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Vs New Jersey Nets vs Charlotte Bobcats Video @ 2 video-nba today Nets vs
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   A remnant of autumn - Yu, gently Beijing, into the winter.
   After the rain even take the snow, the pattering, while flying the window a blur. Is
the so-called "freezing rain shower window, the East two, three
West" - the second line is what was it?
   October 30, almost a day are spent in traffic jams in. Troubled times of the cold
scene, just out of the window, filled with the vision of the Chinese nation. Are closely
rely on each vehicle to suffer, Waiqiniuba to Erbinsimo with, but there is no sympathy
for each other, not with all the other cars instantly wished he could disappear from the
earth. Cold in the blockade of China, only the heart's blood, tell me, does
not matter, every crossroads in the past, the road will eventually smooth. Yu after the
cold of winter is cold, cold winter after the castle of mirrors will re-light - Guo. Of
course, the bright mirror, may be false, as predicted by Haruki a summer dream. As
Han said he and Guo are "men and women are different", then
pro-incompatibility, the era of class, also once again arrived.
   Morning to Tsinghua University, to open a brief meeting with several academics. Li
Xiguang Dean sent me, "the spokesman tutorial" How to
prevent reporters inside talking to me very enlightening. He praised my article is an
excellent professional news media Pham Van, where I said, the majority also Zhang
Henshui Well written article. Professor Zheng Jilie send me Korean masterpiece, I
recognized the cover title is "North Korea's human rights issues
with the United States," the house divided against itself can not help but
proud of their Korean is very solid and Well. Yun Shan Sister gave me a 42
"Outlook", inside front cover about six-party talks and articles
are good. Shan Jin Yong Yun also expressed criticism, in fact, focused on criticism of
Wei Xiaobao the philistine philosophy of life, and I think today's philistine
who, much worse than Wei Xiaobao.
   Walk in the deciduous sparse Tsinghua campus, I feel those old red-brick floor,
very kind. I like those 5 60 years of construction, distribution of a stream of red-hot
flavor of the times, people think of a lot of simple science and technology workers in
good faith, to take off in the inside of the motherland excited discussion and quiet
computing, enthusiastically teaching. Tsinghua Mao Zedong era, characterized by
first-class engineering universities, for socialism and train thousands of engineers,
technicians. And valuable, these scientific and technological workers in general have
a certain human quality, so from them, out of a lot of leading cadres. But after 1978,
Tsinghua never trained a name ringing people, not only failed to Zhu Rongji, Hu
Jintao, the level of talent even a Kuai Dafu not. Tsinghua Science Arts is now
rebuilding, restoration efforts into a comprehensive university, this course should be
encouraged and sponsored, but if so weakened the advantage of engineering the trump
card would be worth the candle.
   Similarly, the new Institute of Beijing University, also should be encouraged and
sponsored, but the North's advantage in science is not engineering, Beijing
University of Science is to train scientists, by the way also train more engineers,
technicians only. In order to earn more, if science research funding and rush to move
closer to the application, then the North will no longer have Xuan as talents. Strong
mathematical foundation and human quality, so that became the modern Bi Sheng
Xuan. My previous blog posts and simple text, actually there are many engineering
friends did not understand that article, the "central idea" is that
Chinese literature better and useful than other departments, and even
"beauty, love, ideals," these key words are invisible, so inspired
by the infinite heart of their inferiority. I'm pig-like in ten years
China's engineering education a cry, even the test report is written not
Shunliu children, but that qualified to comment on any one Bieren text, this is where
education began? Hao Yu sang: "You really come to the self-study
it?" Hole monk asked: "Do you really think your on to
university?" Mao Zedong era, even the Deng Xiaoping era of engineering
talent, is your moral right pair ?
   America's old school letter said: "For children from high right.
Americans saw very clearly this young age they learn what the school can play a
science, but English and mathematics is firm, and every day to love holding the book
reading, watching to see some of them when the book would get the first time.
because the importance of reading, children's book authors many. When I
read the MBA, undergraduate liberal arts and science requirement is, if financial and
monetary economics undergraduate school all do not. I am also in recruiting, graduate
school financial accounting must be professional, but all undergraduate liberal arts
school. such children and extensive knowledge, but also can read other books and
writing basis. to find a college student who finance, drilling Qianyan go, and other
things 一问三不知, some dealing with people with a basic will not. our president is
in English undergraduate, my boss is a German undergraduate , is a French deputy, a
former financial director of the Harvard undergraduate is Italian, is a history
undergraduate at Harvard president, it was laughed out of literature is not allowed to
engage in investment management. your ideas are ahead, so we should write a book
for now compel those Chengtiandaowan name of the child 'to become
useful' parents read. "
   In fact, most parents teach children Mistakes Not that every day the children
Zhuade Jin, but he did not know how to get real information, but do not know how to
analyze information, they stubbornly to their own low-level judge, forcing the
children had a high IQ body. As the dictatorship does not necessarily result in bad
results,       kindergarten        teachers      to      the      children's
"dictatorship", not the parents will object, but if the low-level
people to authoritarian or even a high level of people the same level, the result will
certainly be bad.
   Incidentally, it introduced a bit of information. October 26 to the North after lunch.
Harbin rushed first met a friend, then drive 2 will be. One is the commendation, one
plan would be. Our Institute of Language Education, a teacher in the temperature
sensitive under the leadership of Confucianism, was awarded 24 personal text, Peking
University, one of social science research excellence, and I took office to receive a
certificate. Department of Chinese Professor Yuan Xingpei responsible Studies
Institute, Professor Xie Mian Institute for the poetry, is also included. According to
the Ministry of Education Arts "total points", Peking University,
99 minutes alone the first. The second tier is the Fudan 55 points, 51 points National
People's Congress, Wu large 49 points; the third tier is the Nankai 35
points, 33 points Zhejiang University, South 32 points; fourth tier is the East China
Normal University 29 points, 28 points Beijing Normal University, Tsinghua
University 26 points, 26 points, Huazhong Normal University, Zhongshan, 24
minutes ... ... in the end to the University in accordance with criteria to be ranked? As
the ranking according to the same criteria to the soldiers, according to his family how
much money are you going? According to his height and weight, the speed meter?
According to what weapon he used, what brand of pants to wear? He spent a year in
accordance with the number of ammunition, training, how many hours? As he wrote a
few battle summary, several times on the television? According to his name being
mentioned in the number of heads or the enemy, or number of the enemy he
encountered? Such a permutation, we see that this is ridiculous. But today's
college rankings, professional position, expert rankings, precisely in accordance with
the standards of these inexplicable, and behind, but the capitalists and the interest
groups manipulating it. Really for the sake of the parents of a child can be
accidentally or Down?
   Afternoon, with Professor Wu Xiaodong to the Examination Yuan in a particular
job. Kong said, the leadership of a monk, national cadres need to be their mother
tongue exam, and special attention to the interview. Any incoherent, words do not
convey, and overlapping, distorting the facts and irrational, out of context, or the hole
can not read the simplest to the child monk reading the article who belong to
President Hu and Premier Wen Jiabao publicly discredit your brother, all laid-off spot.
One engineering background who are acceptable, given a retest opportunity, liberal
arts science background who, deprived of political rights for life.
   Arrived at Beijing University, to participate Kong Qingdong "Drink
Drank Drunk" press conference. Organizers said that such a rainy night
unexpectedly, and the lively activities in Beijing this evening so much, the scene
actually packed so packed. Evil gentry presided over the famous river fish, fun. Gao
Lizhi, Zhao M, Fu-Qiang and several other friends to speak, from a different point of
view interpretation of the spirit of Beijing University. The joy of children published
story, "15-year-old on the North" and Wang Zhongliang, a 84
junior in the sector, I vaguely remember his face. He is now a family of three are
Beijing University who arrived on the scene together. Last Kong Qingdong become
obvious to the forced appearance. He said that tonight proved once again that
"the old hole signings ghosts cry at night," the phrase made it
clear to management. As soon as I signings, the rain, just God. We are not
superstitious, not that we do not believe in democracy and science, but this piece of
holy land in the North, just as sculpture on campus that are clear to SD, the science
has barely top a ball, the ball of democracy is not the top, in our North Only the spirit
of the charm is eternal. Kong monk spoke for half an hour later, the public novices
question. Beijing Tsinghua students, questions are associate professor level, involves
Chinese culture, education, Lu Xun, Jin Yong, Peking University, freedom, life,
scholarship, etc. Kong monk spirits, gun dance too colorful flowers, may play Zhao
Zilong ChangBanPo general, the public no one accurate donor. Stop until the night
   Supper, someone asked a few tonight that Beijing Tsinghua Jun-only, will not you
Professor Kong's undercover, right? Old hole that tonight is not one of my
students or assistants, I like held in Beijing on my own preaching activity. Tonight at
Haidian Theater, performed China's first local original musical
"heroes", is based on Jin Yong's "Tian
Long Ba Bu" adaptation, Kong Qingdong is chief planner, I have sent my
students to go to that theater watching the. Conference site, is "fried
buns." I like the strange acquaintance friends, especially friends who back
the original thought Kong Qingdong is "riffraff Professor",
tonight found the opposite, tall and have a serious hole to look up at the monk only
see, suddenly determined to "change before the pain not "too.
"The Deer" The title had a saying: "The best
friendship early meeting," Well.
   Today up, organize messages and information.
   "Sing Pao Daily News," October 30, 2009 report, the U.S.
House of Representatives Wednesday overwhelmingly passed in recognition of the
Chinese philosopher Confucius's birthday in 2650 to commemorate and
commend the Confucian contribution to human society. However, criticism of the
Republican members of Congress vote on the motion was proper job. Last night, I
have said, when Confucius was the world's rulers to re-unanimous praise,
we would need to be careful. We inherited from Confucius, with which they want to
use, is not the same.
   Wen said the Chinese Yang Mingzhuan Belgium, Oct. 2 morning Mandarin China
Radio International program, announcer of "Hua" that became
the "Hua Jianfeng." "Generally speaking, the next
morning's broadcast is a repeat broadcast the night, that is October 1
broadcast the wrong pronunciation of the evening the next day, still not aware of,
whether it is directed editing, and control play, or announcer control systems are not
appropriate for people to correct the error. "Yang Ming shocked. The hole
monk already surprised by such things. Two years ago I also blame the students
confused the two Tiananmen Square incident, a student asked me after class:
"hole, I heard you have 89 years of Premier Zhou Enlai in Tiananmen
Square in memory of, suppressed by tanks, that is how going on ah? "I
heard dumbfounding. This year I asked students to "gang of
four" which four of the students said: "I know, we learned. Ah,
Lin Biao, Jiang Qing, there's Hua Guofeng it." In this, Beijing
University students still do! Sometimes friends know why I commend the Beijing
University, Beijing University and sometimes furious again, right?
   Some people say that dream with me to give the surgery, because the Chinese can
do anything out. Lu Xun put down the knife body, pick up the soul of the scalpel, if a
monk can do the opposite hole, then shows the Chinese people have a happy life.
   Recent communications with the old Lu, HE its finding a new job. Lu said that the
old can now stand, will cherish the opportunity and so when. Search mobile phones, 3
years ago, summer, old Lu said that to help me back a day, a new word in English.
August 15 is the back of the encyclopedia - encyclopaedia, India race to open first
Asian Lou skin. August 16, the back is "Confucius." August 17,
the back is a Confucian, Confucius - confucian, recovered from the body.
Unfortunately, this is only the back 3 times. Old Lu things, can not always insist on
more than three days. Always at the will is firm, clear-cut irrefutable, even turning
back morally, an "Although thousands of people I will carry on"
the moral, but it will change course after three days, and then find the reason for
tenacious defense, this time is still turning back morally, it is dumbfounding. Mr. Lu
Xun their home, but always hesitated, after thinking it over, but once decided upon, it
would quietly insist on life, his death extravagant. Alas, life lock fiery ice ah.
   I claim Professor Pan Wei of Beijing University fans, praised the
"Chinese blessing," saying, "yelled making stirring,
vent." In fact, the article Pan Wei better than I write, from the front attack.
I used the broken main, Pan Wei is mostly constructive comments.
   Peking      University     Professor     Chen      Yu's         students  ask
"contribute" and "contribute to" Which
one, the answer is both his movement in general, because "to
do" and "make" can be used to abstract behavior. But
the strict requirements of the case, is "to contribute" to, because
"to do" in a sense one is "engaged in some
   I have to name the "Spring Street" Culture, business made
good progress recently. The whole company is very grateful to hole a monk, the monk
is a big hole faint praise the city. Hole monk said: "No, No, not. Hermit is
not hidden too." Fortune recently invited a monk named by hole, better
control of military law imposed fees of the number of holes, said the monk, or be
declined it, the only exception to friends . Only recently took a "Mu Ying
Zhang", make up dew of cattle, water lack Lu also.
   Academy of Social Sciences package Matilda says that the National Day that day,
he shed tears twice the rostrum at Tiananmen Square: singing national anthem and
"Long Live Mao Zedong Thought" side team passed. Package
teacher shouted from the heart: "Long live Chairman Mao! Long live the
liberation! Long live reform! Scientific development ever!" Pack my
teacher's emotions. I think this is not only a 60-year-old generation of
intellectuals sincere aspiration of every honest reason is the new common aspiration
of Chinese citizens. Countries have more problems, but also our country. We can
because at home dirty, vicious parents, poor food, bad people will be willing to go as
grandson, and then cursed his home all day to express their closely follow the
"universal value" it?
   Known as "the elite men's magazine" of the
"brand name", dedicated to the one I printed the cover on the
printed "Kong Qingdong possession of" words. Text and images
inside are very beautiful, that is, I can not afford those brands. Estimate is sent to my
Hong Kong friends, think of day departure and composition and said:
"Heavenly Circuit gods inherent in, Sakura from colorful plum from the
opening. Enviable lakes heard night rain, love to Lingtai ray."
   Ringer brother sent Kazuo Inamori idea of life: optimistic vision, pessimistic
scheme, pleasant manner. In fact, the truth about life, no need to read Japanese books,
the Chinese had such a famous voluminous: the intention to harm, to the benefits of
their efforts; solid gratifying victory, defeat also pleased to ... ... is not that we know
how many aphorisms, and is that we can do a few too.
   Guizhou TV invited to participate in "On the Road" program,
Long dialogue with financial issues, time conflicts, declined. A lot of media and
student leaders, I contact to find out after I came to invite to attend a certain event,
and this is not knocking to enter someone's home, nature is the same, Jie
Yue Peoples admired, the chosen one, must-see definitely not from the perspective I
think monks difficulties. Therefore, such abundance of invitation, I and my assistant,
never open. In this issue, or have shown a teacher training. Think I attended meetings
and events this year, most are in the same sincerity of the invitation.
   Winter is coming, crowding each other violently, and can not bring warmth. Each
other in good faith for the sake of consideration for others, for the sake of the world
who can make our world, spring fills the air.
Blog question for this issue:
1, Yu and Han Han, have in common?
2, you heard the monk advocated hole "new National Opera" it?
3, ideas and knowledge, what is the difference?
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