Weinan Teachers College in 2010 brochures director Handan Fan Pui Medial by fdjerue7eeu


									Weinan Teachers College in 2010 brochures director Handan Fan Pui Medial
Classification level of academic tuition fees for professional name of the category
Number of Admissions Admission Standards
Division of organizations school exam provinces
Director of non-class radio and television director Art Teachers undergraduate
(Arts, science), Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Shanxi, Anhui,
Gansu, Hunan, Hebei, Shaanxi
?Hebei music class / dance class / director class in February 21/22 on February 23
Shijiazhuang Vocational Technology Institute 0311-85333630

Broadcast TV Direction: min interview, written in two parts. Which content of the
interview (Total 60 points): self-introduction (provides complete within 1 minute) out
of 10 points, impromptu speech (the provisions of title) out of 25 points, talent show
(singing, instrumental music, dance, comedy, singing, art so either one) out of 25
points; written content (Total 140 points): literature, arts and basic knowledge of film
out of 40 hours of film and television works out of 100 points.
6, taking the principles and standards
(1) professional examinations end, by the University under the Admission Scheme,
the professional performance by candidates in turn from the high score to low score to
determine qualified candidates, the issuance of the "Specialized
certificate" and professional achievement to the provinces (areas)
Admissions Office and the candidate himself .
(2) Music, music, dance, science, fine arts, art design, drama, video art design,
animation, professional director and other radio and television arts professional 8
professional result is required to achieve the province's exam candidates or
exam pass line I also meet the provisions of the undergraduate school line of control;
culture results to candidates under the province undergraduate Arts line. In accordance
with the results from the high score to low score Specialized reference to related
subjects achievements merit.
I believe the power of brand
Handan Fan Pui media arts training school
We have been through the tireless efforts of our students with quality education
Arts take the professional advice: 15196610113 Wang
Examination advice: 15281076508 focus teacher
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Broadcast the teacher QQ: 331656841
Choreographer Teacher QQ: 872990863
Exchange group QQ: 67465842
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