast.com.cn); domestic first video blog podcast of China
Network (http://www.vvlogger. com), even the blog keep up the trend for fear of
China launched a blog based on interviews of sounding podcast
(http://podcast.blogchina.com), regardless of what form they are in China podcast
stuck to their podcasts idea to explore ahead. Practice, and without exception, these
podcasts in the enriched content, interpretation of the new round of Internet legend.

5, podcasts and the future development of the species
The first story podcast, born out of the traditional Chinese novel episodic storytelling
and, by compelling story to attract a loyal audience, that can be humorous series of
stories or small scripts, such as "listen to Olivia telling them
ghoststories"; also be a serial such as "Romance of Three
Kingdoms." Required to create a good story podcast atmosphere.
The second, a talk show podcast, podcast derived such a broad, eclectic, laugh or
curse, anywhere, by sowing the View of a subject who require personalized podcasts,
thoughts and unique perspectives. Such as the former host beam Phoenix East
"entertainment strings show"
Third, music podcasts, podcast kind podcast will become mainstream, and may well
be the vanguard of commercial podcasts. Its purpose to entertain people, will form
various types of music, its resources, including cover, original music, record albums
offered by audition, the network collected music resources and more.
Fourth, literary podcast, podcasts, most of these broadcasts and literature lovers,
through poetry readings, to have the purpose of entertaining people Wyatt. If the
current radio program in some of the literature.
Fifth, religious podcasts, to missionary preaching the theme of the current low in
China, but rapid development in foreign countries.
Sixth, Oden podcasts, such podcasts may not have any specific theme, various types
of podcasts may not always be read materials. Just started podcasting usually will first
experience a phase. Number of these podcasts from the point of view may be the most,
but the quality point of view it may be the worst, this type of podcast may just for fun
mostly, broadcast last 12 shows, such perhaps not back again the. Of course, Oden
podcast if bigger and stronger, then again a different matter. It can be used as program
provider for the major radio and television stations and record companies to provide
material to explore talents; also can do new online media, to attract advertisers funds.
Podcasts direction of future development: cell phone podcasts.
The above brief talk about the types of podcast content, the following prediction about
the development trend of podcasting, podcasts, development of technical support can
not be separated. Web2.0 era, the development of podcasting, a vast space. Meanwhile,
with the popularity of mobile phones and other mobile devices, 3G technology
matures, mobile podcasting will be the strength of a major podcast. Podcasts We will
no longer need to keep the computer and microphone, just gently press a few keys,
cell phones can be facing the real-time recording or all of the receiver to send voice
messages. The receiver operating like a subscription to download ring tones text
messages or simple, if a person hearing voices that do not enjoyable, you can choose
three-way calling, or N-way calling; want to interact? No problem, send a message or
instruction to the other podcasts, perhaps he can be directly transferred to your voice
among his podcast. Want to see people? A little bit difficult, first of all you have to
have the Department of videophone, then he must let you see.

6, for business success podcast.
In modern society, who do not want to get rich? If someone told you, when the
podcast will make your fortune, you are willing to try?

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